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Sunday 10th of January 2021

Truly an Evil Company.

Thats cussed your a pp with no ending able to do what he should have done since thr singing of the beginning when you don't even fuck you.
Nestle hears ya, Nestle doesn't care. They're too busy rolling in piles of gold.
Then they jacked up the prices when the mothers stopped producing breast milk, how nice of them!

What You Really Think

I still remember when they took a small village near my ancestral home and drained all the ground water which was used for agricultural purposes leaving the whole village in droughts ..after a while they removed their factory and moved somewhere else but the village is still struggling because of water ... A lot of other villagers helped but still there live is hard.

There was a movie as well regarding the same in India though I forgot the name.

100% right.

This happened almost 50 years ago...

Oh god - there so so many people on Reddit who are violently opposed to the idea that breast feeding is actually the best way to feed babies and formula is only a good alternative when you cant actually breast feed. Lots of down votes from people when you point out that going to formula simply because you dont like breast feeding is negligent.

This. More than so many bigger headline companies, like oil groups etc. THESE fuckers are forcing babies to starve and it's just brushed away. Horrific.

IIRC they started promoting baby formula in Africa as better for children that breast milk, which caused mothers to stop lactating hence "forced addiction". Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

Coca Cola had a lot more going for it when it contained cocaine.

Thanks for asking, I had come to ask, too. I'm familiar with their tactics draining watersheds etc, but not this one.

I was thinking their chocolate. I've never even read about their baby formula in Africa. How awful :(.

*Theyre selling CHOCOLATE!!!*.


Here's the truth, some 26k odd people people uniting on Reddit isn't gonna do SHIT.

Nah man. Got a project to finish, how about 15th?

Heh. FBI allows terrorist to sieze fucking *CAPITOL HILL*. You bet your ass that if you started a movement against any globo-national corporation in this country you'd be in cuffs in short order. It's pretty fucking clear who really runs this country.

What's a maggi?

>literally the most evil company in the world Yet they don't stand out that much from the others.

I'll throw my hate in on the energy companies that have actually suppressed climate change information that affects the entire world and spills oil into the oceans.

"Good food, good life :))) ".

Disney begs to differ.

Oh shit I remember going to York all the time and wondering what the smell was, figured it was a chocolate factory or something but TIL it's nestle.

Yeah but Nestle is next level, they have a baby formula monopoly in African countries. Some people can literally only buy the nestle baby formula.

The shining pinnacle of capitalism.

Even daddy Elon.

Fuck those little guys. Exxon, Shell, and major fossil fuel companies have fucked the world up wayyy more. No one bats an eye.

They did? Damn, thats fucked up.

Ahh yes the Physical Therapist/owner who taught me exercises to fix my neck is evil. And the farmer who sold me a cucumber is evil. /s.

Fuck Nestle.

Same .

Chocolate, I remember when they first invented chocolate. Sweet, sweet chocolate. I always hated it!

Because it happened 50 years ago.

I might be thinking of Nesquik now that I think about it lol.

Basicially they gave away probes of baby formula to mothers in 3rd world countries. The formula got the babies addicted and they refused to drink their mothers breast milk anymore. However the formula was to expensive for many mothers to buy, resulting in over 10000 Babies dying.

Baby formula in Africa.

Nah dude the baby formula story in 3rd world countries was forced addiction which killed over 10000 babies.

With this argument, cocaine is a good thing.