Saturday 13th of March 2021

Former President Trump is Releasing Statements That Read Like Tweets on Letterhead.

Social Media Says

Trump would put his name on the vaccine syringes if he could but all the Trump syringes were allocated for bleach injections.
If you would vote for President Trump in 2024.
Garrison as Trump is awesome.
Would you praise Trump after 500k have died?
Very happy to see Joe Biden Administration kicking Trump in the groin. I have zero problem with that right now. 500,000 dead Americans sure, a little kick in the groin is good.
Under Trump, the national debt increased from $20.2 trillion to $27.8 trillion - that's trillion with a T. Dick Cheney: "Reagan proved deficits don't matter." Republicans don't give a damn about the deficit. They use it as an excuse to cut Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid.

The thing about it Frank the newspapers- media --tech etc has been lying ---> extreme lying - oh like about Pres. Trump, Gen Flynn, Stone, Papadopalos never believe a leftist report - the weird judge of Flynn wouldn't let him go when all of it was dropped !

Nor did Trump, but he still got away with it.
Lets be clear. Operation Warp Speed was a joke. Donald Trump and Mike Pence did nothing. Vaccines were already being developed. Trump and Pence attacked doctors and science and ended up killing a half million Americans. Joe Biden has done 1000 times more to help us. Thank god.

UNREAL: Republicans actually want President Biden to personally thank Trump for his work on Covid. First, Trump lied to Americans re Covid and thousands died because of his lies. Second, Trump incited a terrorist attack on the Capitol. Thank Trump?!! How about PROSECUTE Trump!!

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. That's what Johnson wants. Johnson is a far right Tory populist who wants to make this country a post facts and post truth country. He's Britain Trump and it shows.

Wow, President Biden is singlehandedly making Trump seem like the stupidest fucking small-handed asshole in all of American history.
Trump have the audacity, to open his mouth, looking for credit, for vaccines, when he knew about the severity of COVID-19; lied, downplayed the gravity of COVID-19 and refused to warn the public. Yet, he told Woodward privately, who published it, in his recent book. Opinion.

Thank Trump for: - Republicans losing the House and Senate and White House in just four years for the first time since the Great Depression - Crashing the economy so badly carbon emissions dropped to meet the Paris Accord - Proving white supremacy isn't a hoax, it's GOP policy.

Vaccine would not be available except for Trump. Give credit where credit is due.
Republican labels like "Dementia Joe" always amuse me. Their beloved Trump thinks windmills cause cancer.
And no Republicans called for trump to resign. Why was that??
I miss President Trump.
Debate 1 - Trump screwed himself by constantly interrupting. Wallace helped Biden every way he could. Debate 2 - Trump won handily. Biden was weak and on the defensive for most of it!
I want to Thank Trump for helping me see the light and leave Democratic Party!!!
Kevin "Joe McCarthy, keep your mouth shut. Were not that stupid. The four years of McCarthyism is over, all right? Its over! So stop your lying to the American people! Kevin McCarthy must face consequences for promoting Trump's Big Lie.

Thank Trump for showing white people how white privilege works in the country to the white people who never believed it was real, even when though black folks have been screaming from the rooftops about it all this time, even with receipts and video.

Those darn *checks notes* Trump voters! Am I doing this right, libs?
I want to Thank Trump for doing such a disaster with testing that I'm one of many who had a false negative and therefore missed proper treatment initially. Now my lungs are messed up and still deteriorating 9 months later and I'll be on oxygen the rest of my life. I just hope.

Bidens vaccination goal of 100 million shots in 100 days was reached on his second day in office by Trump. Thank Trump. Not Biden.
Are you delusional, tRUMP's only credit is for incompetence and over 500,000 death. FU(K OFF on give him credit. Don't look like FOOLS.
Does everyone remember when certain Canadian and American news outlets employed fact checkers to verify everything that Donald Trump said? There could be full-time jobs available to do the same for JustinTrudeau but Canadas media isnt interested in doing that.

2020 vote needs to be audited . Trump won. Biden cheated from his basement , or geriatric unit somewhere.
"I don't take any responsibility at all." Trump on March 13, 2020 "How dare you not give me all credit." Trump on March 13, 2021 Modern GOP in a nutshell.
Trump has had it since January - what a lying creep.
Trump just cant stop screwing up the COVID response, even when hes out of office. The after effects of Trumps anti-mask, COVID-denialism.
For taking credit for the trump already did? lol ok.
So you agree that Trump is innocent until proven guilty as well and that, to date, he hasn't been proven guilty of anything. Very good to know.
Its a Shame That After Losing Hope in Trump Era Mass Visa Denials, This Time Biden Gave False Hope to Thousands of Diversity Visa Cases of DV2017 DV2018 DV2019 DV2020 Refused under pp 9645, 9983, 10014 Muslim / African / Immigrant Ban.

Marjorie Taylor Greene says if Trump is not sworn in as the legitimate president by March 31st She is packing up and leaving America for Alaska.
Trump's time in office may be added to Statute of Limitations allowing prosecutors to charge him for earlier crimes. Crimes that he thought had past the time he could be charged due to Statute of Limitations.

BleuTsuni RonniLaurie impinkestgirl GDThor1 Helen504 yolalindayola keriRN TeeBeeDee1 DennisF74882451 bgratefull ShashaBrown12 TJNugent520 poppij TilghmanChris VerbalK95086847 DoinTimeOnEarth politiolyc CirclesSpinning GLewisTan MairScott3 BonJS0370 OklahomaPatrio1 CunningSq16 HondoResists BicesterBrit 62WalterP julyriver Ezim79 sugar1420 txmedic37 SevenStarHand BandieraNancy GreatTammie oldmanliver PamelaBwell theresagiudice KeepsAtIt vaato5455 RegVickers TRump lost 63 court cases regarding the election.

BUSTED: Emails reveal further efforts by Trump's White House to influence Georgia elections officials.
Assuming Cuomo does resign & Dem. Lt. Gov. Hochul becomes Gov. until at least Jan. 2023, and then if anyone thinks a Repub. could be elected Governor of NEW YORK in our current times must live in a different reality plane than I do. No one is pardoning Trump. Stop the silliness.

I'll "thank Trump" for staying the fuck out of our lives from now on.
VACCINE FACTS: Operation Warp Speed launched on May 15, 2020. (President TRUMP) First vaccines approved by FDA on December 11, 2020. (PRES TRUMP) Biden Administration picked up from PRESIDENT TRUMP started on Jan 20, 2021. THANK YOU President TRUMP !!! TRUMP WON !!

Also thank you for warp speed still waiting for democraps to find a cure for aides cancer PRESIDENT TRUMP IS MY.
They forget the time prices were dropping and Trump proudly declared he helped drive them back up again.
I'm perfectly fine to thank Trump. After all, he's the one who put us all together and encouraged us to fight against his fascist, racist and anti-american movement, called GQP. After having won the House, the Senate & Presidency, we should truly be thankful for LoserDonald.

Blowhard Traitor Kevin McCarthy To Try To Remove Eric Swalwell From Intel Committee Instead Of Trump Terrorists.
If Thank Trump is trending on Twitter and hes not there to see it, does it make a sound?
GOP admits that Trump failed to secure the border, never delivered on his promise to build a wall, and that Joe Biden has increased border security. Worth noting that President Biden has already reunited more than 100 migrant families cruelly separated at the border.

President Trump has done all he can for now! No one is going to help us get our country back but ourselves! We must demand a Forensic Audit of swing states. 4 states that I know of this week have found massive fraud and discrepancies with Dominion machines. Sign up now!V.

Thank trump??? Pfft. F*ck trump.
The My Pillow guy and other Trump loyalists have started a new dark-money group that can accept unlimited cash from secret donors to litigate cases of importance to the American republic. The last thing this country needs is another dark money group.

Thank Trump? For what exactly? An intentional act of genocide? At what point does this Norman Vincent Peale "power of positive thinking" shit become a delusional act of criminal negligence? In all honesty, Trump should be in The Hague, charged with crimes against humanity.

The Dems were the racist party. When JFK/Johnson gave Blacks their civil rights racist Dems became angry and left the Democratic party became GOP. They R not the party of Lincoln but the party of racist Trump now. That's why they are taking away voter rights & 4 Jim Crow.

It will allow me to give it right back to the government in the form of owed taxes which I feel is absolutely ludicrous due to the fact that we have not been represented by our government since Trump was forced out of office. You, Sir, are a fraud.

"US abandoned Africans to solve their own problems during ...Trump era..Ethiopians removed ..brutal TPLF dictatorship&won Nobleprize...interfering again instead of supporting the transition to democracy." GboltonUN US engage Ethiopia's govt. constructively.

Don't forget. The Trump administration literally had no plan to vaccinate anyone other than nursing home residents. The "plan" quite literally was to deliver vaccines to airports in each state and let states figure it out with no plan or funding. This is a fact.

I still cant believe that republicans let Trump walk on treason. Thats gonna fester in me forever. They let him attack the US Capitol in broad daylight to try to overthrow the election/government. Their gall is matched only by their contempt for the American people they failed.

Trump is responsible for over 500,000 Americans dying because of his intentional spreading of conspiracies, denialism of covid, intentional division, dangerous attacks on politicians who made decisions based on science. Wth are people giving him credit for operation warp speed?

Pfizer was developed by Turkish immigrants in Germany and had no money from Trump's government. It has been the most successful vaccine. Take credit also for the corpses.
Why don't Joe Biden or Pelosi send NG Troops to Portland or Southern borders to protect Americans? They have more than 25,000 troops at DC to paint their narratives; "Trump & over 80M American Patriots are dangerous", which cost taxpayers over $700M by now. Antifa=D terrorists.

Trump apparently called everybody in Georgia except Boss Hogg, and everybody he called apparently recorded the conversation.
Nohe said ONLY if I'm reelected. And held out until the very last possible second before signing for the $600. Nevermind the fact that the Democrats had already presented the $2,000 and the GOP'S said NO just like they said NO for this $1,400. Get your head out of Trump's ASS.

The Biden Administrations actions recognize that, more than ever, the health of all of us depends on the health of each of us. Reversing Trumps public charge policy is key to rebuilding trust within our immigrant communities.

Dementia Joe should thank Trump for making these vaccines possible.
You're a fucking idiot if you think Trump killing solemani with an airstrike wasn't just from the same playbook as the other US presidents that have interfered with Iran. All US presidents are bad for Iran.

The Trump State Department staffer charged with attacking police during the Capitol riots had many previous run-ins with the law. That includes a 2013 case where he was charged with assault & theft. I obtained the charging docs. It's... an odd story.

Biden now says that he may be able to give permission for small groups to get together for 4th of July celebrations. Sounds like an invitation for Trump to hold his biggest rally ever on the 4th, complete with a huge fireworks celebration, with masks not recommended.

Good lord. That speech was worse than Trump's worst. And I don't even particularly like Trump, but compared to his competition he is a damn genius. Biden can't even do a press conference by himself. You guys need to think on that long and hard.

1) this was known - he was the worst person for everything. 2) nothing is going t change Republicans minds even McConnell said if trump is a nominee he will vote for him. So 3) what now?
Who else is hungry for a few words from President Trump? .
This is a carryover from trumps America.
Brian Kilmeade is upset that Joe Biden doesn't praise Donald Trump. He wasn't upset that Donald Trump didn't praise Barack Obama. Brian Kilmeade is a programmed partisan zombie.
This is just a quick reminder that Trump had absolutely nothing to do with the development of the Pfizer vaccine.
Apart from bombing Syria, and the illegal blockade of Iran. Trump continued to keep troops in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Cuba.
Donald Trump's 'Buddha Statues', Selling for Over Rs 44,000, are a Hit on Chinese E-commerce Websites.
The people who would have cheerfully thrown hot coffee at me, spit on me, or struck me in the back of the head, with a skateboard, for voting Trump, are upset that I wont give Biden a chance.
Seriously?!? My retort to you sir: if the GOP would pull their heads out of their own asses these orgs wouldnt have open opposition. Trump really did a number on the party, the party that is crumbling and becoming 100% looney tunes.

Sweet Jesus, you damned trump butt kisser! OVER HALF A MILLION PEOPLE have died because of incompetence in the WH. Remember Jan6th, senator sedition? The world does and Karma does. Do Not insult the President of the United States, sir. You are unworthy and ungodly.

Ill debate what credit Donald Trump should or should not get for Covid vaccines as soon as he apologizes for the hundreds of thousands of people who were infected because of his willful negligence. So many unnecessary deaths.

The Biden administration is rescinding a Trump-era agreement that it says discouraged sponsors of unaccompanied migrant children, like parents or relatives, to come forward due to fear their information would be shared with immigration enforcement agencies.

Actually it's a mix many Trump supporters are anti Meghan but not all, I am anti both or anyone who is a pathological liar, I have seen ignorance about the Royal institution on all sides of politics. My comment stands.

Good riddanceto Trumps public charge rule bad policy that put the nations health and well-being at risk. By reversing it, POTUS improved access to healthcare, nutrition, and housing for millions and improved our COVID19 response.

Of course the Trump administration had a plan to distribute vaccines. Its just that the plan was to do as little as possible and let someone else do all the work.
Its a Shame That After Losing Hope in Trump Era Mass Visa Denials, This Time Biden Gave False Hope to Thousands of Diversity Visa Cases of 2017 2018 2019 2020 Refused under p.p. 9645, 9983 Muslim / African Ban And Crushed Their Dreams Again.

Heres the deal- Joe did nothing, You should Thank Trump.

What You Really Think

This is from a man in his 70s. Mental health is a serious issue.

Idea: Quit promoting them.

Awefully funny statement from a x! yes small letter x President... didnt the trumps get the shot before their exit? ooops! My bad!!!

Too bad he gets people to tweet his statements so he can work around his ban.

WILL YOU PLEASE EVICT HIM FROM YOUR THOUGHTS? He is not worth writing about so stop feeding his ego.

Stop posting them.

But in this case hes wasting paper.

Kinda like 527,000 dead and nearly 30,000,000 infected. Yeah we give him credit for that. Had People storm the Capitol yes, on January 6th 2021,we remember the Former Guy well.

Well, I guess he doesn't need an account if you're going to make his posts for him. Well done.

Hes sick!

Is he capable of writing in full sentences?

Please next time re-tweet this garbage to the dump.

Please stop promulgating them.

Ugh disgusting.

Is this real? Trump is dumb, I understand... But he is not 'that dumb'... Or maybe he really is!

We remember. 1 /2 million Americans died on your watch because you were in denial and wanted to make sure that you could still be the big strong president in a second term. Thank God that didnt work out.

He could have DIRECTLY told scientists NOT to develop a vaccine and they still would have made one without him.

Dont cover him at all. I get sick to my stomach when I hear his stupid name. Love you Yamiche, but please ignore him.

What a sad tiny little man.

Will you please just stop!

More lies from him. Who cares?!?!

Journalist should stop retweeting anything from Trump's nonsense he can't use Twitter so he get you guys as journalists to tweet for him stop doing it he can't have a voice if he can't post anything.

Pathetic individual...

That sore loser is funny sometimes!

Insecure clown behavior.

Stop bullying yamiche. It's her job to report the news, & the orange furer trying to pass off bs, instead of fact is newsworthy. We cannot just forget what he did. He's a monster, & until he's brought to justice, he needs to be reported on. Ty yamiche. I appreciate you!!!

The orange furer just won't go away. Ty for giving us a heads up. Ughhhhh. Appreciate your tireless reporting of the truth. Even when our former "president" wouldn't, & won't.

The need for acknowledgment and loyalty continues like a tale from the crypt.So sad.