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Tuesday 18th of August 2020

Trump Supporters Set a WORLD RECORD Yesterday For The Largest Boat Parade in History, And The Media Completely ignored it.

The next time Trump brags about donating his $400,000 presidential salary, remember that his golf trips have cost taxpayers $140,000,000.
Trump supporters set a WORLD RECORD yesterday for the largest boat parade in history, and the media completely ignored it.
Guest on CNN just stated as fact that Trump is having mailboxes removed to influence the election. Jake Tapper did not challenge it. Disinformation is in full force now.
This very misquote was part of what I believed and what lead me to think trump was a bad person and president .. it wasnt until I did research and found the entire truth like this very example you may be.

So let me be as honest and clear as I possibly can: Donald Trump is the wrong president for our country.".
Trump says he will pardon someone very, very important Tuesday. The President says it is not Edward Snowden or Michael Flynn.
Chris Wallace Praises Michelle Obamas DNC Speech: She Really Flayed, Sliced and Diced Donald Trump.
.Maddow on Michelle Obamas 2020 DemConvention address: That 18 some-odd minutes that she just spoke about the country, and about President Trump, and about Joe Biden Just a riveting speech.
Thank you NYPBA, I know, President Trump and V.P. Pence are doing everything they can without the Democrats tying their hands. Thank you all for your service and may Jesus ride along beside you and keep you safe. AMEN.


Fox News heaps praise on Michelle Obamas DNC speech: 'Flayed, sliced and diced Donald Trump'.
Just In: President Trump says he will pardon someone very, very important Tuesday. The President says it is not Edward Snowden or Michael Flynn. So who?
BIAS EXPOSED! Media Study Finds Network Coverage of Trump 150 TIMES More Negative than Biden.
Donald Trumps attack on USPS is an attack on our democracy. This is above politicssenatemajldr must call the Senate back.
An Ivy League-educated Black Woman. A former First Lady. Puting this failure of a man and this failure of a president in his place. The heads of the White Supremacists in the Trump Cult are exploding.
National Poll: Biden 51% ( 16) Trump 35% leger360 (8/14-16).
Theres only one bunkerbitch and his name is trump.
The lauding of mail-voting at the DNC comes as Trump has been on a months-long crusade against voting by mail.
What a moment. Kristin Urquiza, whose father died from coronavirus and was a Trump supporter, delivered a speech tonight at the DNC and said: "His only pre-existing condition was trusting Donald Trump and for that, he paid with his life.".

If a Trump supporter had kicked a BLM activist in the head, leaving him unconscious and bleeding on the street, it would be national news for a week. The reversal happens in Portland, there's zero coverage, and it's just another video clip that will be forgotten about in 2 days.

If in fact Obama spied on Trump during the 2016 campaign, he was merely doing his job. Somebody needs to keep tabs on everything Trump does because he is the definition of corruption.
"Donald Trump is the wrong president for our country. ... He is clearly in over his head. He cannot meet this moment. He simply cannot be who we need him to be for us. It is what it is," Michelle Obama said during the first night of the.

This is an AMAZING truly insider video inside truth; I wish every Trump supporter would watch it! We, the people, need to expect the worst of Trump because that is who he is-- 12 Indicators video showing what he is planning.

Kristin Urquiza Rebukes Trump Over Her Dad's COVID-19 Death In Somber DNC Speech HuffPost.
Most damning line so far from a woman whose father died of the coronavirus: His only preexisting condition was trusting Donald Trump.
Sanders said;: "Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Trump golfed." What did Johnson do?
There is no systemic discrimination in America. I am sick of the race card being played by Democrats We have to vote Trump now more than ever.
"Donald Trump is the wrong president for our country. He has had more than enough time to prove that he can do the job, but he is clearly in over his is what it is.".
My prayers are with POTUS realDonaldTrump and the family as his brother, Robert, passed away today. The President shared that Robert was not only his brother, but his best friend. I know they would appreciate your prayers as well during this time.

Melania repeatedly refuses to hold Donald Trump's hand in excruciating clip.
.FLOTUS Melania Trump, The real First Lady, MichelleObama will be speaking soon. Make sure you have someone transcribing every word she says tonight so that you can plagiarize it in full next week when you speak on behalf of your sexually assaulting, child caging husband!

President Trump says he will issue a pardon today for someone 'very, very important'.
He simply cannot be who we need him to be for us. It is what it is. - Michelle Obama Over 170,000 Americans have died in a matter of months. We feel broken, and a real leader wouldve helped us heal. Trump is a hate-monger who only knows destruction. He is not what we need.

I cited for her too, was not a fan but watched in horror the news Trump won and cried of frustration.
I agree but there is too much to lose if Trump remains in office. Follow Bernie, Save the World, sacrifice your vote 2020.
GOP Ohio attorney general calls on Trump to postpone Postal Service changes.
A skunk smells better than trump, and is a little more selective on whom it sprays.
Steve Schimdt babbling about how Trump is 'threatening the peaceful transfer of power' is the height of hypocrisy. They still haven't come to terms with the fact that SpyGate is real.
Seriously its time to BRING BACK the Trump Rallies!! The real ones.
What the fuck is wrong with you? ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY THOUSAND AMERICANS ARE DEAD and it ALL could have been prevented had YOU REMOVED TRUMP. Fuck off, Marco Dicko.
As of lately. Why continue that trend? The evidence of voter fraud appears to be very minimal. Yet Trump, and his supporters claim otherwise with no proof. Now a Judge appointed by Trump has requested that evidence. There is still many unknowns about COVID. 7.

We have the largest think tank for President Trump. No one should be getting just 12 rts. This team is The Movement's. It should be producing more Movement and fluid Twitter.
Former first lady Michelle Obama: Let me be as honest and clear as I possibly can. Donald Trump is the wrong president for our country. He has had more than enough time to prove that he can do the job, but he is clearly in over his head.

Eurusd 1.19, Gold 2000$, USA citizens get poorer, is usa collapsing? Maybe Trump is the last president of america.
Bernie wouldve mopped the floor with Trump.
Like Him or Not Donald J Trump is Americas Best President Ever.
Everything you stated there is just a blatant lie, so thats the Trump supporter, the ones that's lie to themselves and manufacture to skew the truth, the sad thing is that they really do believe the lies they tell themselves.

The moment Trump won re-election.
I was planning to put a Trump sign up in my yard until I thought about the fact that my son will be riding the school bus this year. It's sad that I'm worried about his safety should one of the kids see the sign. Mock me if you want but I'm genuinely worried he will be attacked.

There are gay ppl who support trump...
Opinion: When Bernie Sanders makes a speech like he just did at the DNC, you know things have gotten bad.
Trump isn't just a threat to our democracy, but by rejecting science he has put our lives in jeopardy. Trump has attacked doctors and scientists trying to protect us from the pandemic and refused to take strong action. Nero fiddled while Rome burned; Trump golfs.

A group of 152 lawyers from all over the world have written a letter to the British government that documents the abuses perpetrated against Assange while pursuing a case against him.
This. The odds are still VERY GOOD that Trump will be re-elected, since so little of his base has been moved by his years of corruption and incompetence, and he has wielded his executive power and the power of the courts to wage war on voting rights. Keep that in mind.

A nice person from the Guardian asked me to write something.
Emily Gorcenski, a militant antifa doxing activist, is soliciting the public for the personal information of participants of the peaceful Trump boat rally. Gorcenski is extreme. She even attracted the fan following of the Dayton antifa mass killer, Connor Betts.

Fair enough my mistake, I always thought it was the ppl who have now fell in love the genocider G Bush because he said something against trump, I don't like trump half the time but I can see the good he's done, I like Obama even tho I can see the bad he's done.

Lol, centrists in my menchies telling me to vote out Trump, end the nightmare, THEN we fix shit and push Joe left have 2 republicans onstage telling me theyll NEVER work w/ progressives . FUCCCCK YOUUUU. Not voting for your shit candidate.

And RudyGiuliani have always and will forever stand on the Thin Blue Line with New Yorks Finest!
SPOT THE DIFFERENCE Trump SUGGESTS postponing the election because of Coronavirus: TheProjectTV mock him and assure their viewers that he doesn't have the power to do it. Jacinda Ardern POSTPONES the NZ election: TheProjectTV praise her. to expose their FakeNews.

Treason how may I ask on Obama. Trump needs to go to prison because hes the one doing treason in this country. I say lock him up. Stupid Cheetos face.
It waa surreal and bizarre to watch never Trump Republicans reassure voters at the Democrat National convention that Joe Biden was no radical followed by Bernie Sanders reassuring people that Joe was as radical left as him.

Trump Signs Religious Freedom Executive Order YouTube Thank you daddy.
Donald Trump's Minnesota speech in 90 seconds.
If night one of the Democrat Convention wasnt proof enough, America NEEDS 4 more years of realDonaldTrump Still not convinced? Tune in to The Charlie Kirk Show for instant analysis and more reasons WHY Trump must win: !

If tonights convention was any indicator of how Democrats would run the country, I dont understand how you could NOT vote for President Trump.
Trump has destroyed America and it's reputation, lied 2 its citizens, made changes that make no logical sense in a mad-mans lifetime, reversed years of progress in the system and the minds of its people and not done what he promised... He never made America great!!!.

Michelle Obamas speech - and especially her delivery was the kind stuff theyll teach in classes. But the biggest takeaway for me was that Joe Biden vs. Trump is a campaign that can bring together Bernie Sanders and John Kasich - and thats a real big tent.

I'm glad MSM is addressing the "Bernie or Bust" crowd. I'm not blaming Bernie, he's done his best to unite his base. If you h8 Biden or DNC just think abt the planet & what GretaThunberg & others have fought so hard for! tRump will destroy this planet if he wins.

Michelle Obama hammers Trump: Hes clearly in over his head.
Gov. Cuomo blames President Trump for the crime epidemic in NY. A BIG LIE! His No Bail Laws that release thousands of criminals and his fear of removing a pro-criminal, anti-police Mayor are the reasons for the crime epidemic. NYGovCuomo take responsibility.

Cuomo really gets under his skin. Rent free. Competent (Cuomo), incompetent (tRump).
I dont care what color their skin is, but glad to see people voting to re-elect Trump.
LATAM FOR TRUMP pays tribute to President realDonaldTrump , the best story in the US. On November 3, history is ours and is written by those who know. VOTE TRUMP !!
Since Evangelicals love comparing Trump to King David, I guess you could say: - Cuomo has killed his thousands and -Trump his ten thousands.
Trump Homeland Security Dept former Chief of Staff has decided he has to warn the country: Trump never gave a damn about protecting Americans from attack.
.MichelleObama speaking truth to power. Donald Trump is not up for the jobbut JoeBiden is.
Mich absentee voting in August primaries didn't go so well but yeah, Democrats are counting on it, they know Trump will win in 2020 unless they interfere.
You are a wonderful president, president Trump !!!! I love you, and pray the evil democrats will be voted out, they are evil people !!
Michelle Obama has mostly stayed out of the political fray during President Trump's tenure in the White House. But on Monday night, she didn't mince words: "Donald Trump is the wrong president for our country.".

Terrifying and astonishing comments from a former Trump staffer. Please retweet [?]nulb.
Gordon Hayward knowing there are 16 wins between him and meeting Trump.
THE DAILY TELEGRAPH r2p TheDailyTelegraph Telegraph UK UE USA Trump Queen England FTSE FTSE100 London Coronavirus.
The Fuck Donald Trump News Day 4 We was getting it together.
My two days on the Trump Bus were just suspended by twitter on the first day of the DNC Convention! Why, jack? This is outrageous and totally unAmerican.
The great thing about Trump is he is putting very blatantly and simply what he and his predecessors have wanted all along. Its constantly mask off, which reveals more accurately the nature of US foreign policy.

How can people Unite MAGA when no body Follows? and Follow be better than Democrats UniteMAGA MAGA Trump_Girl11 Follow Her MAGA.
Its not incompetence. Its malice. SarahKendzior.
(Trump realizing we actually need the post office after trying to defund it his whole campaign).
Bernie Sanders has strong words about President Trump's handling of coronavirus: "This president is not just a threat to our democracy, but by rejecting science he has put our lives and health in jeopardy...Nero fiddled as Rome burned. Trump golfed.".

Court Docs Reveal That Jeffrey Epstein Took 14yo Victim To Meet Donald Trump.

What You Really Think

What? Even FOX news... Must be meaningless if Trumps favourite news station missed such a gathering.

I'm guessing the media ignored it because Guinness is waiting for evidence to review, and it can take 12 to 15 weeks to confirm. You don't get to just say you broke a record. Otherwise, it's already been done in July with over 3,000 boats, apparently.

Do not hesitate.