Tuesday 4th of April 2023

My Favorite Part is How The Officer Didnt Even Hold The Door. He Was Like F* This Guy.

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Motorcade leaves Trump home ahead arraignment, footage shows.
Choruses "TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP" erupt outside Trump Tower York ahead former president's arraignment. Footage.
Hmmm...we're back watching footage Trump's empty plane tarmac. guess it's better have breathless coverage arraignment than corrupt 2016 campaign but...
Democrats hope Trump's arraignment Alvin Bragg will distract American people from: -Border/Fentanyl crisis -Banking crisis -Hunter Biden laptop -Biden family China ties -J6 footage -Epstein client list -Fauci's crimes Don't fall it.

***BREAKING*** ***EXCLUSIVE*** Hidden camera footage from inside arraignment captures Donald Trump's reaction hearing charges against him.
Haha, delicious coincidence aerial footage Trump heading arraignment highly reminiscent O.J. SUV.
Furious that can't watch Trump arraignment, this could funniest footage history there cameras inside.
Thermal footage Trump Arraignment, appears oven, rotating slowly. body temperature risen over degrees. He's literally stewing juices!
Were watching arraignment coverage they were showing footage cops outside Trump Tower. says, ACAB Fuck Trump lol.
Watching news, looks like theyre using same footage Trump arraignment. Amazing think many people will faces people milling about courthouse.
WATCH LIVE: Footage outside courthouse ahead arraignment Donald Trump.
News reporter says over footage Trump's limo police car, "Lester, could *not* downtown this quickly".
Eerie, silent drone footage Trump motorcade hearing with, every then, very quiet chuckle some saying "this weird" background.
WATCH LIVE: Aerial footage York City ahead Trump arraignment: Protesters gather throughout Manhattan ahead former president's arraignment.
have admit I've been searching footage this flop rally.. post anyone has.. Yes! have Maga derangement syndrome trump arraignment syndrome!!.
placing bets duration takes trump arraignment footage leaked?
Live footage Trump entering arraignment.
Footage former President Donald Trump's plane landing ahead arraignment. (Video courtesy CNN).
Indeed. Trump offered arraignment Zoom, need refused. know he's "Trumping", why? just downplay plenty time grandstanding later. Also motorcade looked mighty incompetent. look footage.

cameras Trump arraignment need that footage lol.
Live footage Trump getting ready arraignment.
Former President Donald Trumps arraignment going televised Tuesday, regardless request from information retailers broadcast stay footage historic second.Performing.
arraignment, footage Trump wearing same color tie. have proof narrowmindedness!
live footage, there will photos Trump court tomorrow.
Motorcade leaves Trump home ahead arraignment, footage shows READ: Follow Insider Paper more news.
Trump doesnt want footage because wants about arraignment went.
Trump Arrives York City Ahead Tuesdays Arraignment "Live stream footage showed Trumps private Boeing arriving Guardia Airport Queens, York. around 3:45 p.m. Trump seen departing plane traveling away from.

Actual footage emerged from Trump arraignment hearing, this shot meeting with Eric, smartest Trump all. Except sister, Ivanka, gone into witness protection.
45th president waved crowd briskly walked into Midtown residence 4:13 p.m., live local news footage showed.
~Why review footage Leftist Antifa their false flag History with NYPD. Most protest violence comes from radical left, have forgotten POLAND Seattle soon? Nancy Pelosis one-sided presentation Fiction!

remember chase? desperate, guilty run. Fifty years from this footage Trump (and arrest/arraignment tomorrow) going flattering memory. Thats want cuffs shot.

What You Really Think

Is that your favorite part? Bad manners - so wonderful...

The whole circus is a waste of taxpayer dollars Should come out of Braggs campaign funds.

More was trying to continue walking lol.

It's New York, gotta tip for that.

Loving it !

How can u charge someone on 34 counts on one crime l dont understand it make me feel like abuse of Law.

That was hilarious!

That look on his face...he knows it's really about to be over.

Yep, you can see the contempt on their faces. Such a wonderful ans fair police force. Yet we watch daily shootings.

Democrats arrested Martin Luther King Jr. 29 times!

I guess the guard just took the hand away.

I saw that!

What's really sad, I'm probably the only person on this thread who read the indictment.

Bananas New Yorkers' favorite food.

Thats my dude.

Get used to it, Donny Boy!

He deserves no special treatment.

And he was still able to get the door open. This hands and all.


Someone buy that officer a drink.

He probably does the same thing to women.

I didn't see it that way at all. I saw a large group trying to fit through a single opening. He didn't know who was behind him.

They don't hold doors for criminals.

That was sweet. Bet Fox News is pulling out there hair. Is Melanie going to be naked when he gets home. Bet not.

Your TDS is rampant like a herpes outbreak.

Everyone take notice how these people act they are full of hate next time youre at a restaurant or a place of business that you think about giving a tip to somebody find out who they like first and give them nothing. This is the way!

How about those secret service guys! The tall cutie with yellow tie. Not pictured.V.

Probably pissed he had to come in for this made up bullshit.


You're gonna analyze every single detail ? You're part of the problem.

Ok. BrainDeadBiden is crook and fool that may end humanity with a.

Another fundraiser opportunity. Patriots, send me money for a personal valet!

Yup We Remember Officer BRIAN SICKNICK Support the BLUE.

First photos emerge of Donald Trump leaning in to have his fingerprints taken.

USA is good at condemning African politics but now I see they are going beyond Africa...

We all know most government law enforcement have by compromised just like the Bidens are compromised with taking in up to 50 million bucks from Ukraine/china.

Shamelessness personified!

That's what he deserves!

He's being treated to nice, anyone else would have handcuffs.

I'm sure many people hate you too, for good reason.

Muhahha this is gold hope he rots in jail he so dsnt look happy aha. Bubba will like him.

A man never holds the door for another man.

I was thinking it's probably the first time in years he had to open a door on his own and I was glad to see it.

Watch the whole enlarged video he holds the door.


How disrespectful.

Gotta love NY! Nobody, least of all this home town crook, intimidates them!

Don't let the door hit him in the a$$ on the way out!

If Trump was in shackles and handcuffs then they *have to* hold the door for him!

I like that too!!!

Is your life so pathetic you have to hate people you dont know?

You could tell he isnt used to that.

All this looks like is a police officer standing guard doing his job. Stop making something out of nothing.


It may have been previously discussed for this to happen..

Meanwhile Julian Assange - a modern day hero - rots in prison for exposing the war crimes of those you support.

Great catch! The opposite of "don't let the door hit you in the ass".

I'm more impressed with that officer's beard.

Tu vois bien que la porte a un systeme a retardement de fermeture ... Il a juste pense qu une personne retenait la porte... Desole de te gacher le plaisir mais y a rien a tirer dans cette sequence.

Maybe he had a donut.

That door is a great American!

Damn DefundThePolice hires huh?

Deserves it.

You guys find so much joy on little things like this. Seriously you need to evaluate your life. So much hatred is not good for your health.

Clinton 875k lol no trial such bs.

Wait, are those Tyrants ?

Trump really didn't like that, he actually looked shocked.

NYPD, professional to the core.

Why do Democrats hate Trump? I do not understand what is the reason to hate this person ***.

Done in under 20-minutes. Thank You Mr Trump !

What a circus.

Think anyone cares if he held the door or not? Theyre cops not doormen.


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