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Friday 6th of November 2020

Trump Calls Detroit And Philadelphia "two of The Most Corrupt Cities" in Election interference.

President Trump says Detroit and Philadelphia, who he calls two of the most politically corrupt places in America, cannot be responsible for engineering the outcome of the Presidential race. "They don't want anyone watching them as they count the ballots.".

Trump calls Detroit and Philadelphia "two of the most corrupt cities" in election interference.
Trump calls Detroit and Philadelphia two of the most politically corrupt places in the country. The most politically corrupt place in the country during the Trump regime has been the White House.
ICYMI: Trump calls Philadelphia and Detroit corrupt.
Trump calls Detroit and Philadelphia the 2 most corrupt places in the country.
Trump lying making all sorts of wild accusations about Detroit Michigan and calls Philadelphia one of the most corrupt states in America.. Trump in middle of complete meltdown now throwing accusations all over the place. Someone needs to take the microphone away from this loon.

Trump calls Detroit and Philadelphia 'two of the most corrupt cities in the country' and still wonders why he got his ass kicked there...
Trump calls Detroit and Philadelphia Americas most corrupt cities. Sounds like he wont be visiting either anytime soon.
President Trump calls Philadelphia and Detroit "two of the most corrupt political places anywhere in our country".
Brace yourselves Georgia. Trump is claiming ballots are being found to whittle down his lead in Georgia. This is a lie. Votes are being counted. Trump calls Philadelphia and Detroit the most corrupt cities.

What You Really Think

Maybe thats why you lost MICHIGAN.

We had enough sense to vote you out hurry and get out of 1600 Pennsylvania guy.

Watch for the watermark.

Sit down man you lost.

As a native Detroiter, I agree.

Detroit always has been!

About right.

He has insulted the intelligence of Michigan and the country as a whole, as well as degrading the entire election process. The votes against him are justified.

Hilarious that the fraud is ONLY in states where he is losing.

There he goes projecting again.

Lol sir your currupt.

Amazing to see trumpers not want to see Americans votes be counted. Should be ashamed of themselves but they are too stupid to even understand how un-American they are.

Get bent.

He's right. Sadly it's true. WayneCounty corruption.

This from the head of the most corrupt White House.

When you losing ... you start accusing!

Well duh, of course they are.

All the networks are cutting him off. He's just rambling lies. Pathetic and sad.


Who saw all this fraud and why didn't they get up, point and yell FRAUD and make a citizens arrest?

Its some points being made no matter how you feel about realDonaldTrump Big Pharma, Big Tech and Media but even so we must let the votes be counted.

Well... he aint wrong. Dugan doing his best, but lets be real.

Like thats a surprise? Boward County and Wayne County are ALWAYS in the spot light for issues. Except this time Boward County has new election leaders.


He's unhinged.

Because they are...

Hes not wrong.

Hahah says the guy who has the post master destroy USPS to stop mail in ballots, trying to stop people right to vote. Conservatives love freedoms when it only applies to them.

With no evidence. You need to add that to your headline, journalists.

The politics in Detroit is corrupt.