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Saturday 9th of January 2021

BANNED FOR LIFE UFKCU!!!! Man This Just Made my Day! Wow! Jack You Did it Jackie!!!! TrumpBanned Professionally Disruptive New iamrapaport is Live On.

BANNED FOR LIFE UFKCU!!!! Man this just made my day! Wow! jack you did it Jackie!!!! TrumpBanned Professionally Disruptive new iamrapaport is live on.
Trump is banned from Twitter!!!! TrumpBanned jack you did it you fkc you!!!! Congratulations.
THANK YOU TWITTER for suspending Trumps Twitter.
Its about damn time THANK YOU TWITTER.
Stan twitter when trump got s worded.
Well it's about fucking time you grew a pair, Jack Dorsey.
It smells better in here already.
Donald trump suspended accout twitter support funny permanently deleted Trump's Twitter Suspend Permanently THANK YOU TWITTER.
Exclusive footage of donald trump when he found out his account was suspended.
Here are the Krassensteins celebrating Trump permanently being suspended from Twitter. Thank you Twitter!
Trump railed against Twitter about 'illegal hashtags' & trending topics... Now, "Lmao Trump" might be my FAVORITE one yet. THANK YOU TWITTER, you did it!
How do you feel about Twitter announcing it has permanently suspended Trumps Twitter account? GIFs only.
Hey Twitter TwitterSupport now you've banned Trump how about FINALLY getting rid of ALL of those abusive little stan accounts, ESPECIALLY the ones stalking & attacking the LuciferNetflix cast & crew.
Now from make it the top drop.
Society now that Trumps Twitter account is permanently suspended.
Stream the longest running companion.
Trump banned from Twitter, thank you thank you! dumptrump TrumpBanned My day is made!
I LOVE seeing trump supporters CRY, SOB, AND IN PAIN. their pain gives me ENERGY and i love seeing them SUFFER. let me SEE OF THE SUFFERING. I NEED and PAIN AND TEARS THEY FUEL ME FOR MY EVERYDAY NEEDS.

We love to see it.
The final Horcrux has been destroyed.
Donald Trump has officially been suspended!!!
Wow! Here is DonaldTrumps response to being banned by.
Around 4 years late however.
Instant replay.
Anyways chile.
Here for the memes.
I would tag him but he cant see it lmfao.
Bye bitch!
Trump trying to log into his social media TrumpBanned THANK YOU TWITTER.
Trump's twitter got banned, can't wait for everyone's reaction.
Good job Twitter . Now IG fix my acc -nulb.
America in name only.
NEWS Twitter has banned Donald Trump's account From announcing policies to attacking his opponents, the social media platform has been his preferred method of communication. Full statement below. Thank You Twitter as we wait for.

Life imitates art.
Twitter bans realDonaldTrump heres a brief Clip of some of the dumbest things hes tweeted... TrumpBanned twitter $twtr.
(for views).
1 permanently trumpbanned trumps twitter weloveyousabrina suspend.
TRUMP wants my password.
Live look at Twitter HQ smoking on that Trump PACK.
The twitter intern that got to deactivate trumps account seeing THANK YOU TWITTER trending.
Twitter kills the monster it created and we applaud .? . jack . . .
No more 3am sitting on the toilet twitter rant.
I dont care who won in the 1st place but Twitter do be some hard core cry babies.
Hey guys it's Donald Trump! to help find mutuals.
It took 4 years for Donald Trumps Twitter to get banned, its about damn time.
Get the sage! Thank you Twitter.
Mr trump trying to login after getting suspended.
Its about damn time. It only took 4 years!
Donald j trump suspended twitter s worded washington DonaldTrump Trump's Twitter deletehisaccount permanently suspended banned TrumpBanned thank you twitter deleted.
A trump free twitter who would have thought.
How it started / How it ended.
Oh look a new fella just arrived !
Donald Trump reacts well to the news that his Twitter account is permanently suspended.

What You Really Think

You sound like Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet.

Fucking love you man!!!


Looks like MichaelRapaport should have married Phoebe.

This is wicked fucking good! I love it!

Hahaha I LUVE that b!tch who was whooping your ass in the background. The silent threat... a woman after my own heart lol.


You and your lady are hysterical!

His wife in the background... IM DEAD.

Pure gold, right here!

No, we all feel that way.

Love this!

If they ban you we riot lol.

Omg Ive loved you since Beautiful girls! You make me laugh, Thx.

Lol theyre not gonna ban you.

Your old lady seems like she can hold her own!

This is THE funniest thing Ive seen in days... well other than that guy falling off the wall trying to do sedition!!


And Olive Garden revoked Hannitys Never Ending Pasta Pass. 2021 is really looking up!

We are rolling!!! "I don't wanna be banned" [?]nulb.

You are a fool lmao.

I dont want you to be banned either.

"I don't wanna be banned".

Yeh shut up mate.


You wont be banned from Twitter. Youre our comic relief.

Lol. But I don't wanna be banned...

Its ok on et just is gone you will fall back into irrelevance.

What do I have to do to get invited to dinner at the Rapaport house? It would be hilarious.

Youre the best and your wife is correct. Be careful Nah fuck it, enjoy the fuck outta this.

About got damned time!

Ha. marriage.

OMFG Michael, Kebe sounds like she is going to f*ck you up.

...don't effing ban MichaelRapaport okay...don't...he doesn't want to be banned!!! Ok? Cool. Ok.


No they arent banning you!!


Thanks for the laughs! LOL.

Do NOT ban this man! Ever!

Never ban Mike.

No banning.

Love him! Dont ban him, hes too entertaining!

Hahahaha i love it!