Wednesday 21st of September 2022

Ive Been Waiting For This Day For a Very Long Time. FINISH THEM, Letitia James!

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After detailing numerous examples alleged fraud, tishjames says "barely scratched surface.".
Letitia James wins 222-page lawsuit just filed against TrumpCrimeFamily going seek $250,000,000 damages! That quarter billion damages, with
been waiting this very long time. FINISH THEM, Letitia James!
Letitia James didn't make a"political move" filing suit against TrumpCrimeFamily they broke law(s) need held accountable. GOPChairwoman have only themselves blame stupid "political move" making Trump their party (cult) leader.

York Letitia James suing Donald Trump kids "staggering fraud" Staggering Hereare some details newest massive legal problem TrumpCrimeFamily face lifted paywall everyone read this.

Awe, junior having meltdown. TrumpCrimeFamily finally having answer some their crimes.
Letitia James successful getting Donald Trump jail will give MAGA meaning TrumpIsGoingToJail Ketchup.
N.Y. files $250 million lawsuit against Donald Trump, children business.
Claiming money have does amount deal; steal.
Trump fighting Judge Raymond Dearie, IRS, Letitia James, Deutsche Bank more with nothing bottle brand ketchup.
Tiffany Trump must relieved custody kept away from dumpster fire known Trump Org.
Damn... That presser sugarcoated.
people shocked that Trump away with this these years? long Bernie Madoff away with crimes?
Trump falsified business records, financial statements inflating deflating asset values illegal! TRUMP KIDS BROKE STATE FEDERAL LAWS! Tax, Bank Insurance laws!!!!
Ummm very well something your dumbass grifter doofass will learn soon enough.
News today sent CondimentIndustry stock through roof, Mar-a-Lago staff considering full remodel with Jackson Pollock wallpaper reduce very large anticipated workload.
Letitia James ain't playing. ErnestlySpeaking listeners know that this would come. keep telling people that believe will ultimately will cancel him. far, good.
Nothing political!! Your entire money laundering operation open Youve made billions false patriotism fleece every penny
trump Capone? Letitia James alleges fraud many other types financial fraud. Capone taken down because fraud. Lets handles trumps crimes.
love that took smart, brave black woman take down orange grifter family grifting clowns. this isnt poetic justice just dont know what Thank Letitia James, truly American hero!

already enjoying knowing sued entire TrumpCrimeFamily this just more reason celebrate!
LETITIA JAMES: complaint demonstrates that Donald Trump falsely inflated worth billions dollars unjustly enrich himself cheat system, thereby cheating world's biggest fraud family being sued fraud..

Today seems like perfect retweet this!
Thank you Its about time TrumpCrimeFamily held accountable.
Hold Donald Trump Accountable.
wanna-be dictator, twice-impeached disgraced one-term former POTUS, alleged sexual predator, lifetime criminal, adulterer, narcissistic liar, professional grifter fraudster your idol, problem him. problem you.

yeah cool This reminds that quote from Tywin Lannister: "Any must say, king" true king".
TrumpMeltdown coming, After Today steal over, Leticia James filed a $250 Million dollar lawsuit against Trump ,The Trumps TrumpCrimeFamily FRAUD,he kids Cons.

TFGs 2024 resume. Source: MSNBC crooked graphic crooked seemed appropriate!
just that went rikers allegedly stealing backpack TrumpCrimeFamily walking around free.
Simply lock criminal up!!!
Latest MAGAMORONS Concerning TishJames Her MassiveFraudLawsuit.
sound tRumps attempts soothing Broadway songs cranked volume kitchen staff seen hiding condiments fine China.
ready domestic terrorist TrumpMeltdown smear campaign against Letitia James from domestic terrorist trump facist sycophants.
Deutsche Bank cooperating with trumpy's favorite Letitia James.
With careful look...
Year after year, they attested financial conditions false property statistics calculated defraud banks, insurance assessor. This protracted, systemic fraud. Throw book them. about time!

Pardon Matty.
friend above law" NY Letitia James Donald Trump most perfect representation Republican Party today... Criminal Fraud Liar Traitor.
pages FRAUD thats Historical BESTSELLER, cant wait read
Thank you, Letitia James!
Attorney General Letitia James, Tish James, filed civil suit against TrumpCrimeFamily. sure Putin laughing off. Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, Allen Weisselberg, Trump going through some things. Retweet.

Between Judge Dearie telling Trump fuck with bullshit, Letitia James suing TrumpCrimeFamily making criminal referrals, Trump tired winning yet?
harder, junior!
Between SDNY putting TrumpCrimeFamily behind bars, putting money SDNY.
love watching LetitiaJames hand the TrumpCrimeFamily their asses!
Well, well, well. Letitia James suing Cheetos dust little Donaleh. Batten down hatches. ketchup's gonna tonight.
Thats what happens when presidential candidate needs hide their returns.
files lawsuit against Trump children falsely inflating worth billions enrich himself cheat system, thereby cheating
going walk into bank today banker loan house thats times more than appraised for. The laughter will loud that yall will hear where live, bounced parking lot. keep yall updated.

Call crazy, $250 million just doesn't seem like enough!
about accountability your family been known crooks decades. overdue.
Yes, James putting first nail TrumpCrimeFamily coffin! hearing multiple ways which these criminals lied cheated. LockThemUp.
Opinion BOTS dont count.
Judge Raymond Dearie dresses down Trump lawyers refusing provide evidence that declassified stolen documents, deems them classified Letitia James suing whole TrumpCrimeFamily their organization $250M defrauding lenders. very good day.

Paging, Self-Own Capone...the phone!
Watch Free Andor Episode 1-2-3 Link
white collar massive fraud should ignored? - Nice try.
Make America Grift Again.
even close TinyDickNation. There volumes evidence supporting NYAG's case against TrumpCrimeFamily. TrumpCrimeFamily long been engaging fraud criminal activities since your Orange Messiah started working Klan lovin' daddy.

Letitia James taking down entire Trump crime family: Michael Cohen having last laugh. Cohen's testimony that motivated open investigation into 'staggering' fraud committed Trump Trump Organization.

Leticia James $250 million fraud lawsuit against Trump organization: this with help other defendants: children." Trump traitor tots, because crimes cant commit themselves.

Lied about assets. Fraud. lied about election2020 Treason.
course, there already federal criminal probe wouldn't have heard about it. Fun fact: There's statute limitations federal income fraud.
Saying Attorney General Tish James racist just Christian nationalist DJTs politically correct using N-word.
Your man!! There just human times life that dance someones forehead lack empathy remorse this family TrumpCrimeFamily done! They take responsibility all.. justice slow have waited long enough..

York suing trump kids. Justice.
Donald Trump finding that he's defendant Civil suit. Could FRAUD?
ever allow that Crime Family White House?! It's stain never remove. can't ever happen again!
Excellent! Now, civil criminal? And court date scheduled before effing year!!! first domino falls.
Make mistake, NYAG Letitia James knows TrumpCrimeFamily will attempt discredit indictment, alleging politics bias. Rest assured, 2-year investigation exhaustive testimony Trump insiders will feature prominently.

What You Really Think

It's a civil lawsuit. He'll be dead before it gets decided. She's not charging him with any crimes because she can't. So you are going to be waiting for another day in the very distant future if you want to see any actual repercussions.

If you're good at waiting, you're going to LOVE this lawsuit. Take a look at the calendar for New York civil actions.

Just how left out does Tiffany feel right now?

Me too... can't wait to see him get locked up...