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"Regulated" is supposed to mean up to date munitions and proper TRAINING. That's what these ammosexuals don't get. They are poorly educated in the use of their firearm, so they shouldn't have it. A GUN is NOT a TOY.

Problem with this is that well regulated in the legal context doesnt mean regulations in the modern vernacular. It means closer to well-equipped.
"shall not be infringed".

What You Really Think

That statement stands separate to the statement the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed. Sit down.

What does shall not be infringed mean?

I live in California. They made open carry illegal once black people were like "heeeeey... protection against tyranny... nice!" California: "NOPE!".

Well the black panthers armed themselves and then the conservatives banned open carry. These conservatives blaming liberals for gun control forget that Reagan used gun control to fight the black panthers. ]Mulford Act]().

Ive been saying this for years, and Im glad to see that its finally catching on. From 2019 to 2020 black gun purchases went up by 58%. Its a lot harder to bash a gay person with a gun, harder to lynch a black person with a gun, and so on. Of course a gun isnt the answer to everything, it would be nice if marginalized groups didnt need to defend themselves to begin with, but as long as the need exists they should have the best tool for the job.

A Winchester rifle should have a place of honor in every black home, and it should be used for that protection which the law refuses to give. Ida B. Wells-Barnett.

It might also be a good idea to focus on understanding why some people in this world feel they need to harm other people. Then trying to change the world in a way so there are fewer of those people.

Thanks for this. I have felt in danger before and having a gun makes me feel safer. I would probably never actually shoot someone, but yelling I have a gun and firing shots off in my bathroom could definitely save me. I live in a redneck state and everyone I know is all about background checks and carry permits for guns. There is a regulated medium between all guns are bad and Everyone should have an UZI.

Yea its strange to me that those groups you mentioned are usually against civilian gun ownership. Those groups have historically been shit on the most by the government and by white people yet they dont see the need to protect themselves from the government or white people. The first gun control laws were directly related to restricting minorities from having weapons.

Woman of color living in a very rural area here! Ive had people make racist comments to my face, plus my husband works nights- imma have a gun or two.

Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary. - Karl Marx.

I dont agree. look at every other country. People dont need guns to protect themselves.

Funny. Last I checked most black Americans would get shot if they had a gun on them. At least based on the precedent thats been set.

Big big facts.

Bc redditors dont ever leave their homes and think everyone that owns guns are white republicans bc they watched a few Vice episodes Sorry but not everyone has the privelage of living in a safe neighborhood with a functioning police department they can rely on. Its not pretend army to want to be safe in your own home when you cant trust the police, you cant walk outside without the threat of being robbed because you live in a shitty country, half of the country voted for someone who gave white supremacy a harbor, and your religion/ethnicity was violently targeted after 9/11 We dont give a flying fuck about your facebook profile pictures, signs, maple syrup logos, tweets, etc. Being able stand up for ourselves helps thousands more than any of those. Wake the fuck up and realize not everyone can live like you do.

Seriously, and each group should band together, and then all those groups band together to show that while militant nationalism, well, its for everyone! 2nd Amendment! Show them what theyre asking for.

What popular culture ever said only white nationalists should have guns? There's literally a political organization named "Black Guns Matter.".

It's worth commenting on how ex-soldier YouTube personalities act on camera when talking about military gear or history. I remember a series on *Discovery Channel* of all things about upcoming weapons development with particular interest in the US. I think it was called "Future Weapons" and featured an ex special forces soldier as the host. My god, I think this guy couldn't get through his breakfast cereal without a "manly" voice and using the words "operator, tactical, special materials, split-second" etc. I think people like the guy on Garand Thumb and Larry Vickers aspire towards that. It's fantastically irritating. It's why I'm way more interested in Forgotten Weapons if I'm curious about how a gun works and the history behind it. I think the host, Ian McCollum, is a mechanical engineer with an interest in history who didn't serve in the armed forces. Maybe that's a good thing. Hickock45 isn't bad either, more like a gentle grandpa than an obsessed military man. If you want to understand what I mean, ]here]() is a video McCollum did with Vickers. I think Larry has it turned *way* down for that talk.

Notice how its the 2nd amendment crowd that is trying to overturn elections and institute a fascist state.

> it would be nice to not be afraid of getting shot in what is supposed to be a safe space SOCIALIST!

I grew up with a post-Columbine school system complete with lockdown drills, zero tolerance policies and all that other wonderfully traumatizing stuff. We couldve just made it harder for kids to amass an arsenal of weapons but I guess just letting it continue so grown men can play dress up is cool too -nulb.

Why would you be afraid? There are no firearms allowed on premises signs all over the place!

Fucking liberals need their "safe spaces" /s.

You could try being afraid of getting burned alive or killed in an IED attack. Folks in AUS are getting killed at a ]higher rate]() than people in the us are dying in mass shootings. Banning guns wont necessarily transition us to a safer society Added link.

Your school being a gun free zone doesnt make it a safe space. Children already arent allowed to purchase or carry firearms. Administration, teachers, or security officers who want to and can pass comprehensive training should be allowed to defend the lives of the children they are with, should they choose to. Im sorry to tell you, but banning semi-auto rifles, pistols, or shotguns wont end the violence. In a gun free zone, even a knife can be deadly. Gun violence is a socioeconomic problem that needs to be addressed with free healthcare, free counseling, ending the war on drugs, and implementing UBI.

It pains me, as a father, to have to send my kids to school knowing that they have to practice these drills, which shouldnt exist in the first place. Didnt have them when I was a kid, shouldnt need them now. We need proper mental health care in this country and when kids are being bullied, the bullied kid needs to be taken seriously, not the bully. But again, mental health care for the bully, theres obviously a reason theyre doing it. Kids are a reflection of us, theyre not born assholes.

Cant tell if youre sarcastic or not, but yes. Absolutely. With total sincerity.

I mean, yea. Disarm cops, save it for SWAT. While were at it, turning off your bodycam should be considered destruction of evidence.

Its now called an alt taser.

Native Americans were better armed than the army at one point, some parts of the country. Still got wiped out. Little Bighorn made no difference - made it worse for the American Indian, if anything. But at least they didn't have ]54 mass shootings in a month](), like we have in the last 30 days.

It's weird how people spend so much money to defend their homes with guns, but no one spends the same amount of money on a quality door, locks and windows, which protects your loved ones better than 6 guns tacticool Jason.

Ever been to Europe? There's no real need for guns especially for self defense, you're just keeping them for fun.

Reagan enacted gun control in California while he was governor to prevent Black Panthers from open carrying as a political demonstration.

Ever been to Europe?

If the rest of the world can get by without guns being a right, so can the US.

I'm pretty sure they put the Three-fifths Compromise in for a reason too.

Here's three more meaningful dots...

It was 250 years ago. Things change.

Yeah. For militias so that slaves didn't revolt.

We've amended the constitution plenty of times. The founders realized the world would change.

Damn straight this place is such a one sided shit hole.

> Added - take away guns, people kill with knives If it's all the same to you, I'd rather be confronted by a guy with a knife than a guy with a gun.

Thank you for a logical response. Appreciate you.

The problem is any dumb fuck can buy a gun in America. The regulations are a joke. And mostly just there to prevent as many people of color from owning a gun as possible. Not much has changed in 200 years in that regard.

The first rational thing i have read in this fucking echo chamber of a sub-reddit.

At the end of the day, though, if you make it easier for good guys to get guns, you make it easier for bad guys to get guns. If you make it harder for bad guys to get guns, you make it harder for good guys to get guns. So you can decide where you stand on that, but you can't be a gun owner and claim you have nothing to do with it. A lot of people (myself included) think it's simply too easy for bad guys to get guns. There are arguments that access to guns has no impact on the prevalence of gun crime, but that seems a bit silly. Honestly, what I believe needs to happen is that the CDC needs to be able to study gun violence, and we need to consider their recommendations. Without real research it's all a bunch of cherry-picking at best and armchair speculation at worst.

People kill with knives is such a horrible argument. Let me know the last time someone killed 10 people at a time with a knife.

Out of curiosity, how would you feel if instead of taking away everyone's guns, they made it more regulated, where you would need a licence to legally own a gun. And to get that licence, you would need to have training on how to use the gun, as well as gun safety, and pass a test showing competency with the gun. Whilst this obviously won't change things immediately, but I think if something like this was done 22 years ago, just after the Columbine shooting, there would be less shootings happening now. I will just add that I am British, so I'm looking in from an outside perspective, but does look like at least something needs to be done, but it feels like nothing realistic has ever been considered somehow.

Well having laws against robbery and murder dont stop murders. Why not have some sort of sane laws. Sure we can look at mental health but Ive had gun rights people tell me that if a mentally ill person wants a gun and they havent broken any laws they should get one.

So you gonna tell me the las vegas shooter would have been able to stab 400 people and kill 60 of them?

So why dont you get to own bombs or anti-aircraft weapons?

Then why isn't it a problem in other first world societies? Lol.

>Taking away a childs toy doesnt stop them from making noise, it makes them scream even louder.. You seem to say you're sick of how gun owners are treated but then use this comparison.

Except you get flagged for looking up how to build a bomb and you have to renew your license for your car at regular intervals.

I don't think it would turn out like your suggesting..

Yeeaaaaa but the dont tread on me crowd in the US is literally fighting for a military coup to install the loser of an election. Hong Kong isnt a military fight, CCP would obliterate an armed resistance same as an unarmed one, thats not the issue.

Good luck dodging hellfires from a drone or shooting down an f-22 or taking out a main battle tank.

The only thing that stops a good guy with a gun is a bad guy with a gun. Why is that one never trotted out by the gun nuts? It's as though honorable intentions are directly related to shooting accuracy like some fucking Sylvester Stallone movie.

All the people against gun rights have are bad faith arguments.

You know, I never thought of it like that, but I can get behind that. Disarm the cops, and I'll give up all but a hunting/target rifle.

Pretty cool but what's the source?

]Citation Needed].

Thank you.

Bro no dont make sense in here theyll castrate you for that!

Hey democrat. I am interested to hear your opinion. Do you have any thoughts and/or ideas on how to eliminate how often mass shootings occur in this country? Thanks.

Better to do nothing. Only way to solve a problem that only exists in one country.

Why cant I both downvote and upvote this.

Absolutely blessed take.

Why are you so scared of the world now, when murders are at 49 year lows? NYC in 1991 had 2400 murders, last year it had 461. You are a victim of media fear porn, they have over represented crime into their news casts despite the crime rate being much lower than years past. It is so much safer in NYC, LA, Miami but yet people believe the opposite. So sad, but a quick check of the data supports this.

How will an AR-15 help in a tornado or a earthquake? Its amazing t'he fantasies ppl live in.

Where the fuck were all the 2A nuts when Bush passed the PATRIOT act? Where were they when Obama expanded wiretapping rules? Where were they when Trump said "take their guns first, due process later"? You've been brainwashed to give up your rights since you were born and there's nothing you're gonna do now to stop it.

Like the party that just passed laws so that they can check the genitals of high school girls? Like rights like not be sexually assaulted?

Did the kids at Newtown have a right to live? Why does one person's right to play army man trump everyone else's right to not get shot while working at Fedex, or attending a concert in Vegas, or going to high school in Colorado, or going to a night club in Florida? Why does every adult need to ability to take another person's life with the flick of a finger? Why is America the only 1st world country with an abundance of mass shootings every month? Why do 2A'ers think all politicians are dumb liars, but assume the politicians who wrote the 2nd amendment 200 yrs ago were infallible geniuses? Couldnt the politicians of the 18th century have been wrong about the 2nd amendment just like politicians of today are wrong about things all the time?

Fun fact: they did. Well, battleships but you get the point. If the government can use it on us, we should be able to use it right back.

The fact that there are millions of gun owners out there that follow the laws every day may have their rights stripped away because people don't understand criminals will always break laws. Also fbi and local police failed on this most recent shooting.

Every genocide in recent history began with the disarming of target populations. History tells us the masses are easily manipulated into hating other groups and will gladly hand over rights to gain perceived edges in the social hierarchy. 100 million in the 20th century alone due to totalitarian regime mass killings. Those willing to give up their rights have no way to understand the violence that will come after because they believe they will be saved for their obedience.

Worked for USSR and China. ;).

Nothing is guaranteed.

I can guarantee one of your neighbors is a "2A nut". Hyperbole is a bitch from both extremes. Try to be rational in your beliefs.

Its kind of interesting that youd bring up about living far away from a major population center. People who are rural tend to understand that Shit Happens and roads get washed out, weather disasters happen, and they cant get to the grocery store because the nearest one is 50 miles away. So when their food runs out, they are fucked. Having a gun means they can hunt and get food if they need to. Its a matter of being able to survive if you need to. And these things really do happen when you live in rural areas, something urbanites dont seem to understand.

Imagine being so privelaged you don't have to worry about criminals into your house. Talk about white privelage. Must be nice to have enough security you're willing to take away anyone else's.

Not like were going to run out.

SRA: None. Responsible gun control is very possible. Legislate trigger locks to come with the firearm. Raise the age of private ownership to 21. This isn't as much of a legislative issue as people like to think, it's cultural. There are steps to mitigate, but the change has to come culturally.

Unironically yes all of them. How many people have to die of covid before you allow the government to revoke free speech so people can't share falsehoods about the pandemic?

*Anakin has entered the chat*.

Even worse than that, be police men in tactical gear going after unarmed civilians.

The left is armed too. Record numbers of minorities are arming themselves.

If being a Trump supporter isnt being a weirdo, then the definition needs to be changed.

As a gun owner, and 2nd amendment supporter. This is fucking hilarious and 100% my experience.

How about 50 mass shootings on the last month on usa? Here on my country we didnt had a single one in the whole year. Maybe and just MAYBE its about you having more guns than people in citzen houses.

Try me, make an argument that is progun and I'll respond with an emotionless counterargument with statistics and sources.

Its not left or right. Its about guns control. You Americans are fucking idiots about guns.

I wasn't aware children being murdered by crazy gun boys wasn't a fact.


That's even if there's a good guy with a gun. In Texas at the church shooting, the good guys with guns didn't get there until after it was over and got the guy escaping in his truck. In the Vegas shooting, no good guy with a gun would have helped, and people there even said that.

What's to stop a bad guy with a gun from taking out a good guy with a gun? It's as though they think noble objectives and innocence correlate perfectly with shooting accuracy. Hint: they don't, or we wouldn't be burying so many shot kids.

In a gunshop you need to have background checks.

Background checks are already mandatory on firearm purchases.

Asshats? As an asshat, dont lump me in with those bootlickers.

As someone who grew up with guns and was taught safety and responsibility with guns I can't imagine how you can be this hateful about something you know nothing about.

I mean airsoft is okay.

Fear doesn't but 40k bodies every year does mate.

Getting your ass whipped and your wife and children raped and murdered to own the Cons.

Fuck getting my ass beat.

SRA, Pink Pistols, Black Rifles Matter, and the New Black Panthers: dumbfuck cosplaying rednecks CyanogenHacker, 2021.

>anything regarding civilians So who exaclty are "the people" the 2nd refers to then?

If not for those idiots, responsible gun owners could just do their thing and go hunting or whatever in peace. Oh wait they already can, because no ones taking your hunting rifle.

Some of the men who helped write the constitution, and were there when it was discussed have said that the 2nd amendment is for the overthrowing of tyrannical government. It also specifies the right to bear arms as a general right of any citizen. That aside, your 'mass shootings' are a blip on the radar when compared to other easily preventable causes of child death. It's just the most flamboyant cause, thanks to the news. They even give you a convenient enemy to blame.

Yeah! How about we talk about imaginary solutions that are impossible to enact because god forbid we talk about actual solutions!

Most kids are getting their educations from youtube and other social media, and youtube's idea of good people are the fucking paul brothers and other objectively bad people.. literally called "influencers.".

In a lot of countries in uncommon for police to carry firearms, and the only ones that do are specially trained firearm officers. In fact there are plenty of countries where the vast majority of officers don't carry guns. You can guess how many civiliana are killed by police in these countries vs. countries where every cop carries a lethal weapon.

Definitely, and it's more relevant today than ever before after Trump's insurrection.

You are weird.

Lol what?

They get sexual pleasure out of letting illegals in. See how fucking straw man-y that is?

Well sure it's not like gun nuts are meeting women, they're busy banging livestock or kids while high-fiving their drinking buddies on Friday nights.

If you can amend the constitution to turn the passing mention of a militia into a legal prerequisite to gun ownership, then go ahead.

Please explain this lunacy...Rifles were common weapons in the war that immediately preceded the writing of the 2nd. Rifles were invented in the 1400's, and were in common use by sharpshooters by the late 1700s. Also, the 2nd makes zero mention of types of arms. It doesn't say, "The right to keep and bear muskets and knives, but not rifles or pistols or other weapons, shall not be infringed." It also doesn't say, "Shall not be infringed, except to charge tax stamps, require registrations and waiting periods, prohibit certain types of features, prohibit certain types of manufacture, require pre-screening, and the right is revokable any time someone makes a claim against you." It could easily be argued that the 1st is responsible for provoking all sorts of violence and hatred, but no one requires a tax stamp before posting hate filled bullshit on Facebook. There is no background screening required before someone writes and publishes a book. No revoking of the right to speak because someone bullied a coworker. Can you imagine the outrage if the same standards that are applied to the 2nd were applied to other parts of the constitution? And in the historical context, the 2nd was as much to provide for the common defense, if needed, as to keep the government from devolving into the very type of tyranny the people had just fought to overthrow. In fact, the founding fathers were largely against a standing army for just that reason. An unarmed people gives the government nearly unlimited carte blanche to fuck over the people...and history repeats that story over and over.

The first amendment was written before the internet. So why are you talking right now?

You don't see the irony of this statement that was typed on either a phone or a computer and then sent out to everyone in the entire world via the internet? If the 2nd amendment doesn't apply to modern rifles, why should the first amendment apply to the internet?

Looks like congress knew even semi-automatic rifles were viable, yet made no restriction in the second amendment when it was drafted. Almost like this argument is total horse shit.

Ever seen that tweet from the army, about how serving has affected them? Good reason to never enlist.