Wednesday 21st of April 2021

Tucker Carlson Had a Complete Meltdown Tonight in Response to a Former New York Corrections Officer Who Criticized Derek Chauvin For Using Excessive Force on George Floyd. Here's How The interview (abruptly) Ended.

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Tucker Carlson complete meltdown tonight response former York corrections officer criticized Derek Chauvin using excessive force George Floyd. Here's interview (abruptly) ended.

Tucker Carlson complete meltdown tonight. delightful!
Tucker Carlson complete meltdown ends segment when guest says convicted murderer Derek Chauvin used excessive force.
Tucker Carlson having secret affair with Derek Chauvin something? This total meltdown youd expect spouse have news reporter.
Tucker Carlson reached wire hangers stage white nationalist meltdown Lachlan advertisers still because just trying sell product acceptable excuse white people anything.

What You Really Think

Theatrics for ratings.

He did say one thing right, police inaction to prosecute the terrorists in their midst has lead to massive tax payer settlements and deaths.

What a Chauvin-ist.

Omg what a clown.

Oh god this made me laugh Tucker Carlson has lost his mind here.


Can someone please explain to me what just happened.

Ed, please order Carlson a straitjacket, and don't look back.

This dude is geeked out.

The psycho boy laugh at 14 seconds. I knew The Heaven's Gate Cult back when I knew Tucker. They also spoke openly about their LSD use. Clearly they all had trouble. Many have. It may be genetic too? It is not about a grain of salt with him. It is about a crystal of acid. No.

POS ALE god i hate carlson so much.

Tucker like the other judge woman , cuts off people who dont agree with them . Many more of them will spend the rest of their life in prison,ignorant -:)).

Huh. That was a crazy as all get out laugh/cackle. Also, why did he even invite the guy on if he wasnt going to let him talk?

Wow, he canceled an actual law enforcement professional. He decided his viewers should only listen to a TV dinner heir.

Hes hysterical ...

Its part of his audition reel for the next joker instalment.

Wtf was that laugh what nut job!

Hes discussing!

Carlson is a moron. But then again Fox pays him to be a moron.

Another cereal killier on the loose. That laugh is unhealthy.

The mental/emotional instability is bursting out of him and it's terrifying.

Is Carlson really arguing that most of America is boarded up right now? Seriously the dude is so full of shit.

Yikes, a tinge of hysteria. Losing it?

Aww so the election was rigged n now the jurys verdict was based on fear of looking bad in the media? JD Vance n Tucker feel manipulated? Poor white boys!

What a weird little man Tucker is, he has gone completely bunkers and I suggest Rupprt Murdock should get rid of this guy.

Tucker, what is your agenda? What did you think the verdict should have been?? And whats with J. D, Vance? Another stupid guest!!!

Anyone still watch Fox News is a racist enabler.

Idiot tucker.

What a way to shun someone abeg.

Probably same as the sorry family propping up this pathetic dumb ass white supremacy lying money grabbing machine aka Fox News. Build back better the FCC Fairness doctrine. Fox isn't excluded from broadcasting their 'news' in Europe for nothing.

Not funny at all. What a dweeb.

Looped the fucking loop.

Whats up with that stupid, smug laugh? Seriously, what is wrong with this guy?

Tucker has an apparent mental breakdown during this. His laugh is manic. He isnt well.



Holy shit.

Hes unfit to be on the air.

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