Tuesday 6th of April 2021

Malcolm Turnbull Has Been Sensationally Dumped From His Role on a Government Climate Board, Just a Week After His Appointment by Environment Minister Matt Kean.

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There the Liberals go, scurrying to the Murdoch far-right again on climate. Five years ago, they backed Turnbull for PM. Now they bend over backwards to appease the climate-denying fringe, even announcing his demise on-air to Murdoch columnist Ray Hadley!

NSW government: appoints Malcolm Turnbull to the Net Zero and clean economy board Critics: but Malcolm Turnbull wants Net Zero and a clean economy!!! Bad decision to put him on the Net Zero and clean economy board!! NSW government: yes ok fair point, ur right.

Pathetic - Murdoch Press runs the NSW gladysB Matt_KeanMP government as well as the LNP Coalition federally. Former PM Malcolm Turnbull dumped from NSW climate board after backlash The New Daily.
29 March - Turnbull appointed as chair of NSW net zero advisory Board 31 March - Turnbull calls for halt on new coal mines 4 April - Barilaro attends football match as a guest of the NSW Minerals Council, with Fitzgibbon and Latham 6 April - Turnbull's appointment is rescinded.

Murdoch has decided Malcolm Turnbull should not be on the Net Zero Emissions & Clean Economy board, so hes been removed from the Net & Emissions and Clean Economy board. Thats how power works in Australia, run by Murdochs cancerous influence on politics.

Old jelly back Malcolm Turnbull keeps getting the kibosh from the Liberals. Perhaps he could release a few of those reports he has sat on? Blow up the tent before he walks out.
Ray Hadley: "Common sense has prevailed... " On removal of Turnbull from Net Zero Emissions Board. All because Turnbull spoke some actual "common sense" on radio. To make the world safer we don't need more coal mines in NSW.

"Mr Turnbull, who was only appointed to the five-year role last week" Seriously, wtf??? Thuggery: Turnbull blames media beat-up for dumping from climate role.
Malcolm Turnbull dumped from NSW government climate advisory role - 2GB.
So GladysB respects TurnbullMalcolm but caves in to the Coalition troglodytes and allows him to be humiliated and sacked by nut jobs in her govt. Dont worry Malcolm if ICAC does its job she will soon be gone!

Was Malcolm Turnbull's axing intended to distract us from the MorrisonVaccineCrisis? Reply or quote MorrisonVaccineCrisis if you'd like to turn this around.
Cancel Culture.
According to Turnbull...it was all someone else's fault!
Many people are offered a job verbally but then the candidate needs to have references from past employers performed and also police checks. I would say Turnbull never got past the reference stage.
Malcom Turnbull Dumped!! Ahahahahaha Best Joke I Can Give You Today. Its funny, coz its true.
NSW Lib Premier Gladys Berejiklian capitulates to extremist pro-coal lobby & sacks Malcolm Turnbull from climate change body just one week after appointing him. Power of fossil fuel lobby is frightening, environmentally & economically disastrous.

The NSW government has dropped the former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull as chair of its new Net Zero Emissions and Clean Economy Board after Turnbull called for net zero emissions and clean energy.
Please Former PM Malcolm Turnbull has been dumped from NSW climate board after backlash from News Corp & Federal government. Your views?
Maybe so and snowy 2 is still a dud Turnbull's climate, energy cred is still rather garbage.
Turnbull pulled from NSW net zero advisory board, after calling for halt to new coal mines.
An act of cowardice by Gladys.
What's the main motivaror here? How many working class peoples jobs will this cost? Before his appointment, Mr Turnbull had written a letter objecting to the expansion of a coal mine in the Mount Pleasant area, in the Hunter Valley, citing concerns for HIS NEARBY GRAZING PROPEY.

New fun game where you appoint malcolm turnbull to an official position and immediately sack him as soon as he mentions climate change.
If GladysB leaves Matt_KeanMP in the energy & environment portfolios then she's guaranteed to lose the up and coming by election in the Hunter and put LiberalNSW into minority government. Kean is a disaster, has no political nous.The Turnbull appointment proved it.

Malcolm Turnbull has a habit of getting dumped. Made my day.
Turnbull told Guardian Australia the government had backed off from appointing him after the attack by the News Corp paper and other rightwing media. He said the Daily Telegraph had worked up its story with none other than One Nations Mark Latham.

Malcolm Turnbull has now been sacked by the Liberal Party three times over climate policy.
Former PM Malcolm Turnbull dumped from NSW climate board after backlash The New Daily Good to see the State Government still run by the coal lobby and Murdoch media. Transparency on political donations would give us clarity on who owns this Government.

3 Malcolm Turnbull, still a.
The failed vaccine rollout. The sexual misconduct by Lib members & staffers. Newspoll approval plummeting. The sales pitch by SnakeOilScott - a desperate Easter message, replete with props, wife, dog, Malcolm Turnbull's glasses. The clock is ticking.

]Malcolm Turnbull, proud newly minted CEO of the Eastern Suburbs Liberal Party Nature Strip Fanciers Society] Board: congratulations Malcolm, now remember, all you have to do is avoid mentioning- MY: I know I know, climate change... shit Board: ... MT: Ill fetch my coat.

DudNBN Malcolm wants to know who's in charge. Gladys.
Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull says the NSW government has capitulated to a "ferocious campaign" from the media after his appointment to a clean energy board was overturned. Sorry Malcolm it was Lib Party members. You are a Turncoat.

Looks like TurnbullMalcolm will need to add Matt_KeanMP to his list of people who have rejected him - a list he began as a child and that now includes the Federal Libs, Kerry Packer, his former business partners & 90% of the Australian public.

How on earth did it even come to this? John Barilaro backed Turnbulls appointment in Cabinet. This should never have been a political appointment and was always going to divisive. A monumental failure of judgment by John Barilaro.

I love your work Mark made my day goodbye to Turnbull.
Turnbull is a bitter back stabbing traitor who believed he was born to be PM He was lazy & arrogant He put more effort into campaigning for Labor than he ever did for the Libs There is no EXTREME right wing it only seems that way because we have lurched so much to the left.

Tired: politicians pivoting away from questions about malcolm turnbull being dumped from the NSW clean energy board wired: politicians straight up ignoring questions about malcolm turnbull being dumped from the NSW clean energy board.

This is weak stuff from the NSW liberals. TurnbullMalcolm would have done a decent job.
Turnbull dropped from NSW climate change board after 'media backlash'.
The main mistake Turnbull made was trying to placate the rest of the RWNJ Party. He should have had the old crash -through courage.
Like, what did they expect from Turnbull? His views are clear. Barilaro wields far too much power.
Former PM Malcolm Turnbull pulled from NSW net zero advisory role just days after appointment, after calling for a halt to new coal mines.
Turnbull dropped from NSW climate change board after 'media backlash' Gladys Berejiklian caves in to her real owners - newscorp Newscorp bullies Gladys into doing their bidding.
Turnbull dropped because Barilaro wanted a monkey to rubber-stamp the expansion of fossil fuels across NSW - not someone who would actually think about and, look into, the actual impact fossil fuels are having... - sheesh..., what was Turnbull thinking...?

The Liberal Party has now dumped Malcolm Turnbull three times over climate change policy.
If anyone thinks Turnbull lost his gig because of his climate change policies you are deluded. He got canned because of his campaign against Murdoch.
My Name Is Malcolm Turnbull & I'm Here To Help Myself . Bwhahahahaha! nswpol auspol Hilarious!
"Under political pressure, Matt Kean reportedly asked Mr Turnbull to stop talking down coal in his position as chair of the NSW Net Zero Emissions and Clean Economy Board". - How can be responsible for net zero emissions and not talk down coal?

Malcolm Turnbull's latest appointment as successful as when he was PM .. Bwhahahahaha! nswpol auspol Hilarious!
I love seeing Turnbull been sacked made my Tuesday.
The sacking of Malcolm Turnbull from the NSW Climate Change advisory board after just one week shows how split the NSW Government is. The real power lies with Nat Leader John Barilaro. GladysB Berejiklian has shown her weakness by back flipping.

Forget it. Murdoch has got rid of Turnbull from a NSW appointment. So easy. Gladys backed down immediately. Rupert rules!
Nation reverses its decision to replace Turnbull with Morrison.
It was the coal lobby who sacked Malcolm Turnbull.

What You Really Think

Cool, good riddance to the climate bedwetter.


Poor Malcolm, dumped again.

Happy Day.

Good, who wants another Flannery in a role like this.

Greatest news I have heard for ages.

Good. I was wondering when a conflict of interest would rear its ugly head!

I predict Daryl Maguire will get the role.

Now dump Matt Kean from the Liberal Party GladysB or Hornsby will.

Board is a complete charade anyway.

...guess its back to NY penthouse for Turnbull and take KRudd with you...

Is this because he actually wants to save the environment? Assume that wasn't a popular view on the climate board lol.

Now kean can go to and u get my vote back because if iam going to get screwed over climate change I'll let the professionals do that and that Labor green.

"Dumped". Story of his life.

Excellent news.

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