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Sunday 13th of September 2020

Look Whos Sitting in The F2004 More to Come Before The Start of The.

Since the very first F1 season, we have always been on track. Many things have changed over 1000 GPs, but our love of a challenge and passion for this sport remain the same Vnulb.
The sign is back.
Mugello Vnulb F2004 SchumacherMick blasts around the track in his Dad's championship-winning car as ScuderiaFerrari get set for their 1000th Grand Prix.
An amazing moment on Sunday at Mugello SchumacherMick takes to the track in his father's title-winning ScuderiaFerrari F2004.
Mugello completed! alex_albon bags himself a podium!
Lance Stroll's engineer can fuck right off btw. I looked up the team radio after the TuscanGP crash and he didn't even ask if Stroll was ok after such a big crash until waaaay after.
Lap 7 restart at Mugello = carnage Four drivers = OUT And all four walked away unscathed, thankfully.
A five-second time penalty for Kimi FOR WHAT?!? For this incident at the entry to the pit lane But The Iceman still had enough in hand for a first points finish of 2020.
Seb and Mark.
Time to get your TuscanGP questions in for the.
LV shorts call: 0207149199 WhatsApp: _____ Delivery service nationwide ____ Plz. Spare Me Two Seconds Of Your Time to bless me with your retweets.
Onboard with Carlossainz55 for *that* dramatic crash after the restart at Mugello.
We had a brake overheating issue, which is why we had to retire today. Its getting pretty crazy this year, which is interesting and there are more opportunities for big results.
"This incident demonstrates the need for caution to be exercised in the restart situation." What TuscanGP stewards made of the restart pile-up.
Hes on 65 points which puts him 4th in the F1 Championship Yes, Lando, FOUH.
(_) <) )OIT'S FRIDAY THEN / \ \(_) ( (> IT'S SATURDAY / \ <) )> SUNDAY! / \.
Mayhem at Mugello. Strong.
That SOUND is just something else The most winning car and name together again: the F2004 and (Mick) Schumacher celebrate our 1000th GP.
HAMILTON: "It was a bit of a daze. It was like three races in one day. Its crazy to be here and have 90 Grand Prix wins".
Fair to say, we've enjoyed some mega battles with those scarlet red cars over the years Congratulations ScuderiaFerrari on your 1000th race in.
Stroll's stricken car is being recovered by race marshals.
Mugello be like.
. Charles_Leclerc watching SchumacherMick with the F2004.
Mugello: a great advert for Old School race tracks. Hopefully noted by F1.
Today at F1 Mugello Grand Prix.
2020 Tuscan Grand Prix: Post-Race Driver Reaction.
First F1 podium for alex_albon - and look what it means!
What Was To Blame For The Lap 7 Crash At Mugello? 2020 Tuscan Grand Prix.
First podium for.
You are always there with us, whatever happens. You have been with us since the start, with your passion and tenacity that makes you UNIQUE This journey is also and above all yours. 1000 times thank you Tifosi Vnulb.

Technical Analysis: It's better to be on the black bit.
2020 Tuscan Grand Prix: Race Highlights.
Lewis Hamilton wins the TuscanGP Valtteri Bottas secures second place. Alex Albon grabs his first podium in F1!
. Charles_Leclerc : "We are just too is very difficult at the moment. You do a good start, you put yourself in the best position possible but then you don't have the pace to keep those positions. And when I want to fight as much as I can, I just can't".

YES! 2nulb3nulb reasons for these boys to celebrate tonight! nulb.
Haven't seen that many red flags since i was with my ex.
They need to mute Grosjean's mic.
CLnulb Sunday at Mugello = drama from start to finish.
YESSSS ALEX!!! It's a first F1 podium for Alex_Albon with P3 at the first TuscanGP!
Drinking it in We're so pleased for you.
Mr Round the Outside stays true to his name to take his first F1 podium.
Very disappointed that our race was over before it even started today. Congrats to Alex on P3.
Goosebumps. Vnulb SchumacherMick and the iconic Ferrari F2004 of his father Michael.
Now remember, we're in Arrabbiata 2.
Amazing scenes as alex_albon celebrates his first ever F1 podium with his team!

What You Really Think

Hope he drives For Alfa Romeo next year.

I can't imagine your feeling when you can drive your father's car. Absolutely iconic!!! Those years were the best when your father drove the Ferrari. The Schumacher name and Ferrari are forever one. Congratulations SchumacherMick Vnulb.

A brand new PET.

That noise!!! its pure music.

Such an amazing sound. I miss proper engines.

That F*k'n sound!!!

Very awesome!!