Monday 4th of January 2021

Call of Duty Warzone Was The 6th Most Watched Game on Twitch in 2020. These Were The Top 10 Streamers by Hours Watched in 2020.

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Twitch in 2021 summed up so far.
Call of Duty Warzone was the 6th most watched game on Twitch in 2020. These were the top 10 streamers by hours watched in 2020.
It's daily channel promotion tweet time! Retweet this tweet then reply with your Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube channel. Check out other impressive streamers that have also replied!
New Year Warmup - Collage.
Live! First stream of 2021! 1 hour of Stardew, 2 hours of art!
My good friend Harding33 is participating in the SCG Day 2 today! Check him out at and shoot him some love! He's working towards affiliate! ;).
Heading out in search of a new Zwift Route Badge.
Streaming in about 40 minutes! I'll start off with the extremely spooky looking Moe's Body Shop by tooManyWes Will I be able to handle the scares?
Today I am learning how to draw BUTTS Streaming at.
ARAM GAMES W/ VIEWERS, new emotes THICC and BINGUS now available.
]Day 22] A Day with Viewers~ Playing Games uwu.
Losers Round 5 MCA_HQ New Years Cup BasiliskCOD Tyrants vs ElysianeSports_ X.
Fishy Customs w.
Join me today at 3:30PM EST on for a short explanation of what goes down when making a fully composited piece of animation. Gonna end the session with a quick cel colour for SC01 of LEGENDaDragonBallTale.

Live over on twitch starting Bayonetta! More of Devil May Cry man but could get won over by Bayonettas giraffe legs.
You're missing Dream! Happy 1 month of not streaming from his twitch!
Live on.
Great sesh with Rustler playing TheForest . Haven't played since Alpha. Freaky game! Great growth, great work Devs! benfalcone1 Vid coming to YouTube soon! .
Hit another like cap this morning! Lmao bout to do quick stream ! Cant believe i made it to 50 followers so i owe yall a dub or 2!
BEST OF 2020 - DayZ! Is live now... See you tomorrow on Twitch. Looking forward to getting back to it!
Check out Ooof streaming.
I'm live come hang out! <3.
Streamin sum mirage and banshee fanart (vault pack giveaway soon TM here on twitter ).
Going deep into the rock. Come dig with me or get shreked.
Funtime streamtime.
As odd as it is to have more horror games on the switch I'm glad that the original game won't be affected. For reference this is about the Cyberpunk styled Clock Tower inspired game.
I have no idea what this picture is supposed to represent, but I am (LIVE) Escape from Tarkov, bb.
Redesign Hype! Short stream!
Making a New Fortress 7 Days to Die.
We live bois.
You dont receive the amount of attention you actually should. So freaking underrated. Do you have yt/twitch? Id love to watch your content.
Bringing in the new year with some Pew Pew! Week 17 of Football! Lets go Ravens!
Todays the day! We crown our Season 2 champion tonight at 8:30 PM EST on .
The green flag for Race Me drops January 9th, 2021 on Twitch! Help us reach our goal by donating in aid of the GirlUp charity here nulb.
Live for a little quads tourney right now with ReelMacTTV IDanzoh Affiliate grind is on so any lurks appreciated.
Me trying to communicate with my chat when Twitch went down for the third day in a row.
Promotion Time!! 1. Like/Retweet 2. Link your YT/Twitch 3. Help each other 4. Follow me smallstreamer.
Commission for mrsoftball. Go check his twitch stream. twitch.
Im live come say Hi ... there are a few changes in town topia >nulb>nulb>nulb>nulb Check out Town Topia Sunday ... A NEW LOOK.
Back to art commissions,, awooga.
A plague tale.
Debut featuring full body tracking 1/6 Wednesday 12 PM PST Timezone Conversion Add to Calendar Or follow directly to get notified of when I go live: --.
CHILL SUNDAYS - Whats More Chill Than some Stardew Valley?
Im live again, for longer than 30 mins i promise.
Now live Four manly screams in KineticGame Squadstream! come help me through this!
She is very supportive of the twitch community. Always helping out and now streams herself after her accident took her out of work.
Just went live!
Thank you Twitch for the birthday gift!
Lets Go!ets go!!
Welcome to 2021! We have so much planned and it's just over the Horizon.. Be better than last year.. You deserve to be treated.. Start NOW, join our CREW! Follow and Subscribe.
What are you doing up this early? Click my link to my stream and help a homie out will ya? I'm playing melee.
$25 ~ Livestream Giveaway - -Be active in stream.
Warmup then only 40 bombs.
Hell With Dan tombob87 Twitch_ SmallStreamersR rtsmallstreams Rev_ s.
More Spoopy Fun!
Going live now, come hangout! Some chill Teamfight Tactics and maybe some Stardew Valley afterwards.
Hi go follow this ( ) twitch channel for premium content and rt this tweet so st1ckerfactory can mod me :)).
If you miss the NaNoWriMo write-alongs, they're back for January! Every Wednesday at 11am MT, catch us for writing sprints at.
Let's continue our torture.
If you are looking for some company today, The Hen House is LIVE. Stop in, have chats, tell us about your day, what you have planned for the week?
New cool emotes for Seltah_ Check more stuff //.
Can we please talk about this gem! Toast and Sykkuno reading each other's minds. Toast having a perfect opportunity to take a win but Sykk trusting toast to vote for himself and toast not that trust. TRUE FRIENDSHIP Y'ALL VVV Also not toast plugging sykk's twitch acc.

There was a goose on the loose among other weird and wonderful occurrences in our 2020 Twitch clip roundup.
Thank you for connecting with SmallStreamersConnect on Twitch cbn1ghtshade!
Morning Inspiration Every Sunday at 10am EST.
Today: Austrian Peppy League finals hosted by alp_haseh ! I'm not playing but you can hear me on the mic lol.
We Are LIVE.
Hey pups Im streaming if you wanted to say hey!
New Year New Nameew Year New Name.
INFO Hey Guy's, we are back on Stream tonight Twitch around the usual time!! nulb Hope to see lots of you for a chilled evening Session! Maybe with some Warzone too!
Live for some DeadsideGame and giving a few more steam codes, generously provided by the developers to the amazing Deadside community. It's right now, RIGHT THERE;.
Love watching your platform grow.
Kill Race tourney // PC // Irish.
47 followers on Twitch! Cant wait until I make it to 50! Big plans for the channel and the viewers!
Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! PS4live (Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales) live at.
Going live with more FF4! Come watch as I hilariously cuck this whole game up with terrible VA!
TITANIUM White Octane Black Dieci GIVEAWAY -Follow me -Retweet -Follow me Winner will be announced on February 1st.
Twitch in left eye and in right eye is a good omen to female and male respectively - a belief that is honoured even today , Prabhu Hare Krishna nulbnulb.
Nulb Am I Assassin-ing Right? nulb First Playthrough nulb Assassin's Creed.
CRE Apex Rank.
Watch PoseidonsThot with me on Twitch!
Feel free to take your foot off the gas pedal and just coast t... More for Libra.
Code SPITFLOW ad Twitch x Youtube x Facebook x Instagram x Email
It's time for my first stream of the year! No doubt I've forgotten something mega important but oh well. Continuing more AssassinsCreedValhalla on PS5. Come say hello at.
So I want to get back into CyberpunkGame and complete the other paths, but I think I should wait till the game updates make the game more stable. Thoughts? cyberpunk2077 PS5 Mystic.
Was he in twitch??? AAAA I WAS IA ALL DAY.
Be there Or else.
Such bullshit, Twitch continues to remain a joke with how they rule on suspensions and bans.
Live on Twitch with more FallGuys and maybe something else if the servers are struggling xD 148/200 followers for a charity stream! Lets get it!
Keeping It Going: Ring Fit Day 34!!!

What You Really Think

BIMFK niiickmercs.

Look at tfues hours n he is still 6th.

drdisrespect begin banned from Twitch and still making the list of most watch streamers on Twitch! This proves that purple made a mistake!

It's like a who's who of aimbot this list.

Nickmercs Tim and cloakzy. That trio is the best.

How come your TitanfallBlog said that Apex legends was the 6th most watched game?


Only drdisrespect is an entertainer out of that lot - the others are boring af.

Nickmercs data usage on twitch is 281 petabyte, GOD.

How many times do I have to keep dying because of the load out glitch.

People need to get a life if they're watching other people play a video game.

tlarson21 your boy under my boy haha.

Given the choice between NICKMERCS forehead for 5 hours, timthetatman sitting in his sister's bedroom or a full scale production while being smothered from head to tippy toe in vaseline with a Steven segal ponytail slapping between my shoulder blades? Pass the vaseline please.

timthetatman is a unique streamer that stands out above the rest. He is an entertainer and has mastered the perfect balance between chatting with subs and game streaming.

Look at all the precious wasted time.


Where the hell is xqc.

da_chickenhawk insane.

Bro don't sleep on tim he's up there with half the hours and he's a dad big boy is grinding.

Damn, NICKMERCS gets more than 2 & 3 combined??? And drdisrespect is top 10 streaming 3 days a week no weekend? cloakzy is top 10? Good job dudes. Big time players.

So much hate when just 10 years ago, this whole tread would be complete nonsense. Thank God we have these guys to entertain us. Even if your jealousy is too big to see it.

MontanaBlack Top10.

Lmao ppl really watch nick.

Nick Mercs? Lol. There's so many better streamers with cooler personalities.

Look at the 2 time still on the board and wasnt even there for the whole year no doubt he would have been 1 if it werent for the purple snakes.

Pretty bad when theres a known cheater higher on the list than people he cant hold a candle too. Guess one activision account ban isnt enough. Wish it was a twitch ban lol.

Dang Tfue in 5th and 1st in Fortnite, he would probably be 3rd if he streamed it earlier.

Yo the doc wasbanned mid year and is top 8 LMAOOOOO the fuckin Goat.

And doc got banned in the middle lmao.

Steamer slap fight!

Vikkstar would be pretty high on the list of he streamed here instead of youtube.



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