Sunday 25th of April 2021

G A M E B R E D if You're With GamebredFighter at UFC261 TOMORROW!

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We'll keep it simple... IT'S FIGHT DAY ] UFC261 Saturday on E PPV DevourFoods ].
Miami-Dade's finest! you're taking GamebredFighter tomorrow evening. UFC261 Saturday
Danaa Batgerel's left hook is nasty Stream UFC261 on ESPN .
Check out Valentino 's video!
Name better view UFC261
pitching perfect game right with this card far.
Happy to finish this piece before the show. Buena suerte capitan.. Win or lose let that cubano warrior spirit shine through.
Picks UFC261 Usman Jorge parlay* Zhang Rose Val Andrade Hall Weidman 1.5u Crute Smith 1u Brown Oliveira Grant Sekulic Allen Roberson Connelly Sabatini 0.5u Batgerel Natvidad 0.5u Rong Vargas[?] Aori Molina[?] Carnelossi Liang 2-2 prelims!

Fights much better with fans man.
We're just getting started! UFC261 swaps over to dyanESPN &.
Batgerel makes sizeable statement, notching second straight Octagon massive first round knockout over Natividad.
UFC 261 live stream is up! DM me now for the Link!
If the early prelims are an indicator... tonights action is gonna be awesome!!!
you're with GamebredFighter UFC261 TOMORROW!
Join Prime Video Channels Free Trial.
Aww young jmolina_125 ufc261 from 2017.
Cardi Launch Beauty Brand Bardi Beauty After Trademark Filing Read Here: UFC261 IstandwithNHSstaff BentleyCash MOTD PrePartyES21 Molina Josh Adeleye calum Callum Johnson.
WHAT NIGHT When Danaa Batgerel finds shot, IT'S OVER! UFC261 UFCFightPass, ESPN2 ESPNPlus
Taking Sabatini this next one. Connelly great underdog story, feels like it's gonna hard pick against most opponents pretty underwhelming athlete whose relentlessness biggest equalizer.

this Tweet closer look UFC261 reminder stream LIVE 4/24, only
Yea, watching. UFC261 let tell now, My picks will fail, THEIR performances will them. Zhang Rose pick foty.
Woos happening? Ban these idiots immediately!
Mortal Kombat came yesterday today mf's fighting like it's death. Coincidence?
From backyards Miami sold-out arenas worldwide, GamebredFighter made good fight game.
text-book check hook! There's storm brewing with Danaa Batgerel bantamweight!
Its amazing to hear the crowd again!
Rose Namajunas watching Chinese fighters kick UFC261 like.
We ride.
We've already seen some great fights, including Fight Night contender from Aoriqileng Molina, were only just getting Prelims! Usman Masvidal Zhang Weili Thug Rose Shevchenko Jessica Andrade LETS GO!

The fans are insane.
Those fans building beautiful sight.
What last title fight where both fighters little weight Valentina Shevchenko Jessica Andrade did? Shevchenko routinely weighed under limit when Andrade probably smallest fighter flyweight division far.

Very Serious & Critical Condition in India Neighbors Should Help Each Other Shoaib Akhtar SP1N.
just followed this guy.. should too... like look him. youngest fighters [?].
feel like year Christmas Eve, waiting midnight open presents, watching these fights with fans! Welcome back!!
30-26? Jesus. Good luck with your bets tonight, folks.
dislike this crowd irritated want Usman hold against cage minutes repeatedly yell "I'm problem" crowd, with foot stomp each time.
Lets keep rolling CLE! good night
How good is this!!
Main card picks from FGM.
Tune in to the UFC261 Prelims LIVE NOW on TSN4/5 and TSN Direct!
Jeff Molina Wants Fights Barnburners.
Its so exciting to see the crowd back.
else would celebrate win!? KazulaVargasUFC BruceBuffer UFC261 UFCFightPass, ESPN2 ESPNPlus
Everyone LIKES/s then will full card free want everyone cash.
"Jorge Masvidal 100x better striking than Usman. Usman scared will just hold him".
The UFC261 Prelims are LIVE NOW on TSN4, TSN5 and TSN Direct. Canadian Tristan Connelly returns against Pat Sabatini to kick off the prelim card. WATCH.
Watching UFC261 prelims on.
Going FANtastic event tonight!
Weirdly only fight caring about main lmao UFC261 expecting more same from those two. Maybe will though, anything happen mma.
Lets that money Connelly.
Bad stoppage.
UFC n Drinks tonight.
Gets feet stomped USMAN84kg jorge should take with flying knee UFC261 since wrestler likes wrestling.
What great card.
still can't over much SAVAGE jmolina_125
Who backs the talk!? Were twenty-four hours til the rematch Usman84kg vs GamebredFighter ] UFC261 Saturday on ESPN PPV: ].
Looks to be one of the BEST cards.
Here we go.
Hey, DC_MMA brought the telestrator with him to Jacksonville!
Funny enough, Thug Rose performed BETTER fight lost Jessica Andrade than that happened AFTER.
Time to switch over from UFCFightPass to btsportufc for.
keep hearing this fucking water drop stream.
hope Usman foot stomps Masvidal taps out. OUCHY TOES.
best things about this card tonight besides those early prelims also that think about that actually stayed tact which rare thing card like this hopefully that great momentum just keeps rollin.

Who ya got tonight?
That mightve been the best early prelims of all time.
Looking good Jacksonville.
Imagine being those idiots still trickling into the fights couldnt be me.
Staff predictions for UFC 261 Main Event USMAN84kg vs. GamebredFighter UFC261 Let us know who youve got tonight.
Shevchenko Andrade Thug Rose Zhang Weili today. Great line leading Usman masterclass predicting women will ones stealing show. Lets fucking
Money Usman.
Haven't posted play long while really like Kamaru Usman -5.5 Points Handicap -195 UFC261 Main Event tonight tail!
Is it just me or are the crowd annoying tonight that woop!!!- ... shows how quickly we got used to the silence!
Worth noting that danawhite 100% flaking with SnoopDogg. Dana saying "oh, never make illegal bets" when he's made show these bets with Snoop before. Dana's fighting talent just cost more than he'd like.

What You Really Think

Who is Jorge fighting ?

Se a China perde mais essa luta pro mexicano ai so o virus pra ajudar.


Team masvidal.

Chinga tu madre vendido.

Lets go Gamebred!

Masvidal is one of the most exciting fighters to watch. Sadly my money is on Usman.

Kamaru USMAN will kill this guy, I feel his just coming to take a shot Daz all.

Usman all day and tomorrow.

Street Profit Jesus with the W tonight!!

Unfortunately tis gonna be an handicap 2:0.

I am with masvidal,.. but usman is different animal. He is good at wrestling too. Chances are slim for street Jesus.


Jorge Masvidal campeon mundial de BMF y peso welter, esta noche es tu noche mi hermano. 100% contigo.

I'm Guaranteeing, Jorge Masvidal with this Dub tonight!!! It's Very Necessary!!! And Newwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

A ganar se dijo hoy GamebredFighter hagalo por todos los Latinos que estamos apoyando hoy saludos desde Boli Maquina del mejor K.O. de la historia.

Usman will be getting a 2 piece and a holy water baptism. Jorge has got this.

Only on this fight I hope he wins and shakes up the hole game.

UFC 261 Predictions Usman Vs Masvidal ! The full card and the main card predictions ! Who will win?

Only way he stands a chance is if Usman decides to box him. Hes by far the superior boxer . It showed during the first round of their first bout.

Want him to win but its veryyy unikely.

That eye pock gonna get baptised tomorrow.

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