Umm Get Started! Also, Don't Forget to Remove Your User Flair Before You Comment.

Monday 11th of October 2021

Umm Get Started! Also, Don't Forget to Remove Your User Flair Before You Comment.

Social Media Says

Dude that is me, 16.

What You Really Think

Ha, same but more collecting (I have over 1k).

10-90 years old.

Born Right now.

Bruh i hate sleep, sleep is like a waste of time for me.

I was not expecting Star Trek to be the first comment . I was rlly confused and thought you were me LOL Im also 17.

Theres two theres four.

I know someone whos 15 and is obsessed with photography however I dont know any teens obsessed with whiskey.

Off topic but hi fellow Cuber.

Mentally 3 Physically 16.

Omg I didnt know that was a thing! Im kinda getting obsessed with headphones and earbuds lately and I have 7 pairs already.

Fellow music adict.

Youre under arrest.

Same but this hobby is expensive and I am broke.

Which one tho.

Ah yes drinking energy drinks when ur 14 not a very wise move.

Kris Im sorry to tell you this but I have lung cancer Ralsei 2021.

I am 16 and have a thirst for knowledge so they're close.

Gay? Hello fellow gay?

16, also i feel you.

Either a 16 year old theater kid or a 13 year old history nerd.

And tear...

Same here.

I see... U are a man of my age.

653 based on your username.

30 and living in your parents basement.

Finally someone with good taste.


17 based on your flair.

Tetrys is the superior game.

Solid 17.

16, what a insanely difficult challenge.

Hey me too lol( problem not age).

Philosophy fuckin rocks. Id major in it but I like to eat sometimes.

I think that maybe you might be 15.

~~40k or the bad one?~~.

Yes me too.

That's some common fantasy tbh.

Send me a maid suit.

Dang me too.

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