Thursday 18th of June 2020

As Summer Arrives, How Will The Most Vulnerable Escape Deadly Heat And COVID-19?

Right now Americans are far more worried about the economy than they are fearful of catching SARSCoV2 COVID19 . And that schism will deepen as unemployment benefits & business stimuli run out.
Why is that unexpected? Before Covid_19SA our country had dire financial problems. We were downgraded to junkstatus, unemployment at an all time high, basicservices only a dream for millions. All due to poor governance, taxabuse and corruption over at least a decade.

Floridians need help. You can't bury your head in the sand forever GovRonDeSantis.
WA unemployment jumps from 6.1% to 8.1%. MarkMcGowanMP - are you going to keep the border shut to feed to Stockholm Syndrome loving parochials? If the feds hand out cash they should deduct for economic self harm. You must take some responsibility.

Thousands stand in Kentucky unemployment line for EIGHT HOURS.
... Australia unemployment edition.
How does unemployment compare for men and women?
It's clear what the government has done to stop Australia descending further into economic downturn has not been enough. Investment into female-dominated industries needs to be made a priority - given that they have been disproportionately affected.

Since we mentioned brands earlier ... What about this one during COVID19 protests and unemployment numbers remaining high? Is this an example of capitalism insanity Privilege or neither? issaquestion about a brand ???

1: Australia's "official" unemployment rate jumped to 7.1% in May (up from 6.2pc in Apr). 228,000 jobs were lost last month, amid the covid19 downturn. But this headline figure understates the "true damage" to the economy. The under-utilisation rate hit a record high 20.2%.

If gov's unemployment figure included people that have disappeared from the JobMarket statistics- it sits at 11.2%. *Gov will have fudge the figures& extend waiving of mutual obligations or the number of unemployed will blowout to 20%.

Unemployment passes 7% as another 227,700 jobs go in May. One-in-five employed people were affected by either job loss between April and May or had less hours. Women worst impacted.
Maybe penalizing the Unemployed, year after year Inadequate Job-network providers rorting the System..Wasn't such a great idea..
Looking for a new Job ?
Ask ScottyFromHillsong why foreignowned churches are getting jobkeeper while your pandering at his unemployment media schtik.
30% of unemployment , Alone who done no press conference during lockdown , My rti about pm care fund shows clear transparency , Article 320 violated of UPSC selection given to rich friends Instead of politics unite against political party for the welfare of nation.

Extra $600 in weekly unemployment benefits runs out next month. Here's how to prepare.
Hope they are getting paid the right rate.
A Santa Clara woman didn't know which letter to believe when the California EDD sent her two on the same day: one seemly awarding unemployment benefits, and one denying her claim.
And here's some in-depth analysis on the latest job figures - unemployment rate jumping to 7.1%, and 227,700 jobs lost in May amid the covid19 pandemic) It was written by my esteemed colleague mikejanda!!

The government is going to have to very quickly find a fine line between cauterizing the Australian economy's bleeding and not letting a virus outbreak get out of control.
As more businesses continue to reopen, some industries are having issues in getting people back to work. READ MORE.
Mutual obligations need to be switched back on full capacity .. jobs going, and most are declining them because "why would I want to work when I've got more money right now". There is literally nothing I can do about it.

As bad as unemployment has been in Idaho due to Covid_19 I hear it's been much worse in states like California, especially w/the Labor dept being so unresponsive.
Heads up, if you got UI on a Way2Go card you can not transfer the funds to your bank account. Ignore the pamphlet and what it says about being able to because you can't. Not online, not on the app, and not by waiting an hour on hold for a representative.

9: The markets reacted quite badly to the latest jobs & unemployment figures. At 12:40pm, the ASX 200 sank 1.5% to 5,902 points. The Aussie dollar (AUD) is down 0.5% to 68.5 US cents.
$AUDUSD plunged as the Australian Unemployment Rate rose to a 19-year high Tensions escalate with China as ASPI report suggests political interference ironore's recent rally may possibly at an end. Could this fuel Australian Dollar weakness?

7.1%. Concerning signs for the aus economy...
Don't you know, They're talkin' 'bout a revolution, It sounds like a whisper. While they're standing in the welfare lines Crying at the doorsteps of those armies of salvation Wasting time in the unemployment lines Sitting around waiting for a promotion.

When is Australia going to get fair dinkum about the useless JobActive scheme?
More than 21 Million Americans Still Without Work.
Scott Morrison needs more "data" apparently..
New from BLS_gov - in August, the unemployment rate remained at 3.7%, and has been under 4% for 18 consecutive months, the longest such streak since 1970!
Numbers are out tomorrow. Numbers aren't expected to got back to pre-COVID levels for years. So, the situation is grim. Conservative commentators may try to make us think otherwise.
Nearly 1 million. which means WE arent failing, THEY are.
"What BJP4India celebrating by political rallies across state? Is the corona battle over? Or are we celebrting the rise in coronavirus cases? Or are we celebrting the loss of lives n livelihoods? Or the recrd level of unemployment dat is being celebratd" said.

It is over valued market according to below condition ???? ?Covid19 issue. ?Crude price">oil price. ?Lockdown impact. ?Debt to gdp spike in America (137% is in current situation). ?Whole Auto and realestate sector is down. ?Unemployment rate spike komalsecurities pms.

2: Even more concerning was youth unemployment (15-24 year olds). The jobless rate for young people surged to 16.1% in May (up 2pc from the previous month).
Fuck Big Gretch... I've tweeted her over 20 times asking to help us that can't contact unemployment .. Nothing, no responce.
ICYMI over the weekend - an important piece by economist JimboStanford on why Canada absolutely DOES NOT have a labour shortage. Hint: try paying better wages & offering safer conditions.
My research on unemployment and gender inequality was featured in today's Business Times.
Pandemic pricing' is here. Rents are dropping across the US.
What to know if your furlough becomes a permanent layoff by.
The people of Florida want a special session to address the budget, coronavirus, unemployment, and PoliceBrutality. When millionaire legislators say they don't FEEL like we need a special session, their enormously blind priviledge is showing.

Is that the true unemployment job rate of 7.1% OR have they forgot to add the 5.1% Should it be 12.2% or higher NOT GOOD for the one out looking for.
's unemployment rate has jumped 2 points to 8.1% - the largest increase in the country. National rate is 7.1% The figures only count those on jobseeker. If you work an hour a week that is classed as employed. Wait until jobkeeper ceases at the end of September ...

In May, China's premier Li Keqiang said the government would provide more support for mobile, informal street stalls in cities. Yet this will not change the fact that rising unemployment and slower income growth will curtail consumer demand in 2020.

Western Australia worst in the nation for unemployment. When will walabor wake up. State borders need to open now.
Holy smackeral we got a problem on our hands!
Australia's unemployment rate jumped to 7.1 per cent in May from 6.4 per cent in April, with the Bureau of Statistics estimating a further 227,700 jobs were lost last month.
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Also Michigan % of tests is 46% SC' 13.1 w/a range of 9.6-13.7 over 3 days SC fatality rate 3.2% Mich 9.1 Mich unemployment rate is 22% 2nd worse in the NATION SC UE rate 12.1 GovWhitmer has FAILED Mich.

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There should be a fund set up to offer subsidized mobile AC units to those at risk. Not optimal for carbon emissions but maybe there is new greener tech we don't know about.

This is such a crucial issue.