Wednesday 17th of August 2022

Jeremy Paxman is Stepping Down From University Challenge After 28 incredible Years.

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Jeremy Paxman step down host quiz University Challenge after years.
Covenant University churns some most exposed competent graduates Nigeria Times Higher Education continues affirm this. your research before challenge ignorantly.
Jeremy Paxman stepping down from University Challenge after incredible years.
Rory someone might benefit from your experience Parkinsons? Hes taking retirement from University Challenge (having been nearly assuming open fellow broadcasters experience?) least keep listening him, perhaps?

Dick Dom's University Challenge. Just putting that there.
Whew extremely excited able share enormous highlight final year Cambridge catch captaining Newnham College University Challenge Monday 21st November, 20.30, BBC2!
think should know: approached University Challenge myself months ago. amazing time rehearsing being standby presenter this year. loved working with team seem love just narrated documentary thats going BBC2.

iconic host will step down after almost three decades.
young remember Bamber Gascoigne Jeremy Paxman *was* University Challenge this day, whenever meet well watch play against teams. Wishing pleasant retirement good luck fight against Parkinsons.

asked should hosting University Challenge couldnt resist everyone mentioning Rylan Alison Hammond. because not.
Jeremy Paxman quit University Challenge after nearly years.
Bert Ernie aren't hosts University Challenge then we're doing wrong.
Guru's Jeremy Paxman married does have children? Jeremy Paxman married does have children?
available whenever University Challenge needs
Jeremy Paxman steps down University Challenge host news comes year after revealed been diagnosed with Parkinson&039;s disease.
Paxman's hosting University Challenge damn work art. level dismissing Top level sneering Top level sycophantism anyone deemed cultured enough Top level tongue cheek fun Top level appropriate seriousness level respect given show.

song Your will Wednesday created challenge went university ghana legon with these beautiful people Kindly share
Jeremy Paxman stepping down host University Challenge after years.
Fiona Bruce Richard Osman current front runners replace Jeremy Paxman University Challenge.
Jeremy Paxman announced will step down host University Challenge after mammoth host beloved quiz series.
Jeremy Paxman retire from University Challenge that facts meaningless.
Temporary speed limit place between J32-33
Jeremy Paxman 28-year University Challenge host amid health battle.
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change TV's toughest quiz!
Admittedly main knowledge university challenge from young ones.
Jeremy Paxman stepping down from hosting University Challenge after years.
Fiona Bruce bookies fave replace Paxman. Should that calamity come pass shall longer watch University Challenge. patronising, faux bonhomie turns stomach.
Oxford Cambridge confirmed presenters University Challenge.
THECampus: Untangling businessstudies from disciplines imperial origins might seem insurmountable task, university leaders take lead this complex challenge, reflects Bobby Banerjee from.

Jeremy Paxman announced stepping down after almost three decades.
studied with Carmen years finance major Lancaster University, what challenge experience.
Jeremy Paxman step down University Challenge host.
Honestly love University Challenge eve, seeing decorations (people posting their team photos), everyone announcing they're gonna next series. Love content.
Jeremy Paxman step down from University Challenge after years.
advantages University Challenge that wasn't familiar with Jeremy Paxman's hard-hitting interview style. whole experience less intimidating because only knew kind fellow camera. wish happy retirement, Paxman.

"And goodbye from goodbye": BBC-presentator Jeremy Paxman houdt "University Challenge".
Personal choice would Susie Dent after disastrous replacement Barker Question Sport, would expect next University Challenge presenter come from Love Island.
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Jeremy Paxman University Challenge: host step down after more than years.
'..And we'd like present host University Challenge..'.
Jeremy Paxman step down host University Challenge.
really annoyed Jeremy Paxman leaving University Challenge. When announcer says asking questions, have only just habit mentally replying Bamber Gascoigne.
Jeremy Paxman's health battle University Challenge host stands down after years.
Paxman stepping down after hosting Unversity Challenge years.
Paxman stepping down from University Challenge. wonder will take over. Paxman liked away from publicity always news. prefers give questions rather than answers likes around younger people. Only person fits bill.

dont mean sound tetchy perhaps re-enjoy University Challenge with host more Bamber, neutral efficient less Paxman irritatingly condescending, disrespectful patriarchal! LOVE Sandi Toksvig chair!!

era. memes aside, uncle presented with both professionalism institution like university challenge deserves warmth behind scenes keep contestants enjoying experience regardless wins/losses. next host their work them.

Have they announced Monty Panesar University Challenge host yet?
University Challenge, plz.
Samira Ahmed wants replace Jeremy Paxman host University Challenge.
With Jeremy Paxman leaving University Challenge, maybe it's destiny calling ZaltzCricket. already works (News Quiz Cricket). Anyone who's familiar with knows he's wordsmith highest order. Maybe it's time step front camera.

Yeah, they've tried that ended with "The Chase" "Love Island", stuck with University Challenge...
Jeremy Paxman step down from hosting University Challenge Any bets who/what's going replace him? Probably black drag queen with speech impediment.
Oooh fancy University Challenge gig? could totally doing it!!
News Jeremy Paxman steps down University Challenge host.
With Jeremy Paxman stepping down from University Challenge, would love present. think would fantastic!
University Challenge host Jeremy Paxman steps down.
Social media great connect with make friends around world. Morrison University Challenge.
host University Challenge confirmed.
Jeremy Paxman will record final episode University Challenge this autumn after years hosting quiz show.
realise Clive Myrie already hosts Mastermind, brilliant University Challenge!
news, hell screens till next summer. Jeremy Paxman step down University Challenge host.
'I've been lucky meet some UK's swottier brains': Jeremy Paxman reveals will step down from University Challenge after nearly three decades formidable host year
Jeremy Paxman step down from BBC's University Challenge National.
Jeremy Paxman step down from University Challenge after incredible years Metro_Ents thought already Had.. What miss?
UniversityChallenge. wonder host will be..
Paxman step down University Challenge host: Jeremy Paxman step down host University Challenge, said.

What You Really Think

A job for richardosman I do think.

What a presenter he was. Its a sad day. Thank you, Jeremy.


Without a doubt.

Sorry to hear. His pronunciation and ability to read hugely complex questions was formidable. Hell be a hard act to follow.

So sorry to hear this. A wonderful presenter. CliveMyrieBBC or lewis_goodall would be superb.

Surely it has to be.

Beating Bamber !

Im calling for rickedwards1 to host.

Stephen Fry.

Has clearly been struggling with one of the effects of Parkinsons- face freeze has made his speech less clear. This disease is a b*****!

Jeremy has been superb. A tremendous host, Ill miss him flirting with the attractive young females, and his derision of the more stupid answers. I wondered who could ever replace Bamber but Jeremy has kept this classic television as great as always.

PAXMAN RESIGNS Few of the early front runners to replace Paxman as seen on Betfair: Richard Ayoade - 3/1 Victoria Coren Mitchell - 3/1 Jeff Stelling - 7/2 Ben Shepherd - 4/1 Frank Warren - 9/2 Richard Madeley - 6/1 Jasper Carrot - 10/1 Who are you lumping on 1/3.

A black presenter taking over?

Sandi Toksvig to replace?

Finally we get some news about the dates for airingnormally starts mid July and radio silence from all concerned.

Goody! Another opportunity to tick the right boxes.


End of an era but he's been looking a lot less sharp lately.

I'll be on BBCWorldatOne at 1.40pm discussing the reign of the incredible Jeremy Paxman on UniversityChallenge with host JonnyDymond. We've only ever had two hosts of UC. Bamber Gascoigne, then Jeremy Paxman. Who could possibly step into those shoes?

He's looked more like this guy lately.

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