Thursday 14th of October 2021

ICYMI, be Sure to Check Out This CBS Sports Feature on Matt Turner I Helped Work On. Its Hard Not to Root For The USMNT And NERevs Goalkeeper When You Hear His Story And Realize How Far he Has Come.

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love talk about inexperienced this USMNT team know most inexperienced Gregg Berhalter. halves [?]In only have been good. Still waiting that modern futbol were sold on.

Many cities claim they home soccer U.S. usmnt, Columbus, Ohio team's spiritual epicenter. happened, continue?
Gooooooooooooood! This goal, it's GOLAZO! Sergino Dest with strike directly right angle Keylor Navas. game Columbus! CaminoACatar USMNT SoloPaLante vivo! TUDN y.

Guys, good Dests goal???
looking USMNT maintain pressure attacking third, more patient with than they were after Dests golazo. come jump like they half, that break. Gotta always aware CRCs counter.

Really strong half after start match. Need early goal 2nd.
Thanks JtOswald!
Navas coming sub.
Dest best player world change mind.
USMNT need Kent their locker room, asking important questions.
good players much better than players.
HALFTIME- USMNT Costa Rica 1st-minute goal brutal, response promising. young Americans really rolling after minutes. Ticos tough veteran bunch that isn't going just down, we've seen some positives from USMNT.

Facts also facts, USMNT more clinical final third, down 4-2. abundantly clear where weaknesses were defensively this system, theyve been exploiting more minute.

ICYMI, sure check this Sports feature Matt Turner helped work hard root USMNT NERevs goalkeeper when hear story realize come.
Let's sure we're talking about same thing. onside shot Dest endline, holding complaint initial long ball that Steffen struggled head clear. Adams' hand right away. needed.

With 18-year-olds Yunus Musah Ricardo Pepi lineup, teenagers will start USMNT fourth-straight match.
Midfielder Tyler Adams captains USMNT fourth time tonight second time this window after wearing armband against Jamaica last Thursday.
return Ohio, former Columbus Crew goalkeeper Zack Steffen joins center back Chris Richards players that will make their debuts, taking number debuts during current cycle, fourth most all-time USMNT.

having hard time thinking technically better usmnt goals.
Remember USMNT midfield completed passes each other first half Panama? Adams, McKennie Musah completed passes each other first half tonight.
DRLLSe?!eN 7.
AshleyMOrellana Zack-cam tonight!
swear Zardes comes anywhere close touch line going freak out. 65-70 will aching Hoppe come freaking crush
Dest playing Wingback permanently, he'll become USMNT legend.
USMNT score them nites Panama they return favor
Imagine McKennie Musah could pass.
Give Orders Promote Gig.
Sometimes watching this USMNT play makes miss those teams from early 2000s sometimes doesn't matter play just Channel your inner AlexiLalas gritty just win.
Havent heard that Believe That Will song while.
want share this with friends make love soccer.
please just keep playing best players like this. These games help them grow become better this accomplish real goal which Word Cup.
risk getting ratio'd: That good half soccer from USMNT.
What absolutely massive half awaiting finally have players much base been asking for. Cant blame Gregg here.well lets wait subs. believe talent. believe players. final.

Wonder what usmnt means? Look
sorry just cant have coach doesnt know offside rules.
like believe' chant.
This goal from Sergino Dest just gets better better every time watch power. technique. placement.
think deep down knows would react such light show. Spoiler: "Like man!".
This place just exploded!!
Finally down watch Costa Ricaat least they tied
Horrible mistake start Zack Steffen over Matt Turner!
Sergino Dest USMNT need tonight.
Very confused.
second half keys USMNT keep winning ball early counterattacks keep tempo high with ball movement off-ball runs.
Berhalter's USMNT system just sooooo much better when fullbacks ball progression even Antonee Robinson been competent improvement) that regard.
Does Gregg Columbus scene with Urban Meyer dont secure point here?
This what inexperienced very talented USMNT looks like. Making some mistakes also looking capable, adventurous exciting. Easily better halves even conceded.
Need some Matthew Hoppe life.
Your blue tinted glasses only make look biased, also like fucking idiot.
Zack Steffen better than Turner Outta Here. Turner USMNT.
finish course incredible this goal team goal, starting defensive third, pinned sideline playing pressure.
Matthew Hoppe.
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Just chance replay computer Richards tackle. USMNT very fortunate.
Would rather lose their comfort zone than take risks win. only explanation commitment every manager. coward shit. embarrassing fan. unacceptable.
Lucky trail 2-1. Guessing first second half will extremely chippy.
Kind asshole move with flashing lights. guys give epilepsy warning small print virtual tickets?
This best USMNT talent pool I've ever seen, worst coach.
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arrived what miss AOFamily?
just like that An equalizer! believe.
start USMNT drew Costa Rica leads after seconds Columbus ESPNFC).
believe USMNT will score least twice more second half. have idea believe that, believe that.
Matt Turner saves that.
Best run-of-play half USMNT this cycle, IMO. One-touch, long driving runs, dynamic overlapping wide play, etc. when don't have someone unlock that final lethal pass, it's hard finish that buildup. Aaronson/Weah have more there. Miss you, Gio.

Best first half Futbol USMNT this they were down goal first minute, shouldve called them. Lets keep that mind. they dynamic coming midfield, Costa Rica having real issues with that.

Fam. Blood Fam.
Good reaction from USMNT after taking punch didnt like they slowed down heading into halftime. penalty Richards?!
-HALFTIME- Costa Rica conceded 1st-minute goal, they produced response Sergino Dest absolute beauty into corner game
It's kind shocking we've looked good overall despite both wingers looking somewhat poor Weah back right, then think about getting Hoppe later.
Will Ticos make this adjustment second half?
absolute thunderbolt from Sergino Dest, scores equalizer USMNT sorely needed. 1-1! TUDNUSA).

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Now if only Berhalter would start him tonight.

Nice work. I hear twitter rumors he might sit the bench today. I hope he plays so that GGG doesn't have any extra keeper rotation related excuses for a loss.

Are you hearing as well that Steffen is going to start tonight in the place of Turner?