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Monday 14th of September 2020

.cordae Was Hype When Naomiosaka Captured Her Second USOpen Title.

.cordae was hype when naomiosaka captured her second USOpen title.
Game. Set. Championship. Naomi Osaka secures her 2nd USOpen title.
Look it's working Japanese TV introducing the story behind each person on NaomiOsaka's masks throughout the tournament USOpen On Tamir Rice: "He was just 12. I can't believe it.".
He's done it! Shingo Kunieda wins his 7th USOpen , defeating Hewett, 6-3, 3-6, 7-6(3). Incredible.
Pure. Elation. Shingo Kunieda is the USOpen champion.
Living the Thiem dream.
Get your hands on that trophy, Domi!
At the end of the day, this is what it's all about.
A tearful Zverev struggles to find the words... "My parents... were there with me for every tournament. But my dad and mother tested positive before the tournament and couldn't have gone with me. I miss them. This is tough.".

Huge congratulations to Shingo Kunieda on your 7th USOpen championship!
Congratulations ThiemDomi nulb.
WHAT. A. MATCH. World 1 Shingo Kunieda wins his 7th USOpen title, and first since 2015, 6-3, 3-6, 7-6(3), over Alfie Hewett.
After winning the 2020 USOpen title, naomiosaka wore a Kobe Bryant jersey in her post-match pressers.
1990: Pete Sampras 1997: Pat Rafter 2000: Marat Safin 2001: Lleyton Hewitt 2003: Andy Roddick 2009: Juan Martin del Potro 2012: Andy Murray 2014: Marin Cilic 2020: Dominic Thiem Male singles players to win their first Grand Slam title at the USOpen in the last 30 years!

Breonna. Ahmaud. George. Elijah. Philando. Trayvon. Tamir. Thank you naomiosaka for your your fearless voice. We stand with you.
Was honestly rooting Zverev for the win, ngl. Must suck to lose the title after winning first 2 sets and fighting up to 6-7 in the final set. Well, Congratulations theim & Good speech btw.
Since 2000, of all the men who won their first grand slam at the usopen... Only 2 have gone on to win more than one major. And only 1 claimed three. Marat Safin (2) Lleyton Hewitt (2) Andy Murray (3) How many will Dominic Thiem amass?

Just the fifth Grand Slam final in the Open Era won by a player who was two sets down. 1974 French Open Borg d Orantes 1984 French Open, Lendl d McEnroe 1999 French Open, Agassi d Medvedev 2004 French Open, Gaudio d Coria 2020 US Open, ThiemDomi d. Zverev Unreal.

That winning feeling ThiemDomi I.
.ThiemDomi first since 1949 to win usopen after ceding first 2 sets Read.
Dominic Thiem /ThiemDomi / USOpen (Eurosport_RU ).
10 years ago today, Rafa Nadal became the youngest player in the Open Era to complete the career Grand Slam at the age of 24 He also achieved the Career Golden Slam (3 GS titles on 3 different surfaces in the same calendar year) Simply the GOAT.

The first player to win the USOpen mens singles Grand Slam final from two sets down in the Open Era. Incredible, ThiemDomi.
And then there were none oh! sorry One ! kudos to Theim's Bcakhand USOpen. Congrats to the new champion .
THIEM'S TIME IS NOW Dominic Thiem is a USOpen champion.
What a point! We have an instant classic on our hands folks.
Thiem has arrived.
Tennis can be a brutal sport. Gutted for Sascha, his speech was so emotional. Congrats to Thiem. Fought through the pain and pulled off an unbelievable turnaround!
Your time.
To congratulate NaomiOsaka on winning her 2nd US Open Title for a chance to win a signed Osaka USOpen poster 10 winners will be announced on 9/16.
"I wish we could have two winners today." All the feels right now ThiemDomi I.
After a tough loss, this is all class.
For the first time ever, the USOpen final will be decided by a 5th-set tiebreak. ]2] ThiemDomi and ]5] AlexZverev are playing the 32nd set of their 10-match rivalry. This will be their 4th tiebreak (Thiem leads 2-1).

Three times a Grand Slam finalist previously.. ThiemDomi finally has a Major title.
That winning feeling. Yui Kajimi & Jordanne Whiley win their 2nd USOpen women's wheelchair doubles title as a team.
Thiem with the win. jagrat_08 was spot on with this prediction.
Reached first USOpen semifinal Rallied from two sets down to reach first major final Fought for four hours in an incredible match Two weeks to be proud of for Sascha Zverev Vnulb.
Dominic Thiem became the first man in 71 years to win the US Open after overturning a two set deficit.
Congrats Domi, probably one of the nicest guys ever to win a slam? Keep going Sasha you're very close.
Dominic Thiem became the first player born in the 1990s to claim a mens Grand Slam, and the first outside Nadal, Djokovic and Federer to claim one since Stan Wawrinkas 2016 USOpen triumph. Watch Highlights.

In sport we use the phrase both teams deserve to win or both players deserve to win after a high quality match. After watching an error-filled US Open final, one is tempted to get a bit disrespectful. Both Thiem & Zeverev did not deserve to win. Scoreline is misleading.

Naomi Osaka wins the US Open...again! LETS GOOOO! Congrats naomiosaka!
Champion Domi, only ups and ups in your life from now on! Congrats USOpen Champ V.
Love everything about this for so many reasons.
The Mamba would be proud.
HISTORY IS MADE BY DOMINIC THIEM! ThiemDomi becomes the 150th man to win a Grand Slam mens singles title.
And we got the new USOpen Champion this time. It's DominicThiem...Well-played dude...
It was indeed an edgier final. A box-office success. Sheer class to Dominic Thiem.
Things are getting TENSE in the wheelchair men's singles final. Kunieda breaks back to send us to a final-set tiebreak!
DOMINIC THIEM is the 150th USOpen champion! He's come from two sets down against Alexander Zverev to win his first Grand Slam title.
Gutted for Zverev of course. Thats a heart way to lose your first GS final.
Won his 1nulbst Grand Slam title in his 4nulbth major final by defeating AlexZverev in 5nulb grueling but entertaining sets to win the USOpen mens singles final Sunday. What was lost was finally found by Thiem. My story for.

What You Really Think

NICE BLMTerrorists COUPLE Until recently I respected her as a tennis player. However, BLM support for her lack of information knowledge. Eventually it developed into extreme violence by blacks.

Loser in life.

When my baby goes out her way to do something for me.

Yes to all of this! I don't know anything about him..but the fact that he is with a woman of such great character, heart and talent as Ms. Osaka...AND is wearing that shirt, makes me want to know more!

Defund your private security.

Defund Cordae.

How great! Especially his Defund the Police shirt. Thank you naomiosaka for bringing terrorism into professional tennis. You and Japan should be proud!

She Did It..Yessssss.

Hold on who is this brat? Her little brother?

What? 2 Dykes?

WHY R U ALL COMPLAINGIN ABT HIS SHI HE'S SO HAPPY FOR HER? girl shut up abt his shirt as he should be. GO KING. GO QUEEN? YEAHHH.

Im convinced a lot of people dont actually understand what defund the police means cause some of these comments...

What a disgrace ESPN has become...this guy is trash.

While he has a shirt that says defund the police and gives the middle finger during trophy pictures. LOSER.

Cant wait to back a girl play like this.

Vnulbhey Cordae too cute not to adore your loving reaction to your leading lady Naomis winSo proud of her great talent. And please take great care of our Champ . Thanks for your support.

I love this guy! They are our future. Down for the cause. God bless them and protect them.

Is this not normal behavior???

Defund the police & fund organizations trained to handle 13 year olds having autistic episode. A trained officer & social worker shouldve responded to the scene. And where did they hear the boy had a weapon? Why is the information always wrong?

I love it. I love it. It is pure. It is sweet.

What does this statement even mean? Just like espn promoting someone in an anti-police t-shirt. A new low.

Shes dating this guy lmao.

Support your Queen.

All the white men in the replies getting ready to defend the police.

Defund=Reallocation of $$$... not strip the police operational budget. But yall really know that already.

Get our money.

Energy >>>.

She so needs to lose him. I kbew qhile watching 1st set yesterday that he'd gotten inside her head.

Guys here are just envious that he has one of the coolest chick, venting on the poor guy and wishing they're in his shoes...

Underrated super couple actually Killers in their respective fields & I love to see it.

Hype beat.

Great T-shirt! Love it!

Silliest t-shirt ever.

Found his shirt! Pretty cool.

Good thing naomiosaka isn't dating.

A proud partner with a message Vnulb.

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Defund police till they need them... low class, childish and lack of immaturity all shines thru...

Wow. What a Happy and proud hitting for Naomiosaka final winning. It's based on pure love and proud. Prayers also sometimes help for victory.

Real nigga.

You right they are cute.