Sunday 2nd of May 2021

MATCHDAY! One More Time, Girls!

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MATCHDAY! One more time, girls!
Zadrazil are you serious.
Frak! Bayern back front aggregate. 3-2. Insane strike though.
What equalizer Bayern!
Great goal. Advantage Bayern.
We want more Bayern.
Bayern equalise... aggregate.
V FCBfemeni are into the Champions League final!
Barcelona booked their place UWCL final this year, face winner Chelsea Bayern.
Mark date cules 16th 2021, Barca Femeni UWCL final, beautiful scenes here Estate Johan Cruyff!
Congratulations ladies reaching UWCL final lets
Teamwork makes the dream work!
Come on ladies! Get em!
Final of UWCL VV.
Aitana Bonmati screaming answers press conference because Johan Cruyff stadium loud. MOOD.
Yesssssss!!! We are the finalist..
Full-Time: Barcelona PSG, Lieke Martens 31', Marie-Antoinette Katoto 34', UEFA Women's Champions League Semi Final womensfootball UWCL WSUlive soccer football FCBFemeni (Barcelona into Final agg).

[?] Just days until the semi-final second legs!
That's Barcelona headed UEFA Women's Champions League final second time three seasons, defeating aggregate. Barca will seek first title either Chelsea Bayern Munich.

Happy birthday to VfL_Frauen's ingrid_engen!
second-leg ties come this weekend! Which teams will progress final? follow action live Sunday MatchCentre UWCL Semi-finals.
Barcelona into UEFA Womens Champions League final, Lieke Martens double give them aggregate victory. Martens shown proven today should starting these games magnificent performance from Netherlands international once again.

First-leg goals from Paris Barcelona... Jennihermoso 13 [?] _alana_cook Predictions Sundays second leg? UWCL Semi-finals.
This will be the first time in over five years that the champion of the UWCL wont be from the French league (D1Arkema).
Goals from Bayerns first-leg over Chelsea... SydLohmann 12 [?] Leupolz hannaglas Blues turn around home Sunday? UWCL Semi-finals.
Happy birthday to VfL_Frauen's Felicitas Rauch!
LIVE Chelsea Bayern UEFA Women's Champions League need link watch semifinal UWCL live.
Preview: Barcelona Paris Form guide, predicted line-ups view from both camps. UWCL Semi-finals.
Baby girl AsisatOshoala in the Champions League final for the second time in three years.
Into finals! It going cracking final.
Final for the best in the business.
Barcelona Ladies whip Almighty Bayern Chelsea Final...
Barcelona ]Final].
Congratulations FCBfemeni Lets
both semi legs overlap? Surely networks could have given least between matches.
Finale Vamos FCBfemeni V Last 20 mins worst dead almost But weve champions league final.
With Fran Kirby your side, anything possible Bayern going find hard getting much from Kingsmeadow today. thought premature when they celebrated wildely after winning first that only 2-1. Keep pushing Chelsea!

Full-Time: Barcelona (3-2) FCBfemeni though UWCL final thanks double from Lieke Martens.
Heres another look at liekemartens1 second goal Brilliant work from Hansen.
Another UWCL final for us FCBfemeni VMuchas Gracias! This is our year! pinainformativa Over to the final now!
Charles playing right. wasn't sure Niamh ever played left...
Barcelona first team through UWCL final!!! sensational fight over both legs, they're desperately unlucky there themselves. really missed Diani.
Told you so!
FCBfemeni reaches finals UWCL second year row. What game this was.
Barcelona Barcelona through final.
Unbelievable! Paris didn't rise occasion! Diani's absence this disaster...
baby Marie Antoinette crying.
Reach their UWCL final time finals years Congrats Barca Barca fans.
Onto the finals FCBfemeni V.
Absolutely buzzing for FCBfemeni!!
Time to see if you can watch two games at once. We have UWCL semifinal overlap. Barcelona-PSG enters the final minutes on beIN Sports XTra Chelsea-Bayern Munich kicks off now on YouTube.
really think Barca taking this year. Fantastic effort from PSG, hopefully they bounce back that league title!
Barca make their UWCL final.
Barca UWCL final! waiting another finalist from Chelsea Bayern Munich.
Go FCBfemeni nice one .. to the final.
Kerr-Kirby connection automatic. Chelsea gets early goal they needed! Quite UWCL semifinal morning have here.
Barca Femenis treble dream still Through play either Chelsea Bayern UWCL Final.
rooting Barca good totally deserves finals appearance. Will scary opponent *hopefully* Chelsea.
Well, have aged years minutes Congrats!!! Amazing effort! To finaaaaal!
Carter BLOCKS.
KERRBY LINK- AGAIN Chelsea Bayern(2-2agg).
Barca Into final they after great game against PSG.
Barca's UWCL final, thanks goals Like Martens!
87' Signe Bruun remplace PerleMorroni FCBfemeni 2 - 1.
scenes from Barca players final whistle. Congrats FCBfemeni they've been great this season from what I've seen. Well deserved.
Full time Barcelona 2-1. The better team that's Congrats!
Wifey Putellas winning the.
Are off to the final!!!! Vamos!!!
Gutted Barcelona final going amazing!
Barcelona champions league final! final gonna good one.
Barcelona Femeni reach UWCL final after beating PSG.
The girls have been impressive so far 1-0. More to come!
Barcelona have beaten have qualified Champions league final.
final!!! Congratulations Women's team.
Finaaaaalllll el FCBfemeni ya en la final de la Champions . FCBfemeni 2 PSGfeminin 1.
Barcelona into Final with Lyon might have chance winning trophy this year.
FCB in the FINALS OF UWCL Congratulations to them.

What You Really Think

Macht den drecksverein fertig! :).

Come On Girls.

Viel Erfolg, Madels, wir stehen hinter euch!

Youve got this.

Pack mas!! V.

Good luck girls NS.

Pack ma's.