Tuesday 10th of November 2020

God This Was Really Spine Tingling Radio. Life Back to Normal by Spring. From Someone Who Might Actually Know What They're Talking About - Professor John Bell.

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UPDATE: We are proud to announce, along with BioNTech_Group, that our mRNA-based vaccine candidate has, at an interim analysis, demonstrated initial evidence of efficacy against COVID19 in participants without prior evidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Just finished speaking to pfizer CEO AlbertBourla about COVID19 vaccine. Very promising to hear 90% effective, but questions remain, such as: how well the vaccine will protect against serious disease vs infection, overall safety data and how long immunity lasts.

Zoom stock tanking...
All this effort to create a vaccine thats 90% effective, against a virus that our own immune systems are 99.9% effective against lol makes sense.
First Good news from..2020.
Yes-Great news indeed! We look forward to seeing the vaccine trial proceed. Respectfully-however-Mike_Pence -I am hopeful about this vaccine b/c pfizer chose to steer clear of the WhiteHouse politicization & $$ of OperationWarpSpeed to ensure the integrity of their process.

President Elect JoeBiden statement on vaccine for COVID19 Highlights cause for hope & sets realistic expectations: it will be many more months before there is widespread vaccination in this country a mask remains a more potent weapon against the virus than the vaccine.

I love that the MAGA idiots have more fuel poured onto their conspiracy fire with a COVID19 vaccine coming out just after the election.
As word comes through of the pfizer breakthrough in developing a COVID19 vaccine, it becomes clear not everybody is thrilled to learn of the latest development. In other news realDonaldTrump announces BlackFriday deals on Clorex through his newly established ebay shop...

Would you take the vaccine ?
Vaccine came and joe biden won .Is it interconnected JoeBiden realDonaldTrump is it scam????
SUCH GREAT NEWS that President Biden will make sure we all get a vaccine, either this one or another one, next year! Thank you Pfizer. No thanks to you, Trump and Pence, you losers.
Wonderful to hear Professor John Bell tell WATO that life should have returned to normal by the spring thanks to the great news on.
The 2020 Covid Election. How predictable.
Fantastic to see positive news about the progress towards getting an effective COVID19 vaccine. BBC News - Covid vaccine: First 'milestone' vaccine offers 90% protection.
Went for the flu jab at lunchtime, the pharmacist said no covid vaccine before next Christmas, hes in for a surprise.
Very big news this morning.
's vaccine that "offers 90% protection from covid19 " , an interesting question.
So today we hear that a vaccine is 90% effective against COVID. I do think this is just coincidence, don't get me wrong...I'm not a conspiracy guy...but would it have changed anything if this news had been announced last Monday? I.e. b/f the vote? Election2020 Quote Tweet.

Presume middle-aged, white, tax-payers are at the back of the queue? Happy to have paid for it. Enjoy.
Great news! The fight against Coronavirus continues and Im thankful that realDonaldTrump, SteveFDA and our private-sector partners have been so dedicated and committed to vaccine research. A successful vaccine is the most important step we can take to solve this crisis.

Chart check Expecting further movements on GBPUSD. If youre interested in making money through forex or btc trading then send a DM.
90% effective for a virus with a survival rate of 99.4% -nulb.
With 90 percent-plus efficacy rate, Pfizer about to shift to safety studies on COVID19 vaccine candidate with key milestone eyed in third week of November ...
I'm cautiously optimistic. Meanwhile, the Trump admin is trying to take credit for this latest GoodNews on the COVID19 coronavirus vaccine, but they had nothing to do with it: It's important NOT to get public hopes up until ALL trials are done.

: PS1trillion Covid19 vaccine distribution contract awarded to DominicCummings' hamster.
God this was really spine tingling radio. Life back to normal by spring. From someone who might actually know what they're talking about - Professor John Bell.
May finally bring the virus under control together with the good vaccine result.
This vaccine - too early to get excited.
All those conspiracy theorists who got virology doctorates in their cornflakes when Covid arrived and got doctorates in epidemiology from Facebook just after first hearing the word 'epidemiology' have now got vaccinology doctorates too.

As expected, Wall Street has surged at the open (the Nikkei 225, CAC40 and DAX are also up) Get all the details and the latest reaction to Pfizer's vaccine announcement our live blog.
"Pfizer and BioNTech should be sharing this vaccine with the world, not hoarding it for profit. Governments must step in and make it available by suspending patent rights." Our reaction to the Pfizer vaccine news.

Prelim COVID19 vaccine data is wonderful news! But it will be months b4 there will be vaccine available to administer. We are facing a COVID19 surge NOW, heading into dark, cold winter. Please focus on steps to prevent spread NOW.

I will not take.
The 90% efficacy figure isn't locked in--- it may change as the trial continues, but in the words of immunologist Dr. Akiko Iwasaki VirusesImmunity, it's "really a spectacular number".
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There is of course still some way to go, but for now, let's embrace such positive news and potential light at the end of the tunnel. Science rocks!
Amazing news!!!!
Screw you.
Positive news about a vaccine from Pfizer. If there's a mass vaccination program, who will be running the logistics? There's been far too much Tory pocket lining going on during this health and financial crisis. I hope to god it ain't Serco. This. Needs. Scrutiny.

Great to see encouraging vaccine news this mondaymorning Pfizer says early data signals COVID19 vaccine is effective from AP FACT: Pfizer declined to be part of Operation Warp Speed ALSO: We still need you to.

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How that vaccine working for you.
Is this a light at the end of the tunnel for the Covid 19 Pandemic?

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Have you seen the footage of Sarah Montague as well? Joyful.

Good news.

Cant even get the track and trace thing working, so lets hope there is someone who can organise the vaccine programme when it happens!

Best news since er well, the weekend! Two bits of earth shatteringly fabulous news in as many days! Wonderful!

It is great news but people need to understand it will take months to roll out the coronavirus vaccine assuming it is approved. So people need to stick with social distancing, face masks and hand-washing for the time being... And take VitaminD!

Even if not true, the momentum behind this idea will be hard to shift in publics mind.

Pfizer say they can manufacture 1.3bn doses next year. 8bn people in the world. Uk saying that they have bought enough dozes that by end of the next year they may be able to immunize between 1/3 and 1/2 of uk population.


Returning back to normal by Spring. Not quite the same as back to normal.

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