Friday 8th of May 2020

Ve Day

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"Never give up, never despair - that was the message of VE Day" An address by Her Majesty The Queen on the 75th anniversary of VE Day.
Just verified that is dropping charges against !!!! This is a great day for justice in America!! His family deserves so much for what they ve been through you are amazing.
Today is the 75th anniversary of VE Day: the day when people across the Commonwealth marked the end of war in Europe with a mixture of jubilation and quiet reflection on the many sacrifices which had been made for peace.

Happy VE Day to you all from Women s Services We observed a 2 minutes silence for VE remembrance. Thanks to Paula and Mr Mittal (in the pictures), as well as Eileen Streeter for our lovely mouse in scrubs!

VE Day those who fought for us, gave their lives for us, or just did their bit for us. We thank you Goodnight catch up with you all tomorrow.
Ive got to go now but will be back another day In the meantime, thank you for your very much appreciated support Stay safe folks and take very good care of yourselves.
I remember lines of unknown people linking arms and walking down Whitehall, all of us just swept along on a tide of happiness and relief. The Queen was 19 years old on VE Day. More than thirty years later, she recorded her memories for a unique BBC Broadcast.

Well Meet Again - HSD Singalong for VE Day 75 Join us in the national singalong of Vera Lynns - Well meet again, to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Thanks to all those who have got involved so far! Find out more about our VE Day celebrations:.

A woman from the Channel Islands, the only part of the British Isles to be occupied by Germany during the war, spoke of her relief on VE Day.
ive been crying all day. this is such a fucked way to end something that took me 8 years to accomplish.
Today we mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day - we remember all those who gave their lives for our country. This song is for them.
The most fitting of fly-pasts marks VE Day - and its the Mail that made the Spitfire tour of the skies possible.
Today marks 75 years since ended in Europe. Join us as we come together for a tribute to the WW2 generation and reflect on the challenges faced then and now. This is the start of our WW2 commemorations leading up to on 15 August.

It gave me an uneasy feeling in my stomach. Some of the rudest fans Ive been around as well. We literally had someone grab the arm of someone in our group doing "the chop" and told them to stop because "thats racist". I almost lost it a few times that day. Never again!

Should ve happened from day one!
Note for readers of the Mail, Express and Sun. Today is VE day. A day when we commemorate the lost souls of the combined allied forces who gave their lives to end the war in Europe and deliver a lasting peace. A peace underpinned by the EU for many decades since.

Oh god and this weirdo is bsck, for one I m not a child you weapon if you think I am you re an absolute freak for arguing with me all day & what s been found out is a topic I feel passionate on & you ve been found out to be a racist, I won t block you I know you love that.

Todays the day Im finally trying a salami and jelly sandwich This was supposed to be a really short clip but Ive been away from Yogi cartoons long enough that Im not desensitized to the low-budgetness anymore, and had to leave a lot the clip.

Our Liberator Tulips fully commemorating Deeply grateful to our vets - including our family members who fought in the Battle of the Scheldt. My great uncle was lost, and Shelleys grandfather wounded just 3 weeks before VE Day.

Never give up, never despair: Queen praises Britons on VE Day.
Sam P down on a VE day run, Oliver up next. Well done boys.
75th anniversary of VE Day and the end of World War ll, warbird flyover.
Happy Goku Day Everyone! Its that time of the year again so Ive made this drawing to celebrate the day. Im quite proud of how this one turned out and I think its my best drawing to date and I really hope you guys like it. 2020.

i ve been thinking abt that picture all day omg.
my tribute to all naval personnel and ve day 75th anniversary.
Its odd that the Daily Mail is so enthusiastic about celebrating the anniversary of VE day, considering their side lost.
AKS Reception More creative castles have been created to go with the Jack and the Beanstalk story. I think both these brilliant castles will be played with many times by the children during lockdown. Meanwhile, Henry helped his dad to put up their VE Day bunting.

1945 the King ordered to Splice the mainbrace to mark VE Day and the end of in over 50,000 members of the Naval Service & over 35,000 merchant seamen lost their lives during the war. Let us never waste the peace that they won for us.

Only Her Majesty can make VE day real to the nation. We thank our Queen for giving leadership and a lifetime of service.
Im in my 50s, and I dont recall any substantial VE Day celebrations before. Have I been missing something? Whats changed? I note that one characteristic of a fascist society is pervasive militarism.
A perfect finish to VE Day. How beautiful! @ Gong Man of London Arun Lotay.
May 8, 1945 - Today is the 75th anniversary of VE Day, or Victory in Europe Day, and commemorates the end of the Second World War in Europe. More than 1,000,000 Canadians and Newfoundlanders served in the SWW, and more than 45,000 gave their lives.

VE Day is a good moment to remember that our country stood as one to fight for democracy & freedom. Patriotism & belief in our country was universal. It saddens me that so many today shrink from a love of country. This should be a common bond - left or right.

It s VE Day and I tell you you will not hold me under house arrest. I will fight you on the park bench, I will fight you with a picnic blanket, I shall sunbath if I fancy it. I shall never surrender.
The Queen addresses the nation to mark VE Day.
day 8 - shaggy mane mushroom! i think its so cool how these get the inky cap look as time goes on. i think ive also seen these irl!
RESULTS GAME DAY 4 2 1 WIN against a very good spurs side massive win for the dons to start the weekend of death Victory on VE day.
This week we have been learning about VE Day. Today we marked the 75th anniversary by decorating the garden with bunting and Union Jacks and having a picnic in the garden. Thank you to the cook for preparing such a delicious feast.

I ve followed 5-6 different sports before and I must say in no fandom I saw people judge skaters so much from their positive PR rather than from what they do on ice. At the end of the day it doesn t matter how much you say you re working on smth if the results don t show on ice.

You know what, I m tired of this. I ve had such a difficult day and I m at the end of my tether. So yeah, I did it. I turned my penis into a pickle Morty, it s a pickle dick. Funniest shit I ve ever seen.

We ve endured the most for the longest and still targeted to this day. Transatlantic slave trade. Middle passage. Slavery. Jim Crow. Tulsa Massacre. Tuskegee Study. Mass incarceration. Police Brutality. Biggest crimes against humanity for literal hundreds of years. Yet. Nothing.

On this anniversary of VE day, I remember everything that our British allies endured during WWII--the blackouts, food rations, sending their children to the country. These people should be ashamed of their selfish entitled selves. But, fine, dont go to Costco.

"Our streets are not empty, they are full of the love and care we have for each other". Powerful, poignant message from the Queen as our country comes together to mark VE Day.
goblin sharts is maybe the funniest thing i ve read all day.
Thank you for all the lovely messages. An honour, as always, to be part of VE Day 75. But the driving forces behind it were Claire Popplewell, Kate Shiers and Rosheen Archer who worked their socks off to get The People s Celebration on air.

Today marks the 75th anniversary of VE Day 75 years since the guns fell silent at the end of the Second World War in Europe. On this day millions of people took to the streets and pubs to celebrate peace, mourn their loved ones, and to hope for the future.

On VE Day, its important we remember that Nazis are bad and that is not disputable. They arent to be debated or tolerated, but reminded that Nazis are scum. Europe won World War II. The world won World War II.

Im working in a hospital as as porter and nearly every day weve had food sent in by the Somalian community, local Indian takeaways, Hungarian food, but funnily enough, f**k all from the BNP, Brexit party or UKIP.

stuck with u recompiled lil moments of every live they ve been doing during quarantine. til the day we can meet each other .
Happy VE Day. The sacrifice was one we will never see again. The victory assured liberty for all generations to come. We should always defend it.
VE Day 75th Anniversary- Croston 8th May 2020 Great effort Croston - You did us proud. Well done. Please feel free to share. @ Croston.
"In these trying times, we could all use a good motherly embrace, someone to stroke our hair and tell us Everything s going to be okay." Weve got the short film equivalent for you ahead of Mothers Day in this edition of SHORTER IS BETTER!

Manda keeps going on about this VE Day thing and I truly couldn t care less.
Just a reminder to all the supporting idiots on Twitter. Tomorrow, well be celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day . VE stands for Victory in Europe, not Victory over Europe as some of these idiots have suggested. Europe is our friend, not our enemy!

BBC News - VE Day: Sir Winston Churchill announces the end of WW2 in Europe.
have i missed something? never before have i seen a street party for VE day, and you ve all decided that THIS is the year, 2020, to start??
got the tone of the evening bulletin just right as usual. Coronavirus first and then VE Day as opposed to who took a long time to get to the most important issue of the day. Well it felt like it! .
What REALLY offends me is the Tory press lauding the generation who fought WW2, yet this terrible Tory Government removed this generation from our hospitals, UNTESTED, then sent them back to Care Homes, UNTESTED, to die!

Haven t celebrated VE Day today. Instead I thought about my grandad, the son of an Estonian immigrant, who could never talk about WWII due to having watched his best friend be shot to pieces next to him in the North African desert and seen the horrors of the holocaust. 1/.

Remembering my dear father, Bashir Ahmad Orchard, today on the 75th anniversary of VE Day. He fought for his country, seeing action in France, Dunkirk and Burma Front. He dedicated the rest of his life defending and propagating Ahmadiyyat, the true Islam.

It was a fine Mayday Bank Holiday, which had been moved to a Friday during the coronavirus pandemic because of VE Day, when former Queen guitarist and astrophysicist Dr Brian May shredded his buttocks. No-one s going to believe us when we re old.

Berlin marks day of liberation from Nazis with unprecedented public holiday.
Happy VE Day everyone, an amazing day to celebrate all those hero s, my grandad was one of those Legend!!
Inside Andy Whyments lockdown with beer, cheese toasties and VE Day bunting.
You may have noticed The Queen s ATS cap on her desk during Her Majesty s VE Day address this evening. The Queen is the only living Head of State to have served in the Second World War?
My 94 year old dad just telephoned to say he s just seen himself on the television, dancing at Trafalgar Square on VE day with a lady he didn t know and then asked me if I thought she might still be around?

I ve been holding in my tears all day and I m about ready to burst.
Happy Flora Day 2020 and VE Day On what would have been the most brilliant day of celebrations here in Helston, Cornwall, I wish you a happy, peaceful day. Here s to an amazing celebration this time next year.

Ive only had one game actually make me feel barfy. Here They Lie had this hallway that stretched and twisted and it just fucked me up for the rest of the day. even after I took the VR off my stomach was all messed up.

On VE Day I remember my Grandad Was invalided out of the war after a gas-gasmask training exercise went horribly wrong Yet still despite his severe almost-fatal injuries, he worked painfully, quietly to support his family for 35 years Not everyone was a VC but many were heroes.

How do you have a call with President Putin on VE Day and not even mention the fact that his government continues war and occupation on the continent of Europe to this very day? Utterly dishonourable.
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I absolutely cannot imagine what this day must ve felt like in 1945. For my grandmas, both knowing their husbands were coming home. For my Grandads, one returning from northern France and one who d become a miner. For my great uncle, who d been at the liberation of.

Victory in Europe, 8 May 1945: All the Churchill VE Day Speeches.
Throwback snap shows Queen during military service in World War 2 ahead of VE Day anniversary address to nation.
WATCH: Celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day, when America and its allies defeated Germany in World War II.
Have you noticed that every account throwing out anti-British nonsense and insulting people celebrating VE day are FBPE with EU flags in their profiles?
If I ve ever taken care you while you have been drunk, just know I expect a Mother s Day card.
lol at who just said in a pathetic but dramatic fashion: North Carolina is now in phase 1. I ve been in phase FREE since day one jackass.
My Father in law Capt Ronnie Norman-Walker aged 25 on VE day & his big brother Major Arthur Norman-Walker ( hubbies namesake) who never made it.

What You Really Think

We are so lucky to have you, Maam. Thank you.

And her Majeatys war time cap on the desk! God Bless her.

Spoken from her castle in Windsor.

Beautiful speech.

Beautiful speech!! She will be so badly missed when gone God Save The Queen!!

God bless our Queen.

Fine speech. Very impressive. Well done.

Thank you your Majesty.

God Save The Queen!

Thank you to our Queen, for your service during the war and during all of these years since, and especially today for such a beautiful and moving tribute and speech. Stay safe always.

Wishing your best, HRH.

the worlds gem.

Thank you ma am god save the queen.

Theres lizzy and little maggie showing their appreciation for the cause.


We may give out, but we never give up my Grandmother MaMA Swinford watch those bankers and taxes, they ll try to rob you every chance they get Mary.

Applicable to all generations.

God bless the Queen.

Perfect. Thank you.

God Save Her Majesty, from California We all love you Ma am.


I will never give up in this life because I don t know when I will be successful!!

As a sea fairing nation by tradition. We should always be guided by the Our Queen.

Love the queen so much but.

Thank you Your Majesty for this tribute to those who died, those who fought and came home changed from the atrocities of and for the friendship and freedom we have today. Thanking you and your parents for the sacrifices you made and for your service to the.

Thanks for your message, HRH.

My mum was in the crowd. My grandpa was a London fireman. So many memories they shared with us.

Amazing speech. Well said HM The Queen. What a lady.

God bless you x.

What a truly remarkable lady, be in no doubt she is an inspiration, our leader, our boss. God Save The Queen.

Has she donated to the nhs yet?

Oh Hello!

Spot on as always Your Majesty.

Such a beautiful message Your Majesty. We, here in America, could only hope one day we will have someone as amazing as you! God Save The Queen!