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Monday 14th of September 2020

When The DJ Finally Drops Your Song After Requesting it 5 Times...

When the DJ finally drops your song after requesting it 5 times...
For all the people who aint had a good homecooked family meal in a min, tomorrow evening our souls will feast! Patti Sweet Potato Pie LaBelle vs. Gladys Vanilla Wafer Puddin Knight Sunday, 5PM PT/8PM ET on AppleMusic in HD or on our IG. Drinks by.

Aunties on their 8th cup of moscato at the family gathering.
Goonica in the comments ready to kicked down the door...
I was broke AF in NY & lied to get free tix to BWAYs Fela! starring PattiLaBelle. I said I was her niece. They sat me in the front row. During her song, she saw me, kissed me on my forehead & shouted: My Niece Is Here Yall. The room gave us a standing ovation.

I love that Dionne, Gladys, and Patti are ALWAYS holding each other down. Verzuz salute our legends. Glad they getting their flowers while theyre here.
Me at the first day party when the pandemic is over.
How many other Gen X people didn't realize Michael McDonald was white until the "On My Own" music video?
Wow. 76, 77, and 80. verzuz. Gladys, Patti, and Dionne. Legends. Voices still crisp as a shot of Jack Daniels in the winter.
While were all here lets get into these throw backs of Gladys Knight.
Theres always room for Michael McDonald. He never overstayed his welcome or did too much!
Trending over the NFL tho... please dont ever let anyone tell you Black women dont move the world!!
Thank you all for joining us. It was truly a blessing to be with you!
This black matriarch energy already making my night.
Gladys knight. patti labelle. dionne warwick. black women just really are the blueprint.
THANK YOU GAY PEOPLE - patti Labelle / my grandmother after an episode of Will & Grace.
I dont think some ppl understand how special it is to be able to have a friendship that lasts this long.
It's so clear that Mariah is from the Patti Finishing School of Divadom and I love it.
Cant let todays verzuz happen without bringing this to the timeline. auntie gladys starts this clip and auntie patti ends it. - happy sunday. let it wreck you a little.
I love that Patti said "I pass the mic every chance I get cause somebody has to open the door for them".
Look at us. Listening to grown folks business.
I hope the kids know we have Pattis Love, Need and Want You to thank for Nelly & Kelly Rowlands Dilemma.
Legends only.
That retweet is a lie tho, bc that verzuz got me all the way together. Felt like waking up Saturday morning to music blasting, knowing that meant you were cleaning all damn day.
Gladys just harmonized with her younger self and.
Superwoman!!!! Im done!
We dont talk about Patti Labelle KILLING her role as Dwayne Waynes mom enough.
God is faithful.
Who didnt know these Black Aunties werent gonna get up here and talk about VOTING???!!! Black women NEVER miss an opportunity to tell you to get to the polls.
Swizz Beatz saying that Janet Jackson doesnt have the vault to do a verzuz against Missy. Why say this shit on live? Janet has 1 hits across THREE different decades. 27 top 10 hits on the BB Hot 100: 10 1s and 16 1s on the R&B Charts. 7 1 albums across FOUR DECADES.

EWF v. Isley Brothers?
Tonight was so good for the soul Vnulb.
I honestly can't believe we let white people see this.
Dionne Warwick popped up in Verzuz and I'm officially teary eyed. We're watching Black history y'all.
Black folks ability to make greatness during the worst of times will never cease to amaze me. I am so thankful for what THEREALSWIZZZ Timbaland the entire verzuzonline team, and every artist has given us in the middle of a mf pandemic. JOY in the midst of a storm.

Earth, Wind and Fire vs The Isley brothers.
Dionne Warwick. Patti LaBelle. Gladys Knight.
We did not deserve this. I am deeply grateful on a personal level for this reprieve tonight.
"Dont lose weight in COVID. We supposed to be happy" Patti told me yall.
Dionne Warwick (if you didnt know) opened the door for EVERY Black pop superstar. She is living history.
Me practicing for Patti vs. Gladys tonight.
Yes, Im singing live. Arent we supposed to?
Im just putting this here for later.
Honestly, the Verzuz between two Black women artists have consistently been superior.
If the rest of 2020 doesnt make me feel like this...I dont want it!
Gladys and Patti on every song...
Listen Verzuz for me is the perfect example of Black peoples ability to adapt to any environment naturally. All of these companies & organizations postponed & cancelled events with tunnel vision of an unchanged future. We created an ongoing cultural event from being ourselves.

Alright Morris Brown College sponsoring Ms. Gladys Knight when she was 4! HBCUs always recognizes real! And now she's a LEGEND!
Patti is a 76! We are looking to Mary J 30 years into the future.
"Where's my teleprompter!" --Me at work trying to figure out what it is I do there.
Michael McDonald vs. Hall & Oates.
Queen Aretha Franklin in heaven watching Gladys Knight and Patti Labelle Verzuz.
Auntie Patti & TT Gladys tonight.
I have decided that the only male artist I wanna see go against Usher is Joe. They peaked at different times but their careers pretty much span over the same years and both have a plethora of hits. I have spoken, now lets make it happen.

"Celine recorded this after me. I recorded this first." -Patti LaBelle.
Black women loving on one another is my favorite.
This is the kinda carryin on i showed up for.
When MsPattiPatti threw her shoe and did the bird move, that was the end of me. Loving every minute of this verzuz PattiVsGladys evening! Our collective souls needed this!
Hes trending because of.
"whatadya mean you don't wanna hear n*word over 40 shade".
All the white people on my TL are watching the PrincessBrideReunion and all the black people are watching Verzuz . This is how we find harmony.
Resolve to worry less and rock a red lip. Every Shade Rooi Lip R60 sale still on! Contact 0842311425.
The Verzuz the streets demand but big music would never allow.
Patti flew. Gladys sparkled. Dionne appeared. Tonight was amaazing and needed.
In honor of todays Verzuz heres Mariah Careys tribute to the LEGENDARY Patti LaBelle.
I really cant believe we dont have Whitney here with us!
Still waiting for this.
"Isn't it wonderful Swizz and Tim had this great idea?".
Young Gladys & Nat King Cole.
Im feeling your vibe but come and buy quality boxers MadeInNigeria from FlairUnderwear We have redesigned it to ensure it doesnt tear underneath it except you wearing the wrong size A pack is 3 is 2000 We supply in wholesales too.

Older Black women love calling somebody a "heifer" as a spicy term of endearment. LMAO.

What You Really Think

Dis you at every function.

Auntie was getting it.

Be amped as fuck.

More realistically, by that point youve left and thats one reason we dont like your request.

Love it!

Black Excellence meets Black joy!

Yes MsPattiPatti you were ready.



The two queens had me like.

This the Super Bowl 2021 halftime show right here...

My granny for real.

She is soon grabbing purse after. Heard my song. Time to go.

Im out.

I'm Screaming.


For real!!!

This is perfect.

But actually!

Love heeeerrrVnulb.

Lmfaoooo facts.

Just ask Rance!

Fabulous Ladies!

I said look Aunt Patti giving us Mary J vibes.