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Victoria COVID-19 Cases Rise McDonalds Closes

Friday 26th of June 2020

Victoria COVID-19 Cases Rise, McDonald's Closes After Positive Test

Obviously the rise in Covid-19 has nothing to do with reopening of schools?! ? Coronavirus: Victoria COVID-19 cases rise, McDonald's closes after positive test.
Victoria records 30 new covid 19 cases, mcdonald s closes after positive test.
Victoria COVID-19 cases rise, McDonald's closes after positive test.

What You Really Think

Vic tested approx 19,000 yesterday which is over double the amount from Saturday, ramped up testing big time, so the actual percentage found positive is lower, see covidliveau Facts please theage !

Yep.....been following the map. Virus looks to be following the Northern Ring rd. from the west to Diamond Valley area and should head through Rosanna, Heidelberg, Bulleen and then out to the East.........State labor have lost the plot.

Advert. Too much branding bashed into eyes is just never enough.

30 cases in a population of 6.4 million with thousands of tests daily. I guess leading with that wouldn't be alarmist enough.

Its over we are screwed , its going to take off like wildfire. Thanks to certain people who have no allegiance to Australia, or laws or the people including Andrews side kick that was more worried about Captain Cook .

And dan andrews now refusing help ????

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