Tuesday 28th of March 2023

I Have a Video For Marjorie Taylor Greene And The Gun Nuts Blaming an Unlocked Side Door For 6 Murders in Nashville Today. Please Explain to me How The Doors Being Locked Would Have Prevented The Shooter From Entering The School.

Social Media Says

Nashville Police release bodycam footage showing officers neutralizing trans shooter Christian school.
JUST least children killed shooting private Christian elementary school Nashville, local hospital confirms. shooter killed police.
JUST Police release footage officers neutralizing transgender shooter killed multiple children teachers Christian school Nashville yesterday.
Police have released body-camera footage Nashville officers fatally shooting transgender shooter Audrey "Aiden" Hale inside Covenant School yesterday.
Nashville Police have released body camera video officers responding school shooting yesterday. video graphic shows officers killing shooter.
Heres moment breeze Nashville police took deranged liberal mass shooter. else thinks Nashville heroes?
Bodycam video: Nashville police hunt down take elementary school shooter. Uvalde police still waiting hall.
Nashville school shooter legally purchased guns, used massacre, while being treated "emotional disorder." Tell again there's nothing that lawmakers whose literal make laws anything about mass shootings.

body footage from Officer Engelbert been released from moments leading death shooter Nashville Covenant School. These scenes familiar all. Insanity doing same thing over over expecting different.

transgender shooter massacred Christians (including children) Covenant school Nashville this Biden reacting disgusted.
Police released body-camera footage Nashville officers fatally shooting transgender shooter Audrey "Aiden" Hale inside Covenant School yesterday.
BEGINS: ABC's Terry Moran ties Nashville school shooting Tennessee's recently-passed legislation banning hormonization mutilation minors. shooter
Nashville police released video Tuesday from body-worn camera that shows team officers entering searching elementary school, then confronting opening fire assailant murdered three children three adults.

resent BODYCAM officers took down transgender shooter Nashville shows three things. make difference when neutralize violence with equal greater force. these children will still alive their were armed.

Nashville police said 28-year-old shooter killed people Covenant School purchased weapons used Mondays attack. Here's latest investigation from Police Chief John Drake.

VIDEO Police have released body footage officers shooting killing transgender shooter murdered students school employees Nashville Christian school yesterday. These heroes.

Nashville Police have released graphic body footage from elementary school mass shooting video shows cops racing stairs gunning shooter down.
Police released body camera footage showing moments officers entered Covenant School Nashville killed mass shooter Audrey Hale.
have video Marjorie Taylor Greene nuts blaming unlocked side door murders Nashville today. please explain doors being locked would have prevented shooter from entering school.

Bidens crass joke about eating Cream just before statement Nashville shooter surprise... mental faculties suggest wholly unfit hold public office.
Hero cops ventilate Nashville shooter. These dudes acted fast, shot with precision saved lives.
Nashville police revealed 28-year-old shooter killed people been under care doctor mental health concerns there Tennessee that wouldve allowed police take weapons away from shooter, that been reported.

Bodycam footage shows moment police officers killed Nashville shooter.
JUST Nashville Police release footage officers stopping transgender shooter murdered multiple children teachers Christian school.
Police release bodycam footage neutralising transgender shooter killed multiple children teachers christian school Nashville.
rise today furious. Angry people lost Nashville, hundreds that cried knowing their loved would come home from school. likely that this moment, next mass shooter planning their shooting. What will this chamber about it?

former middle school classmate Nashville Covenant School shooter says contacted shooter just minutes before they entered school. shares story.
This your fault. Dont play victim. lost count many people justifying Nashville school shooters vicious murders. children adults slaughteredand this they respond. They want innocent blood shed most brutal possible.

Bodycam footage released Nashville police shows officers confronting shooter Covenant School.
Inside school with Nashville staged active shooter.. As video, theres absolutely person student, teacher anyone that seen anywhere Completely empty. only evidence that there some crappy crisis acting going on.

Watch moment Nashville police officer Engelbert engages shooter Christian school.
Disturbing footage just released showing Nashville take shooter. Good riddance hell!
Nashville police confirm Nashville shooter self identified transgender Audrey Hale. Just weeks Jane Fonda called murder pro-lifers.
Nashville Police release bodycam full footage showing officer neutralizing trans shooter Christian school.
Police release body footage from officers took transgender shooter targeted Nashville Christian school killed innocent people among them children. Good know this trans maniac gone good!

Body camera footage Nashville Police responding neutralizing trans school shooter Audrey "Aiden" Hale (he/him) been released. Many trans activists (often same ones want police abolished) have taken social media mourn shooter's death. Nashville PD.

Bodycam footage Nashville trans mass shooter incident. This night compared Uvalde.
WARNING: Content depicts violence. This moment heroes with MNPD engaged Covenant School shooter.
Look Nashville shooters shoes coming into school appear match those dead shooterpics from official released video.
Nashville Police release bodycam footage showing officers eliminating trans shooter Audrey Hale.
- Police release Body-cam footage them taking down transgender school shooter killed several children adults Christian school Nashville yesterday.
NEW: shooter that killed people Nashville school legally purchased seven firearms from five different local stores, police say.
Nashville school shooter legally owned guns, emotional disorder,' police say: Here's everything know.

What You Really Think


We need more school security. Apparently, one thing is bulletproof glass.

Oh wow what the fuck.

20,138 The estimated number of firearm deaths, excluding suicides, in 2022 For the first time since 2007, preliminary data from the National Safety Council show that as many as 42,060 people are estimated to have died in motor vehicle crashes in 2020. Ban cats ?

They will blame every thing else but the guns.

A well-trained Armed guard would have likely ended it right then and there. You know, good guy with a gun?

So if the was an armed responder in the school it would have ended with broken windows and a dead liberal trans!!

Your entire profile bio is a litany of mental illness, leftist hysteria, pseudoscience, and soy induced weakness. Pathetic. Lmfao.

Next they will say they need to block every window in schools.


Metal door not glass, and an armed guard would have taken her out at this point, she knew they had no armed guard at this school, easy pickings.

Maybe an armed guard would have circumvented it. I know your smarter than that.

Too bad one didn't ricochete back could have ended it all before it began.

Is crazy Im from the ghetto & mistakenly have slept w/the door unlocked. I moved in boyfriends house I go closing all 4 doors Then think they all glass doors And they arent bulletproof either lol So I best have another plan. RIP.

Reinforced doors stop guns...

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