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Monday 2nd of November 2020

Active Shooter at or Near Synagogue in Vienna, Austria; Reports of Casualties.

If you have footage of any kind of the shooting incident in the inner city of Vienna please upload it on this link DONT share it on social media! This way you can support us!
Active shooter at or near synagogue in Vienna, Austria; reports of casualties.
We pray for safety and calm in Vienna.
Heeey guys!!!!! Vienna!!!!!!! Idiots.
Large-scale police operation ongoing after gunfire reported in Vienna; injuries have been reported.
Its been an hour since news broke about the Vienna synagogue shooting, and the anniversary of Kristallnacht is next week and people are still denying that antisemitism is a problem. Our lives are not a joke.

Initial reports of a shooting at a Vienna synagogue. Unconfirmed reports of casualties. Developing story.
Any bets? Vienna synagogue shootings: 'Several dead' and police officer shot in 'terror attack'.
Vienna public Transports do not stop in the 1st district until further notice! Stay inside and way from public places!
Main stream media is calling this atrocity in Vienna gun shots, altercation, disturbance. It is a jihadist terror attack. We are not afraid to say that.
Omg there's been a terrorist attack in Vienna just a few minutes from where I am. Fuck. Fuck.
DO NOT post videos and photos in social media, this endangers both emergency services and the civilian population! SAYS Vienna Police.
Tw // guns , shooting , terror attack , antisemitism , death there was a shooting in vienna just now. a terror attack on a synagogue. anti-jewish crime rates are rising all around the world and i see no one talking about it. it's 2020 and jews are getting killed for being jewish.

JUST IN: Austria's interior minister says shootings in Vienna appear to be a terror attack.
At-least four terrorists have been involved in four terror attacks at two Jewish restaurants, a Jewish community center and a synagogue in Vienna, Austria. One has blown himself up. Security forces are after three others.

HAPPENING NOW: Terrorists enter a Hilton Hotel in Vienna, Austria & begin taking hostages, as security forces scramble to respond to this large-scale terror attack.
- Terror attack in Vienna: One of the terrorists wearing a Balaclava and a Kalashnikov assault rifle (unconfirmed footage).
Terrorist attack in Vienna Austria ... a sad evening.
After Paris, Nice and Quebec City, terrorists hit Vienna synagogue in Austria with gunfire.
There is a larger police operation going on in the 1st district of Vienna (Inner City area). Officers are on site and check the Situation. We keep you posted on the matter.
A video has emerged of the terrorist in Vienna shooting and shouting Allahu Akbar.
HAPPENING NOW - Terror attack in Austria. Tens of emergency units have arrived in the city center of Vienna. At least 7 dead, many more injured. One terrorist dead, one detained, multiple still at large.

Everybody who believes in the power of prayer - please say prayer for the poor poor people of Vienna who seem to be under an ongoing terror attack.
OMG!! Please people in Vienna 1st district stay indoors at all costs!
Several people injured as shots fired in centre of Vienna.
Another shooting reported at a Hilton hotel in Viennahostages have reportedly also been taken by terrorists in Vienna's Akakiko restaurant. (DiscloseTV).
Reported Vienna terrorist heard calling out as shots are fired during attack today.
Mass shooting reported in main Jewish community center & synagogue of Vienna Austria.
Guys, the Vienna Police Department LPDWien requested not to post any videos on social media. Please take this down.
More reports of a hostage situation at a Japanese Restaurant. Head of Viennas Jewish community confirmed earlier shots were fired next to the Synagogue.
Following the horrific terrorist attacks on the Jewish community in Vienna, just letting all know I'm safe and well in my apartment. As more details are emerging, please keep the Jewish community in Vienna and globally in your prayers.

- Terror attack in Austria. All public transportation halted in Vienna. At least 3 still active situations in the city center. Avoid the area at all costs.
All public transportation halted in Viennaas shootings & hostage situations reported throughout the city in coordinated attack.
Vienna moots,, pls stay safe.
Interior Minister of Austria says shootings & hostage taking across Vienna part of coordinated terrorist attack.
At Least 7 Killed In Terror Attack Near Vienna Synagogue Zero Hedge.
Austrian Interior Ministry says Vienna shooting is terror attack.
Does no one in Vienna have guns except terrorists? Id pop my head put and take him down.
Quick Note for all the so-called journalists out there What is taking place in Vienna is not a "shooting" - this is called a coordinated jihad terrorist attack... These people are still calling the Islamic Terrorist attacks and beheadings in France, "Knife attacks".

Are any major media covering the all-out, seemingly coordinated terror assault in Vienna?
Live footage of Gunfire and shots in Vienna as police are in a shootout at a synagogue in Central Vienna. One person believed to be dead.
One several videos already circulating of a shootout this evening in Vienna near a synagogue (unclear if related). Officials say a large police operation underway.
Vienna Police confirm Hostage Situation during the Terrorist attack in Austria. Location unclear. Public Transport not being allowed in the area of 1st district. Massive police operation continues. Interior Ministry in Austria officially calling it a terrorist attack.

Multiple reports from local Austrian media say terrorists have entered the Hilton Hotel in Vienna and taken hostages.
Vienna, Austria Update 3:34pm EST - 7 killed, 3 attackers, targets include synagogue and kosher restaurants. This is a well orchestrated attack with military grade weaponry.
Claimed responsibility for the attack in Vienna Austria by publishing Sora and correspondence with the commando's official telegram.
Battle of Vienna II.
The city centre of Vienna under terrorist attack. Shocking images appear. 18 .
Fascists of Grey Wolves have been attacking rallies of Kurds and leftist Turks in Vienna Austria for 3 nights in a row now. Chancellor sebastiankurz : We will not allow conflicts to spread from Turkey to Austria, it is important to practice a zero tolerance policy.

Several injured in Vienna shooting, police say.
UPDATE: The head of Austria's Jewish community says it's not clear whether a Vienna synagogue or the adjoining offices were the targets of shots fired, as they were closed at the time. The latest here.

- Vienna police confirm an ongoing hostage situation following the terror attack at multiple locations in the city.
Austrian interior minister says Vienna shootings appear to be terrorist attack with multiple perpetrators.
Contradictory reports coming out of media sources in Vienna - including number of dead/injured. The Synagoge by Schwedenplatz was shut at the time of the attack. Could have been a or the target but lots of cafes in that area too. Abwarten (wait for the facts).

Vienna multiple attacks on jews.
Prayers going to Vienna.
Shooting in.
To my english followers: there was an attack on my city, Vienna, today. It is still ongoing. We dont know anything for sure yet. It is a nightmare. Please dont spread rumours and videos or pictures. My beautiful city was attacked.

It just started in Vienna ..
Pray for the people of.
HAPPENING NOW - Terror alert in Vienna: Attack on a synagogue. Shots fired. Massive police operation underway. This is a developing story.
Police report several people have been injured in Austria's central Vienna amid exchanges of fire.
One fucker down.
Video shows one of the multiple Vienna terrorists who have now killed at least 7.
UPDATE, Vienna: Austrian Interior Minister: The shooting in Vienna was a terrorist attack and was carried out by several people One suspect is down, picture surfaces to confirm Not clear whether Synagogue was a target because it was closed Multiple casualties.

More on the horrific events unfolding in Vienna.
Awful. Pray for Vienna.
one killed, several injured in a shooting attack near a synagogue in Vienna.
The Jewish community of Vienna has reportedly been instructed to stay indoors and remove kippot (skullcaps) and other Jewish items following an attack targeting a synagogue in the city. (Ynet).
HARRY TV SHOCKING VIDEO - Vienna, another islamic terror attack in europe. Multiple shots fired by city's main synagogue, muslim suicide bomber activating an explosive belt. Several dead and many hurt.


What You Really Think

Ya viste.

Guys, the Vienna Police Department LPDWien requested not to post any videos on social media. Please take this down.

Shooter on the very left I think. Turkish guys are in the crossfire. They say each other "dont go there"..

They speak Turkish with a vernacular from a particular village near Balikesir. Frank Mills will be in Vienna soon.

Right wing terror is the biggest thre ... never mind.

I knew it will happen since big invasion of 2015.

Yere yat cikma cikma mi diyorlar ???? Ara da mi kalmislar olay ne?

Im paying *1.00000000000000001 your money this is the religion of peace behind this, any takers?

How long ago did that happen?

Why? Why? Why?


Nini kinaendelea hapa naskia twa twa tu.

Radical and demented Turks, what else is new?

Deport them all.

Could you not read?

Gaat goed he.


Shoot back.

Turkce konusuyorlar suriyeli bunlar.

Izler izlemez tuylerim diken diken oldu..

This is the kind of tweet i don't know if i should "Like" or not.

The year is 2020 and jews were asked to take off their kippot in order to save their lives. How is this possible in 2020 ??! My heart breaks for the Jews of Vienna.. fellow jews in Vienna please stay inside and stay safe.. I stand with you.

Omg ! Again, again . God bless USA Europe and the whole world of terrorism ! realDonaldTrump Mike_Pence SenTedCruz RandPaul.

Caaaan bir kere de bilmeee.

Ohaaaa neler oluyor oyle.

Let me guess, the religion of peace.

Is it beginning now?

Proud boys again?

Barbaric strike in Vienna synagogue, 1 cop shot down! Grey wolves attack all EuropenulbTime to blast fanaticismnulb.

Austria is a beautiful & Peaceful country...Sad to see terror in the streets of Vienna...

The EU and the left rats let them in and who can suffer again? the citizens!

Theyre speaking Turkish and are likely members of erdogans Grey Wolves terror group. Erdogan has threatened Europe multiple times within the past year and people are still surprised that this is happening.

Some Austrian painter: ...

But guns are illigal in Austria... People are defensless ...

See this//www.youtube.com/c/Motive254Comics.

Every damm day another act of terrorism and governments do nothing.

My little brother lives in Vienna. My god.

The religion of peace my Asshole. Ban Islam!

Someone else is doing those things and they make us muslims to look bad.

Turkun gucunu goreceksin avrupa! (12 cm).

Those 2 casualties are Turkish speaking... Unfortunately in line of fire... One gets shot by his saying, the other asks him to stay low... Everyone is a possible victim from this extremist terror.

How many more from the Jewish community have to deal with this?

Did he shout Ola Uber ?

Siyasal islam terordur.

Hoe lang gaan we dit nog accepteren?

Allah bakbar as always.

Zaten viyanada avusturyalidan cok Turk var...

I pray nobody gets hurt.

They r speaking turkish. Most likely sent by Erdogan.

This world is sad.

Copycats running loose.

Thet speak turkish.

Keine Bilder verbreiten!!

- lockdown2uk lockdown is a FAKE Bitch.

All the men left Syria to terrorize France and the rest of Europe. Europeans got a lot of hard work ahead of them.


And EU still hasn't sanction Turkey.