Saturday 9th of January 2021

Oh my Goodness, Aston Villa Have Scored a Brilliant Goal to Equalise Against Liverpool! Louie Barry Has Put His Name up in Lights And he Can't Quite Believe it!

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All Trump did was open our eyes to the corruption in DC. They tried to destroy him every step of the way. He fought back. Remember that.
What divided America was the Media, Swamp and two guys named Mark and Jack.
Remember when Kavanaugh protestors stormed the Capital? They were praised!
Jurgen Klopp complaining about fixture congestion and starting Mane and Salah against Aston Villas under 13s is great banter. It really is.
Donald Trump has confirmed he won't attend Joe Biden's inauguration on January 20th. It's Fulham v Man Utd, and Man City v Villa that night on the BT Sport app, with multi-angle replays, in-game stats AND HDR picture quality, so can't really blame him.

Bad bunny really said good fucking morning Vnulb.
"Second half, we played exactly like we should have played from the beginning and thats why we won." Klopps verdict from tonight's FACup meeting at Villa Park... nulb.
Me looking at the Aston Villa squad.
I'd sit around Villa 51 in Abu Dhabi with former CIA agents and Erik Prince. Topic of discussion(more than once) was how to take down the regime in Iran. The basic plan they came up with was fairly similar to what went down on Wed at the Capitol-including post election run up.

In 2019, Liverpool was missing the first team because of the Club World Cup and had to play the kids. Today, Aston Villa was missing the first team because of COVID-19 and had to play the kids. The circle of life.

My starting XI against Aston Villa tomorrow I'd like to see players rested and an opportunity given to players who don't regularly feature to prove themselves and compete for places. Thoughts?
Jurgen Klopp has moaned about wanting 5 subs for months for his players to have a rest and then gets the opportunity tonight... so he fields his strongest team against Aston Villas under 18s. That man is hilarious.

Big congrats to all of the Aston Villa lads tonight. Did their club proud.
What's the fucking point of you being a Villa fan if this is the best you can do.
Compared young black babies to cockroaches.
Well played to the Villa youngsters tonight. A credit to themselves and the club. For us, hopefully the start of a good cup run. Have a good weekend Reds.
Man city we have 5 players out with covid, only have 23 fit players Ok we will postpone that right away. Aston villa our entire squad has covid Play your youth team or you forfeit the match. Lovely from the FA.

Strange circumstances, but job done from our perspective. The young Villa side deserve all the plaudits - did themselves and their club proud tonight, along with my old teammate Mark Delaney.
The average age of Aston Villas squad today is 18 years, 294 days. And 17-year-old Louie Barry has them level with Premier League-leading Liverpool at the half.
Episode 3 is recorded and edited. Today we were joined by LFCBen66 for a full run down of the Aston Villa match. It should be live very shortly!
Love that by Thiago. Making a point and an effort to go over to the Villa goal scorer. Class.
Congratulations to Aston Villa a valiant effort from every single one of you and you did yourselves proud tonight.
Age of Aston Villa's starting XI when James Milner made his professional debut for Leeds in November 2002: Onodi - 1 Bridge - 2 Revan - 2 Walker - 2 Rowe - 3 Chrisene - Not born Barry - Not born Kesler - Two weeks old Sylla - Not born Raikhy - Three weeks old Bogarde - Not born.

You are a fool for listening to that traitorous liar.
Klopp starting Salah and Mane against Aston Villa's youth team.
This is why I adore and respect you! May God Bless your journey and keep you safe from all evil.
Aston Villa kids did themselves proud today, fair play to them!
5 - Five of Aston Villa's starting XI (Sylla, Hayden, Barry, Bogarde, Chrisene) weren't even born when James Milner made his debut in the FA Cup in January 2003 for Leeds United vs Scunthorpe. Opportunities.

If Mane scores first vs Aston Villa well giveaway a Secret Shirt box. To enter: 1nulb Retweet this tweet 2nulb Follow the page Good luck!
Liverpool had to sub on Thiago, Shaqiri, Firmino to a team that included Mane, Salah and Henderson. Only then, after 60 minutes, were our young and brave lions finally beaten. Honestly couldn't feel any prouder to be a Villa fan - exceptional performance.

Fucking love this club!!!!! Come on you villa young lions V.
Respect to the villa yoot LG x.
Aston Villa 1 Liverpool 4: Reds turn on style after heroic effort from Covid-hit Villans kids.
Jack Grealish at Aston Villa.
Fair play Sir James. Welcome back to Villa park anytime.
Liverpool vs Aston Villa.
Louie Barry looks READY for more first-team minutes at Aston Villa.
Brilliant performance from these lads. Aston Villa kids appreciation tweet.
All jokes aside, its a really impressive performance by Aston Villas youth. Klopp fielding some of the Worlds best footballers against 16-18 year olds who probably look up to many in that Liverpool team. Holding the champions for 60 minutes is no mean feat.

Its an absolute disgrace that the Aston Villa vs Liverpool game has not been called off. Villa have an entire first team unavailable. Everton vs City was called off with just 5 absentees. The integrity of the FA Cup completely out the window.

So villa were 2-0 up in 17 minutes against your kids. But Liverpool only managed a 1-1 draw at half time against theres.
For FrescoFriday, here's something you almost never see - a frescoed ceiling. Since the ceilings usually collapsed/burned, most people are unaware that they were just as colorful as the walls. Here at the Villa Poppaea in Oplontis, this niche's ceiling is preserved.

THROWBACK: Cristiano Ronaldo opened the scoring with this outrageous flick in a 4-0 win over Aston Villa for Manchester United. This man has literally scored every type of goal.
Oh my goodness, Aston Villa have scored a brilliant goal to equalise against Liverpool! Louie Barry has put his name up in lights and he can't quite believe it!
Just ponder on this... This is only the second time in the 147 year history of AVFCOfficial that the entire starting XI are making their first team debuts. The first time was against Aston Brook St Mary in Villas first ever game in 1874.

Next round all credit to villas youngsters.
James Milner on BT: "Villa are a good set of lads, they worked hard for each other. Quality. We expected that, we didn't want to take it for granted. We got the result but I think it wasn't an ideal situation for either team. They're good players, they're at avfc for a reason.".

Also add the white outline glow out atm on villa to all maybe make it a bit brighter aswell.
Blackmailing is prohibited in the Love Island villa, you will receive a punishment for this!
"This Louie Barry, he looks like a young Jamie Vardy!" West Brom, Barcelona and the controversial moves that made Aston Villa's hero vs Liverpool.
Klopp after Mane scored his 7th against Aston Villa U12s.
Villa Rhys Williams Michael Apted Salmond 1 in 3 Londoners martin keown Bowie Revan.
Covid struck down Villa's team but it was Lou Barry's disease that got Liverpool.
Job done. Shouldve been more convincing. Well played to Villas youngsters. Shaqiri NEEDS more game time. Running out of words for Thiago. We need a centre-back. A long 9 days rest. Time to reboot our season. Man Utd (H), next.

In 6 months Thiago went from beating psg in the UCL final to playing against GCSE students at Villa Park. Unbelievable decline.
Marcus Rashford watching Liverpool destroy Villas kids.
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Job done! Let's go to the next round. Congratulations to the Villa's boys. Not the best circumstances, but well played! And a speedy recovery to those who were out tonight.
Louie Barry: It was a good experience over there (at Barcelona) but Ive come to the club Ive loved my whole life and my dads been crazy for Villa his whole life. ]bt sport].
Liverpool have brought on 2019/20 Champions League winner Thiago to face a Villa midfield who all have to get a lift home from their parents.
Villa's goal scorer has Geography class on Zoom tomorrow at 9am.
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Consistently astounded by the number of self-described "patriots" who demonstrate no understanding of the Constitution whatsoever.
Bobby was literally getting disrespected by your fans not long ago saying he was shit and you guys cant even win against wolves or Villa without a stinky goal or unfair Bruno pen the shamelessness is unreal.

In 2017 Aston Villa's goalkeeper tonight, Akos Onodi went on trial with Liverpool for a few weeks. The Reds never picked him up but he got a move to Aston Villa. Now he's made his senior debut against Liverpool. Did really well too. What a story.

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Aston Villas Louie Barry who scored a goal today against LFC swapped shirts with Fabinho, but later they reminded him that he might want to keep his debut shirt He ran down the tunnel and told Fabinho if they could swap back, and Fabinho let him keep both jerseys.

Well done, Jamie...yea, the Villa kids can be proud of themselves...they held up & shocked us...before we came through...YNWA.
Aston Villa Third Shirt 1991.
Can anyone explain how City - with the worlds most expensive squad and fawned over academy - can just say naaaah not playing for the Everton game, but Villa had to field the Aston Juniors U14s?

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I think youll find its Jurgen Plopp and his men who cant quite believe it..

And still lost 4-1. Never pull the tale of a lion unless you can run faster and for longer.

We would have done them if they werent all out sledging the other day. UTV.

What a moment!! Such a shame the fans couldn't be there.

I think he can.

Get this keeper coached, how smalls he made himself like.