Thursday 6th of May 2021

Democracy Requires That People Vote - Regardless of Your intent, Give Yourself Plenty of Time as Long Queues Due to Covid Restrictions.

Social Media Says

Until Labour commits Electoral Pact based Electoral Reform, they're just contributing political stranglehold that lets parties people their democratic choice. yeah, Voted...

Democracy requires that people vote regardless your intent, give yourself plenty time long queues Covid restrictions.
Ive voted, have you? (And yes, thats my own pencil!).
true Kelly fashion, just walked knocked full freshly cleaned pencils. iVoted though!
Kensington. Based conversations *EVERYONE* having line, think CountBinface might rather outperform expectations.
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Ready To Vote.
2019 campaigned Tory stronghold, bitten dog, literally bled Labour. Today? Spoilt ballot.
Youre welcome.
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Please VoteConservative help deliver ambitious plans even more food banks, higher unemployment, more cash chums bugger poor vulnerable.
Yvonne excited vote, message politicians she'll help elect "Thanks extending right vote, asking uphold your bargain ensure that community left behind.".

Voting done thanks volunteers making easy accessible possibly democracy.
Even voting become weird experience strange world live Perspex screens Brackenbury Primary School voting booths being disinfected with what looks like green plastic "gun".

have voted have shit pencil prove
Please Watch This Very Important MS-Excel. Please Subscribe channel share.
Voted Anti-Woke. labour Green.
For the first time and hopefully the last - spoiled ballots. voted (kind of).
Labour-voting friends? Call them, text them WhatsApp them make sure they've voted!! It's easiest most effective thing help Labour today.
safe feel Sadiq Khans London? Have Voted? want safer London vote
voted Hari Krishnas today. They good chance any.
There's still time to say you voted after C4News - polls don't close until 10pm!
Witnessed Nigel Farages successor, Richard Tice walking down queue polls, trying vote Reform (aka Brexit Party) today Bow, East London today. Utter wasteman ***.
Just voted for the first time! In my eyes, there's nobody who would be better for our community and our future.
local candidate. voted, phones trying drum support even have daughters here Labour offices.
years later still true.
Cast my vote for Keithhunter50, good luck!
need Webdesigner contact.
In my home we vote, we protest and we care.
Felt quite nice voting "Let bodies pile their thousands" party.
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Turnout LocalElections2021 love Surrey Elmbridge please come VOTE Dont Tory hands! LibDems have committed candidates local heroes teachers, nurses, carers deserve your vote. Already voted? friends to.

Use your Vote wisely.
Lovely Senedd elections. eldest son's first Senedd vote.
Never take democracy for granted.
FORGET: After you've voted nice leisurely poo, watch LIVE SHOW tonight here Yeah? Millions viewers can't wrong.
Just voted! Theres still time to vote. Go down to your nearest polling station!
about Walton with super candidates Damien Nolan, Kirsty Hewens Peter Hampson Claire Bailey Elmbridge Surrey! great reception ElmbridgeLibDem SuperThursday Make sure have voted 10pm!

VOTING POEM Hello? It's me Can anybody hear me? I voted today I always do People died could vote Thank you So always do But voice never heard Never life Except when were EU Which we're not So voice never heard Never. Hello?

Your vote counts and your voice matters.
This wonderful view from polling station where voted Brenda McGonigle hardworking Green Party councillors. gastower readinggastower greenpartyrdg greenparty rdguk voting LocalElections2021 voted.

I've voted for the LondonLibDems. Have you?
Just voted and voted PlaidCymru across the board. Proud to say my whole family did. It was youngest child's first vote.
Voted LibDems their anti vaccine passport stance. Voted WajAli4Mayor reform mayor vote anything conservatives UKLabour Never Tory, Labour enabled their authoritarian route down security state.

Ollie have their ties because they take voting very seriously!
London election today!
voted first time vote.
Wow just how fucked up is this... Coercion is illegal!
Today like think little growing human bean knew were voting used really excited when parents voted hopefully starting passion young.
Voting London Major today like being offered plain rice unbuttered toast lunch. hungry I've gotta really like some better choices.
voted night shift. know didnt vote for.
possibly tweet this every time love this type font. What great, powerful enduring brand!
wonder there will recounts east London Boroughs like last election?
Votes cast. Polling station situated local pub, resisted urge have pint.
guys This page about reasons follow this page: HAVE LAUGH some serious debates hope this page blows would need guys there seeing this follow give chance x.

Resons cheerful; 1. I've first astrazenecavaccine didn't vote Tory have wine.
Forgot take picture dogsatpollingstations Lola lovely time. Heres because she's cute
Voted in the Local Election. All the best to all the National Parties.
Perhaps last time. EUcitizen after all.

What You Really Think

Farage, the guy who stepped back to let Boris win!! You support that?

Does democracy also mean if you dont want to vote you dont have to? Well guess what I aint fucking voting.

I'm never voting again. We have been let down by our government. NHS 1%.

Democracy is dead in the UK - clear over the past 12 months - dont matter who you vote for now they all sing the same hymn.