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class="u-nolinkc" href="">I had one accidentally appear during class="u-nolinkc" href="">a programming class class="u-nolinkc" href="">I was teaching And by that class="u-nolinkc" href="">I mean they wrote programs where line were supposed to be drawn based on user input and the class had to figure out class="u-nolinkc" href="">what the input changes class="u-nolinkc" href="">this one program: 1st number was the number of even spaced spokes from the center next number was forward distance then turn angle then forward distance turns out...when someone decided to pick 4, 5, 90, and 4 ...yea.

It does look class="u-nolinkc" href="">pretty cool.
Its class="u-nolinkc" href="">interesting class="u-nolinkc" href="">how little things line that get lost to our collective minds and culture. Thanks for the fun fact.

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> It is kind of amazing how common that basic shape was in everyday life before the 40s. Fucking Nazis ruin everything.

Likely because Rudyard Kipling, who was one of the big inspirations for the original scouting movement, used the swastika as his personal symbol for decades, and it appeared on many of his book covers. Say what you will about the problematic elements of Kipling, the dude did *not* like the Nazis, and once the symbol became predominately associated with them he stopped using it.

Swastikas have a nearly unbeatable ratio of visual appeal to simplicity of creation. Hell, you can make one with 4 squares if you look at the negative space. I think people would lament the losses the design work suffered at the hands of Nazism way more if they weren't so overshadowed by the uh, other stuff.

Is no one gonna point out how weirdly specific your collection is?

It's a very interesting shape in that you get simetry but not the normal kind. Like in Age of Empires, you could end up making this with farms. Because you needed them near the town center, but the town center dimensions didn't match the farm's dimensions, so you moved them all one bit to one side to fit them. Among other many examples of course, it's great for buildings so you can have a different shape and still have everybody have a window to the outside.

It's a pretty basic shape. Imagine if they instead used a Triangle. It's why I think people need to get past seeing random symbols and attributing them with negative things. Cancel culture is getting so bad that even parts of the alphabet are off limit now. Your likely to get banned by making a Typo, or making random things up that ends up offending someone. It's like when bad people do bad things with common things why are we surrendering those terms? Those meanings? It's ridiculous.

I remembered talking too my friend about the swastikas how they was a great symbol until a lunatic bastardized it and when looking at some online I saw so many and saw some that made me uncomfortable like the Jewish swastika (I've looked this up and seen some pictures of different swastikas and they was all labeled) the in my opinion scariest one is the christian swastika just makes me feel uncomfortable.

The swastika as a symbol of good luck was ]very]() ]popular]() in the US in particular, prior to the Nazi appropriation of it.

If you go on Google maps and look around Japan or other areas with Buddhism the symbol for a temple is a swastika.

Iirc it's a religion that's 5.000 years old And the explanation in the pic is correct as it's not a nazi swastikas that is mirrored to a normal, religious, swastikas.

Like a 1930's version of the 'Stussy' sign.

And flip it horizontally.

No, just add a head and some feet. Make it look like a dancing man.

Just put a circle around it and cross it out like -\\\_()_/.

It's going to be a maze.

No, that would make sense.

Should just add a skull and an eagle to represent the Tibetan Sky Burials and the impermanence of life, just to make sure.

Turn it into the windows logo.

There were also ways to remove tattoos before laser magic.

Finland air force used it until 2020.

I did a nose exhale.

Serious question, why does literally every post about nazis have a did nazi that coming so highly upvoted in the comments? Ive been on reddit for years and still cant believe that theres that many people who havent heard that joke already a million times.

His friends started gaslighting him after that tattoo.

Anne Frankly nor did anyone else.

Would jew?

Plot twist, Jerrys father was Jewish.

Jerry was at Pearl.

Yes, because he was 50 years away from inventing laser tattoo removal. :D.

Back in my teens I had this reformed nazi friend (much older than me) who had his changed into a window.

Its a Swastica Yea I know so just told you what it means.

Do you know what year WWII started..?

The Maltese Cross is a bit different from the Templar cross, they're not similar. In meaning or shape. The iron cross is derivative of the tuetonic cross though.

In one of my digital art classes I made a Roman helmet with an "Aquila" Eagle decoration on it and my teacher was like "why's it got a Nazi eagle on it?" Nazis got a rep for sharp looking uniforms and symbols but they were basically just edgelords who stole cool shit from history and now everyone associates those cool things with Nazis. Makes me sad.

The shape isn't called "Iron Cross" and it was not made up by the Nazis or primarely used by them. You can see it on memorials for French soldiers fallen during WW1 & WW2, for example.

Scarification is the new tattoo, donchaknow.

Some people are just natural jumpers.

A place free from darkness.

This is why I Reddit.

Good luck explaining that to most people.

No, it wasn't. ]Buddhist swastikas can be seen both in the same orientation as the Nazi one, and the opposite.]() ]Here is another example from Japan.]().

Windows 32.

Is this /s.

Ah, a fellow Demetri Martin fan in the wild!

I dont think this sailor knew much about German internal politics.

]The 45th infantry division of the US Army had a swastika as its symbol](). They ditched it in 1933. It's reasonable to assume that your average rank and file sailor in 1932 probably didn't understand its meaning half a world away.

That's just an artist's portrayal of the path the big dipper takes over the course of a year, that doesn't mean there's a swastika in the sky.


The same way they do now but they had to insert the needle by hand . Different cultures had various tools and techniques to aid in the tattooing, however it took far longer and was much more painful than the modern tattoo gun.

They're talking about the Hindu and buddhist swastika, not the majin, you dolt.

Hindu has both left and right facing. This is the left handed one. It is far more popular. A quick Google maps of any Buddhist or hindu country's like say Japan and you'll see them all over.

And you would be wrong.

This is common misconception. Swastikas in Buddhism can face in either direction.

You think the average person in 1942 really cares.

]The Nazis regularly used it straight as well.]() Plus, Hindus and Buddhists use it facing in either direction. More significantly, by the time of WWII, precisely no one would've seen that guy's tattoo and thought, 'Oh yeah, *that's* not a Nazi symbol because it's facing in the wrong direction.'.