Walnut Whip Marina Moreno Wonderful Picture

Tuesday 23rd of March 2021

Walnut Whip: Marina Moreno Took This Wonderful Picture of The New W Hotel in Edinburgh as The Sun Was Setting Your Pictures of Scotland Send us More of Your Great Shots to Scotlandpicturesbbc.co.uk.

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Walnut Whip: Marina Moreno took this wonderful picture of the new W Hotel in Edinburgh as the sun was setting Your pictures of Scotland Send us more of your great shots to scotlandpicturesbbc.co.uk.

What You Really Think


You missed the bit about why the FM claimed the sun was not setting or that the SNP tried to block the sunset. C'mon now, Tim (Tory) Davie will be displeased with you. You know what your job is...


Stop calling it that.

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