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Monday 14th of September 2020

Commander With His Men: Yeah! That's DG CRPF With The CoBRA Warriors During His 3 Days Chattisgarh Visit.

Not that Chinese propaganda needs debunking, but the Indian Army remains deployed at far higher altitudes than any other force on earth. Here's saluting India's snow warriors in Ladakh & their families across India this very tense season.

Major game releases still to come: - Sept 18: Mario All Stars - Oct 2: Crash and SW: Squadrons - Oct 29: Watch Dogs - Nov 10: Assassins, D2: Beyond Light - Nov 13: Call of Duty - Nov 19: Cyberpunk - Nov 20: Hyrule Warriors Anything Im missing? (Hopefully PS5 game news on Wed).

Patrick McCaws Championship streak is over. 2017: Warriors 2018: Warriors 2019: Raptors 2020: Defeated by Celtics.
When can we expect the social justice warriors of the NBA & NFL to suspend games & speak out on the attempted murder of 2 L.A. police officers & BLM thugs blocking the hospital chanting We hope they die! When do the protests begin across the country?

For all the badass warriors~.
[?]nulbDeras Trusted Warriors[?]nulb Gigiscik Vzladream DigitalQSoldier Gal_NYCA NJean57 Kev4Trump AR152A wahlumpai744 WayneNation8.
Who cares?? I stopped watching these ungrateful and unpatriotic social justice warriors three years ago Dont miss it at all!
Out of those two, Toronto is the one he could go to and not take crazy heat. Going to the warriors with curry, thompson, AND wiggins?!
Im so excited for the new hyrule warriors game so have some zelink.
Rockets barely beat the warriors when they didnt have iggy even with chris paul ur talking about a hypothetical where both teams were fully healthy, when both teams were fully healthy in 2018 the Warriors were winning 2-1 those were the facts lol.

Sorry g, we aint Larry Legend. Medicine is better and we actually hire niggas for manual labour. Also, we (Golden state warriors) coming for the three peat cuz.
OH NO! Pray Warriors pray! wow.
OH NO! Pray Warriors pray! MASSIVE building collapse in Seattle, WashingtonHUGE EMS response.
The LA County Sheriff's Office is offering a 100K Reward for any information leading to the arrest of the Miscreant who ambushed and tried to assassinate two deputies last night. If you have any information, please message them .LASDHQ Our Continued Prayers for these Warriors.

Thankyou so much. That really means a lot. I know that there is light on the other side. Its sad how many of us have a story like this but Hopefully one day rape culture ends for the world. We are all warriors and can overcome anything.

In case you forgot: while Netflix is fighting tooth and nail to defend their right to stream a kiddie soft porn movie, they banned "Gone With The Wind" because it offended a bunch of social justice warriors.

Good morning warriors Om namah shivay! Focus on our goal fighting among each other and stay united till the end.. fight with more energy today against the evil and cruel people(Bollywood)..Har Har Mahadev!Have faith in Bholenath.

Even warriors put their spears down on Sundays.
Calling all my 6000 prayer warriors... This is from a Twitter friend: My wife has a 4th brain tumor and is in critical condition in hospital. Please pass on to prayer warriors. Her name is Holli. Please pray.

Clippers about to pull a Golden State Warriors.
I didn't even notice that one of the Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity screenshots confirmed shield surfing.
Hyrule warriors: age of calamity is coming.
The NFL's promotion and funding of Marxist BLM was the final straw for me. I enjoyed the NFL when they were exclusively gridiron warriors, but now I see them primarily as disgustingly hypocritical social justice warriors. And now the helmets - how can anyone defend this?

Attention Warriors! Registration opens tomorrow! Just a reminder that 2020-21 PMHA Registration opens Monday, September 14, 2020, and closes September 26, 2020.
The Digibyte weekend warriors Based on activity, engagement, and following, the top 1-day influencers include: lennyshots michelle_dgbat BlazzordDGB DgbDigiByte_CA Hodlit youngcryptowolf TCyberpunk digi_sc $dgb.

THIS WEEK: PRAGER. CAROLLA. RUBIN. SHAPIRO. We are so excited to partner with these free speech warriors for the largest free speech event of the year!
Super excited for Hyrule Warriors!!
I agreee. You have Lakers Clippers Rockets Warriors Nuggets Jazz TrailBlazers Hornets Thunder Phoenix Unless Ja and JJJ make a Luka Doncic type leap, we in the lottery bro..Just being real.
Inspired by kyoshi warriors :-).
Draymond on defense: Elite.
Again, I didn't say I didn't like BOTW, I loved BOTW I didn't like Hyrule Warriors.
3/3 "They know Engelland and Fleury as the reason their teacher is passionate about hockey- they are honorable warriors. Go Knights Go".
Yeah its not an additional pick but Houston can't risk a down year like say the Warriors this year. Essentially they can't really afford to blow it up bcuz Okc controls their future through 2026 cuz of that trade. Its part of the reason why Rockets fans are so mad.

Support warriors.
LeBron James llego a la NBA en el draft 2003. Clasificaciones a finales de conferencia desde playoffs 2004: 1nulb1nulb LeBron 7nulb Spurs, Heat 6nulb Celtics, Cavaliers 5nulb Lakers, Pistons, Warriors 4nulb Thunder 3nulb Suns, Pacers 2nulb Mavs, Rockets, Magic, Raptors.

Prayer warriors please unite for this young man and his family.
Hyrule Warriors Soundtrack is actually like so amazing, really hope they can follow up well in Age of Calamity.
Trademark? Them mfers hasnt won shit outside of Kawhi but you and your colleagues hyped them up as if they were the fucking Steph/KD warriors or the big 3 Heat. They getting exposed right now.
Tara Ross: ON THIS DAY IN 1782, a 16-year-old girl makes a daring dash for gunpowder. Betty Zane made her run even as a group of British soldiers and Indian warriors tried to shoot at her! Because of her heroism, the defenders of Fort Henry were able to..(THREAD).

Patriot Warriors!! SAVETHECHILDREN AnnieGetHerGun TrumpinTater PatriotCatArmy1 PatriotTrue2U SteelhorseQ OGKBEAR.
Fuck this shit im playing.
Breath of the Wild Prequel?! Yes please! We talk about Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity's reveal trailer! Ft.
Do The Warriors Have The Best Ball Movement?
Patriot Warriors!! SAVETHECHILDREN AnnieGetHerGun Ricphyl RPatz257 DannyLew1011 PrettyKitties2_ MarieAimee12.
You literally did not say that to me lol but okay Im not event a rocket fan bro Im from LA. But James has only been in the position to win the chip once him 7 vs warriors and the whole team sucked ass not just harden & cp3 was hurt. He can be the 1 he needs a real team.

The Lakers fans upset with this quote are using the same absurd whataboutisms of Warriors fans who responded to 2018 WCF officiating criticisms with some variation of lolz 0-27!
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Introducing HyruleWarriors: Age of Calamity, a new story set 100 years before The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Battle as legendary warriors and experience the emotional events of the Great Calamity first-hand. Launching 11/20. Pre-order now.

Congratulations to the Oakland Raiders!
[?]nulbDeras Light Warriors[?]nulb jennacathill jojophotog JPCunningham10 jssacramento JWantmore2 Kilawhale58 laststandofusa CarlBotha2.
Now we have to try to get the goat KlayThompson to follow us.
The usopen men's final has had it all. Two young warriors who will be forces for the future. Great match!
God I remember all those years ago that hating squirrelflight was pretty much a requirement in warriors, including leafpool and dovewing.
I'm done with my part for my own Needletail MAP! I hope you like it !
I think you got it..sometimes those tough situations make us into better warriors and patriots..besides when the going gets to much for us to bear ...we know God's love carries us thru the storm..
Patriot Warriors!! SAVETHECHILDREN AnnieGetHerGun ChickenBalls201 GarysBlues RupertPumkin2 MarineVet1979 SM4USA.
He's obsessed with winning (first trying to mimic the Warriors and now losing to a different style) and is really loud about it. It's pretty clear why he's regularly cloned.
Hyrule Warriors and chill! Come hangout homies.
The Meme has ascended.
Biafra flag will be flying at UAE as Emmanuel Onyedikachi a Biafra faces Imamshafi Aliev at UAE fighting championship warriors on 25th September 2020. Please wish him best of luck to come out victorious and raised Biafra flag to the world.

I would have said so too until I contemplated giving in to the word-warriors and exploring the advantages of being a "climate denier".
This is how the warriors of Gaia are born.
I.e warriors.
When George Floyd was murdered, no one - not a single person - celebrated. This is depravity. How can anyone be gleeful that someone was shot, especially when the victims are police officers. This is sick.

Lol you act like 2 of warriors rings aint lucky, the year chris paul was hurt and the year kyrie was hurt was two lucky years for the warriors.
If biggie wanted to evict 3 people, Dora would have left. So, first position no be beans. Congrats to superions. You guys are loyal warriors!
Got milk ?
I dont know if I was born for it but I definitely worked my butt off to get to this point. Ummm, and... I guess you could say I was born for it.".
Greatest footballer to ever don the Warriors jersey. Peter Nsukuzonke Flying Elephant Ndlovu. Angfuni kuphikiswa.
Since Tessa dropped her Warriors championship. this could be a sign she has signed with AEW or WWE. (heard a rumor of her meeting with WWE).
All jokes apart - I think Im going to cry ... I started this parody account cuz all SSRIANs deserve to laugh I know Sushant is looking down and worried for everyones health n all warriors are under so much stress. I am fighting thru a different path, but goal is same!

What You Really Think

Salute to all brave crpf personnel jai hind.

Jai hind.

SSC GD crpfindia .

Just to show that ips also do field visits why this visits increased after high court orders.

Jai Hind.

Jai hind!!!! Killer froce .bravo bravo.

Sir gate kav khulega crof campus ka lucknow.

Jay hind jay hind ki sena jay bharat mata.

Playing captain.

Nothing personal to this commander, but a commander who was never a part of the force ,rather parachuted from IPS cadre. A commander with no know-how of jungle warfare.Why can't there be commanders from the own cadre of central forces?? Are they less equals or IPS more qualified?

We are very proud of you, Sir. Jai hind.

What kind of commander, who violates Govt prescribed SOP for Covid virus for a photoshoot, ignoring the safety of his fellow men. Shame on him.

Yeh jo sir center me baithe h inko koi corona ka dr nhi h kya no mask.

Good Evening, To Our Real Heroes.



Leaders are supposed to be exemplary. Picture says otherwise.

Where's the mask?