Thursday 21st of October 2021

Watched Alien: Covenant Yesterday.

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"wow, this cat laid class="u-nolinkc" href="">a chocolate egg, let me eat it.".
That shit was so dumb. Fucking annoyingly stupid movies.
class="u-nolinkc" href="">I always think of this when they use some sensor and class="u-nolinkc" href="">go "Oh yeah there's oxygen, let's all remove our helmets and breath in the class="u-nolinkc" href="">alien air, class="u-nolinkc" href="">I am sure there are no dangerous pathogens or poisonous substances in the air!". Goes both ways too, there would be just as big of class="u-nolinkc" href="">a risk that our microbes and biological molecules are dangerous and can infect the local ecosystem.

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It's cool pee is sterile.

Or **smoke weed** and get ripped *while stuck in some ancient alien ruins*... Oh, and these were supposedly some of the best scientists from Earth, assembled by some trillionaire corporate overlord to for one of the most important events of humanity as a species.

When I watched it I used to think the exact same. Like "How could people walk around in potentially hazardous environments without protection, and in those environments do some pretty stupid stuff!" Then the pandemic happened. Now, I feel like I owe the writers of that film a sincere apology. In hindsight, they were right on the money.

Can confirm: this guys sense of humor is congruent with every science teacher Ive ever had.

Yo Mista White.

I mean in chemistry you usually boil things in one of those glass tubes above a blue flamey boi so if you dont wiggle it the water could shoot out and actually burn something. But if you mix common kitchen salt with tap water and the teach hands out gloves and everything its like alright, I aint going to the beach more thats hella dangerous.

How many bad jokes do you get from people once you say that you're a chemistry teacher.

Dear chemistry teacher. I learned a lot without realizing it might be important one day even though I didn't pay attention at the time. Decades later I was teaching the same thing in a tech school (temperature and pressure relations) and it all came back. Just saying some kids are worth the effort =).

Having worked with concentrated sulphuric acid as a hobby for some experiments i get why protection is a must,but most stuff is harmless,idk why so much tam tam if you have gloves and goggles on?

Oh damn, I thought you might be somebody in my department for a second then! We have the same picture!

One of my favourite memories of a Chemistry class was watching all of my classmates super carefully work with test tubes of an aqueous sodium chloride solution because they were scared that it would hurt if they got it on themselves.

Watching this negligent crew stumble from one entirely preventable disaster to the next just made my blood boil and I haven't watched it again. Edit: I thought this thread was specifically about Prometheus, but I guess it works generally, too.

As an alien fan it made me angry how badly this movie is written... Xenobiologist tries to pet an obviously aggressive alien, cartographer gets lost in the caves he mapped a few minutes earlier, not sure what the person writing the scripts was smoking...

Is it in the first 10 minutes that they fly their spaceship into storm, that they could easily have just waited to pass? You know, wait out in space for the storm to pass? Because it's really dangerous to fly into a storm? And you are not in a hurry to investigate a distress signal that could be hundreds of years old for all that you know? I think I lasted all of 20 minutes before this movie was just too dumb...

It's made worse because quarantine procedure is a major plot point in Alien and ley only gets over ruled in just leaving the guy to die because of active "sabotage".


Can we turn this into a 'shit on Covenant' thread? Because I've been putting a lot of thought into the Alien universe lately and I AM NOT HAPPY!

The film crew, he means.

To be fair, the scan of the planet stated it was habitable, and safe.

Oh, this alien plant has weird spores coming out, must sniff..

Oh God that was annoying. Not long before that he freaked out because of a dead alien... It was all over the place.

Something tells me you know Fluffy.

I considered buying one for my teenage kids' rooms.

As someone who has worked alongside real scientists in a lab, the amount of mouth-pipetting level bullshit that was going on is honestly astounding. Even for concentrated sulfuric nothing more than safety glasses and a nearby sink was really in demand. HCl is stinky af so that would be done in a fume hood at least.

Tell me about it, I never go to the bathroom out of gear.

78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen... masks off fellas! Why are we here on a trillion dollar expedition to a planet with totally undiscovered alien life if we can't stop and smell the roses... that have teeth...

On a related note (bad SFX). In the hobbit films I believe each film has the Wilhelm scream at least twice, sometimes more. Unless done as a proper meta gag (not just an in joke) I think more than once in a movie isn't a homage it's just shit. And repeating that shit multiple times in the same series... I guess they figured it was ok during release because they were being viewed with large gaps, but as I say, each individual movie goes over the line in their own right.

Didnt 2 people slip and fall in the space of a minute? Bad film.

Hahahaha! Do you have more of these? :).


Now it makes sense, they're anti-vaxxers.

*sniff* seems fine to me.

Don't they have instruments to check the atmosphere? Don't get me wrong, they should always be suited up as precaution if it was real.

Hes the best in that.

"Mom, I'm smarter than the teacher!".

Eh the first one ripely is the only voice of reason. Shes constantly trying to do the right thing and is over ridden nearly every time.

"here alien snakey pspspsps" what a dumbass.

At least it made sense in Alien since >!Ash was deliberately trying to infect somebody and bring the Xeno on board for the company!<.

In the fisrt one ley tries to follow containment protocol and is only overuled by sabotage from the higher ups in the company through >!the robot medic.!<.

The Prometheus school of running away from things.

No it doesn't.

Probably! Exploding bubbles full of hydrogen gas is a common chemistry demo.

Woah! Weirdly similar experience. My high school science teacher dissolved some zinc in hydrochloride acid in a tube, and put a balloon over the tube and it filled with gas as the zinc dissolved. Then he tied off the balloon and threw it up in the air, then lit it with a candle taped to a broom. Kaboom! And the inside of the balloon was wet, which he explained by using Chen equations on the board. Im sure someone can explain how it all transpired chemically. I was 13.

1979 Alien can be pretty scary. 1984 Aliens is more tense than scary. Watch these two and forget the rest.

Not too scary but suspenseful, gory and unsettling. I find Prometheus and Covenant very disturbing, but not scary.

But who made the alien folk?

You mean when he did the fingering?

Seriously though, he made the movie watchable.

That doesnt mean you dont need a suit. Do you want Space Ebola? Because thats how you get Space Ebola.

You dont need astronaut training to realise there could be toxic pathogens in air or on plants and animals in an unknown alien planet. They just need basic common sense and a helmet. > And they thought people were living there already. People live on earth too, that doesnt mean Ill touch and sniff plants in the middle of Amazon rain forest without knowing what theyre.

> Colonists. No astronaut training. Not Colonists. The group responsible for the mission's safety - the ship's crew, security, researchers and an android all-purpose specialist.

Yeah, that always bothers me cause in TNG they get outbreaks on the ship and everything! Granted they do say there is a biofilter that clears _most_ stuff out but still I would feel safer with a hazmat suit or at least some armor.

If you didn't, find Prometheus WORKPRINT EDITION. It features a deleted content and a few tweaks that make the movie actually bearable. For example, this scene: Just a simple tool added makes a whole world of difference from logical point of view.

Not sure if you're missing an /s here, but just in case, neither Transporters or force fields have been established in the Xenomorph universe. They have artificial gravity and FTL travel but that's it.

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