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Friday 10th of July 2020

So its 3A And Im Down The Wayfair Sex Trafficking Rabbit Hole. Something Doesnt Sit Right.

I make no claim to the validity of this, but please look at this conspiracy about Wayfair and child trafficking. All items were removed very quickly after posted. You can still see them cached on Google.

10/ Mugs on Wayfair (just a few!).
Im having a conspiracy breakdown over Wayfair.
Honey ..i just searched these and those two are the SKU numbers i found on two items from wayfair myself from the WFX collection. you willingly chose to be blinded by the media.
This is absolute insanity. A cabinet that is being sold on Wayfair for $12,899.99 has the same name - Yaritza as a 17 year old girl who went missing from Columbus Ohio. This is not the only one either. There are many other cabinets with girls names in their description.

Ok am i bugging tf out this morning or is Wayfair on some WHOLE OTHER these photos with the missing kids and the weird "coincidences" man they dont add up. Wtf is going on!?!?! I gotta be seeing things. 2020 please just CHHHIILLLLL fam holy shit!!! Its only JULY.

So its 3A and Im down the Wayfair sex trafficking rabbit hole. Something doesnt sit right.
I'm a reporter. I have been investigating things for more than 30yrs. If you are REALLY concerned about child trafficking, call your senators and ask what is being done to reunite families with kids separated at the border by DHS. THAT is the scandal. Not Wayfair.

The political issue about the Wayfair walkout was the employees did not want to be providing furniture for camps for child detainees under the control of the federal government, which is continuing to traffick people in large numbers.

I remember ordering a shelf off wayfair and like shook at their selection, but a lot of it for real looked the fucking same and I just bought the cheapest one. This shit freaks me out bro.
Like we must be really fucking bored as a nation if we're about expose Wayfair for child trafficking? I'm sorry what?
I just went down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole of wayfair and i just i dont trust a fucking thing in this world.
Its been 12 minutes since I saw that absolutely unreal Wayfair tweet and my heart is still pounding in my chest. Pray for sex trafficking victims. I think Im literally gonna be sick.
Karen's mad at us.
This Wayfair human trafficking thing is fucking WILD and I believe every bit of it.
WAYFAIR literally deleted the cabinets that were up for more than 10k to hide their sex trafficking scandal!! The internet busted a front line tracking operation right in front of our eyes.
Customer service is no longer part of their business model. Same with providing home goods.
Don't bother they are a Qanon conspiracy theory idiot just block them. If the person has wwg1wga or great awakening they are the same block them as well.
That's makes no sense, THIS is what out of stock looks like on Wayfair. Why would they put a fake price when they could easily just gray it out?
This Wayfair child trafficking has me in a DEEP black hole.
SRC USA Sku codes on WayFair Hanx Good catch Anon.
THREAD Conspiracy theorists of Twitter forced me to spend 2hrs of my life I will never get back investigating their latest invented narrative they found on Reddit and dragged through the swamp to Twitter: That Wayfair is trafficking children through WFX Utility cabinets. 1/.

Bathroom Upgrades at Wayfair: Up to 65% off free shipping w/ $35 .
WTF! Wayfair fucking explain this. And you already removed them off your website?
This is just implacably ridiculous. No one is delivering huge boxes of live children to you from China. (97% of Wayfair products come from China.) Find better hobbies, folks. If you are worried about child trafficking, the Trump admin has been doing it at the border since 2017.

I do not know why wayfair is selling expensive filing cabinets but Im not sure the answer is the filing cabinets are filled with $9,000 child sex slaves.
Except those AREN'T the prices. And anyone who actually went to Wayfair would see that. It's an invented Reddit story.
OMG. Saw images on Yandex that matched a SKU. DISGUSTING. But I don't see the expensive cabinets on wayfair right now. Looks like they know they were busted.
What the fuck is going on Wayfair is this real? Will you be cooperating with law enforcement to capture the criminals involved? What steps are you taking to stop this? Are you working with law enforcement to help recover these victims?

Me trying to explain the wayfair conspiracy theory to my parents at 6:30 am.
Here. Here's a better one as it shows the URL and my browser. If this is fake, it's Wayfair faking it on their end.
For the record, I dont believe Wayfair is involved in any sort of child sex trafficking. Those pushing this insane conspiracy theory seriously need to get better hobbies ]and possibly a psych eval].

Why r yall trafficking children fr.
It's false though. Wayfair isn't selling any such thing. I not only investigated the whole bizarre thing, I talked to them. My thread about it is on my TL.
"Wayfair" is currently trending at 8 on Twitter in the United States as people take to accuse the e-commerce company of engaging in sex trafficking.
Dude are you guys on this wayfair shit yet?
Wayfair sells a lot of products with Ghislaine in the name.
So the latest conspiracy is that Wayfair is selling trafficked children in armoires off its website. You all never bought anything from Wayfair, did you? Everything arrives in 500 pieces with directions in Chinese to build it yourself. You'd have to build the kid, too.

The Russian Bot Farm working hard to push a conspiracy about Wayfair because the Pizzagate thing was also SO TOTALLY believable! Distraction 45s a.
Been gave me creep vibes. Idk what it is.
If you search bungalow rose a bunch of shower curtains and pillows show up priced at $9,999. Wayfair is fucking trafficking children what the FUCK.
This Wayfair sex trafficking thing is bonkers. But I will cry no tears if the company making millions outfitting border detention centers and baby prisons goes down in a Pizzagate ball of flames.
WTF!!??! You cant tell me this isnt child sextrafficking in plain site... selling the same $500 cabinets over and over and for $15,000 ?!! With little girl names on it?? This is sex trafficking in 2020?!!? EXPLAIN!!

Haha dont buy from wayfair DONT BUT FROM WAYFAIR.
People are suspecting that they're selling people in these large boxes/storage cabinets on Wayfair. They all are the same product but have different names, all female names. And they are all priced $10-15k more than the cabinet sold elsewhere.

Has what you need apparently.
Wayfair sold bedroom furniture for a detention center for children in Texas.
Ugh that wayfair child trafficking tweet has me so mad. its a great example of how conspiracies can spread by people taking innocuous things out of context.
This is disgusting, Wayfair needs to be exposed $w $wayfair.

What You Really Think

Wow, you people really need to get a grip and get a life!

This is no coincidence horrific!!! Any one taking note ?

Wayfair is just another drop shipping site, like Amazon. The difference is that Amazon sells EVERYTHING and Wayfair is more home decor. That said, the seller WFX Utility should be investigated.

Who pays that much for a storage cabinet??


And Now I Will Sick For The Rest Of My Life. Horrendous.

Oh my goodness what in the heck is going on???

There are no products listed like that on the Wayfair site. You've made them up or have been duped.

Another twitter detective. Just what the world needs.


How does a company sign this type of contract. Do they ever physically meet up with the traffickers?

Check this out!!!

The Yandex- SRC - hanks insta connection is also v shady.

Go to bed.

Its insane how orchestrated human sex trafficking is, this particular incident is really crazy how they have the audacity to name their products after the victims with their location, very Bold, Sadistic, and Evil.

Definitely onto something there, great catch.


It's pillows too.

Benign explanations (1/2): Prices are inflated so that people will not buy the item. Company is out of stock, but doesn't want to remove the listing, so they leave it, raise the price so no one will actually try to buy it. This could be for inventory/teaching purposes.

I know this is going to sounds crazy! But yesterday I asked for a message from the Bible and I got (moab is destroyed; her little ones have cause a cry) Please understand I'm not religious but something has gotten into me lately. I had no idea what this meant. Maybe this!!!!

Hmmm. Would be a helluva coincidence. Several of them.

I cant find any of these items on their site now.

If these names were like Sarah or Mary it would still raise questions, but not as many because theyre very common names. The fact that these EXTREMELY unique names are the same as young women that have gone missing during the past month is beyond troubling.

Aww fuck i started digging, will make some posts soon EVERYONE DIGGING SHOULD ARCHIVE LINKS BEFORE YOU POST PICS tip, sort by price for weird looking vendors.

Its hard to believe they would use the victims real names this is weird.

Like what ???? O.o.

That must be how they quietly transfer money without raising eyebrows. I doubt they put kids in boxes and ship them off Probably hand-to-hand, in person.

Come on you don't actually believe this shit.

Why does their logo look like a pedo symbol, the heart inside another heart.

What in the actual fuck? Someone fill me in, are we running up in the HQ and taking names or naw? We gotta find those kids man.

Its 5:45Am and now I am too.

Everyone has got too much time on their hands lol.

We all know realDonaldTrump traffics all missing children using a fleet of 1986 Astro vans with a special tape deck that opens the secret compartment when a Specific Van Halen cassette is inserted. Thanks for shedding light on this last week.

Yooo where is PHARAOH_ATEN_ !?! Look at this shit brother!!

Oh ffs, don't be a nutter! In one of my businesses I use female names for many of my products and art pieces. MANY people do, the world over. Damn, get a hobby! The worst thing about Wayfair is that their algorithms can't tell that a toaster or a bread box are not bread machines.

What am I looking here?

I fr emailed the police departments in these states idc find these girls!

I dont understand whats happening.