Thursday 1st of April 2021

: The Even Weirder Backstory Behind The Bizarre Matt Gaetz Sex Trafficking investigation Story.

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: The even weirder backstory behind the bizarre Matt Gaetz sex trafficking investigation story.
Our neighbors in Seminole County made the maddow show regarding the corrupt Republican tax collector, Joel Greenburg, who was in kahoots with Matt Gaetz and Roger Stone. SemDems have been working to expose this corruption for years.

Matt Gaetz is getting plenty of attention on Twitter, but I haven't seen much chatter about Matt's buddy, Joel Greenberg. The investigation into Gaetz starts with Greenberg. Listen to.
The Even Weirder Backstory Behind Bizarre Gaetz Sex Trafficking Investig... YouTube The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder It's not looking good for Matt Gaetz, and his social media history is coming back to bite him. Stupid Emma Vigeland discuss this.

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Asked the FBI investigate $25 million Blackmail by IRAINIANS for prisoner release. Tera Reade claimed sexual penetration and assault and dems say pedo joe is innocent despite her teared filled confession and many family and friend told the week she was attacked.

Thinking Back: Roger Stone & Roger Ailes. Two men who laughed while they poisoned America with their lies to get who they wanted in office for their own sick reasons.

A trio of criminals. They travel in packs.

Roger Stone is seen everywhere..the guy gets around.

You know we're only one or two days away from a link to Epstein on this...

Guys who look like this have a 200% chance of stealing your daughter.

It would be even weirder if you reported on the corruption of the Democratic Party.

Now do Andrew Gillum.

Joel Greenberg is now facing 33 felony counts. The only thing that could help him now is to throw all the others under the bus, and I'm betting he will.

When the Hastert Grads open up another closet.

What about hunter and Biden and the Clinton's and pence? And the rest of the child traffickers who own msnbc?

Mark my words: the reason Roger Stone got a photo-realistic image of Nixon tattooed between his shoulder blades is because he knew he would live his final years in prison and he wanted anyone - ahem - *behind him* to have to look at that face.

Please resign now gaetz.


Tell me youre a creeper without actually telling me youre a creeper.

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