Monday 27th of March 2023


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Thats really cool hes a real person lol. Awesome.
OMG i love that he carries a bible for "fact checking" their cherry picking!!!
Imagine studying the Bible just so you can shred the arguments of zealots more correctly, what a guy.

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That's wonderful.

Oh HELL yeah. Brings a Bible with him to prove them wrong? I would absolutely *pay* money to see that!

Ooh! A real Bible reader! How wonderful! Reminds me of the time some old men told me that the Bible never showed women leading so they cant be leaders. I kindly pointed them to Deborah, the woman judge, and Esther, the queen who LITERALLY had a chapter named after her. Suffice to say, their minds were blown.

This guy is super based.

He sounds magical. We need him.

I wish I could ask what cult but idk if thats too location-specific. Im glad hes fighting for us! Vnulbnulb.

> Also has a bible he carries around to disprove all their points. Great reminder that there have always been radical liberal Christians that opposed the conservatives Christians of the day. From John Brown to Martin Luther King to this guy, these men and women are HATED by the Bible thumpers bc they dont buy into the hellfire and brimstone.

I know exactly where and what you're talking about. Hello neighbor. This man has become iconic at least to me.

Pocket bible to deal with religious bullshit. Nice!

My old scoutmaster is currently in prison. Guess what for.


>were Were or weren't?

Arent we all.

Dont forget cops, theyre the 2nd biggest threat to children after family and friends!

Maybe but scouts still are very anti LGBT AND don't they still pray n shit?

You know it haha.

I do too.

I stand corrected, it is Carrollton. Love to see it!