Thursday 6th of May 2021

Which Wellington Best Sums up Your MondayMood? Ready to Waddle into The Week! Is it Lunchtime Yet? I'll Stay in my Nest, Thanks.

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People always surprised when tell them secret perfect beef Wellington several decades experience professional kitchens where beef Wellington menu. Gordon Ramsay.
Zealand shies away from labelling China's treatment Uyghur Muslim minority genocide, once again leaving Wellington step with more forthright Western allies.
What Shadows spinoff series, Wellington Paranormal, will premiere July releases following day.
Chinese Embassy Wellington provided expected response Parliamentary motion severe human rights abuses against Uyghur: "Using Xinjiang-related issue pressure China will nowhere harm mutual trust between China NZ.".

Timm Rautert (German, 1941), York (Wellington Hotel), 1969 From series York.
ZEALAND WEATHER FORECAST: THURSDAY, newzealand wellington palmerstonnorth napier auckland christchurch.
Every bird just went crazy Wellington read this.
Stefansons comments make painfully clear that patronizing disregard expert advice caucus-wide problem cant solved merely removing prince Wellington Cres from leadership.

Thu, Wiens Auction/Realty Internet Auction Wellington,
ready cancelled Wellington mob.
Arnie sharpest tool story relates French ship's mascot, supposedly only survivor, time Napoleonic Wars, battle decisively Duke Wellington. like current leaving many ways. also myth.

Gary Bunts blue tractor. Goodness sound like reading children, paintings have that effect wheels Wellington boots loves that tractor. isnt happy.

good outside Wellington Auckland.
Damn Wellington, you never cease to amaze me.
great initiative Predator Free Wellington chewcardtuesday. Hundreds chew cards sent Wellingtonians help them identify presence predators their backyards.
What Shadows Spinoff Gets July Release
Yes! please Rory. little Wellington cared, when Boney's human remains were repatriated France that gawdy tomb made pilgrimage).
Good point. Wellington public sector supported this masse. Expect they will continue
guru Wellington quotes...
Softball game Wellington today. first pitch. Track here Columbia Oberlin. 430pm start time.
Tiffin offered Wellington Marcus Stewart Stewart enjoyed strong career with Wellington, topping among better players Division over last seasons.
Time spent with newborn hippo barely height wellington boot never wasted.
course great spirits. having another dinner (todays choice beef Wellington with choices sides, mixed baked potato either Caesar house salad cream warm bread pudding dessert) along with besties.

Morena Wellington looking create meet with others have bipolar support someone with bipolar May. interested please details. Lets reduce isolation experience getting together cuppa cake. Retweet please!

7:58am Vogeltown Wellington Station cancelled.
Imagine being down many times, dream about your getting pregnant friend wake thinking "Well thats one" without even being surprised hurt.
surprised, this same clown openly defended racist owner prick Wellington Diner.
Napoleon never Wellington, they stay same house Helena, years apart. This image Wellington visiting Madame Tussauds. hearing Napoleon death said "Now greatest general alive" (he already was) made little fuss.

Let's run it back.
showing N.Z. they dont support Kiwis frontline workers .they support 10,000 extra bureaucrats Wellington Labour need their jobs themLabour support highly paid consultants prepared roll their sleeves actually work.

first time, Catholic schools Guelph Wellington County will flying Pride flag next month.

Green Tip: your green collection every week, even isnt full. That way, smelly food waste never sitting your more than week. Remember, both organics recycling collected every week! Visit more tips.

Napoleon part Macron tells France after over anniversary France Guardian "Napoleon part Macron tells France after over anniversary France Guardian" CHURCHILL 'NELSON WELLINGTON US!!

Hello! Ora! Hope doing great. from Poneke/Wellington, Aotearoa/New Zealand.
It's worth pondering whether Napoleon Wellington greater impact 19th cent. Whereas Napoleon died 1821, rival lived more years, representing Britain Congress Vienna, twice serving Prime Minister dominating British Army's development.

Have signed tonight's Men's Mental Health Panel? CMHA staff Wellington Constable Cameron Chafe will GetReal about they feel take questions. Watch Zoom Facebook.
years today, Napoleon died Helena Residence Paris, have bust Napoleon entrance hall alongside Duke Wellington, who, British Ambassador 1814, bought house from Napoleons favourite sister, Pauline Borghese...

TeamGriz wins game one! FCGrizBaseball busts lumber earns 17-7 7-inning over Mount Joseph opener. Wellington, Lipscomb, Sullivan Young drive least runs each Krae Sparks picks second year starter.

You are so pretty, so pretty. You should smile more. You would be prettier if you smiled more.
ChipsandDinks bobbt2417 Stunning food beautiful people VNewHusbands favourite Beef Wellington- canapes were divine, delicious, right down gravy
DARE private business hold users Terms Service agreements users agree when setting accounts! Russia?
Being born stable does make horse. Arthur Wellesley, Duke Wellington.
will disappointed. really favorite little restaurants ever. food superlative, service always best. heart when they close their Wellington location.

Feel like I've been transported back years, History Channel showing actual history documentary. Something Wellington Napoleon... aliens, gold mining, Hitler's kinks. Unprecedented.

Not related to the tweet BUT! If you can do everything better, how good is your Beef Wellington?
settled nearby Wellington Road with husband Edgar. Following war, with extension franchise, Minnie elected Labour Council Poplar became Alderman. council provided minimum wage council workers maternity services.

As construction season begins, access to Dundas Place set to change starting Thursday.
Taika Waititi's 'What We Do in the Shadows' Spin-Off, 'Wellington Paranormal' Is Coming to America.
This poor take. Being part compulsory profession body, this case NZNO, does mean *most* Labour voters. Wife orthopedic specialist Wellington nurses there other areas have quiet disdain Labour. It's more than just what goes work.

Convening the 3rd & final webinar on How to make your workplace safe and healthy. The aim is to ensure accidents are minimized at the workplace for GreenenterPRIZE SMEs.
Government hadnt employed another 10,000 Wellington bureaucrats, there might money Frontline Police Officers facing increasing firearm gang violence.
Such wonderful evening celebrating with Wellington writing illustration peeps. HenryFanshaw would proud. adelespencil think proud support book MyNameIsHenryFanshaw thanks BatemanBooks AFMuseumNZ and.

Thanks for reinforcing small business through the grant.
7:59am Kingston Wellington station cancelled.
very insightful conversation with young African entrepreneurs engaging green economy Zimbabwe! Bravo Belinda and.
Meet-up people Wellington area have bipolar supporting someone with bipolar.
Behind micro small businesses, there lives livelihoods that must secured.
Personably seems like bold move freezing people Wellington when government overseeing massive housing cost increases region/country.
Supa Dupa Supa Kool Birthday James Shaw jamespeshaw Minister Climate Change, Associate Minister Environment (Biodiversity), NZGreens Co-leader. Authorised James Shaw, Parliament Buildings, WGN Wellington.

Here again! Northern Explorer train, about from Auckland National Park (then days Wellington). Beautiful
Wellington Catholic Board (Guelph environs) unanimously voted Pride flag.
Just Panic student building catches fire Wellington University, State.
benefits walking cycling, especially positive health effects reduction carbon emissions, outweighed costs ONE. Study. were losing money investing walking biking infrastructure. Via.

know biased because absolutely idolise Wellington (note avatar), need things named after Wellington.
Well, used have Wellington Barracks Dublin below. there's Wellington Road well Street...
wonderful night quirky cool 'The Keep' houghtonbaynz special treat.
So o wellington.
owner Wellington Diner also been atrocious this regard.
Amazing trying student loan save Wellington house deposit anything that low.
Tiffin Mens Basketball offered Wellington Guard Marcus Stewart today.
Good morning Wellington!
Beef wellington.

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Stay in my nest! Hiding from an insane world.

Yes to all.

Give me option number one.

Hi Wellington!!! I wish I were ready to waddle into the week, but think I pulled a muscle in my back. Glad to be able to work from my nest today.

Hey Wellington! Have a great week !

I'll stay in my nest, thanks.

Ill stay in my nest, thanks.

Is it lunchtime yet? Eating mine as I type this reply.

2 and 3! Bad weather outside.

No. 3. Ive had my fill of humans today.

I'll stay in my nest... :-)).

Stay in my nest!

Staying in my nest.

Ready to waddle into the week! Four to go, and the school year is over! Then onto Summer School for four weeks.


Staying in my nest since the weather is bad today.

Between lunch and nesting 24/7.

My work weekend is tues/wed, so I'll take the nest ty.

Today it's option 1 yesterday was option 3 it rained all day -.

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