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Sunday 22nd of November 2020

Naache jo Dilli, Hile New Zealand! New Zealand Police Officers Celebrate Diwali at The Wellington Police Academy Dancing to Its_Badshah, Fazilpuria And AmaalMallik's KarGayiChull. .

I remember the joyous surprise of hearing the early recordings in the Wellington NZ concert hall, conducted by Howard Shore. Looking forward!
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Scott Brown and his wife fly around New Zealand on a private jet so that he doesn't have to quarantine, and taxpayers get to foot the bill. Hard to imagine a dumber use of money.
Why would NZStuff publish shit like this, guess they missed the memo be kind...
I might also add that the writings of true risk-taking heroes (Caesar, Napoleon, Wellington, Nelson) would have been fairly described as quite sober, to-the-point, etc. We leave it to the poets and the pretenders to stoke the flames of heroic fire.

Wellington naoooooooo.
1/2 Lots of 'cook at home' boxes about, but NorthcoteUK's 'Classic Gourmet' is an, uhm, *classic*. Superb gravlax, spiked with pickled cucumber; a supreme beef Wellington, as burnished and glossy as the Cheshire set's finest, served with the 'carrotiest carrots you'll ever eat'.

Its a windy Sunday and Im at the park.
Wellington e Cittamorto kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.
Wellington naaaao.
06:00 ----$--- Wellington ---$---- OPEN.
Here in Ontario masks are mandatory and they can specifically trace a large outbreak in North Wellington to religious gatherings. Masks help but getting large groups together indoors for any purpose is going to cause problems.

I love Wellington. Have lived here for 25 years. But if the council spends one more of my tax payer dollars on public sculptures and vanity projects, and not on infrastructure, I'm moving back to the SI.

"But...but...the WOAP burgers!".
This is a weird article. Wellington is in a bad state but the writer is opposed to every thing that could make it better: -Building more houses -A small rates rise to fund stuff - cycleways ways and light rail.

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In Wellington 9:00 PM it's 9.1. The Humidity is 89 pct. The average wind is 8.9 SW.
Again, Ive seen better on Wellington Street.
Wellington is an uninspiring dump of a small town pretending they're a city.
Happy birthday Jeffrey Odoi-Wellington. Youre already great. Love you always.
Sunday morning looking pretty good...
Honestly with COVID proving that WfH is ble for about 69% of the public service, the moment that the Government properly regionalizes the public service will deal the death blow to Wellington.
It can feel like Wellington is a bit legend in its own lunchtime.
Ive seen better of Wellington Street than that...
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For years and decades hence, people will speaking in hushed, reverent tones about this avancenz column. If this doesn't wake up Wellington's elites, nothing will. Wellington, I'm sorry to say it, but your good days are over.

REG. SEASON RECORDS Dwyer: 4-0 Jupiter: 4-0 Pahokee: 2-2 Seminole Ridge: 1-1 Boca Raton: 3-1 Boynton Beach: 3-1 John I. Leonard: 0-1 Lake Worth: 0-1 Olympic Heights: 1-2 Royal Palm Beach: 1-3 Santaluces: 1-2 Spanish River: 0-4 Suncoast: 2-2 Wellington: 2-2 West Boca Raton: 0-3.

Sad. DUNEDINs development of Princes Street is a model that WELLINGTON is copying to a tee. Hasnt changed in 20 years and is a disgrace.
Follow me now, and I will follow in not more than 1 minute. If not, unfollow me asap.
Within the space of a fortnight six people in Auckland and Wellington have become infected. Here's what we know about the country's newest cluster.
E die???? IFB SHARPLY.
I need a laugh .Stephen Fry as the Duke of Wellington ...BRILLIANT.
Whilst what you have written is hurtful to a lifelong Wellingtonian, its the truth. When I look at the old photos of Wellington, on the whole, it has not changed a lot. Cheers.
And no matter what , they will ALWAYS get scored down for their beef Wellington its a shame really.
Can confirm Wellington strikes me as a city on tarnished laurels.
Just something to get Twitter mad xxx.
Beef wellington Vnulba Come Dine With Me participants favourite main.
The Duke of Wellington and John Quincy Adams as elderly men. The daguerreotypes exist, but alas not in colour!
I love living in Wellington. So there.
Wellington has huge problems now but it is like everything else. The revenue source is not able to meet the needs. Not helped by years of deferred maintenance as it is not a vote catching activity.
Hey realDonaldTrump this is what a healthy democracy looks like! Shapeshifter Wellington NewZealand live music.
Right-o. Pile on. Wellington, I'm sorry to say it, but your good days are over.
Featuring perfect choreography, bright smiles, and two Bollywood hits, this video of officers from Wellingtons Police Academy is going viral.
It drank, to my uneducated palate, like a wine in its prime. Oak, smoke and plum, perfect balanced, loved it with the Wellington.
And as everyone is pointing out today, Wellington is already well down the path of sucking. It needs tons of central dense housing, walkability and public transport as default And quietly it pushes problems to the Hutt, (which is sorta coping), the Wairarapa, and even Dunedin.

Well well well Wellington!
Um, it's between springs...even the most passionate Wellingtonians hate Wellington right now.
Wellington, I'm sorry to say it, but your good days are over.
A wry smile of agreement here, I can still see the shock on my mothers husbands face when he arrived from England For the first time full of hope for a Wellington summer. He simply couldnt believe how awful windy and cold it was.

]sts] Identified: We have identified a faulty optic in the WN Featherston Street Exchange in Wellington, this is affecting some services handed over in region. Engineers have reset the device in question, however this has not resolve.

temkins louise_p_king GynaecologyUS BortolettoMD Wellington Martins MD/PhD, ISUOG member, one of the editors of UOG and with good experience on endometriosis - DM me if you want his email and further details.

Are you trying to talk down the Wellington housing market? Cause really I don't think it's going to work. Most people are just going to see "another butt hurt Aucklander" and walk away.
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Hopefully the Wellington pile-on leads to the capital moving back to Kororareka.
Hit me up in Wellington and asked to bring another poly top with him to share and breed my hole.
Has become such a popular festival in NewZealand! Watch this video of nzpolice officers celebrating Diwali at Wellington Police Academy. UserGeneratedContent (geeta_mohan) More Videos.
New Zealand police officers celebrating Diwali at Wellington Police Academy. Lovely!!
I was on Wellington b/t Racine and Lincoln, maybe 300 hundred yards away just ran an errand on Lincoln a bit north of there, it's changed a lot!
The way people blame stroppy left-wing women for blocking Andy Foster's plans for Wellington, you'd be forgiven for thinking Andy Foster actually has plans for Wellington. Let's break the habit of a lifetime & not let the mediocre, overpromoted white guy off the hook.

Some mates and I sarcastically call Wellington the craptial shitty. This piece by avancenz explains why.
He makes $160,000 a year. With 3% KiwiSaver he is going to take home $2,108.85 a week after taxes. On Trademe property right now there are 110 places for rent between $450-$550 a week in Wellington. That leaves him $1500 a week to live on!! Any questions RMarchNZ ??

I would like all these "Wellington has jumped the shark" stories to make the house prices go down please.
It's all over for Wellington!
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If Wellington wasn't the government centre for NZ it'd be a quaint little port town. I really enjoy visiting Wellington, but could never imagine how I could enjoy living there.
I share concerns about where our city is at. What I dont share is the belief that we cant fix our housing, transport and CBD issues. Cynicism might be edgy but optimism leads to change. Pollyanna out.
The brunch scene is dead - cafes are replaced by tiny espresso places; brunch is replaced by fried chicken burgers. In central Wellington now, you can get an overpriced, watery bottomless brunch, or go to a tiny overpriced brunch place Brunch-decay is a sign of overall decay.

Takeout Diaries: Where Aburi Hana chef Ryusake Nakagawa gets to-go garlic coco bread, Beef.
The vision thing.
Tbh MPs should be put in public housing instead of given a hefty allowance which enables the wealthier MPs pathway to being property investors. I get we need a base in Wellington to do our work but we should be stakeholders of quality public housing, not private capital.

Pied cormorant (Phalacrocorax varius) swimming next to the Wellington Point Jetty this morning. The bird is displaying breeding colours.
The incredible, previously untold story of one of New Zealand sports pioneers...from the netball courts of Wellington to the Central Otago goldfields...a story of immigrant labour, poverty, marginalisation, and a young woman finding herself through sport.

As the Duke of Wellington repeatedly said: "Who?". . . "Who?". . . "Who?" The Iron Duke went hopelessly deaf in his later years, and when someone was saying the names of those who filled out a new cabinet for a new govt, that's what he said, which entered into political lore.

You get a dishonorable mention :(.
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What a strange, angry rant! Wellington could totally be better ... but why declare its time to pull to plug now? Most of her grievances chain stores, ugly developments, traffic could be levelled at all of NZs cities (bucket fountain aside!).

Wellington is what it always has been, a quite self-consciously quirky little town that thinks it's much more endearing than it is - the only thing that's changed is (just like Auckland and "close to beaches!") people start wondering if that's worth a million bucks to live in.

Tbh, I think there are grains of truth in the article, but you could write a similar article about any NZ city/town by picking out the negative nuggets. Why pick on Wellington - wind ruin your hair?? (not gendered, Id say that to anyone)...

Need to watch for possible coastal inundation for parts of the Wellington south coast near midday Sunday. Peak (offshore) wave height of 4-5 m and peak wave period of 14-15 sec are both forecast to coincide near and shortly after high tide (11:30 am - 12 noon).

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Wow this is soo cool VnulbVnulb.


Waaao So Coool VV.

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I'm so proud to be Kiwi.V.

Insane!! V.


Wow This Is Really Cool.


While it is pleasing to know that they are celebrating diwali, they should have atleast asked someone how is deepawali celebrated. We will do cristmas havan next time.


Tag SidMalhotra also Ye Sidharth Malhotra ka Jalwa hai New Zealand me he is brand ambassador of NZ Tourism.

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