Tuesday 16th of February 2021

After 100 Days Without Scoring in The Premier League, Timo Werner Gets His Goal ]?].

After 100 days without scoring in the Premier League, Timo Werner gets his goal [?].
Tapped in from the corner by Werner, who now has a goal and an assist. VAR did briefly look at it, but no offside and nothing will take the goal off this man.
Timo Werner hasn't scored a Premier League goal since 7th November?
Wallahi it took Martial 10 games to get a shot on target this season? He also has less goals than Werner. Shush.
Giroud scores on his 100th substitute appearance in the Premier League Werner scores his first PL goal in 100 days.
HALF-TIME Chelsea 2-0 Newcastle Timo Werner is back in the goals! His strike means Chelsea have a comfortable lead at the break after Olivier Giroud opened the scoring.
Mateo Kovacic completed all four of his take-ons in the first half against Newcastle. Timo Werner was the only other Chelsea player to complete at least one.
Timo Werner has now been directly involved in 10 Premier League goals this season. E 5 goals E 5 assists ] Squawka].
Timo Werner has now been directly involved in 10 Premier League goals this season. E 5 goals E 5 assists Relieved to be on the scoresheet once more.
Timo Werner after he got slapped in the face.
TIMO WERNER HAS SCORED A GOAL! Well deserved, he has been absolutely class over the past few games and certainly deserves a goal to show for his efforts.
God of Aubameyang please come through for Timothy Olanrewaju Akanbi Werner aka Wene mighty.
A lot of strange things are happening today. Just today my grandma grew back all her lost tooth and Timo Werner has also scored a Goal in the PL.
They made Werner bleed. Dem dead.
1,000 minutes, 100 days, 1 goal for Werner and Chelsea fans be like "let your apology be as loud as your disrespect".
Timo Werner tasted blood, came back onto the pitch and immediately got an assist & ended his goal drought. The killer instinct is BACK.
They actually treat werner like a special needs kid.
Werner has been involved in our last 5 goals.
Timo Werner!!! Tears in my eyes.
Give the assist to Werner you fucking cowards.
Timo Werner scores his first Premier League goal in 100 days.
Timo Werners relief after he scored that goal, Im so so happy for him man, we never gave up on him.
Timo Werner after going a 1000 PL minutes without scoring and scoring a tap in against Newcastle.
1st 1/2 thoughts - Collectively - Werner worth his goal (finally!) - Solid control of the game - Organised reasonably well at the back - Need to improve final decision making Let's see this out and consider player rotation for upcoming games Up the s.

If one Werner starts scoring consistency and Mount wears his shooting boots in every game, we can be a dangerous team.
Super happy for Werner.
This game and the Barnsley game show how important Jovacic, Mount and Werner are to our team.
Chelsea's last 5 Premier League goals: 2-0 vs Newcastle United: Werner goal 1-0 vs Newcastle United: Werner's deflected cross converted by Giroud 2-1 vs Sheffield United: Penalty won by Werner 1-0 vs Sheffield United: Werner assist 1-0 vs Tottenham: Penalty won by Werner.

The last time Werner scored in the league , United went on a 3 month unbeaten run in the league.
The last time Timo Werner scored goal Diego Maradona was alive lmaoo just imagine the stress hes passed through to score this goal. Timoooo striker dabodaabo.
Timo Werner will reopen his goal scoring account with brace against Newcastle tomorrow. He will score one goal in either half of the game. And by the way, Chelsea will beat Newcastle United by 3 unreplied goals.

Timo Werner gets his goal A brilliant first half display from the German striker sees him double the Blues' lead Watch on Sky Sports PL Follow CHENEW here: Download the SkySports app!
Timo Werner has scored 10 goals this season... He also has 9 assists and also won 7 penalties.
Werner is still trash.
Newcastle are so bad that Chelsea can afford to play Kepa in goal and Timo Werner has scored an actual goal against them.
Great first half! Werner scored.
Skill is Timo Werner continuing to get all of those chances to score, bad luck is being the team he finally converts one against.
Chelsea fans when Timo Werner scored today.
Not one word at Half Time about Girouds handball as the ball comes across ***nulb before making its way to Werner. Zero discussion and analysis.
Only if we knew what timo werner needs all this time is a taste blood ***nulb.
Someone tell Martin Tyler that Werner wont shag him.
Werner & Mount & Kovacic.
That's funny its always like that for mount eh when mounts try to shoot you guys say selfish but when werner miss a sitter you say try again.
Timo werner. That's the tweet.
No way timo Werner has the same amount of goals today (1) that Aaron wan bissaka has kids he doesn't want(1).
The smile on Timo Werners face after VAR confirmed his goal. Up Chelsea!
Chelsea dressing room after the game now that Timo Werner has finally scored.
Werner actually scored.
For myself, again no goal but its good to see I can help the team with other things in the moment and yeah I keep going. Timo Werner after having a hand in both goals against Sheffield. Next PL game, goal. His mentality sets him apart, the definition of persistence.

Chelsea fans, hope you are happy with Timo werner's goal and Tuchel ball?
You see the hype u are giving him right now mean while he's the average player on the field right now mtcheeew Put werner, Kovacic, Odoi Azpi and Jorginho there.
This pple wanted VAR to overturn Werner goal by all means.
So a 30 year old Ronaldo with 10 years of experience is a worse finisher than Timo Werner who was 19-20 just proving himself in the league and playing for average teams as a winger. If you bring this argument it makes Werners performances even better and Ronaldos worse.

Timo Werner tasted blood and went full beast mode.
Really good first half from the lads. Werner's goal drought is finally over and we currently sit 4th in the Premier League as it stands. Come on Chelsea.
Im happy for Werner.
If Werner scores tonight, Im going to uppercut my Nan.
Can't really blame Krafth though Chris. If he goes out wide to the ball the other of Alonso or Werner can underlap. Desperately needs support and the midfield should be offering that when defensive but they're not. Gayle (on his arse more than his feet) and Lewis both poor too.

Werner! Go The Blues.
How many people felt relief when Werner scored that ball?
Make I just troll Werner small.
Timo Werner has been directly involved in all 5 of our last goals in the PL. He's awakening.
Werner when he got hit in the face.
GOAL Chelsea 2-0 Newcastle (39 mins) Timo Werner makes it two! Mason Mount's corner eventually falls to the striker at the back post who scrambles the ball over the line.

What You Really Think

See you again in 100 days.

Berdarah-darah demi gol.

Bruno Is Clear.

Class is permanent.

Just make him angry.

Haha still shocking.

What a shame , am happy tho, his scoring drought wasn't funny anymore.

Him for miss am sef.

Am so happy for timo Werner for today.

Man has the audacity to celebrate after that.

My man tasted blood, came back onto the pitch and immediately got an assist & ended his goal drought.

Still a flop.

A 6 year old can do a better tap in than Werner.

Tears in my eyes.

Lol German talent extraordinaire.

100 days dkm.

Tap in.

100 days without scoring. omoooo!! x1000.

Best striker in the league yk.

Hopefully now hes got some of his confidence back in front of goal, I really hope he starts banging them in game after game now.

Also 1000 mins.


Timo Werner Chelsea contribution 10goals 9assist 7penalties won not bad for a flop in his first season in EPL.

And one day you will fucking post about his 100th goal for Chelsea very near future.


Tava gastando os gols td nA granissima.

Even in his worst season hes doing better than most of your teams attackers.

Enough is enough. Ive been a diehard Barca fan my entire life but what happened tonight made me sick. Our FINISHED and FRAUDULENT system fraud, PIONEL PESSI was carried by the refs. Sadly, this nickelodeon win doesnt count in my book, hopefully well win a real game next time.

Someone knocked on my door today. I was sleeping but luckily my daughter ran up and opened the door. She couldnt see anyone ... she looked far away and she saw the midget pessi running away with my 5 champions league trophies how could he !!!?? Law enforcement has been called.

Still a fraud signing no cap.

He was looking at the ball and praying for it to go in!

C O Y B.

Why Messi isn't a real footballer: 1) Threatens to leave his club to get huge contracts 2)Ghosts in big games and chokes when it matters 3) Bottled 4/4 international finals 4)Mickey mouse Ballon d'ors and golden boots Messi isn't a footballer in my book.

Even this goal was almost.

Now you guys can stop blabbing about his clean sheets.

Resmi jadi Winger ni ye.

We don't care we're coming for blood.

My son came back from school and said his favorite book how to win a real Balon D'or was missing! We called the police and they caught Cristiano Penaldo running away with it! What a disgrace. Not top 500 players in my book! - honest Ronaldo fan.

The league ain't ready.

This is why Pessi is finished.

Juventus paid 100 million for Ronaldo so they can 7 points behind first place bottle UCL two years in a row win 0 MVP player of the season win 0 top scorer paying him 400K a week have the worst free kick ratio in history destroy Dybala career.

A brief look at Cristiano penaldo career ]club] -SPOING CP:glorified bench warmer -MANCHESTER UNITED: overhyped knuckleball merchant -REAL MADRID: certified tapins and penalties specialistD -JUVENTUS: verified bottler A completely disastrous Career in my book.

Its like watching Torres's first goal back in the day.



Finished just like his club.

But I think this timo werner you have been given by RBLeipzig_EN is not the one we know,fail to score even 10 goals in 20 match.

Penaldo couldn't show up against napoli.

Still finished in my book.

Still better than Ghostnaldo.

Still better then the midget fraud.

Rivals fans.

Bloody-mouthed Bandit.

Fuvk pff i know you'd come tweet this.

Pessi bottling a KO match yet again he's truly finished.