Tuesday 1st of March 2022

Late Goals From Piroe And Christie Gave The Swans a Deserved Win at West Brom as Russell Martins Side Picked up Three Points on Their Travels For The First Time Since November. Match Report.

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Steve Bruces record West Brom after first five games. Played: 5 Won: 0 Lost: 4 Goals for: 1 Goals against: 8 League position when took over: 6th League position now: 13th.
Late goals from Piroe Christie gave Swans deserved West Brom Russell Martins side picked three points their travels first time since November. Match report.
FULL-TIME! West Brom Swansea City Swansea away from home first time since November, whilst Steve Bruce's wait first West Brom goes
West Brom Swansea City Matchday vlog YouTube!
West Brom going from 13th since bringing Steve Bruce most hilarious decisions seen.
Steve Bruce accuses players failing meet expectations West Brom.
shit have been last years, watching Pogba Sanchez combining ruin their title celebration just week (when lost 20th West Brom hand them), always puts smile face.

anyone told West Brom that restrictions have been lifted now?
Another night office JosephMasi_Star explains frustrations NathanJudah Steve Bruce's look destined another season Championship WATCH.
Calleri Batman Steve Bruce FIFA West Brom.
West Broms season.
once West Brom score goal.
crap. other practicing West Brom. Both should dropped.
Yeah fuck that West Brom have fully lost now.
More news west brom fans...their possession just peaked tonight..
Feeling emotional too, dont have child, just support West Brom.
superb Swansea City player ratings signing puts display striker such threat West Brom.
fear West Brom fans, sure will take gloves soon things way.
Video reaction follow here's Steve Bruce tonight's game. Boss wasn't happy with performance from basically first minute. admits longshot...
Putin threatening unleash nuclear attack today admitted that late reverse rapidly accelerating effects climate change. tweeting about West Brom University Challenge?!

Swansea 19/4 Away West Brom.. like buying money...
Seeing West Brom doing badly makes happy.
disrespect West Brom there something very satisfying watching Steve Bruce prove those pundits backed managerial skills that completely utterly shite.
FT: West Brom Swansea.
Steve Bruce taken just 1/15 points West Brom manager. Just making that fact known because mainstream sports media will just ignore failures completely.
After today's game, confirm will West Brom fan. They very good football. Thanks
he's there next season putting money going down. disrespect West Brom he's useless.
Steve Bruce lost ANOTHER game Championship charge West Brom. Remind again Newcastle fans were vilified wanting sacked?
said this before halftime, game there. Somehow West Brom promotion fighters just team stopping them going laughable. same when player QPR, every chance they well worked were always just lucky apparently.

Honestly thought Steve Bruce would quite well with West Brom good Championship manager squad some good quality division problem with this group their attitude theyve thrown managers under this season.

'I've have done more than them!' Angry West Brom fan...
stop putting biased commentators Swans games always same. commentator said this times least. games over West Brom above them they ones promotion fight nowhere near it?

seen last couple West Brom games cause they always seems Christ they mess.
Irish international Christie target leave Steve Bruce still looking first West Brom football_ie).
West Brom should went with mark Hughes over Steve Bruce.
West Brom rattled that much.
Bruce "Everybody tells what good squad players we've paper we're seeing pitch. "You expect West Brom this division, mid-table, players have handle that pressure expectation.".

More misery Steve Bruce West Brom beaten home Swansea.
owner West brom gives freebies sports team.
Steve Bruce same record West Brom Chris Hughtons start this season Forest. Absolutely terrible.
Genuinely feel very sorry West Brom fans. Dont worry will dust yourselves down. judge three years when taken gloves done when hell moan about hysteria only because managed Villa.

West Brom need sack before gets them relegated.
GOAL! West Brom Swansea City Joel Piroe gives side lead with just over minutes
truly remarkable spiral downwards from West Brom.
NEWS: More misery Steve Bruce West Brom beaten home Swansea Guardian).
West Brom going trouble when manager bounce under Steve Bruce comes end. Enjoy whilst can.
West Brom might have lost Chris Lepkowski having melt down been twitter made night hell better.
Free Plays (1U)[?] West Brom Over 1.5(-110) (2U) Capitals/Leafs Over 6(-120) (1U) Thunder/Kings Over 223.5(-110) More plays page DM join.
Russell Martin West Brom Press Conference.
know, depressing they keep getting managerial positions blocking opportunities young forward thinking coaches. genuinely feel sorry West Brom fans, they deserve much better. been Newcastle play there times, always have good time.

Hey, West Brom, good take Steve Bruce Andy Carroll hands. Now, wanna shipyard?
Andy Vermaut shares:Bruce still searching first West Brom after home loss Swansea: West Bromwich Albion's miserable continues Swansea City further Albion's fading promotion hopes with deserved Hawthorns. Thank you.

dont think counted Liverpool winning West Brom cup.
West Brom fans better used hearing word Difficult youll hear after most games with this absolute fraud.
laughing mate. Poor West Brom fans.
West Brom haven't game Championship since Steve Bruce took over their manager. Sheffield United Blackburn [?] Luton [?] Middlesbrough [?] Swansea They've dropped from 13th league table since appointment 03/02.

Super SWANS winning West Brom what great performance from boys. And JackArrmy singing Hymns Arias perfect C'mon Swans!
SkySports keep putting West Brom honestly they hanging watch.
What happening West Brom?? points from their last games. Only Peterborough have less points gained that time. Even have more. Mathematically relegated they going.
Great football mysteries. West Brom appoint Steve Bruce. Watford appoint Hodgson. Incredible lack football knowledge from owners directors those clubs.
West Brom basically where were just before relegated League Can't believe similar feels.
Imagine actually supporting West Brom.
could have scored more than goals actually chances. When Ntcham came never seen team like West Brom this knackered leaving many empty gaps score.
Have just games less than West Brom. team playing League other playing Premier League football last season. Championship just mad, absolutely mad.
West Brom pleased they hired Steve Bruce, otherwise they might have their... *checks notes*... point from fifteen.
Yep. West Brom's problems aren't managers.
West Brom rubbish.
Imagine team with West Broms attack Leicesters defence Would worst team history football.

What You Really Think

Love to see it.

Ryan Manning today.

Was that a wolf assist?

Well done Swansea. Christie celebrating like that is what you love to see.


Tell Christie to put the pen to paper.

Less go.