Wednesday 16th of December 2020

West Brom Boss Slaven Bilic Now Facing The Sack in The Coming Days. - talkSPO Sources Understand. Listen.

What are your MW13 predictions? Wolves 1/3 - 1/3 Chelsea Man City 1/3 - 1/3 West Brom Arsenal 1/3 - 1/3 Southampton Leeds 1/3 - 1/3 Newcastle Leicester 1/3 - 1/3 Everton Fulham 1/3 - 1/3 Brighton Liverpool 1/3 - 1/3 Spurs West Ham 1/3 - 1/3 Crystal Palace Aston Villa 1/3 - 1/3 Burnley Sheff Utd 1/3 - 1/3 Man Utd.

HALF-TIME Man City 1-1 West Brom West Brom's leveller late in the half means it's all square at the break.
West Brom boss Slaven Bilic now facing the sack in the coming days. - talkSPO sources understand. Listen.
West Brom boss Slaven Bilic relaxed over future after Man City draw.
Peps doing miracles. He needs backing. Hes only spent around PS1bn on a team that had recently won a title, you cant expect him to beat West Brom so easily. His hands are tied. Mansoor is tight. Splash that cash.

How many points did City drop at home to West Brom?? ...
Talksport reporting West Brom are sacking Slaven Bilic tomorrow despite them getting a point against Man City tonight. Allardyce leading the way to take over. Brutal.
We're talking about West Brom, son. Fucking clueless.
Sam Johnstone's saves in the 91st and 94th against Manchester City were H U G E West Brom's first point at the Etihad since 2005, and their goalkeeper was at the heart of it.
Man City had twenty-six shots against West Brom this evening. Only four were worth more than 0.10(xG).
Slaven Bilic set to be sacked by West Brom in the next 24 hours. Will be the 1st Premier League casualty of the season.
West Brom 3-3 Chelsea Man City 1-1 West Brom Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was criticised for winning 1-0 against the same side.
Dropping points to west brom, pfft Kappa.
If West Brom sack Bilic they will almost certainly be relegated and the owners would have themselves to blame. He is an excellent manager with a largely uninspiring squad at his disposal, but a squad which clearly believes in him.

Man City slip five points behind leaders Spurs after draw to lowly West Brom.
West Brom uno feels like a loss.
We drew to you but we beat west brom.
This is a video representation of 2020 Waytoobig Dubia Werner Chelsea West Brom Cardi B.
Slaven Bilic: West Brom boss could be sacked on Wednesday.
EPL HIGHLIGHTS: Manchester City 1 - 1 West Brom Cityzens were denied by the heroic Sam Johnstone as the Baggies hung on to claim a valuable point at the Etihad.
The results on Sunday and tonight have left me feeling more concerned now about this game. Would be just like us to gift Sheff Utd their first win. Then I think of our performance v West Brom this year as well. Im convincing myself we might not win.

Ape la city lwn west brom pon draw. mana de_bruynyet x assist pon.
Burnley & West Brom are going to hit form at just the wrong time arent they?
TIMES SPO Bilic facing the sack at West Brom.
Slaven Bilic is set to be sacked by West Brom in the next 24 hours despite getting a point at the Etihad tonight. (Source: Telegraph).
He needs more than 4min to beat West Brom at home ***nulb.
City draw West Brom, cant remember an EPL season being this wide open. City now at 20 points, Chelsea miss a golden opportunity to go to top of the table. Big match tomorrow Liverpool vs Tottenham 3pm.

If we sack Bilic and go and pick up a Mark Hughes, Nigel Pearson or Sam Allardyce, I will actually cry. The guy has not lost the dressing room, they are still fighting with a championship quality team in the Premier League. West Brom, do not let me down and many others.

Brah west brom dawg like luckily I didnt triple captain him and I was close cause cmon like this should be a game you capitalize on ***nulb.
The PL title race is never has been as open as it presently is,,.Chelsea lose again,beaten 2-1 by Wolves and Man City surprisingly held to a 1 all draw by relegations candidate West Brom.
Winning against West Brom aint for everyone.
Brilliant point for West Brom that.
Looks like West Brom wanting their owners gone dont blame them tbf.
For West Brom.
Oh ! Now realise ive used the wrong vowel SAFC i vowel not to make that mistake again MTFC had a bad result tonight against West Brom.
West Brom this season 3-0 up vs Chelsea in 27 mins only to draw 3-3 in 93rd Lost 1-0 to Spurs off a GK error on an 88th min Kane header drew 1-1 to Pep's City For media & pundits these results were 'understandable' but United dominating & beating them 1-0 was a crisis.

Wtf, West Brom bosses on a mad one.
Can West Brom fans protest a little quieter so I can win my bet please x.
Need to get there before west brom do fackin kronke ditherin.
Didn't Bruno create like 6 big chances against West Brom? KDB fix up.
Pep Guardiola: If Manchester City want to fight for the title we must beat teams like West Brom.
Do you reckon Arteta will get more time from the board when they look at how Chelsea have been performing recently? Arsenal won't face a team that unequivocally has a worse squad than them until West Brom in the new year.

Do away with your bonus points. It's a Fucking Joke and an embarrassment. How the Fuck did three Man City players get all and West Brom none. Pathetic.
'You have to win these games' - Guardiola frustrated as Man City held by West Brom.
Even west brom r acting like a big club ***nulb.
If West Brom beat City tonight I will give $500 to one person who Retweets THIS Tweet Follows Me I lost $200 to two people thanks to Arsenal losing to Burnley ***nulb.
Raheem Sterling (1.04) 0-1 (0.35) West Brom.
Anthony Pratt Giannis West Brom Adani The Last Jedi Sterling Chelsea Future Fund Myanmar.
Looking at what Hasenhuttl and Rodgers are doing at Southampton and Leicester respectively, on a much smaller budget, shows he is underachieving. They've dropped points in SEVEN of their opening twelve games including against teams such as West Brom and West Ham.

Honestly its best for all parties. West brom currently aren't suited for Slavin's style of play with the players they have. They need a park the bus merchant who can utilise their speed on the counter.

Man City 1-1 West Brom - Pep Guardiola - Post-Match Press Conference.
West Brom manager Slaven Bilic left facing the axe.
De Bruyne ghosting against West Brom. Were actually so clear.
A win against West Brom at home isn't for everyone...
2020 is crazy!!! Out of the December games I thought wed drop points at Southampton & Everton, but not against West Brom ***nulbffs!!!, before wed play Chelsea on Jan 3rd***nulb ** WE BETTER NOT GET KNOCKED BY ARSENAL **.

Does West Brom getting a draw at the Etihad tonight put our point against City at the weekend into perspective ? Then again though, we were pretty lucky to beat West Brom at OT the other week. Maybe West Brom are just better than theyre given credit for.

Criminal,absolutely nuts if west brom sack him, they looked really decent tonight.
Hes left the double pivot on. Against West Brom. At home in a miss win game. Im sorry, Peps taking the piss.
Reports surfacing that Slaven Bilic is set to be sacked by West Brom. Immediately after getting a point away from home against Man City. The game is gone. ***nulb.
Your defence concerned 3 against West Brom this season don't think you can talk fella. Maybe if Ye are lucky Roman might give fat frank another 200 million, hopefully for you he will actually buy decent players this time.

Bilic had potential to be one of the great managers in West Brom history, he risked his career trying to promote a championship team, then was screwed with a useless budget, and is now being blamed after a terrific performance, football is dead.

How many big chances did KDB created in the game against West Brom ? Gundo and Sterling failed to convert two perfect crosses from that lad.. Now shut the fuck up and go to bed.
Raheem Sterling at home to West Brom. Nice assist, but no goal! [?]nulb.
Torres needs to play and the double pivot doesnt work. More than enough quality to beat West Brom. Sterling, Bernardo, Foden, KDB, Aguero, Mahrez. Lots of talent. Its the system thats the problem, not the personnel.

Wait bilic is getting sacked why who do West Brom think is keeping that squad up.
Great result vs West Brom. Smashing goal from him too. Levels.
West Brom's starting eleven tonight cost PS12.40. Madness.
16.Brighton & HA 17.Fulham 18.Burnley 19.West Brom 20.Sheffield United.
You should beat West Brom by 5-6 goals mate.
Ben Mendy vs West Brom.
ONE-HOUR POLL: Forget who *should* get the West Brom job if Bilic goes. Who *will* get it?
Tbh he's the only reason west brom are relevant this szn.

What You Really Think


Rubbish and more rubbish from talk shite.

He just drew against Man City dfkm.

Sounds like it was planned before the game. Whatever the result, changes were planned. Bilic is trying to get the best out of this squad.

Shocking if that happens.

Just got a point away at city ***nulb.

I swear to god if they sack him.

Literally got a point away against city as well evil world.

Stupid! Where do they expect West Brom to be??

West Brom are metal hes doing as good a job as expected from a team coming up from the championship.

Wtf is this.

After he just drew with city? Is this a joke?

Why? Hes doing a great job!

1-1 with city and hes facing the sack.

Source: trust me bro.

Bull Fecking shit.

Talksport is finished. Used to be full of fun & love. The new station is encouraging any bandwagon available. Bowing to an idiot herd.

What a joke he gives his heart n soul to your club.

However, someone is paying for this hashtag to be...

Thanks for getting West Brom their first point at the Etihad since 2005. Only kidding! Youre sacked!!!!

Because he couldn't beat man city away? More click baiting surely?

What other manager will do any better with them players. It's a great point away to city and now they are going to sack bilic. Baffling.


Ridiculous!!! No spending, instead they sell the best players without the managers consent!!! Same old Baggies, happy to take the parachute payment and plod on!! Jokers!!

That bloke just got a point at the etihad with jake Livermore and charlie Austin in his team.

TalkShite at it again.

Idiotic they deserve to go down if this is true.


Didn't they sack Darren Moore when he was doing well? not that I'm saying WBA are doing well. Think it's a wind up.

Da fuq is going on with your club?

Bloody hell! He got a point against City tonight, and is now facing the sack??