Whakatane Mayoral Candidate Jacquelyn Elkington

Thursday 25th of August 2022

Whakatane Mayoral Candidate Jacquelyn Elkington Has Spread Misinformation Online About The Safety of Covid-19 Vaccinations, And Used Her Social Media Channels to Link it to Monkeypox.

Social Media Says

Whakatane mayoral candidate Jacquelyn Elkington spread misinformation online about safety Covid-19 vaccinations, used social media channels link monkeypox.
Mayoral candidate whakatane spreads misinformation social media page Jacquelyn Elkington Facebook page.

What You Really Think

Great reporting!

WHEN MSM CONTINUES with their BEAT-UP of Candidates before ANY ELECTION - REGIONAL OR OTHERWISE? I'd, personally - take them to COU .no-one HAS YET ..GO THERE!

Stuff's political bias at play...

They walk among us.

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