Friday 24th of September 2021


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Yeah. class="u-nolinkc" href="">Nintendo is all in with universal. They are opening up the parks and doing movies.
Well it has Illumination budget, which is like ... Not insubstantial, but you know, don't expect too much.
Fun fact, apparently class="u-nolinkc" href="">Nintendo has so much class="u-nolinkc" href="">money that they can run class="u-nolinkc" href="">a yearly deficit of like $250million for the next 20 years or something and still be fine.

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Hes the only reason Im going to see the movie.

Wildcard a-bitches!

Denny Devito as Mario would've been great! Joe Pesci, Sylvester Stallone, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Chazz Palmieri, in that order as alternative.

Lol really? Charlie Day is half of Pratt's height. You took away the only thing he had over Mario, he'll just be like lucky in the MCU.

A Nintendo Direct happened. He's not even the most surprising of the cast. Jack Black is Bowser.

Nintendo is making a Mario animated movie. And the cast list is... bizarre.

Don't ever leave reddit again, you hear me?!

There is your mistake, you left Reddit.

Worst part is that the Mario movie is being made by illumination so that sucks but I guess we'll have to wait and see what its like before I say it's bad or not.

Nintendo refused to be normal for the millionth time today.

Illumination still going by the numbers.

Jack Black should be Wario.

"what the hell happened here" that's Paul Rudd, so close enough.

Confused and at same time aroused ?

Oh shit Edit: No joke though, JRalphio legitimately did fantastic as sonic. Such a good voice acting job honestly.

Oh my god is that it? is this the reason? ***are they actually for real gearing up for the Mario and Sonic Olympic Games MOVIE?***.

Is this an out of season April's fool joke?

Dont you have a phone?

I typed your symptoms into the thing up here, and it says you could have 'network connectivity problems'.

It's anti Italian discrimination!

Most underrated casting choice.

Its actually the perfect cast choice. Cranky hype!!

Holy shit.

Love that guy.

Having a Brooklyn accent would be a nice middle ground imho.

I want it to just be Chris Pratts normal voice because that would be the dumbest shit.

Wouldnt mind seeing joe Pesci give it a go or maybe Federico Castelluccio(I love saying his name).

Hes 100% doing a ridiculous Italian accent. Pratt has a pretty good ear for accents and impressions. Which is good, but not nearly as good as hearing Charlie go nuts with it is going to be.

"It's a me, Star Lord!".

Its me, Andy Dwy-uh, I mean, Mario. AKA Johnny Karate, AKA Eagle 1, AKA Burt Maklin, FBI.

Damn you for making me go get a dictionary.

I bet you got a major fearection.

I honestly can't imagine a better casting choice. Bowser's boisterous, cocky, yet goofy demeanor is perfect for Jack Black.

Jack Black should have been Mario lol.


He should've been Wario.

My main quest is why the hell does Donkey Kong have a voice actor he doesn't talk! Expect in that one thing we don't talk about.

Charlie Day has a closer Mario voice. Not by a lot but he has the shrilly falsetto thing going on.

Jack Black as Bowser is lit ngl.

Seth Rogan as the voice of Pumbaa in The Lion King made that movie for me. So fucking good. I went from not caring at all for this movie, to caring a lot.

Danny Devito could play Mario without make-up or even getting into character.

Keegan as Toad is something I actually really want to hear.

Who do they cast for the man in green? The Green Man!

The rest of the cast could of been played by Steven Seagal and I would watch it for Charlie Day as Luigi.

Either it's terribly hilarious or hilariously terrible.

This is the only accurate take Ive seen so far. Everybody is picking sides and already deciding that its terrible or awesome. The best way to watch it is with zero expectations or while peaking on mushrooms. Either way Im into it.

He did a fantastic job in The LEGO movies. I don't know what sort of voice or accent he's going to do for Mario, but I'm sure it'll be a great performance.

He was voicing Detective Pikachu as opposed to Ash's Pikachu, you'd give him some leeway though I wish they went with Danny DeVito. Mario is unique and has been fairly established so its going to be weird to say the least. But conversely I don't know how offensive it would be if he played Mario with a heavy fake accent.

To be fair, a human was combined into a Pikachu. Besides that, Mario already has an iconic voice... so yeah, this will be interesting.

Are we finally found to find out what daisy came back to the Mario bros for?

^(I was entertained by the original one don't me).

Id assume hes probably voices WaLuigi and Wario.

Why must you say things like this to hurt me. Imagine Danny/Wario offering an egg in these trying times.

And Liam Neeson as Waluigi.

Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo? Cant get more A-list than that.

You mean amazing?

You're not being silly. It's messed up. Honestly kids don't give a shit who does the voice, look at the voice casts for Disney movies and tell me you knew any of those actors were in them as a kid. JTT was a superstar and I had no idea he was Simba, didn't care at all. Simba was Simba. So then who does care? Adults? They're either going already because they're taking their kids, or they really like Mario, in which case they'd be thrilled to have the OG voice actor do it. Chris Pratt got hired because they think that = money, because studios can only think in 2 dimensions.

Casting a black man as an ape? Twitter would have a field day with that one.

I dunno man, Seth Rogan as Donkey Kong seems kinda right to me.

THIS! I'm so fucking confused right now .

I think I need an explanation here.

Pratt's kids are 9 and 1 year old. Maybe he just wanted to do more family friendly movies.

The original voice actor for Mario is still alive though.

The question isn't why he would take the role it's why would they offer him the role.. so still a big why from me.

Martinet voices a lot Mario characters in the game, including Luigi. However, those are more *sounds* than actual voice acting. Making a whole movie talking like what Mario sounds like from the games might be too much. If he'd end up voicing Mario, people would want Luigi's voice to be his too and that might end up as too much work. So he's going to make small cameos instead.

I'm holding out hope for a DeVito as "Wario" tease post-credits.

He doesnt sound Italian. At all. Its weird.

He's also in the movie. My guess is Mario will be a "washed up hero past his prime" so he has a Chris Pratt voice for the movie, and a flashback to his younger days will have Martinet's happy wahoo voice as a cameo.

Because voicing short quips for a video game isn't the same skillset as voicing a film, can you imagine long lines of dialogue in the "its a me, mario!" voice? It would be awful.

Thats my number one concern, Mario is a low income Italian American plumber from Brooklyn and should be voiced by the same.

Its animated.

So yeah, let's uh,.. let's'a go!

The Mario movie coming out next year. And yes its miyamoto approved.

With this cast and the fact that they haven't showed us what Mario will look like yet... I doubt Mario is going to look like a typical Mario...