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class="u-nolinkc" href="https://worldnewsinpictures.com/I">I still want Labyrinth class="u-nolinkc" href="https://worldnewsinpictures.com/Warriors">Warriors as class="u-nolinkc" href="https://worldnewsinpictures.com/a">a more offen recurring mode.
Actually... Hiakkunin should be class="u-nolinkc" href="https://worldnewsinpictures.com/really">really another high end content. That randomly generated dungeon was class="u-nolinkc" href="https://worldnewsinpictures.com/really">really good. Another idea would be class="u-nolinkc" href="https://worldnewsinpictures.com/a">a "survival" dungeon which the enemies and environment would start to get hard and hard and only use 8 characters in class="u-nolinkc" href="https://worldnewsinpictures.com/a">a endless maze. The game ends when all the chars are defeated.

The real endgame content in Genshin.

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I'm right there with you *grabs popcorn*.

Thank you for posting the source.

That resin question. Jesus what a non-answer.

Wow... they're good at not answering some questions.

I didnt realize it reset I thought it was one and done, so I didnt do it until this year.

I used to be a casual player and a regular BP buyer; Abyss was an absolute chore for me, and trying to keep up with it definitely made me kind of anxious. It's one of those things where, as a "dolphin," not doing it made me feel like I was leaving primos on the table. But actually playing was unpleasant because it was a race against time to get 3 stars; especially since I wanted to just play with my favorite characters, rather than hyper-optimize my team.

I didn't start doing the Spiral Abyss until after the first anniversary, and I still haven't 36-starred it. I just do enough to get 12 stars for the Battlepass.

Probably not due to the content though, it's the fact that way less than 40% of players are actually endgame and/or strong enough to do spiral abyss. Reddit posters here are the loud minority. Most players of Genshin are probably pretty casual and do not have amazing teams that can probably even complete Spiral Abyss let alone 36 star it.

We just want GOOD endgame content. Abyss is not that.

That's true. I'm just straight-up not interested in doing Abyss at all. The pain and effort for doing it doesn't match with the rewards that I get (or realistically would be given). I can see how the game can be very daunting for newcomers when all they see is "best builds floor 12" and 15 terminology that they don't understand. I am a day 0 player who plays casually and I can't even keep up with the meta community most of the time. There is a certain level of alienation from the interactions of a small group of players are "good" at endgame amongst themselves. It's almost as if there is a "we are better than you all" club that turns some players away. This happens a lot more in other games, and MHY would probably like it to keep being that way. You can't just add more end-game to cater those people without having more of this elitist effect spilling out and making the game even less approachable. People will get FOMO for not doing the end-game stuff they really aren't that interested in. Being casual-friendly is one of Genshin's main perk. Of course, the word "anxiety" is terrible wording, but I see where they are coming from. Another reason for this would probably be to not make the game more pay-to-"win".

The score based combat events are often way easier than the abyss, but they're also a lot of fun, in their own little arcadey way.

Yeah I do think they could/should add some combat content that has very minor rewards and is endless specifically because there's no longer a desire to "complete" anything. It's just about going as far as you can, so every player can succeed just by getting a little better each patch. Honestly, if there's no primo gems involved any player who isn't super into the combat will just ignore it anyway soo.

An endless procedural dungeon would be amazing. I would seriously do it even if there's no rewards, just mindless fun killing random super strong mobs with my built characters to see how far I can go. The combat gameplay in Genshin is so fun when the enemies are actually dangerous, only having abyss 12 as endgame is such a waste.

That's literally all I want. Some kind of game mode that scales difficulty as you go but isn't on a 5 minute timer. Part of why I generally don't bother finishing the spiral every time is the number of times I'm rerunning the same 3 minutes of a fight to get the rewards. I mostly would love to have a mode I can use some of my less built characters and weird team combos instead of being hard locked into a select few because of the enemy choices (I'm looking at the flying hydro birds. Fuck those things).

We need the xinyan and childe event as a permanent thing.

The best thing related to this was the Childe/Xinyan event at 2.2 thats was very well made, could be coop reset every week?

We do not want that its been done in Tower of Fantasy It makes the game feel like a chore if youre trying to get rewards, plus there were leaderboards so you were being compared directly with people who spend more than you. Its toxic.

Especially when you design enemies to take a year to take down to put in the spiral abyss for example abyss herald/lector, spectors and snake robot.

Problem is it is near impossible to do so. The existence of healers and shielders means that without a timer there is no real danger in combat, which means we can clear anything that isn't timed. And if we do get a boss that outdamages our shielders and healers then we get an enormous spike in powercreep and people not being able to clear it due to dying in a single hit.

Yeah good luck designing hard boss when zhongli/kokomi is in the game.

Tbf abyss just reset like 3 days ago. Im waiting to clear mine this weekend bc then Ill have Cyno at 90 and can unga bunga with my shiny new toy. A few of my friends always wait until the last few days of a cycle to clear.

Depends on when are you checking.

To be fair, Abyss literally resets you to 8-3 every cycle and sometimes people are just too lazy or just don't feel like doing it everytime.

The majority of player probably don't bother with the Abyss, I always do my domains in Coop and the great majority of the players stay at 8-3, regardless of their AR (except AR60 who tend to go over 8-3 buit not necessarily 12-3). It's not even because of underperforming damage because most of the old players do very decent damage. It's actally quite rare to see someone who completes 12-3.

I hopped int o 10 peoples worlds a day before reset, each and everyone was 8-3.

I play every day and I'm constantly working on improving my characters. That said, I still cant beat floor 12 and I can't get all the stars on floor 11. The enemies on those floors just have too much life/def for my characters.

*coughs* you didnt just call me out like that.

U know the Abyss resets every 2 weeks.

I wait until the last two days before reset, to do Abyss. That's when I've gotten the most chances to improve my characters. >_>; Doing it before hand just means if you didn't 36*, you'll have to do more of it again, or miss out. -nulb.

I usually clear abyss fully at the last day before reset.

Like that one battle event where you get more points the harder you make the challenge would be perfect.

It would be so toxic.

Something that ain't time based.

Ill admit it. Only reason why I did Abyss was for free Xiangling then I didnt touch it again until last weekend for free Collei. Granted, Im not an endgame min-maxer, but Abyss doesnt appeal to me to begin with.

I mean, i am super casual and i'd still like another type of permanent endgame like abyss. no matter how casual you are *eventually* you're gonna get to a point where you want endgame content because there's nothing to do (and you're probably clearing abyss once for the primos and then waiting a couple weeks for the reset). also it's something optional like the abyss, it's not gonna ''alienate'' anyone because you can simply not do it. edit: guys, of course i know there are drawbacks to it, and i know that hoyoverse won't do it simply because they don't have a reason to, everything is ''fine'' the way it is already (from a business perspective). *damn i started a war...*.

Some of the larger spenders are actually pretty casual, they dont have enough time to grind freemos so they get genesis crystals, they havent been collecting enemy drops so they actually buy those from starglitter shop instead of fates, they dont have time for domains so they purchase the BP every month for talent mats, but they still care about the characters enough to want to c6 some or spend enough to get each new character.

Elysian Realm is such a good endgame mode on so many levels. 1. Multiple difficulties, ranging from absolutely braindead to very challenging. 2. Requires some amount of game knowledge to be good at it, rather than just knowing combosotations. 3. Shifts the meta, some of the most meta characters in ER are completely useless in the rest of the game. 4. Opens alternate playstyles for characters that would usually be just quickswap supports. 5. Large progression path and great story Getting a permanent mode in Genshin that ticks even just one or two of those boxes would already be a huge improvement.

I like Elysian Realm but it definitely starts to feel like a chore after a few months. I just end up clearing it with the same strategy every week (pick pardofelis, complete as many signets cores as I can, fight kalpas) so I can comfortably grab my 360 crystals, and then buy out the open world adventure task skip tickets. Its fun to try out new characters every now and then, but learning their rotations and what signets you should pick out for them and all that is just too tiring now. Ya skill (and sometimes investment) issue, but theres been too many times where I pick someone different or try to fight a different boss and then fail the DPS check :(.

And they can do it. We already had the labyrinth warriors event in 2.2, a year ago...

But at the end of the day it is also a dps check.

It's decent mode but lacks balancing since they don't really adjust characters afterwards so if they end up with bad personal signets (buffs) when they're added there's almost 0 chance of character becoming decent/good later on. Ofc those specific characters (SN, VG, RI you know who I'm referring to) might be launch mistakes since they haven't added terrible characters since then, yet it makes me somewhat critical towards mode that's not supposed to be competitive thus "new should be better than old" argument doesn't hold water.

That's why they should add extra content for players who might like it. It's not like they would get mad or something. After all they're chill and casual players :).

They could add another world level upgrade.

I think regions should progressively get harder, it only makes sense. Players are not going remain AR20 forever or newbies forever. No reason why Natlan mobs should be same as Mondstadt.

What about something untimed, a proper boss like from a normal RPG that you can spend time learning its mechanics and planning windows of dodging and slowly wearing it down... ... As opposed to the current state of the game, where you are encouraged to brute-force your way through encounters while a timer ticks away?

Do you remember the Labyrinth event from 2.2? The one where you traverse a series of connected rooms each with their own challenge tied to it. Okay now imagine if that was permanent, imagine it was randomly generated and it reset every day/week/2 weeks/whatever, imagine it had some special rules or modifiers that made it accessible to players of all different ARs, bam I just described a potential endgame activity using something that already exists. Genshin has loads of unique combat trials from past events, give them a little touch up and some kind of reward structure, be it primos or purely cosmetic rewards and you have a real endgame content.

We already know atleast a few months after release...The vocal people on this sub just doesn't want to admit it...

It's literally the only place where enemies don't die in 2 seconds.

> resembles yu gi oh in any way tho... Well YGO in its early age was very simplistic, it's only after years and years of creating complex shit that it's the way it is now. (well amongst lots of other reasons).

People used to attain 36 stars with less. If someone with a team from 1.6 would stop playing and return today, they'd absolutely have a horrible time in it. The HP numbers, mechanics, and mob behavior/attributes have all gone worse and worse on each patch, promoting anti-DPS stance on a content that's designed to make you race a clock. I think abyss is easy for veterans, but absolutely brutal for casuals and newcomers(Especially them! It could take them an entire year before they get 2 teams prepared!). So much so that most people seldom return after clearing 8-3.

For me, besides story and exploration, i literally just play the game to make chars that i like strong, not with the goal of clearing x content but mainly for the sake of husbando/waifuism as u said. might be dumb but its what i like to do, and i like getting my fav chars their sig weapons cus it looks good on them/ i wanna pamper them lmfao.

Why do people spend much higher prices for TCG cards with foil or holo designs, when the regular version of the card plays 100% the same?

Not everyone joins genshin looking to speficially coop Most do for the single experience Trying to change that by locking something as universal as resin is only gonna cause ruckus.

If genshin impact had meaningful co-op I'd immediately quit personally - that it's more or less a single player game makes the P2W aspects of it tolerable because I can just ignore them since what other players do doesn't really affect my game, but if it becomes a co-op centric game then it'll become impossible for me to ever ignore how P2W the game is and I'd lose interest in the game.

I mostly play heavy combat-focused story games like god of war, horizon zero dawn, blood souls, etc. Genshin has SO many aspects making it appear to be a combat-focused game, like artifacts, constellations, etc. I finish abyss in 15-20 minutes because I find it fun. Just wish we got an endless fighting scheme like past events.

It does sting. They could have strung us along for a while but instead told us straight up that we're the minority and we don't matter lmao.

Whether you like Spiral Abyss or dislike Spiral Abyss (and I'm in the latter camp), 2 hours of "endgame" content every two weeks is too little content to do. It doesn't need to be as rewarding but SOMETHING that can be used to help justify building up your gacha roster needs to be there. Although it goes a little too far in the other direction, that's part of the reason why it's nice to be able to do as many things as you can in Tower of Fantasy because it always feels like there's something to do when you log in. Like here, this content would be OPTIONAL. Genshin, you hop in for your 15 minutes of daily content supplemented by temporary events or new areas, then you pretty much have nothing else to do that makes sense to do.

Abyss just sucks. It's not even hard. You have the gear, you can basically faceroll through it unless RNG really screws with you. I don't mind a bit of a challenge but I prefer it to be a tactical thing that necessitates me to use my brain instead of a "mad dash against a clock" DPS race.

I have not changed my teams for over a year, other than replacing xq with yelan. Abyss has not been challenging for me in the last 10 months. I still do not enjoy running it in the slightest. Being forced to fight enemies that you never want to see again month after month get really stale and unfun.

This, tbh. If I want to play something hard or challenging, I'll go play Dark Souls/Elden Ring until I'm ready to smash my controller. Abyss is a huuuuuuuuuge chore, and I dread the reset.

They won't change anything until people stop giving them money en masse. If it ain't broken, don't fix it. You may complain with your mouth but as long as your wallet likes the game that's enough for them.

>I think the want us to explore more instead of worrying about stats and timers then why add timers in the first place ? making a harder to clear dungeon instead of a dps check would've been much better instead of pushing the dps = meta you cant design an endgame content that is a dps check and then trying to encourage players to explore more specially considering everything that isn't the abyss dies in 1 hit.

What's the point of artifacts then. If there is no challenging content, why do artifacts require grinding. What's the point of getting power, if I can't use it. I get some players don't like it, I'm not asking for a hefty primogem reward, I just want it because I like it and I know a sizable amount of the community does too.

But then theres so reasons to have all this content revolving around building characters if theres nothing to use them on? thats the thing that makes this article so frustrating is that they say were not planning on doing more combat focused end game and then literally a couple scrolls down they say the fun of the game is building and finding new builds for characters.

I'm glad I spent so long building my characters and artifacts just so I can not use them and play a TCG inside an ARPG.

Same here, I love TCG games and I really hope that Genius Invocation is fun.

To drain your wallet, ofc.

Whale baiting and a way to fill in the gacha, since you need to get something when you get a duplicate.

This, and wasting soooooo many primos on the weapon banner.

Its pretty easy to ignore that stuff once you get good characters. the only true block is elemental immune enemies but apart from that its easy to brute force things, especially now that they dont do the hydro or electro debuff anymore.

Same, this is it for me too. this confirmation was the nail in the coffin. what am i playing for? i got my endgame, c2 cyno and his weapon. i have other games to play.

To be honest, saying "In the same vein as Spiral Abyss" to refer to a "combat gamemode" is not fair because the reality is: Spiral Abyss is just a DPS check to see how quickly you can kill mobs with a certain team each phase, and I agree with what is said in the interview, if they design *multiple* endgame modes with a similar premise to Abyss (Aka "kill this enemy quickly by doing big numbers or fail") It would just end up being annoying for most of the playerbase anyway.

Yeah they should just let us choose which stats need to be upgrade manually lol Layers and layers of RNG sucks.

Hello Ashen one. I am a Bot. I tend to the flame, and tend to thee. Do you wish to hear a tale? > *Brave Undead, you have proven yourself to me. Now, be one with the Dark.* - Nashandra Have a pleasant journey, Champion of Ash, and praise the sun \\]T]/.

Azhdaha punishes direct unga bunga with DoT and big AoE damage Signora punishes unga bunga with freeze cold/burning effect Raiden punishes not unga bungaing enough by changing ohase Raiden 2.0 Goes God mode on our asses That and people complain and complained about Azhdaha difficulty ever since he came out btw...

People in this community are the first I've seen to oppose the idea of more permanent content or something, it's bizzare.

Best way to go about anything.

Its a common misconception that you have to focus on end game content. They release so many casual time limited events, adding one end game concept even every other region unlock isnt asking for much, just the basics of listening to the other half that plays everyday.

Why even have the characters with abilities and weapons if we're not even supposed to use them on anything? Why even have combat systems and RPG levelling if there's no where to use it? It's not consistent.

The more you think about it, the more you realise the wasted potential the game has, especially when you consider all the event content that was one and done with no chance of returning when it could have been retooled/combined with other stuff to create lots of different permanent bits of content. Im not just taking endgame challenge content either, something like making the rhythm games permanent and updating them with new songs every once in a while, toss in leaderboards and with the map editor, you have a completely self-sustained piece of content that a community could strongly develop around, that isnt tied to progression or combat or primos. Theres so much untapped potential, and either they dont know how to make use of it or they dont care.

I think if they want to add more endgame chores, they could put them all under the same reward umbrella. For example, I don't do Abyss at all. I don't find it fun, and I'm not that hard-pressed for the primos that I put my time into Abyss despite not enjoying it. But, if they had two or three endgame activities to get those same primos, chances are at least one of them might be fun and then I'd play it (that lab event was kinda nice, but also nothing for every other week going on forever). At the same time, giving out the primo reward for either activity, but not for each, doesn't create more pressure on the people that feel to get any and all primo scraps (and there are enough of those, just read this thread).

Actually seeing a nuanced take that can empathise with both sides while coming up with a satisfactory conclusion for both is such a rarity these days, like a drop of water in a desert rare. Theres a billion and ten things I could add to a conversation like this, but Mihoyo just closed the door on it, so Ill just say thank you for proving that there are, in fact still people with functional brains on this planet.

From what I see, whenever someone suggested challenging content, endgame content, he'd get downvoted and bashed to hell, "just use a lv one weapon and take off your artis", "we have a job, we don't want to have another job in a game, find something else to do" So there're some who want more endgame content, but the majority are against it.

Lol same with people that lose their shit when you suggest a dialogue skip option.

Its sad to see casual players being happy that other players don't get to enjoy the game as much.

Exactly. Even in this thread, there are people complaining that Abyss is a huge chore for them. Then don't do it? I often see posts of people here with 160/160 resin or people not doing events or not even doing commissions and it's all fine. Nobody's forcing anyone to do anything; it's a single player game. I love combat events and the Abyss, in the same manner that I love improving myself at the games I play. It brings me satisfaction to surpass challenges by virtue of skill that I previously could not. It's MY way of enjoying the game. If the devs wish to make ME enjoy their game more, they'd make better combat-based events.

Very true, although the same is true of the entire fanbase. Constantly whining about any content that isn't catered to their specific preference. I've seen tons of people whining about the teapot or Windtrace. Not to mention the non-stop whining about "too much dialogue" from the people uninterested in reading. It's just an extremely whiny fanbase overall.

"They always react to this as if someone was forcing them to play." THIS. It's so annoying. It's content they ignore anyway, why prevent others who want more? Are they that conceited that they think their way to play is the only way? It's the same thing with theorycrafting and meta discussions with braindead waifu/husbando players. You're going to pull regardless if the character is bad or not. Why argue with people that enjoy discussing character strengths and want to play as optimal as they can? If they want buffs (especially for beta) to make the character more viable, wouldn't it be beneficial to get a better kit for you "main?" Valid criticisms turn into "ohh just ignore the doomposting" way too much it's annoyingly stupid.

Exactly. If anything having endgame would give incentive for me to pull more characters and level them up. The content in this game is already easy and between content it gets boring to play. At least with a new game mode it gives me something to work towards that has challenge and makes it rewarding when I beat it.

Dirty casuals and ruining a game - name a more iconic duo.

I can definitely get why mihoyo wouldn't want to implement this, but it is bizarre to see how many people throughout this thread are openly saying "they shouldn't add an endgame mode because it will pressure me like Abyss and make me feel bad cause of anxiety", that's almost childish levels of selfishness lol.

The same can be said about events that are a week long yet they continue to pump them though.

You cover that by sharing rewards. A lot of people just don't like abyss. Could always add other modes and add a shop that you use the stars you gain to buy rewards. Can also add non-reward Content. Plenty of people join Raiden's coop just think if we actually had some kind of coop built content. This can be done by reusing current domains that are single use. Other content doesn't even need to be as demanding. A simple raid boss with limited attempts is enough. Something like 3 tries, with your highest score being the only one that matters. Acting like they don't have options to work with this is overall BS. To my knowledge the very few players even put effort into abyss as it is. Saying current players don't fit it doesn't mean much when most don't even try.

Then make it optional, i.e. purely for the fun of a challenge.

I want to get all the voice lines and background.

IDK, go ask their bank account. They might know more about this shit than you do idk.

But yet it made so much money. Maybe they're getting something right to lead the market right now in gacha income.

>If u dont add any endgame content every few patches, why are people even wishing for constellations/weapons? Waifu/Husbando >why bother farming artifacts? Makes Waifu/Husbando Stronk. After stronk, hibernate till next Waifu/Husbando. It's really that simple.

But increasing banner rates will make a multibillion dollars indie game company feels anxiety man.

"Excessive" too like bro they're basically saying straight up that they got us in a sweet spot of anxiety.

Like MMOs aren't super casual??? I remember when WoW had to overhaul their entire endgame dungeon system because only like 1% of the playerbase had even attempted the final boss let alone beaten it.

Thats facts, I know a whale and he doesnt even explore anymore since the reward he gets from it is primos and he doesn't even need that. Just logs when he sees a character he likes, farms and builds it and abyss for a bit.