Friday 22nd of July 2022


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class="u-nolinkc" href="">Well its probably not Great Value Jacksepticeye.
She looks like Elizabeth Holmes.
She looks like she was up all night thinking up these ideas with those circles.

What You Really Think

She kinda looks like the mom from Coraline.

And in the turtle neck sweater.

"Smash the like button, just like we smash these thieves with bats. This subdural hematoma is brought to you by Nord VPN.".

Sucker punch that like button, feed that subscribe button a flying knee, and beat that notification bell into submission for more content!

"Oh, those disgusting baiting videos. I mean there's so many of them, though. Which one? Which one did he post them to?".

My dog didn't like this comment considering I just spit out my drink all over her reading that. Bravo.

Bike and bat channel. They mostly go by their acronym tho, you can Google it.

This, I need a link.

No need to thank me ]]().

Maybe. Unlike the one thats been modified and given the power of "penetration".

Alternate news headline. Thief's attempt to break knuckles of people they tried to rob from with their noses. Bike also reports to be scared, but now in a safe place.

Dont tell people youre doing entrapment. Make it a ring video and tell people I finally caught that bike thief.

Maybe I'll try doing this with my sex toys. Once I catch that dog, I'll get my internet fame and teach it a lesson.

Watchu in heya for? Stealin' Watchu stealin'? Bikes. BIKES!

Best I could find..

You know whats worse one time some fucker stole all my lights off my bike people are dicks.

Angry upvote.

That's genuinely one of the longest, skinniest bridges I've ever seen.

Rareinsults ?

Exactly, So Good wholesome shenanigans.

That's good content indeed.

Make a reality show of this content.

Wouldn't be news in Florida.

In California, it's news. In Florida, it's Tuesday.

Cops use bait bikes too. I use to see them all the time around Green Lake in Seattle when I lived near there. Cops just don't like it when regular people copy them and take away their fun.

I'd love to say that they are trained professionals but we all know that thats a lie (.

MURICA! Fuck yeah!

What do you mean by beating them up being _a difference_ between cops and civilians though?

It will be legal when I become a beloved supervillain.

Or it could be illegal for everyone to do. That's an option.

Balled and batted.

Based on what?

Nah, seat spike bike is da best.

Yeah for real. I didn't even think they can be charged with a crime. "Yeah so they kept leaving bikes on their lawn, and when crackheads would steal them, they got their asses beat." Any lawyer will get those charges thrown out. It's literally defending their property. They making the whole neighborhood safer too because the next time a crackhead sees something nice on a lawn, they will think twice. Then smoke some crack and decide it's a good idea to steal. But they will think twice though.

They only think its bad because theyre not the ones doing it.

The cops are well aware of laws against entrapment. This may not fall into that category but its not worth their time to replicate.

I mean, the robbers tried to take a bike that doesnt belog to them.

If you liked this video smash that like button the way we smashed his head, dont forget to subscribe and hit that bell icon, till next time peace nulb.

Union members are known to beat scabs. Just saying.

If you bait people its illegal Im pretty sure? Dont hold me to that though. Edit: posting to YouTube probably didnt help.

Setting a trap and waiting with the sole reason to beat someone with a bat sounds pretty illegal to me, not every law offense has to be one sided.

I think there are laws in california against baiting Im not advocating for the laws at all before I get gang raped by down votes.

Assault and BATtery > petty theft.

Entrapment? Assault?

Only cops allowed to entrap.

Homeless, my friend. It's a real problem. I could send you pictures of piles of stripped bikes right on a busy street. The police do nothing. I think they just steal another bike if they get a flat tire and then the meth kicks in and they're building a new bike from 10 others.

Did u read what you wrote? If so, can you explain.

Bike theft is pretty common here. In college my roommate and his friend started doing it. Theyd steal a bike. Fix it up. Then sell it. They were both morons though and after stealing a bike someone followed them home. Called the cops. By the time the cops showed up, they had already upgraded the bike. Victim decided to not press charges. This is how dumb my roommate was: the guy was pissed, but I dont get it. His bike was even better after he got it back. He went on to make a fortune in pharmaceuticals. His friend made the school paper a year later for felony theft on campus and was expelled.

A dutch friend told me that he's got a cheap bike because he doesn't want to lure the attention with an expensive one.

Legit I wouldn't take a car that is not mine. Because I know that there is someone that will lose their car.

It's ]discovered]().

I feel you. But all that changes when its on your premises.