Tuesday 24th of November 2020


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Its totally racist, however I a Mongolian am allowed to even though we invaded japan too because uhh I dunno.
Trying to make sense of racism only brings a headache.
The real irony here is that it isnt like Japan is some peaceful nation thats never gone and taken shit from another country before. They're plenty guilty of Imperialism as well, in some cases far worse than America.

What You Really Think

It's a food eaten with the hands, that's probably why they judge those who misuse utensils.

Well, it goes on both ends as far as I know.

I think the tweeter doesnt understand colonization.

It was a joke.

This tweet was a joke source: that twitter user kept doing it with different countries.

Whatever about the post, but "traditionally" in Japan, sushi is a finger food. I don't have a source, I just like to pick up tidbits like this. I never checked it out though as I've eaten sushi a bunch and heard it more than once, so just accepted it as true. So i think the post is saying, in a very effed up way, if you are eating sushi with chopsticks you probably are not Japanese. ETA: another unverified "traditional" tidbit: supposed to eat each piece of sushi as one bite - the idea is that good rolls are supposed to be perfectly balanced so each piece is a perfect flavor experience in each piece or bite. I've only had sushi in the US, and some rolls are so large that's impossible, though.

You can't use the internet, you're appropriating American/British culture. You can't use an internal combustion engine, a microwave or an automobile. You can't talk on the phone. Fuck off forever Twitter assholes.

Happy cake day!

If you eat a banana with your hand, congratulations, you're a monkey.

Just dont eat any food that doesnt belong to your culture smh.

If you're white, the only rap you can listen to is Eminem.

Eat it with your H A N D S.

White person moves out >> white flight >> racist white person moves in >> gentrification >> racist white person engages in culture >> cultural appropriation >> racist white person doesn't engage in culture >> non inclusive >> racist white person sees color >> racist white person doesn't see color >> ignoring racism >> racist yeah i don't think it's the actions they have an issue with...

>theres no winning here Yes, and its by design. The people who say this shit dont want to talk to you, they want to control you.

Yes, thats the point. People like this dont actually care about culture, they only want to feel morally superior to someone else.

The twitter account was being satirical I checked out their account.

Just dont touch it with a ten foot chopstick.

Most reputable sushi chefs would be offended if you didnt use chopsticks.

You can use your hands but chopsticks are the prefered way.

You eat nigiri and rolls with your hands. You eat sashimi with chopsticks ).&text=It's not up to you,etiquette if it's physically impossible.

Traditionally sushi is eaten with your hands. It's street food and it is meticulously wrapped up the way it is to be picked up and eaten in one bite. I'm not a scholar in the subject, but eating sushi with chopsticks definitely came later.

Apparently, they want to trick us when they give them to us. Its the litmus test of...idk. Something.

Spoken like a colonizing muggle.

I think they are actually saying that if you like Sushi you are like imperial Japan. /s.

Lol right?

It's literally satire, the account made a follow up post laughing at how many people took it seriously.

When did you ever colonize anything?

Came here to say this. I mean, the tweet is a joke anyway, but if we look past occupation following the Second World War (which Id argue doesnt really count, though theres certainly room for argument), Japan arguably the only country that was neither colonized nor within some dominating sphere of influence. Arguably too the reason for this is the speed in which Japan itself modernized into its own 19th century imperial power with its own capacity to project and defend its own colonial concerns abroad from competing imperial powers.

There are definitely US military bases that are in Japan currently and troops are stationed there in case the Japanese government were to do anything that we dont approve of. My brother serves in the national guard and he wasnt allowed to go to Tokyo because there were giant protests of having US troops stationed in Japan.

I normally eat it with my mouth.

I mean it was originally finger food so. you're fine.

I live in Japan. I've seen people do this. You're golden!

Still acceptable.

You mother fucking baby appropriator! Smh!

> it was bait. Remember like 6-7 years ago when everyone would recognize obvious bait and they'd reply to it with some snarky comment like "2/10, try better next time"? Wtf happened to that? Why is everyone so easy to hook these days?

Anybody can say anythings a joke after backlash.

Half the posts on this sub are satire lol.

Super joking. The tweet right before this was about people saying BLM and then eating cornbread, its a smaller account doing small bits. I wouldnt say its a troll because they dont seem to be an asshole, just riffing off political correctness a bit.

>Political humor is veryyy *"subjective"* Nah. It's not that subjective. If the only humor of a statement is found in laughing at people's response to it, it's not humor. It's just basic trolling. Like a middle school bully mocking someone for flinching. People falsely claiming it's humor doesn't make it subjective - they're just wrong.

Shrodingers idiot.

If things like this weren't said seriously all the time, it may have gotten a chuckle.

The problem with shit like this is that some people will actually take it to heart and start arguing like this. This is how we get movies like black panther where they literally call white people colonizers.

Poe's law strong on this one. But the word chopsticks I think is where the joke is. It's just not that good of a joke for me. On second thought, it's kinda funny that they also used colonizer. Idk, it gets funnier the more I read it.

Of course it's bait. 95% of the responses to that will be butthurt white people thinking others think it's true, and 5% will be crazy people who think it's true. Just look at these reddit comments. Nothing but pages and pages of butthurt.

I had to close 7 highly upvoted comments to see someone who actually looked up the tweet.

Too late, the outrage has begun.

You typed this... meaning you did something. thus, you are a bigot.

White people breathing is stealing oxygen or something.

Its a joke tweet, but still I agree with you. I saw a comment thread the other day of people unioronically saying you can't be racist towards white people. That kind of thing is so stupid.

Its satire. They shitpost unfunny ironic posts on Twitter a lot.

Nonononono, see only white people can be racist. Everyone else can do whatever, say the n word with the hard r etc, go wild.

Basically, if you're white, you're a colonizer.

If you are a foreigner and can use chopsticks correctly here in Japan, you will get compliments from pretty much everyone.

I love how you spelled that.

Yeah. I feel bad for the user too, theyre probably being spammed.

Its funny how people claim oh how did you not know this is satire?! Take a quick gander, there is so many people who unironically believe this shit. And have believed this stuff for years now, its very hard not to think theyre been serious. 5 seconds on twitter and you will find someone THAT stupid. Maybe even worse.

> This is satire, you fucking morons. Poe's law is a thing.

Dont say that too loudly! If a white saviour hears you saying that theyll say youre internally oppressed or not a real asian.. Im not even joking, they are the simultaneously the funniest and saddest bunch of people to witness existing.

Why a spoon, cousin? Why not an axe?

A genius.

Half colonizer lol?

Well, firstly, ]they're shitposting.]() Secondly, nice job going mask-off with your sexismacism. Didn't take much.