When People Pointed Out to Him That She Had Grown he Simply Replied, She is in my Eyes The Most Beautiful Woman in The World.

Friday 29th of October 2021

When People Pointed Out to Him That She Had Grown he Simply Replied, She is in my Eyes The Most Beautiful Woman in The World.

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Look at his normie class="u-nolinkc" href="https://worldnewsinpictures.com/girlfriend">girlfriend WTF class="u-nolinkc" href="https://worldnewsinpictures.com/lol">lol Wasn't that weird?
They make this big thing about Keanu Reeves dating an "older" woman. He's like class="u-nolinkc" href="https://worldnewsinpictures.com/a">a decade older! She's gorgeous and class="u-nolinkc" href="https://worldnewsinpictures.com/people">people just focus on her silver hair, which class="u-nolinkc" href="https://worldnewsinpictures.com/I">I wish class="u-nolinkc" href="https://worldnewsinpictures.com/I">I had. Tabloids are so used to older actors dating women in their 20's, it can't be any other way. Ridiculous.

She's fucking gorgeous too..stunning. ETA: for the smart asses that think their quick insulting the original picture, my comment is directly about Keanu Reeves' current girlfriend. Just want to make sure you drag the right female since you're outing yourself as class="u-nolinkc" href="https://worldnewsinpictures.com/a">a piece of shit in the process, at least do it right.

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You rarely ever see him with a SO in public anyway. His pregnant fiance died in a car crash in the 90s. Most people think thats a driving force in a large part of his persona. Gives away a LOT of his money. Something like 60 mil to the staff of matrix 2 and 3 because he made something like 200 on those. Regularly funds st judes.

Its nuts to me that people act like grey/white hair on women is disgusting. A lot of women look absolutely stunning with grey.

Keanu is a good case study. He is not classically "handsome". However, his behaviour and character make him widely appreciated and highly esteemed. Kind of like being in a long-term relationship with thousands of shared memories and love, respect, and a deep bond. But...that person has gotten bigger.

Hugh Hackmans wife too. Leave people alone.

Shes 9 years younger than him even.

Theyve been married for 20 years.

Who are these people?

Whats with your spacing lol.

Yeah as if he didnt know she gained weight. People are assholes.

I'd guess the people commenting that genuinely do not understand people have relationships based on things other than looks, money and sex and are probably jealous and insecure about this fact.

> Why the hell was this even pointed out to him? Simply put: People are dogshit.

Daily Mail runs a story about once a month trying to fat shame Keely, and the comments are always kind to her and their love.

I can't stand when people point out obvious things like this. Like when someone points out a pimple on my face. Like YES I KNOW I have looked into a mirror. Most people are well aware of such things and it's not nice to verbalize their insecurities.

Fuckin relieved this is the top comment.

Random people are always trying to get celebrities to react.

Half of reddit would be suspended.

I hope he ghosted whoever said that to him.

I love the quotation" beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Because not all people can appreciate your beauty what matter most is there is someone who loves and admires you with your beauty.

Truth. We all know that physical appearance will fade as you go older, but you are very lucky if you have that someone who loves you and still appreciate your beauty.

Everyone gets old, fat, and(/or) ugly if they are lucky. Edit: lmao to the people triggered by the word fat. Yall really think a 99 year old can move enough to stay thin? If you didn't accumulate fat then you didn't make it long enough to see yourself lucky. Beside, the message is being old enough to be those things is a gift. But shout out to all the men lowkey upset that she "lost her looks" in their eyes. Baby her SMILE is what I see, not her body. Edit2: replace the word and with or and stop commenting about how skinny your grandma's are. I literally don't care about your grandma. Edit3: since we're pulling grandma cards, mines 98 and a half. Has had two loves of her life. Was a literal art muse for both of them. Will turn 99 in May. AND IS BY REDDIT STANDARDS FAT. I hope to God I'm as fat, ugly, and old as she is one day. Edit4: don't make me take into account your 103lb grandma's nursing home diet. That's a different argument about elder treatment.

Precisely, unfortunately some people, more so for famous individuals/celebrities, tend to fall into stereotypical mind sets. They envision this perception of what is perfect and/or correctight, and find themselves forgetting something as simple as love, and what it really means when two people truly have it for one another.

Shes gorgeous still!! Idk why some people on here are saying stuff like she turned into Shrek or something. She is beautiful, her face is stunning, she still has a nice curvy figure. Yes shes gained weight, but she looks comfortable and happy and in love. Nothing wrong with either one of them.

Also that might be one of her more unflattering photos. She could easily be much thinner, people fluctuate weight all the time.

Having babies changes your body and metabolism. For many people that change is permanent.

I think this post is about her weight, not age.

Everything change, persons appearance and even attitude of a person change. So if you love someone, love him/her unconditionally.

Aging isn't a mandate for obesity. People need to stop glorifying this.

Most people know this, but never grow into this mindset. Therefore, they never experience it.

Being fat isnt aging.

She didn't age.

Nope, this isnt aging how the fuck do people not understand basic nutrition and exercise in 2021?

Cuz they jelly.

It's not like she doesn't have to look at his old wrinkly balls either.

I say shit like that alot when I hear motherfuckers put someone else's SO down for appearance. Like, fuck it, who cares no ones asking you into their bedroom. Now when it's for personality I dont say shit we all have to put up with that.

Nothing better than having someone you KNOW truly loves you.

And in the second one too, she's 'miring.

It doesn't fucking matter what people think about your partner. What matters is what YOU think about them. That YOU are attracted to them and that YOU love them. Everything is between you two. Third parties can laugh, call one or the other ugly, fat, stupid, whatever they can possibly want. At the end of the day, it's you and your partner happy together, in love with one another and living a wonderful life while those sad, sad people got a modicum of satisfaction out of making fun of someone.

She has. You can see from her smile and her eyes she has grown from loving him to loving being with him.

She actually suffers from a medical condition and that is why she has gained weight. Both of them have suffered and dealt with it privately and support each other. He loves her even more for her fight.

"She's grown" to "she thicccc" that smile is knowing he's loving that thiccccccc life.

It would be natural to think that. But theres absolutely no reason to say anything. I hit a classic on it if you dont have anything nice to say dont say it at all.

Right lol.

Fuck these fat old people and their successful relationship. /s for those that don't get it.

Because misery loves company.

She looks pretty good to me tbh.

Youve changed man.

Awwww what sweet comment Vnulb.

You've never met an Asian grand parent.

I just dont get the idiocy of it. Do they think hed be like What do you mean..? *Looks at before and after pictures* Dear god, youre right! DIVORCE!

Seriously. Weight changes. Faces change. Fuck, even hight changes. Be in love with *people.* Not their physical qualities.

Yeah. Its insane and heart-warming that hes still with his wife when she looks like THAT! Lets normalize people loving their partner for more than their looks? She doesnt even look bad.

Whose fucking business is it who anyone else wants to love or be married to?

I have good news about my marriage. Haha.

Haha was going to say Id be proud to have grown my partners belly with my food.

Which country.

In the US, people will say "you look happy" in regards to weight gained while in a relationship. Our media isn't the same as day to day interactions.

Here I was thinking it was pandemic weight but I met my man in Jan 2020 so Im going with what you said.

Good to know that my marriage is 40lbs healthier.

Were waiting.

Yeah same. Its nice to see a celebrity that doesnt just cycle through trophy wives whenever they get too old.

Top hat gentleman?

Thats bond not oddjob.

Gotta concur here. I had no idea.

All according to plan...

This is the best comment. It really is fucking weird, no?

Word... 26 years and going strong. I look at my wife and i see the girl I married all those years ago..I cried so hard at my own wedding. I was so happy , thinking I found someone to love and she was crazy for me. And here we are all these years later. And she still just crazy for me and I love her so much. I wish I had the words. 26 years. Man.

That's beautiful Vnulb.

Im saving your comment Vnulb.

Shakespear? Is that my man JeMarcus Shakespeare?


I have to admit, his role in Eurovision : Fire Saga is my favourite because it seems so at odds to his bond suave, and especially because icelandians have playfully teased his accent. Even though he plays gruff, he does it wonderfully. And yes he has aged well indeed.

He was just fantastic in Thomas Crown Affair. Best portrayal of power and class without gross arrogance.

I was just thinking that - Skinny isnt a requirement for Sexy. She still looks fantastic.

Our book ;D.

First pic she's in her mid 30s. She's 58 now.

Right like, who goes up to someone and be like ", dude your wife got fat".

Its as if people dont acknowledge the existence of menopause and what it does to a womans body. Men just dont have to go through the same process. Just imagine losing all your hormonal signaling and being expected to stay the same weight.

True, my husband is a damn 67855888 and when they see my petite chubby self I always get the WTH looks. loved him when he was 300 lbs, love him when hes 180. nulb.

I dont think society necessarily cares for fat men either, theyre simply not even a part of the conversation.

But people are supposed to also curve INWARD.

But that's where you're wrong. For some reason, it IS a big deal to people who you love. The fact people had to point this out to Pierce Brosnan supports that fact. For some reason people care and can't get past the fact that he still finds his wife sexy and loves her unconditionally every day.

I cant believe these people dont know about The Architect.

Damn, save some for Africa.

No Time to Sigh.

Pierce brosnan, one of the james bond actors.

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