Sunday 8th of November 2020

I Join All Men And Women of Goodwill Throughout The World in Wishing The incoming 46th President of The United States, President-elect JoeBiden, The Very Best as he Takes Over The White House.

Social Media Says

. JoeBiden KamalaHarris and the American people, you just gave the world one of the greatest acts of kindness and bravery humanity has ever seen. Vnulb nothing but love for our new Commander in Chief and the 1ST female VP elected to the White House. Also, way to go PA Vnulb.

This is Major and Champ. They are the dogs of JoeBiden and DrBiden. Champ has already been to the White House, but Major hasnt yet. Champ cant wait to show him around. Both 14/10 would be an honor to pet.

A man wearing a Puerto Rican flag tosses paper towel over the fence toward the White House. Never forget, he said.
Trump watches celebrations of his defeat as he returns to the White House from playing golf on Saturday. (Getty).
As a huge animal lover .so happy dogs (ones a rescue dog) will be back in the White House.
Dont get me wrong Im super happy to have that dumbass out of the White House but Im not praising Biden just yet, Im still watching him , I dont trust no one in the government. Just voted for him to get the orange out.

Live video of Trump trying to get back into The White House.
Abes sources inside realdonaldtrumps White House hear that he, Cabinet members and teamtrump are going to pressure Electors to switch their votes from joebiden. Not on our watch. nulb.
"I never thought I'd see in my lifetime the daughter of an Indian immigrant in the White House as a Vice President. And a woman. It's breathtaking." neeratanden on Kamala Harris.
While the soon to be former occupant of the White House goes off with an attack on our Democracy, I blame senatemajldr. Time to tell him this is over. We will not forget with the two seats still to be decided in Georgia how your Senate failed to defend America.

"Celebration now by Biden/Harris supporters at BLM Plaza outside the White House:".
Cleaning my room bc if we can all come together to clean out the white house i can put my fucking laundry away.
I was not emotional. Then I realized every day the First Lady will wake up in the White House, go to a community college, and teach people the reading and writing skills they need to change their lives. Now Im crying.

A lid has just been called at the White House, according to the pool report. It is, after all, difficult for the president to give speeches or hold meetings while in the fetal position.
Pov: tr*mp sitting in the moving truck leaving the white house.
Yoooo KingJames yall can go to the White House and celebrate yall title G!
Ok ok NOW well go to the White House.
Millions of young girls will now be able to look to the white house, for the first time in history, & see themselves. they will look at you Kamala, knowing they can do & be anything. our first female, first black, & first asian american vp. this is a glorious day in history.

The crowd outside the White House is jubilant tonight...
Thank god we got that fucking clown out of the White House. Im very happy to hear Joe Biden will be our president.
The crowd outside the White House celebrating Joe Bidens projected victory is blaring YMCA the song President Trump closed out his latest rallies with.
Mrs. Danvers might have felt right at home as part of 45's soon-to-become-the-way-of-the-dodo White House staff. grouchoreviews on MovieRebecca netflix on CelluloidDreamsTheMovieShow (10-26-20) SCREEN SCENE.

Here is a piece of advice for the deflated White House Staffers. If you ever want to work for any institution other than the RNC, Breitbart, NY Post. Wash Examiner, Sinclair, OAN, ect.. write a letter of resignation, right now, on the basis of Trumps remarks last night.

Trump watches celebration of his defeat after returning to the White House from golfing. (Image from Getty; h/t to atrupar for posting pic.).
Joshua Bidemi Adewumi Aka "Joe Biden " Is a Yoruba Man from Ekiti State, You Can see Nigerians Making Nigeria Proud All Over the World Congratulations to the President-Elect of the White House Aku Orire Kete Omo Ekiti, Ado Agbe A ooo.

Doggies in the White House!!!!!!
Trump returns to White House to a scene of thousands celebrating his defeat.
Champ Biden will be the first rescue dog to occupy the White House.
Gaza turns up at the White House.
In front of the White House: America the Beautiful.
I sent a tweet months ago. Worth a repeat: both the Obamas and Bushes should go to the White House on Inauguration Day. Have coffee. Invite the Bidens in. Do the traditional meet & greet. Cause that coward realDonaldTrump will not concede or follow Protocol.

This party outside the White House maybe the best trolling i have seen in four years.
Caribbean in the White House!
Crowd Gives Trump The Finger As One-Term President Returns To White House.
Photographers captured Pres. Trump as he returned to the White House from his golf resort on Saturday, met by sprawling crowds celebrating his election defeat and flipping off his motorcade.
Congratulations JoeBiden elected 46th President of the United States of America. I welcome a return of decency, dignity and public service to the White House.
Bye who cares abt DOGS moving into the white house.
Biden campaign threatens to 'escort' President Trump out of the White House if he refuses to leave.
Trump got covid when I released s/t then got kicked out the white house on my birthday . just stating a few facts.
Why can't Trump go to the White House now? Because it is forBiden.
Trump said "the news media doesn't decide the President"... and he is right but does he think when they have the Presidential Inauguration & Biden moves into the White House, its because the Associated Press & Fox News said "Biden won"?

LIVE: Crowds gather outside the White House after Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are projected to win the election.
Show me videos of downcast Trump in the motorcade pulling up to the huge celebrating crowds in front of the White House. Show me Don Jr. crying in a tucked-in polo shirt. Show me your racist relatives finding out. We need and frankly deserve this.

Meet the new first dogs of the White House, Major and Champ Biden.
Joe Biden is the first President to ever have a rescue dog from a shelter inside the White House.
I cant think of anything to say other than FUCK YES. FUCK. YEAH. FUCCKK YES! now lets get a live stream going on inside the White House cuz this is gonna be messy and we wanna see. I think we deserve it at this point.

.MarkMeadows tested positive for Covid-19. On election night he was at the White House party with the president and his family and hundreds of unmasked people.
Why can't Trump go to the White house ? Because it's for Biden.
President Trumps advisers said he refused to acknowledge yet that the race was over, and aides said he had no plans to deliver the kind of concession speech that has become traditional. His campaign also vowed to continue waging its legal battles.

Thank God the nightmare is nearly over. Roll on to 20th January when realDonaldTrump gets out of the White House at 12noon, an then JoeBiden POTUS goes into White House.. My husband would have been so chuffed at this result an so proud of MorganLennon12 voting Lauren!! V.

How I see trumps exit from the White House.
Im beyond thrilled that my friend JoeBiden and our first Black and Indian-American woman Vice President, KamalaHarris, are headed to restore some dignity, competence, and heart at the White House. Our country sorely needs it.

Currently outside the White House.
Thats what Im thinking too. Hes gonna go into hiding and just keep tweeting until he leaves the White House in the middle of the night while everyone is asleep.
Bidens success is of the most massive significance for Ireland and a nightmare for Johnson. There is no way a Biden White House will tolerate Johnsons abuse of the Good Friday Agreement.
I love the look on Trumps face as he watched the joyous celebrations of his defeat when he returned to the White House from playing golf today.
White House Down.
The walls at the White House right now.
Neither One Of Us Gladys Knight and the Pips YouTube realDonaldTrump ItsOverDon (( we are all divorcing Donald J Trump )) OMG I picture him sitting on a couch in the white house with a drink in his hand reminiscing over his time wasted )).

This is what impeached, one-term president realDonaldTrump came back to at the White House after he learned he had been defeated for reelection by JoeBiden.
Never forget Melania didnt move into the White House for months because she wanted every surface the Obamas touched replaced, particularly the bathrooms. Fuk her.
Melania leaving the White House and her marriage.
They gotta crack the windows today because its gonna take months to get that smell out the white house.
Dear realDonaldTrump: The American people voted and you lost. Making up a bunch of lies does not change the fact that BidenHarris2020 won. There is nothing you can do to stop the following from happening: On January 20, 2021 you will be escorted out of the White House.

How much alcohol has been consumed at the White House; or do they only drink blood? What about coke?
I dont want him to concede. Let him disgrace and discredit himself further by getting evicted from the White House.
Hi guys. so realDonaldTrump is in the white house constantly searching twitter atmo and for a laugh id love to manipulate the algorithm so he sees this pic of mick hucknall pls retweet.
Dear God it's going to be so lovely to have two couples of truly equal partners who love and respect each other in the White House.
Kamalas first day in the White House as VP.
Just spoke to Desilva, the man behind the register at AB Liquors, one of the closest shops to the White House. He said they're selling "a lot" of booze today. "I can't count," he said, adding, "Mostly beer and champagne." Some of their shelves are empty.

Joe Biden's German Shepard, Major, will make history as the first rescue dog to live in the White House.
I cry again every time I realize we have a woman in the White House! You cry those happy tears!
Donald trump pulling up to the white house rn.
Trump sitting over the Nuke button in the White House rn.

What You Really Think

Thank You Sir femigbaja.

Ogbeni face your country them no go borrow una money.

Hope you consulted Tinubu before posting mr Speaker? Attend to pressing issues here like ASUU strike and unemployment sir.

Na this one una go quick chook mouth. U see other democracies and other countries thriving yet you political class perpetually bring this country and her citizens to its knees... shame on all of you!!

Hon.uncle Femi G good pm sir.

Goodwill kee you there.

You can see a clear democracy in real democracy state.. Try to fix that in your home not congratulate them..

Its a shame you are among an assembly that cant talk to the president to stop this nonsense of man hunting protesters,its will only lead to a revolution.

Congratulate us too for been at home for 7months bcoz of asuu.


Your happy now to regain freedom abi? So that you can travel to US.

Because Trump tell us the truth,that is why the hatred is so heavy like that. Even our lifelessness president has congratulated the incoming president. Eye service government.

Hi Femi.

Mr. Speaker! It is imperative that Nigeria political elite of all shades adopt and adapt the good part of the US-model democracy with a view to entrenching democratic ethos, ideals and principles in Nigeria. We have got to make history! Posterity will never forgive you of failed.

Dear SIR, ASUU, how far? Thank u.

Well done sir.

Wahala for who no get democracy.


Baba fix your home abeg.

Oshey jare Femi omo nla.

Eye service Govt.



I really dont like all clout chasing when are yet to get answers for the innocent lives lost over how many days ago.

Fake news Media organisations do not decide elections. Wait to hear from the electoral umpire.

I congratulate all Americans of all shades of colour for their tenacity and determination that the ideals of democracy must continue to endure. I also congratulate Vice President-Elect KamalaHarris for making history as the first woman elected VP.