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Friday 28th of August 2020

About 1,500 People Were invited to The White House to Watch Pres. Trumps GOP Convention Speech. Masks Were Not Required, Chairs Were Placed inches Apart, And There Was no Social Distancing.

It is important to remember that Kayleigh McEnany and Kellyanne Conway are congenital liars who have deceived the American people thousands of times. They have desecrated their oaths and their appearance as Sr. White House officials is illegal and grossly inappropriate.

What youre watching right now, if youre watching, is monarchism, not democracy. The White House Our White House has been turned into a prop, a set, and the palace of the Trump family. Their courtiers, all 1000 of them, are assembled before them, pressed together, no masks.

Trumps doing his convention rant on the South Lawn of the White House. Peaceful protesters plan on blowing air horns during it, at a constant.
Protesters surrounding the White House on Thursday evening assaulted an elderly couple walking on the street nearby.
Its time we bring integrity back to the White House.
Protesters are holding a ritual execution of President Trump outside the White House.
Near the White House.
For all those upset at the lack of social distancing and mask-wearing at the White House, just pretend for a second they're trying to burn down a neighborhood furniture store in the name of racial justice. Then you'll feel okay about it.

A convention speech is taking place on the White House lawn. Even I know better.
The White House belongs to the American People not a political party.
Just this morning, the White House openly admitted they want chaos and violence because they think itll help Trump politically. Imagine being happy about violence. Thats Trumps administration.
Americans are fed up with Trump and the tumult -- and theyre desperate for sanity in the White House. Hes proven himself thoroughly unqualified to keep doing the job. Voters are going to deliver to Trump the same verdict that made him famous: Youre fired.

It's just wrong in so many ways to see campaign signs on the White House! The FBI seriously needs to show up and shut that whole shit show down, this is all in violation of federal law! "Law and order"!

The crowd is filling in outside the White House.
Oh shit. Outside the White House right now.
Stephen Miller is the worst speech writer in modern White House history - incapable of embracing any thoughts other than carnage, conflict and chaos. Completely devoid of aspiration, hope, community and generosity. A reflection of him and the man he works for.

People sitting in the crowd on the South Lawn can hear the wail of sirens outside the White House complex, where protests are taking place.
Louder tactics outside the White House right now...
President and Melania Trump descend from White House to address the crowd gathered on the South Lawn.
This is absolutely ridiculous! He's now acknowledged the political prop that he's turned The White House into for this stunt. Shameless. Every self-proclaimed patriot should speak out against this, but we'll hear crickets from the right. This. Is. Wrong.

Trump just forgot what the name of the White House was. He will say he was joking, but I dont think he was. Hes completely unhinged.
Donald Trump is right, this is the most important election in the history of our country. Chip in to help us get him out of the White House.
No President should ever use the White House for this purpose ever again. Disgusting, unacceptable. This is not a precedent - it is a stain.
RNC: Mia Farrow Compares Trumps White House Audience to Jonestown Suicide Cult.
Spotted: The protest scene outside the White House tonight ahead of the last night of RNC2020 (Getty).
Its a sight I never before imagined: the South Lawn of the White House transformed into the stage of a political convention.
Happening now: Massive protest outside the White House, with crowds chanting no justice, no peace and holding banners of Black Lives Matter. This came following the U.S. police shooting of the unarmed Black man Jacob Blake on Sunday. The protest is largely peaceful.

Did the Russians hide the bugs in the Lego White House? Just asking.
The Soros-funded malcontents converging outside the White House, banging drums and barking tedious chants, would burn down all of Washington if they could. And theyre all Biden supporters.
Ivanka tom cotton ben carson DrownOutTrump White House Dana White Kellyanne Conway RNC2020 Ann Dorn Herman Cain DontTrustTrump south lawn Wilbur Ross ((( DrugTestDonald ))).
Almost a century before mixing martial arts officially became a thing, 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, was boxing, wrestling, and training judo in the White House.
White House party has a Let them eat virus air to it. Karma is late to the party for these people, but I can see it in the distance.
Crazy mass parties w/o masks. A crammed audience at a Chain Smokers concert, few if any wearing masks. We were horrified, but they were kids. Now look at no-mask middle-aged Republicans partying in front of the White House. Are you shitting me?

Marks the first time the White House has hosted a funeral for The Hatch Act.
Elderly man assaulted just outside the White House. He stoically makes his way through the crowd and is attacked, knocked to the ground and knocked out right after passing the massive BLM words plastered to the street. This is the true nature of BLM right now.

White House now a cheap applause line.
We must always have law and order says the president whose minions are violating the Hatch Act by staging this political event at the White House.
The White House is not a political prop.
Right mr Vice President ,mr President and the White House...!
This speech is nothing new. No compassion, no reaching out. Same old white supremacist, isolationist, pack of lies. Lets get this done and kick his ass out of that fucking house.
White House Dana White Ivanka Hatch Act RNC2020 DontTrustTrump Rudy South Lawn Tom Cotton TheRealKellyanneConway Herman Cain Ben Carson RNCConvention RepublicanNationalConvention Giuliani LowEnergyDonald Abraham Lincoln.

Outside of the White House.
Senior White House aide Jared Kushner voices hope for further progress on Middle East peace as he prepares to join the first commercial flight between Israel and the UAE.
This and other screenshots from tonights White House festivities are generating a lot of dougducey criticism on social media tonight, given the governors recent urging of Arizonans to wear masks. I reached out to the govs team for comment.

White House Dana White Ivanka Hatch Act RNC2020 DontTrustTrump Rudy South Lawn Tom Cotton TheRealKellyanneConway Herman Cain Ben Carson RNCConvention RepublicanNationalConvention Giuliani LowEnergyDonald Abraham Lincoln Ben Carson.

Donald Trump lives in the White House.
Here's another way to think about these chairs at the White House you could fill roughly all of them with the number of people who died of COVID-19 yesterday.
There is simply no way on god's green earth that the Republican Party would ever have allowed Obama to get away with using the physical White House as a campaign prop. No chance at all. There would have been an impeachment inquiry.

The White House tonight. The South Lawn is lit up for the final night of the RNC and Pres Trumps acceptance speech. Just north of the White House you can see demonstrators gathered at Black Lives Matter Plaza. ( from a TV pool camera).

A senior administration official said the White House Coronavirus Task Force was not consulted about convention plans for President Trump's speech tonight on the White House South Lawn.
Now Trump is bragging about violating federal law to hold a political convention at the White House.
Trump keeps calling attention to the fact that he is delivering his convention speech at the White House, a norm-busting decisions that has drawn criticism from even some Republicans. "Is that even legal?" was the initial reaction from No. 2 Senate R John Thune.

I cant overstate how repulsive it is to see Ivanka Trump exploiting the grounds of our White House with her fake smile and her aggressive lies as she and her family degrade our laws, ethics & democracy.

Protesters outside the White House make themselves heard inside as Trump delivers RNC speech.
Oh, hey, while were talking about nepotism, Rudy Giuliani's son makes $95,000 as sports liaison for White House.
My blood is boiling over political banners at the White House. Awful. Just awful.
VIDEO: Group chanting no justice, no peace at BlackLivesMatter Plaza near White House. wusa9 *Some cursing*.
So realdonaldtrump really thinks the WhiteHouse is white people's house, not the peoples? clearly showing his.
People are still getting loud by the White House!
3.5 years ago I started posting Patriotic memes on Instagram as a way to spread the truth I left my lawyer job in California and moved to Florida to do it full-time Today Ill be watching President Trump accept the Republican nomination from the White House God bless the USA.

Historians: Have we ever seen anything even close to this rambling, surreal, disaster of a speech on White House grounds?
After three months of cheering on rioting across America, unhinged Democrats are screaming about "social distancing" on the White House south lawn. You can't make this crap up.
President Donald Trump drew laughter from the audience on the South Lawn of the White House on Thursday evening as he mocked rival Joe Bidens kissing scandal in his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention (RNC).

What You Really Think

Oh no!! Oh wait its a political event so they are exempt just like riots and protests... right?!

Wheres the Coronavirus likes this meme when you need it.

So sad.

NowThis didnt seem too fussed with social distancing here.


Now do the protests and riots.

Uhh.. cus they were all rapid tested today.

Doesnt matter. Next.

These people are dying to see Trump back in the White House.

Corona Virus when it saw them.

But tRump finally had his adoring crowdally that he has missed for the last few months. He will not stop talking until he needs a drink. He wont risk a two handed drink in front of another audience.

OMG!!!!! lol.

First Super Spreader Nomination Speech in U.S. History!

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Survival of the fittest.

WORD !!!

Thoughts and prayers.

Just gonna pull up and start coughing.


Maybe theyll all die of Covid before November 3 -nulb-nulb.

Several are gonna get Herman Caind.

Now do the riots. K thanks.

Only an illegitimate would be so abusive to our White House Profound Disrespect We cannot find any instance where Trump showed interest in, understanding of, or protection for America's form of Government CAN YOU ??? "This country is a hellhole" Donald Trump.

May COVID-19 rain down upon them.

Good. All of you catch the virus.

It's a peaceful protest.

A nice big old covid party, huh?

Since the GOP convention began on Monday, 3,688 people have died from the coronavirus in the U.S., more than were lost during 9/11.