Saturday 30th of May 2020

The White House Has Been Locked Down As Protesters Arrive At Pennsylvania Avenue/Lafayette Park.

Twitter is now censoring tweets from the official White House page, as well as the Yet they allow terrorists to post recruitment ads and beheading videos? ?
The White House has been locked down as protesters arrive at Pennsylvania Avenue/Lafayette Park.
The White House is under lockdown orders from the Secret Service due to protests outside the gates over George Floyd. A dozen reporters, myself included, still inside the West Wing.
Protesters gathered outside the White House.
The white house is on lockdown!!??? Like the big scary protesters are going to storm the white house and get !!!??
At the White House.
Anyways while yall r active on the tl please please sign this petition we need more signatures to get it to the white house!! ur signature only counts if u verify ur email so pls check ur inbox after u sign.

Where is the censorship, twitter? TwitterCensorship NHK NHKWORLD_News japantimes okabaeri9111.
Obama has absolutely nothing to do with what has happened right now. Absolutely nothing but we we have the house negros at it again it gets old. CornelWest Bernie Sanders loss. Cornell didn't get invited to the White House by Barack. And Life goes on but this.

White House temporarily goes on lockdown after protest erupts nearby.
Official white house petition! ? george floyds memorial fund ? freedom fund to help bail out protesters ? more ways to help ?
Attack on the White House by hundreds of leftists - shoulder to shoulder - many rows deep. DC - by liberal dictate - requires 6 feet social distancing with groups no larger than 10. Reconcile.
The official White House Twitter feed was just flagged for inciting violence. Let that sink in.
It seems to me that the only people who are not aghast at the White House's erosion of The Rule of Law are the ones who have no idea what it means.
Twitter, in an email to the White House moments ago, admitted that the very tweet they are censoring does not violate any Twitter rules. So why are they still censoring it?
Kislyak to Flynn: "The Kremlin would like to convey to the President-elect to organize a conversation secure video line between the White House and the " Flynn says he understands. Kislyak repeats that he is talking about SECURE video line.

JUST IN: White House has gone into lockdown due to growing protests over death of George Floyd.
The official white house petition for george floyd is 7,520 signatures away from completion. if this gets the signatures it needs, the situation has to be directly addressed by the white house. please sign it. all it needs is your name and email.

Here is video of the SecretService officers taking one of the protesters into the federal building across from White House just after the marchers got to PA Ave. Unclear what occurred prior. Important to note: The overwhelming majority of the protest has been peaceful.

BREAKING: The White House is now on lockdown due to protests.
"Jared, you said if I let all the violent criminals out of jail they would vote for me. Why are they burning down the WHITE HOUSE??!!!!".
This is just moments ago outside of the White House. Wow.
I fell asleep for 2 hours and woke up to protest in the White House and Atlanta? God please take control.
PLEASE BE CAREFUL I BEG OF YOU there are snipers on the white house roof at all times so PLEASE be cautious.
White House goes into lockdown after protests erupt in - National Guard in all vities affected.
BREAKING: White House on lockdown amid growing protests over George Floyd's death.
Goes into lockdown amid protests over GeorgeFloyd's death.
Does someone have the link to the White House petition for me to sign??
If they breach the White House, they will be killed.
To all the outside the White House acting stupid. 1st the ppl of minn. has stopped the riots and are now cleaning up the streets take that protest to capital hill and ask the Democrats why they started this.

Is not the white house and not the official white house account. If it was the expectation would have been for it to act non-partisan and presidential.
What's happening at the White House vs. What's happening.
"it's going down in DC, too. they had to shut down the white house" DC!

What You Really Think

And President Trump is already gone, smells like someone is paying big money for this protests to happen.

First thing they do is to hide that coward who sits in whitehouse but leave him free on twitter and he will prove himself a bigger warrior than hercules.

You need to look out your window. Lol.


Storm the castle!!

Twitter fingers turn to hidden fingers.

Trump right now.

Shit, I read too quick and thought it said 'burnt down' and got super excited.

Now that bitch is scared.

It really shows how fragile the power the elites have over us. Cops, who are supposed to be the strong arm of the law, ran at first sight when they ran out of ammo to hurt the community. And now, you have the White House locked behind their doors panicking.