Wednesday 23rd of December 2020

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"Hustle culture" is just the toxic, 21st-century rebrand of the protestant work ethic. Nothing more than a way for the elites to convince the masses that slaving away their entire lives for scraps is somehow noble.

Same guy who raised employee wages and took a cut himself to make it happen. Definitely want him to continue to succeed.
Now, now, now. We cant have that. ]Thats communism!](). Lol imagine having a CEO say You know what, a million dollar salary is way overkill and more than I need. Why dont I cut my salary to a point where Im still going to have more than enough money to do the things I want, but now my employees wont have to live paycheck to paycheck? and you end up not only with critics, but people saying that thats communism instead of altruistic capitalism? Like, the government didnt make him do that. Hes paying what he thinks his employees are worth. And this shithead Limbaugh calls him a communist for doing so and hoped that his company would die and that it would be a case study for why socialism doesnt work. Turns out, ]the company is not only doing fine, theyre doing excellent](). Only thing thats gonna die ]is Limbaugh]().

What You Really Think

Shit, my entry level salary was $49.5(k) and I thought I was doing good.

4x10 would be amazing. People would be so much happier.

My boss be the same way. Every annual performance review he makes sure employees who deserve it get a raise, and he gets exceptions so we get higher bonuses. We all go above and beyond coz of the culture he created of more for everyone.

Better question, can we bring them back? Reagan demonized them.

Lucky bitch haha.

Nope. Youre actually paid what they can get away with. Regardless of your education level many businesses wont offer much more than going rate in the industry regardless of industry so not just fast food or entry level positions. And claiming they lack education ignores the fact that teachers/educators do have an education. In short dont be so lazy and stereotype everyone whos talking about pay raises.

Do some research into worker productivity versus wage growth over the past fifty years.

Some people don't start where you did, lotta people have to start working at a really young age. There are 32million illiterate adults in the united states, they didnt choose their situation and didnt have the opportunity or freedom to go to college. It was just 1 of 2 choices, starve or get whatever job they could get, minimum wage isn't a luxury.

What does a liveable wage have to do with being a boss? Im an employee and I own my house in a gated community, my 5 series, my kid is in pvt school and I go on overseas holidays twice a year. Mind you I live in a developing country! Something isnt right in the US, youre like the only country where you need to work a minimum of two jobs just to live in a tiny apartment and drive an old car if you can afford a car at all! Something needs to change over there and stop believing this narrative that everything is great.