Sunday 28th of February 2021


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New blood? Mankind is dead. Hell is full. Blood is fuel.
I think people just hate children.
I think it's generally that new people find something they enjoy and bring new ideas along with them but the hobbyists who've been doing it forever don't like change and want things to stay the way they are because they find it easy and don't want to have to learn something new. Like it's weird because I can understand both perspectives but if you want your hobby to live forever you need to accept and help new people learn from your experience.

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But when it gets big enough my god its horrible.

This happened at my old firehouse. There was an influx of younger guys joining but the older members never really welcomed them so over time all the new guys lost interest and quit. They all still wonder why there's no interest in volunteering anymore.


How do people know when people are out with airsoft? With paintball you can see the paint. Is airsoft just the honey system?

I played for the first time a couple months ago, had to rent equipment. Literally EVERYONE there was just super cool. Most of them had crazy shit, tac jackets, pimped out guns, and I was there looking like some scav from tarkov, pants and a short sleeve shirt, no gloves. No one judged me, and I had a blast. I wasn't pushed away for not having the nice stuff. I got the vibe that people were generally happy to have more people in the hobby (especially more people to shoot at :P).

As long as you dont start engaging airsoft in an online community wise, the hobby is fine for everyone. Buy any gun you want and wear anything you want and play in any field you wanr. Once you start posting about it in dedicated online groups (tsk tsk, r/airsoft and their discord/facebook) is when youll find that airsoft at a higher level is total elitism behind the scenes. What ruined airsoft to me is exactly that which Ive been a part of. The circlejerk exists in every hobby but so far this has been the worst. Russian army gearists will shit on you if one of the item in your so called kit is wrong. Outside of that, a group of sweaty neckbeards will laugh at airsoft photos that have kids in them and them wearing their gear wrong. Airsoft technicians will shit on everyone new to the tech side, even if they have gathered experience outside of that community. Everyone will side with the so called tech god even if their given advice is bad/incorrect. Something about stroking their ego and upkeeping status quo mantra that no one else can take. Gas blowback purist (probably aeg too, i was a gbb main user) have a daily dick sizing contest on who has the most expensive kitted out rifle with real steel parts. While it is true, that having a gas operated airsoft rifle means very high upkeep costs, that advice is given pretty rudely to anyone considering a GBB which discourages people. Dear god you have a 500 dollar GHK/TM MWS and not a 1,1k dollar Vipertech. Even worse, a WE. Pistols get a free pass because they need to be heavily modified to be unbreakable/more durable and have a more documented process for it. Everyone I know that wants to save their sanity and keep airsoft as a welcoming hobby avoid partaking in those online communities. They are also the people that work for the community by organizing events and making airsoft possible in this barren country while the above mentioned elitists are doing the exact opposite.

I came here to say this, to call airsoft out on some of its asshole players but man it also has great players as youve just pointed out. I just want to thank you for making that little dudes day with all your help and good sportsmanship. I strive to be the player and good person you are.

Shit is real, trying to find a group to play is impossible if you're a noob, they all are just like "wow u fucking stoopid you don't even know x how to even play with you ruiner" like ok mike I began a week ago.

3.5 is the superior game. If you all play 5, youll have to switch to 3.5 in order for me to play with you. 5 isnt customizable and makes the DMs job too easy. Like, dude, I asked if you wanted to join my campaign because I was being nice. Please stop being a shithead because you dont want to play with us. The DM should be allowed to have fun too.

I'm so glad none of my friends are like this. Some are stuck on a ruleset, like 3.5e because of the sunk cost of how many books from that gen, but are still open to 5e if they play and don't have to DM.

Oh hey, lemme borrow this thread. If anyone is looking to play (and is scared of being new) feel free to reach out to me. I try to DM to players attitude and try to be as chill and forgiving as possible. I'm by no means a veteran but am super into this as a hobby and love it when others get into it.

I hate that so much. You should be happy that you get to be the person that introduces someone to something you love. You get to be the person that gives them the feeling of experiencing something great for the first time.

I am in my early 30's and whenever I see people my age making comments like that I cringe a little bit. Because there are so many good music (or any artistic expression) right now, yet they are just blind because the only thing they can see is whatever is most popular with teenagers nowadays and they think this is the entire universe of contemporary music. There were a lot of really shit music we liked as teenagers because we were teenagers, and then we filtered it out and now we only remember what was really good back then. Why can't they realize it is still valid today? There are really good artists at any giving time, and it will ever be like that. With democratization of technology, there are way more good stuff today than in the past. And if someone doesn't feel that way is just because they know very little about the present and don't use this fact to form their own opinions.

I seriously think this is why like 90% of rock subgenres in the 90s and 2000s started to die out in popularity by the 2010s to now. Everyone back then would make fun of others for not listening to the right kind of rock music. It was a pretentious shit show of people being too serious wrapping up their identity with the music they listen to and putting others down that were just getting into the music and scene. Then when you look at hip hop and how inclusive it is I don't think it's at all surprising that its grown to become the most popular genre. The inflection point IMO is when Kanye West's Graduation beat out 50 Cent's Curtis. You no longer had to have the toughest, most street background for respect as an artist, and it opened the floodgates to so many new sounds. I mean hell, today a lot of Soundcloud rappers have major pop punk and emo influences in their songs, and the fact that these kids gravitated towards hip hop and not creating a rock band probably has a lot to do with the genre being more accepting of these young kids than the culture surrounding alternative rock.

You can't appreciate it like they do, but that doesn't mean you appreciate it way less. A part of older music is living the times it came out in when music still was counter cultural to something or part of some scene. Yeah you might love Grateful Dead, but it no doubt felt way different in the 60s when it had a cultural context that you were living, that can't be replicated without being there. I like black metal for example, but I've never traded tapes or made zines or mailed letters to people around the world. That part of the musical culture is lost to me and I can admit that I won't ever be able to appreciate the cultural aspects of *being black metal* in the same vein, regardless of how much I like the music, even if odds being most people who were part of the scene then nowadays listen to less extreme stuff than I do. They might've graduated from metal completely, like a punk girl turned housewife. Same could also be said about grunge or jazz. Or sea shanties. People being an ass about it might be annoying, but in a way, it is a privilege to get to do it and a pity to miss it. It's a demonstrable difference in getting the full experience of music, but it won't invalidate your love for it.

New player: hey, would this card do this? Veteran: rEaD tHe FuCKiNg CaRd New player: ok, but I barely learned there was a second main phase. Maybe you could just help me understand it? Veteran: aight, ima play you next with my 10,000 vintage deck. Love the game, but fuck me, asshats at my local store were insufferable. Hehe he got all excited he pulled a mythic only worth 7 dollars!!

When I started college some guys were playing and I got interested, but I couldn't buy decks or custom cards. I saw them playing so much I was understanding the game, though. So I went online and searched for a premade deck (]this one]()) and I printed the cards just to play with them for fun. They were furious, didn't let me play and then I just lost interest.

Magic is the only game community I've ever been in where I was able to repeatedly witness middle aged men bullying children in public. It's horrid.

I remember starting out and get absolutely robbed in trades cause I had no idea about prices. Left a bad taste in my mouth.

I'm still fairly active with Magic and it's still so toxic. I try browsing /MagicTCG but holy fuck there's just so much negativity there. 1. Anytime someone asks a rules question, the question gets answered and then the post gets a bunch of downvotes because people don't want the post to appear on the front page of the subreddit. 2. They complain about every-fucking-thing. 3. They engage in so much bullying. They went so far as to bully one of the members of the Council of Colors (representatives of each of the 5 colors of Magic that try to keep cards in the spirit of that color) off of Twitter. 4. So fucking impatient. They're told that something is coming within the next couple years and expect it in the very next set. 5. They want to have their cake and eat it too; they simultaneously want every card to be worth $15 and $0.15 so that they have both an "investment" and the game be accessible to everyone at any budget. 6. Did I mention how much they complain?

How about a new hobby around hating people?

Even nerd culture stuff like D&D and Comic books can have toxic gatekeepers. Not that everyone is this way, but it's something to look out for.

Oh you cant afford an LMT upper and an ELCAN? Come back when you arent a poor. Like I get advising newcomers to not buy junk guns and optics but the elitism within the gun community can be atrocious at times.

Anything that devolves into a competition always goes to shit. what I don't understand is when people start turning "paying for expensive hobby equipment I rarely use" into a competition. I used to be really into computer hardware and it was so easy to get good information from online forums. now its a god damn nightmare of shit flinging and misinformation from people white knighting their favorite company. So bizarre and so disappointing.

No, it's every hobby I've tried to engage with too. When I first started longboarding, I found the Silverfish forums before I found /longboarding, and it was full of crusty old grognards. The "old guard" for any hobby is usually dogmatic, insists on one way of doing things, are annoyed when newbies ask "obvious questions"... and constantly complain about how the hobby was dying. I wasn't sad when the forums shut down, because /longboarding is far more welcoming and helpful. You'll get shit if you post about your new Shark wheels, but mostly because we don't want you to waste money and eat shit. And half the reason I went from cycling to longboarding was because cyclists are even fucking worse. At least skate shop employees tend to be chill. Every single time I've gone to a bike shop, the employees act like I just barged into their home and put my feet up on the table just for asking for assistance. No, Kent, I don't know how to replace the derailleur or I wouldn't be talking to your Lycra'd ass.

Too many peoples identities are boiled down to 2A and it does get to be too much. Yeah it exists everywhere. I do welding, brazing, and fab for work and as a hobby, dont even think about posting anything that isnt perfect because its gonna be picked apart by everyone. Fishing community is pretty chill though but sometimes it gets a little one-upish with bait/lure techniques and whatnot. Everyone on Reddit has a PhD in their hobby and a law degree.

Fr on the motorcycle thing. One guy was trying to talk shit about my chicken strips on my Grom. Bruh, it a moped with 9 hp with tired borrowed from a wheelbarrow. It can't even go 60mph.

Everything i love has a fanbase full of jerks. Everything has a "culture" now. Sometimes its best to just be a fan by yourself, like the good old days. I do hobbies to get out of the world of competition and dealing with other people. Started playing age of empires again, went online to get pointers and theres post like "dont bother playing online until youve learned the castle age rush and a bunch of other stuff." Like, when did my high school passtime turn into a professional sport?

The thing i hate most about fellow gun owners is that most of them assume I'm some super conservative because I'm shooting my AR or whatever. Like nah dude I bought this shit because I want to be just as strapped as conservatives and I joined the sporting club because range time is free and I found out I like precision shooting a lot.

I would never join a club that would have me as a member.

I can't do the gun thing anymore. I love guns and have several, but the local group is insufferable. I used to trade guns frequently and even finding just a single somewhat nice person was rare. At least half the time I'd be asked to meet somewhere sketchy like the parking lot of an abandoned business, skirt state laws, and/or go through the most unpleasant bartering experience of any other hobby I've been involved in. I can only name 4 other people I'd go shooting with right now and 2 of them are my brothers.

R/sourdough in a nutshell as well. People got real mad about people baking bread in quarantine. How dare they explore a new hobby during a time when people are forced to stay home, lose work, and are otherwise depressed!

/boardgames in a nutshell sometimes.

They want the sub to be flooded with new interesting developments but aren't doing anything themselves.

I remember first learning to program. Multiple times I asked someone for help and they criticize my project instead of helping with my problem. I don't care if there are better projects out there already I just want to make my own! Or instead of helping with a single sentence response they spend paragraphs complaining about you asking them and not googling. Sometimes you don't know what to search for to find the answer to your problem. And this was in irc channels about programming.

Check out /flashlights! Its very friendly, although reading the sidebar is always helpful.

That does depend on the question a little. Seeing an identical question asked 12 times a day gets grating. Incredibly annoying when either the question hasn't been asked before, or hasn't been asked recently enough for the old answers to be relevant though. It's completely fair to ask when a Google search doesn't yield results.

This is stackoverflow in a nutshell. I've never been able to ask a question without being told that my question is stupid and that it's already been answered.

Climbing is definitely prime for this because there are so many different subgroups of the hobby with only minimal crossover too. Wow you climb trad? Enjoy your 8 pitches of 4 grades below an easy climb that you try to convince yourself is fun, knowing you really don't want to fall on anything you set. You climb sport? Just go back to the gym gumby scum. You boulder? Maybe try doing more than 4 moves and cut back on the power screaming. You speed climb? Not even worthy of a response.

Really? Where are you from? The first thing that came to my mind when I read this post is "uh I'm lucky the climbing community is so wholesome". I've always been supported a lot and never got shit talked for being new at every crag I've been to.

Little old ladies can knit, but don't do well with younger crafters. I can knit just fine Ethel...

Reptile people can do well with reptiles, but not with other people.

Tbh gatekeeping with animal hobbies should be allowed considering there's sentient lives at stake. There is so many newbies who don't do basic research for their animal and end up committing accidental animal abuse.

Oh, but the houseplants sub is really nice and helpful for beginners. I like this sub and thanks to them I finally got the courage to buy my first plants (I don't have a green thumb at all).

"Gamers" I'm not talking about people who spend all their time playing a lot of video games, I'm talking about people who make their entire personality playing video games.

How about older baseball fans? Sorry Harold, but lots of home runs are cool and small ball just isn't the way to win anymore.

I like both of those things... I think I might be a bit too aggressive with the new guys for aquariums IMO but thats only when I see that they literally ignore the basic rules of getting into the hobby like making sure the water is cycled and safe for any animals to be introduced If they ask how to cycle I will gladly guide them but seeing them ignore all advice it kinda sad. but hey I cant force them to do it and its not my money.

People who know theory are trash man, toan is in the fingers, ok /s.

I love heavy metal but I don't know shit about playing music. Even what brand guitars musicians use are argued about. Dave mustaine switched to Gibson guitars this week and some of the shit slinging over that is kind of ridiculous.

I wanna play in a band once the pandemic is over and Im v worried about this.

How many guitarists does it take to change a lightbulb? 20. 1 to change it and 19 to tell them they could do it better.

That'a funny because the concept of music theory means you shouldn't have to know it. It's not meant to tell you how to play, but how to understand how others have played.

They would shit on Robert Johnson as well.

Guitar Amp purists are even worse than regular guitar purists. If you don't have some $900 Marshall Tube Amp then your guitar will never sound good apparently.

Old hams: "Internet and no-code is killing our hobby" Also old hams: ties up repeater ranting about doctor's appointment and racist shit.

I promise I am not trying to be rude, but can you please explain how radio is a hobby? I have never understood it. Once you have the radio what do you do? Just talk to random people like omeagle without video?

First thing i thought of.

I hate it when some Boomer rolls his eyes when I talk about using my Zumspot to talk to someone overseas. So sorry I had the audacity to be a broke millennial who can't afford to drop a minimum of $500 on an HF rig. Sorry I made poor choices in my 20s and still rent an apartment that won't let me put up an antenna to talk on my non-existent HF radio. What's that? You passed Tech, General, and Extra in one sitting when code was still part of the exam? That's wonderful. It was impressive the first time you told me, but I was actually asking if you could help me with an antenna I could use with my Yaesu HT to hit the local repeaters from inside my apartment in the event I want to join the weekly net. It's a good thing Josh at HRCC and other young(ish) Youtubers are putting out good content for noobs. If I had to depend on the guys at the local club to get good support, I'd be shit out of luck.

I was looking for this comment before I posted it. So many old assholes that love to crap on digital modes. Probably because they cant figure it out and change scares them.


Interesting! I've found older hams in my area (Seattle) to be very kind and willing to explain things. I called in to our local morning net, made some mistakes, and they were super cool about it. I'm sorry you haven't had as good an experience and I hope you have better ones in the future.

My military SIGINT past is basically a free pass into any HAM radio community. I mention I was a SIGINT operator and old guys basically spill their entire passion to me with no filter. It is actually pretty cool.

IDK why my country's ham scene has to be tied with private rescue, audiophile, and guns. They attract tons of authoritarian assholes. We don't have many dedicated ham shops. They will also sell paraescue gear and audiophile stuff too, so I have to contend with those assfucks whenever I have to do anything in person.

Boomers seething over my $35 baofeng outperforming their $8,000 transceiver they built by hand in 1978.

> I collect hobbies as a hobby I laughed. Thanks.

Lmao when people ask me what my hobbies are I always say that hobbies are my hobby. I had one month where I went from homebrewing to lockpicking to phone refurbishing. My bank account hates me.

I wonder if that has to do with the fact it has to do with cultivating life and caring for something and the type of people that attracts versus other hobbies without that kind of connection.

Video games were the first thing that came to mind, my mind figured that was the point of the post.

Gta online is hard to play because the game encourages toxicity, the griefers of that game are killing it because they cant go 1 second without blowing someone up.

Nobody gonna mention league of legends? This is the first thing that came to mind.

Like those people bitching about Fortnite or in general about how video games used to be so much better? (When very clearly they were not, look at the improvements in the medium in the last 20 years).

I cannot stand sweatys for exactly this reason. They run off the people just starting/just want to have fun and not make video games their entire identity.

I try to be as welcoming to new players for exactly that reason. I also avoid toxic shitfests like Mobas and most hallway shooters. Oddly enough, the friendliest people I've met in gaming are the PvPers in full loot pvp games like Rust. I've literally met two fellow gamers in person, thanks to rust.

That's the first hobby I thought of.

R/DeadByDaylight would be be a *great* example of a community that needs that conversation.

Overall I just hate how toxic people get in video games. Its hard finding people that dont just rage and get mad at you for dumb things.

Retro gamers are the worst. I used to go to a weekly game group where we would play different board games. Most of the other players were into retro gaming as well. When they found out I play first person shooters, madden and gta-v they started calling me a dumb jock and teasing me every week. They started ganging up on me during our regular board game sessions. They would even sacrifice themselves to keep me from winning. They got what they wanted and eventually I quit. Nerds can be the biggest bullies you'll ever meet.

Rainbow six siege is that you?

I don't know what smurfing actually means, if it's just something they do in shooter games? But in MMORPGs you also have lots of players who complain about noobs and try to make their time difficult. Everytime someone asks a question "Urgh. Noobs. Google it, you idiot!" Thankfully there are also a lot of players who love helping noobs. In GW2 there were always a few old players who waited for newbies in the starting areas and helped them out as much as possible to hopefully make them stay and fall in love with the game. I think every hobby has assholes who try to discourage newbies. Just ignore them and concentrate on the people who welcome and support you. (And now read my comment again but switch out every noob with boob. My phone wanted to write boob and I needed to correct it every single time).

Lookin at you Rocket League.

I dont understand how anyone could have fun smurfing. I made a 2nd account for r6 because I was too high of a rank to play with my friend and I just played relaxed on it so I didnt get very many kills and I still felt super bad the whole time.

This is exactly what made me give up on most modern shooters. I'll take a game like Borderlands with its co-op style and shitty story over just getting smeared in seconds on CoD.

Smurfing on its own is incredibly toxic since new players are getting destroyed by vets on new accounts, but wanna know what's even worse? Smurfs who bitch about their team being bad. World of Tanks is an extreme offender. There will be people who can't play for shit at high tier gameplay, so they play 50,000 matches in overpowered tanks that are at low tiers and bitch about every single mistake the new players make as if he's in a high paying tournament. Those types of people need to go outside and touch the grass.

Stackoverflow has seriously become trash lately. It all seems to be elitist programmers who say the way youre doing it is super wrong, and refuse to assist. I find myself asking on Reddit more nowadays.

Fuck em, let the server die. It's full of like legitimately, seriously horrible people, like the extreme side of crazy 4channers.

Only know it from that one youtuber, but I always find it hilarious when he praises the new player spawn experience. Like "oh yeah if you don't want to get killed 50 times before you can get to part of the actual world to punch some trees, you aren't WORTHY of this server".

In the case of 2b2t though I actually find it quite funny. Like the players of the server have basically devoted their lives to coming up with increasingly overcomplicated ways of killing new players at spawn or finding and griefing bases. I dont feel that bad for the players either because you kind of know exactly what youre getting into, I know I have no interest in joining a community like that. If the server dies thats on them but for now Im pretty happy to sit back and watch the absolute insanity.

It is an option "/mute all" disabled all communication and pings. I recommend playing that way anyway, no one says anything constructive. You can type it again and it will un mute them if things are going well and you feel like talking.

I was the same way man. Two roommates got me into it and we had a ton of fun playing it back in the day(S3&4). These days though it is nigh impossible to have one decent game on summoners rift where someone doesnt afk or run it down while harassing everyone else. It just takes too much time to load up a game and have it end up a toxic mess to even bother. I do still like playing URF or Aram occasionally.

The thing is, if their webcam turned on and you saw them, you would just feel bad for them instead of letting anything they say bother you.

Honestly man there's no cure to internet toxicity, but as an ex-league player I love HOTS now.

League of Legends has bred the most miserable community I've ever had the displeasure of being a part of. From the streamers to the average joes, almost all insufferable. Making the jump to fighting games was the best decision I've ever made in this hobby.

My friend and I play west coast time. Your welcome to join. We have a lot of fun. I got a baby on the way. I wanna play a couple more games before he arrives! PM me!

Speaking of guns, RSOs can suck my fucking balls... I will NEVER, EVER go to a supervised range EVER again. Its a miracle that people still even get into shooting anymore with all of the potential to be publicly ridiculed along the way from overly zealous boomers.

Yesterdays jam! Thats all we are to them!

I follow a couple different graffiti subreddits (except /graffiti) and they are really supportive of young people showing off their blackbooks, sketches and first throwies and all kinds of things. I do think that more of that support should shine through.

Oh my god, reading the comments in that thread and seeing all empathetic/sensible/non-gatekeeping comments downvoted. Seems like a toxic subreddit.

I have no idea what any of that means, but that's the most pathetic fuckin thread I've ever read lol.


*crys in modifying cars*.

I've actually found aquarium stores and other hobbyists I know in person to be awesome. It's just people online that seem bad.

A big part of it is after youve done something for so long, it becomes common sense to you. You forget how you struggled to learn it along the way and only think about how useful it is now and how brain dead youd have to be to not use it. Its kind of like the first time I learned how to actually use a square for more than just simple squaring. Its amazing how many measurements and varying things you can do with a simple square. Yet a few years ago, if youd have shown me a square I wouldve been lost. Now its indispensable for me. I just hope in 30 years if I have to teach someone I remember how lost I was prior to learning how to use a square and I dont treat it as common sense. Because as much as it is now, it wasnt then.

Can agree to this, I wanted a simple car to just zoom around my yard with, went to a store and told them what I wanted and they instantly shot down the idea, because I apparently could not have fun just screwing around. They wanted me to commit working in their club, focusing on a pro career, just messing in my own yard was a complete waste of time. 10 years later a friend bought 2 cars for his 5 year olds, they had a small rc track nearby where they lived so they decided to visit once they started to be able to control their cars decently. Same guy working the store was there, the kids were not allowed to drive on the track, because their cars would be in the way for real drivers. He was the only person there, standing around smoking and fiddling with his phone. Not another car in sight.

Just got back in to RC tanks and wanted to know if one of the cheaper brands was worth it. asked a FB group and was instantly told cheap brand shit, buy one of the top 3 most expensive brands with no examples as to why the cheaper brand was shit. ended up getting the cheaper tank after more research and i have yet to see anything wrong with it. same thing happened when i was looking for a new lipo charger and i said i wanted a plug and play unit, no external power supply just good unit where everything comes in the box. again was told get this expensive unit and a $100 power supply. -_.

In flying, YouTube groups like FliteTest really inspired a lot of people that you don't need to spend a lot to enjoy the simple craft. (of course they were sponsored by hobby king at the time, which wasn't a bad thing) That being said, certain things (like giant scale, jets, and massive helis) really do need experience, or else they can become dangerous. Drones/multi rotors on the other hand are a great 'equalizer'.

I try hard to make sure newcomers to the RC hobby feel welcome. Yes, asking me questions is your research and I will be more than happy to help you enjoy the hobby as much as I do.

Oh yes this right here. Youll be playing in quick play or casual, and get ragged by your teammates for not playing the meta. Like man, Im in casual not ranked. Let me have fun.

I do HEMA and have never even heard of ARMA. I fight rattan with the EMP because the local SCA focuses more on arts and sciences than combat and I prefer the combat. I want to get into heavy steel but the kit is costly and I can only afford to get a piece here and there.

Same here. I play with a handful of friends, and thats a bout it. Every time Ive gone up to my local game store, its always sweaty fucks with $3,000 decks wiping the floor. And the game store wonders why they cant get new people to try the game.

This is my one hobby where I just research it. I dont know. I guess I dont see the value in debating the nuance of a particular plate material or actuation force. I see it all as fucking subjective.

Honestly why do you people HAVE TO, like some sort of necessity, engage with a community with every skill you learn? Then feel like it's a deal-breaker when the community is not your taste. I'm a programmer who has never gone on forums outside looking for solutions to stuff. That somebody would refuse to learn a skill beause "the community" is just oddly stupid.

Can you link his videos?

Are you talking bout gunpla communities on other platforms? Cause /Gunpla welcomes "other mecha" posts so not sure what youre talking bout. I haven't really seen any mecha gatekeeping in anywhere tbh.

I feel like the Mini Painting community is really welcoming and helpful for new people. Especially on reddit. I feel like /minipainting is one of the best subs on the website.

This ! So much this ! What you don't do custom paint ? You don't spend 46755 hours doing a diorama ? You don't buy stands ? You don't know the entire history of gundam ? You can't do gunplay with us... Fuck them, especially those elitists about painting.

They look so pretty. We can only afford the lego one though.

Really? That surprises me, my partner is into it and everybody Ive met through him is lovely.

Its not even a year now... Disney is posting spoilers to WandaVision frickin three days after episodes are available. Its unbelievably annoying.

"The show ended three days ago so it's YOUR fault for not watching it!" Sorry for having obligations and other hobbies instead of spending 24/7 watching every new show that comes out as they come out, I guess?

I'm 30 now and I'm coming to terms with the fact that I'm never going to have the level of wonder about anything that I had even in my 20s It's been 2 years or more since I felt it. The pandemic hasn't helped.

The LEGO sub rarely posts MOCs anymore. Its all about who spent them most on sets and display them. There is no creativity on that sub. I dont see how having enough conspicuous consumption to buy a several hundred dollar set them build it exactly to the directions is Reddit-worthy, let alone karma worthy.

The SCA is the exact same way. Bunch of old people making it hell to get into combat fighting and period reenactment by with holding information on how/ where to build/buy your kit, or making dumb rules preventing you from taking part. Then they complain that no one shows up to events or wants to join.

> the hammock community Of course they are welcoming, the hobby is all about relaxing.

When I first started, I had an experience just like that. I ended up finding a game store in a bigger town like 20 minutes away that had a beginners night. They provided the decks, and had staff there to help learn how to play. You got to keep your deck afterward, but you played against beginners and the decks were all built to play against each other and be balanced. It was a real fun time. If you ever wanted to try again, I would recommend that.

Thats what happened to comic books in the 90s. Speculators totally destroyed the collecting community, then the companies, and now comic books are an expensive shadow of what they used to be. Case in point: The incredible success of the Marvel movie franchise should have translated into a boom in comic book readership. Nope, not a one. Its a flat market than has seen almost zero growth in the past twenty years. The only increase in the hobby was among Gen Xers who now have the money to buy the collectible issues they couldnt afford as kids, and theyve driven up some prices to out-of-reach prices even for them.