Tuesday 12th of October 2021

Wifes Bedroom.

Social Media Says

class="u-nolinkc" href="https://worldnewsinpictures.com/I">I imagine that Ben lives in class="u-nolinkc" href="https://worldnewsinpictures.com/a">a small hole in the wall and scampers around on an elaborate system of ramps and platforms strung up throughout the house typically used by cats as he squeals and cartwheels around giggling about liberty.

She doesnt want to watch him get plowed.
Her DAP dehumidifies the air and Ben gets nosebleeds.

What You Really Think

Like Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore.

Nah, his wife and her boyfriend share a room.

This guy is the king of constant self-owns.

And not in a romantic way like Hank and Peggy where they push them together.

His wife and her boyfriend sleep in a king sized bed. Ben sleeps in a racecar bed in the corner. If he behaves himself they allow him to watch his wife get pounded like a good little cuck.

They probably do tbh. Orthodox Jews don't share a bed.

Separate beds isn't uncommon in Orthodox marriages. Usually separate full size. But separate bedrooms...

Married for 53 years and love snuggling with my husband. Can't imagine separate beds (unless and until there was a medical issue that prevented it).

Fraternal or identical?


Kind of like the Dick Van Dyke Show.

Its fake. Treating these like they're real just makes us look bad.

His crib is too small to fit anyone but him.

Racecar bed.

Call me old fashioned but when you marry you need to get a coffin big enough for two.

If you gave Shapiro an enema he could be buried in a matchbox (credits to Christopher Hitchens).

Hey as a non-vampire. Look better people named Ben exist.

To be fair, in Mafra, Portugal, there's a 200 m walk between the king's and the queen's bedroom. It's told that when the king went for a conjugal visit, he often got distraced by court ladies promenading the hallway. So, don't diss it until you've tried it.

In his mind he was flexing how many bedrooms hes got.

(For the sake of argument).

Giant bed made of money= not that comfortable Hu who knew..? ***nulb.

]long diatribe lacking substance] which is, quite frankly, un-American.

That you've been a bad girl.

It's fake? Aww damn lol I couldn't find it on his twitter either.

He also stated he was fine with changing it to Indigenous Peoples Day so this is just all around a bad, try hard meme.

Yeah I came down here checking. So it's fake?

Sometimes they're very obviously fake, but this one's definitely trying to come across as real. The red circle in particular makes it look like it's just something that they found and wanted to point out. Really it just shouldn't be posted at all. Even if it gets a flair, it'll inevitably get spread around other areas of the Internet without the flair.

Yeah this just spreads misinformation and lend credence to the "both sides" argument. Makes it harder to call out and fact check the right when we are pumping out this crap.

And there are plenty of valid reasons to sleep in separate bedrooms, lets not shame that. Snoring, different work schedules, trouble sleeping with someone in the same bed. It's not a bad thing, lots of people do it.

Yeah like it's funny but it's still straight up disinformation.

Must be all the shit that comes out of his mouth.

His sleep apnea bothers his wife's boyfriend.

I sometimes have trouble breathing while I sleep with a dick in my mouth too.

His doctor wife, please and thank you.

Plus the room is for his wife and her boyfriend OK.

I mean, not to break the circlejerk of this sub "owning" Ben Shapiro, but what you mention about snoring as a joke is actually true in a lot of couples. I know people that sleep in different bedrooms because of this problem.


He really is Tobias isnt he?

Its fake. Hes done and said plenty of horrible shit without us having to resort to bs.

Its fake.

At least 30% of the commenters here will end up sleeping in separate rooms from their partners at least occasionally, they just dont know it yet. And there is nothing wrong with it. Just shows how young the audience of Reddit is. Just my two cents.

Thank you I did not do any primary research myself.

He left out the part where his daughter asked the guy in bed with his wife what day it was.

I saw that you mentioned Ben Shapiro. In case some of you don't know, Ben Shapiro is a grifter and a hack. If you find anything he's said compelling, you should keep in mind he also says things like this: >Israelis like to build. Arabs like to bomb crap and live in open sewage. This is not a difficult issue. ***** ^(I'm a bot. My purpose is to counteract online radicalization. You can summon me by tagging thebenshapirobot. Options: dumb takes, climate, healthcare, patriotism, etc.) ]^More ^About ^Ben ]() ^ ]^Feedback ^& ^Discussion: ^r/AuthoritarianMoment ]() ^ ]^Opt ^Out ]().

It probably came from r/toiletpaperusa and someone removed the watermark Edit: yep it did its literally flaired fake idk why someone tried to pass it off as real lol.

This needs more upvotes. Fuck Ben Shapiro, but spreading fake tweets isn't the way to go...

Yeah, I get that it's a joke, but people really need to label these things as fake. Pisses me off.

Its crazy. On another that blew up that was clearly fake about like incestual thoughts about his sister, people all thought it was real here. Everyone just bought in. When it was pointed out it was fake, OP went I didnt realize it was fake when I put it up. Ok, sotake it down? But then all that sweet, sweet karma goes away.

Most of what's posted, or at least massively upvoted, on this sub is either fake or misinformation.

Considering his obsession with AOC's feet, I'm gonna say he's not gay but has some festishes that his wife isn't into.

Lol, I snore like a runaway locomotive, and my wife thrashes in her sleep. I sleep in my own bed on the opposite side of the house, and its better for all involved. Frisky together-time normally happens in her nice big bed, but Im not snoring at the time. :-P.

As if we'd accept him in gay world should he ever come out. Lol.

Tell me youre homophobic without telling me youre homophobic. Gay isnt an insult to use against people you dont like you twat. Youre no better than Ben.

Can yall please just *stop* insisting that the dustiest homophobic men are all closeted homosexuals.

Or you just sleep better in separate rooms. Armchair psychologists of reddit, is there a name for the cognitive bias where you interpret totally normal things as bad just because they're done by someone you dislike? If not I purpose we call it reddit syndrome because that shit is *everywhere* here.

In the gay community a cover wife is called a "beard".

Man this is insulting to gays everywhere. I can assure you, we dont want him in the queer community.

Wait... That's the thing everyone is talking about? My parents did that all the time. It's super nice to have your own room, bed and everything. Where's the problem?

Sad I had to go this far down to find a voice of sanity here. Sleeping separately isn't a bad thing in and of itself and really shouldn't be stigmatized. The last thing we need is more pressure forcing us to give up our own health for the sake of "this is how you're supposed to do it".

Yeah, my wife is a light sleeper and I snore just enough to disrupt her. I'm in bed by 9, up at 430, she sometimes won't come to bed until midnight and can't fall asleep if I'm already snoring. Plus she gets super warm when she's asleep and I don't like being hot in bed.

I sleep in a different room from my partner because I snore like a flatulent rhino, and we both have madly different sleep patterns. Also, I want to be a duvet burrito and he wants to be a starfish in the middle of the bed. Like, Im all for shaming Ben Shapiro, and clearly that boy aint right, but not sharing a room is pretty great.

Closeted homosexuality.

While this tweet is funny I have to say theres a lot of reasons why couples dont like sleeping together. Snoring, tossing and turning, too much body heat, claustrophobia. I havent moved out of my room yet because I hate sleeping alone, but there are times were I wake up in a panic squished between my husband and the dog or wrapped tightly in blankets because hes pulling them to one side. Neither of us sleep very well but we dont want to sleep in separate beds lol.

I sleep in the guest bedroom sometimes just to flex on myself from before I bought a house with a guest bedroom. Plus it has my old bed. But I also sleep naked with my wife most of the days.

Do you need to have an excuse to do that? Like that's not OK somehow? Or do you somehow legally obligated by the rules of masculinity to sleep in the same bed and room?

It's probably the same reason tons of people who are very successful in life with crazy schedules have different bedrooms because they get tired of being woken up a few times a week by the other person coming home from work at 10pm or 2am. But hey... why waste a good reason to call someone a cuck I suppose. Oh also it's probably a photoshop anyway, but I suspect not a lot of people here care.

> What's you're excuse Ben? That it's a fake tweet... do you just believe everything you see in this sub? Of all places?

Virtue signaling. Like so many other things they project on the left, they did it first. Example: all their "God-fearing" and "Jesus-loving" BS.

Theres no other word for a concept just because another group of people does it. Like reverse racism. Its just racism regardless who does it.

Its a fake post.

Ben Shapiro would disturb me 24 hours a day.

Partner and I have separate bedrooms in our apartment. No idea why anyone would want to share a bed, personally. We both have our specific needs for sleeping and also want our own space from time to time. We're both very independent people though so it's probably different for different folks.

Also super nice if you have a wife and a girlfriend.

Or if you just like having some damn personal space.

Yeah there are 100,000 legitimate things to hate Ben Shapiro for. Having separate beds isn't one of them. Even if this was real (and ignoring the Columbus cringe part) who cares? My husband and I sleep in separate rooms because we have completely opposite sleeping habits, except for the fact that we both love sprawling out and covering the whole bed. And you know what? We both sleep better and are happier as a result. Anyone who loses sleep every night because of someone else's idea that couples need to be next to each other while they're unconscious for eight hours is stupid.

*Pegging, of course, is an obscure sexual practice in which women perform the more aggressive sexual act on men.* -Ben Shapiro ***** ^(I'm a bot. My purpose is to counteract online radicalization. You can summon me by tagging thebenshapirobot. Options: feminism, sex, covid, dumb takes, etc.) ]^More ^About ^Ben ]() ^ ]^Feedback ^& ^Discussion: ^r/AuthoritarianMoment ]() ^ ]^Opt ^Out ]().

Was columbus the one that would refuse to convert native girls because you aren't allowed to rape christians or was that cortes?

Since he's Jewish, probably not, no.

If it was all profitable to defend that, he would in a heartbeat. But it's not, at least not yet, so he doesn't. So no, you're right, it would just have to be under the right $$$$$$$ circumstances.

Cuz people who frequent this sub think it's only fake news if it's lying about people they like.

Ironically, morons upvoting this and sharing it will only fuel Ben and people like him to take the moral high ground of "see? They keep lying about me, they're the evil ones".

Oh, he's definitely a proud racist POS. I'm just not sure which he's most proud of, being racist or a piece of shit. Even money really.

I say we change it out to Colombo day. He solved so many cases and worked his way into our hearts.

They said, unironically, on an openly racist sub.

Married but still no pussy.

Nah it's the fact that he has a wife and daughter.

Fake people who didn't actually say that.

Usually Italians who see him as a national hero because it is a claim to fame for them and their country that an Italian navigator "discovered" America. Not sure why the US would celebrate it though seeing how he never once landed on any part of the US mainland (only Puerto Rico and yes i know it was the KoC who pushed it into Congress). It is bad history to teach Columbus discovered America.

It's not, it's a fabricated tweet, most people here don't seem to realise that.

The issue is people don't like Ben so they make up weird fake stuff to try and discredit him I guess. Then they talk about how bens such a "cuck" for sleeping in a different room while they give 75 upvotes to a comment on this very thread saying sleeping in a different room is a good solution for some people... Dummies.

Yeah I do because apparently I snore and also like my space. After a long time being together its no big deal to cuddle of the couch at night and then go off to our own rooms. I get to decorate it how I want, I have my office in here if I need to work late. Its not a bad deal. Personally I dont understand people that feel like they have to sleep together or theyre not in love.


Same for my wife and me. We love having our own space.

Exactly. People are being immature because hur hur less sex. Actually, when each partner has their own space and place to retreat you tend to get less upset with each other and have a healthier relationship (and sex life). Couples only started sharing a bed when society became increasingly urbanised and higher rent forced frugality. That doesn't mean you don't sleep together in the same bed regularly. It's just not a routine expectation, but more of an invitation.

If you like socialism so much why don't you go to Venezuela? ***** ^(I'm a bot. My purpose is to counteract online radicalization. You can summon me by tagging thebenshapirobot. Options: healthcare, dumb takes, sex, covid, etc.) ]^More ^About ^Ben ]() ^ ]^Feedback ^& ^Discussion: ^r/AuthoritarianMoment ]() ^ ]^Opt ^Out ]().

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