Friday 16th of October 2020

"I Will Approach Every Case With an Open Mind.".

Social Media Says

: New Tactical Team Should Not Be 'Old Wine In New Bottle', RCCG Tells FG.
Thats a wrap on ACBs public testimony. An overwhelming success for the nominee, who should and likely will be confirmed. As she leaves the witness table, ACB jokes that she plans on having some wine tonight. Cheers, Judge.

Whether you drink red wine, white wine, all wines or no wine at all, SpiritDay celebrates you! Learn more at .
Pizza, butter & wine.
Do we get to choose what type of cask wine? I just couldnt do fruity Lexia right now.
This Black owned All Woman Dentistry in Houston is the best dentist office Ive been to. Beautiful design, high tech and impeccable service. Walked in and they offered me wine, gave me a gift bag and put on girlfriends for me as I got my teeth worked on. 10/10.

The article I was waiting for "A glass of red wine can replace 1 hour exercising".
Nachos, friends and marriage. Last time I got sex, penis and wine. Don't bother asking how that went.
I crave wine way too much for something who still cant buy her own bottle.
Two simple actions to show your support re winebitch: 1. follow TatianaLivesey amelias_wine Christina_SvR. 2. unfollow JF.
Wenhan: how about you, sungjoo? sungjoo: everythings good for me! though i miss everyone. yixuan: *sticker of him captioned take care of yourself* seungyoun: gege! fighting! wenhan: *sticker of him shooting hearts* yibo: *sticker of him captioned painfully drinks bitter wine*.

Why Im up drinking wine playing 90s R&B.
Im hella high n wine drunk rip.
LISTEN!!!!!! I have finished the wine.
Oooh I'm not sure if I've had that one I thought I'd had every flavor but Paisano isn't ringing any bells But yeah it's the best deal on wine there is, and it's pretty fucking good. I like it better than a lot of "high quality" wines.

This wine is making me sleeeeeeepy.
Wine, Beach, New Car.
Thank you all the way from Australia. Im an ICU nurse so know how easily addiction kills yet I can easily drink 2 bottles of wine a night. Youve led me back to AA which has given me the most success in the past. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Vnulb.

Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence -Unknown.
"I will approach every case with an open mind.".
Ok and the party planner plied her with wine.
Its not about her being a woman either...its about her being complicit (at best). We had a MALE NSW premier resign over a bottle of wine!
One that drinks wine and walks around her mansion in a silk robe and heels.
Wine boyfriend hope Hahaha doubtful but ok.
If you can feel the pain in this scene. Then dear... Let's meet,share things,with a glass full of wine,holding in the night,under the moon. I can feel you.
Okay no sativa. This wine is hitting.
Wine Beach Hope.
Brain: we should go to bed. Me: yeah... yeah I feel you *pours another glass of wine*.
Sushi wine is a top tier dynamic duo.
Too many bottles of this wine we cant pronounce.
In 10 months Billie Eilish has developed a mid-30's wine mom body.
Its late or early I stopped checking the time, I cant sleep, my head is a mess, so here I am a glass of wine in my hand the bottle at the side of me, I need a distraction, anything. I open my laptop for the first time in days. And it starts pinging away, emails>.

I once did yoga naked. I was also drunk on wine.
Been fucking wit the wine a lot lately Growing a better taste for it.
Now accepting girlfriend applications. ***photo 1. name 2. birthday (include sign) 3. height 4. nationality 5. wine preference 6. food preference 7. fav color 8. size.
I am not surprise. The LNP, Abetz included but more generally the Cabinet have continued with a subversive dialog against China. It is misguided and follows Trumps angst to China. Payback now as you would expect is Wine, beef, barley, coal and now cotton imports from Australia.

Wine hangovers says hi.
I wanna get wine drunk.
Not me drinking wine at this hour At least I dont have to work today Vnulb.
Drinking wine, eating chips, and watching new girl at the bar at 1 am the vibes are immaculate.
When you find a new low alcohol wine and its hitting you hard because you took panadeine!
Time no de its now or never EndsSARS EndSWAT all na the same just just an old wine in new bottle .we must stop police brutality on our streets its time for the youths to unite LazyNigerainYouthsUnite our voices must be heard and changes made Retweet and follow.

Small top big legs bitch built like an upside down wine glass.
Scottish beef is British in the same way Burgundy wine is French. Why do the SNP object to things that are self-evidently true?
10.20 Event On our next Taste of China episode with ChinaInstitute_, join us as we travel live to Ningxia, a region in northwest China. We visit a local winery, discover Hui cuisine, and learn about Chinas wine renaissance with JZWinepeek. To RSVP.

As we approach The holiday season and my birthday. This is my announcement to stop gifting me red wine for the love of god. I hate it so so much.
He aged like fine wine.
I wanna go wine tasting.
Welcoming the weekend at biciclettarestaurant with a glass of.
/They/? I am afraid I do not quite understand. Did you perhaps put it in the Rift? Or on the Moon? Beside a rock? I would offer to conceal your aether but I am afraid mine is too similar to be much use. Like hiding wine with more wine...useless.

"It was a few years ago, in a terrific restaurant in the gorgeous town of Colmar in Alsace in the northeast of France, when I first really fell in love with Riesling"!
Yeah i enhanced the pictures SHE AGED LIKE FINE WINE.
I'm on my 4th glass of wine.

At this point we cannot go back. We cannot afford to miss the point or essence of the matter. We must force this change down the throats of everyone that has sipped and expensive wine to aid our resources go down their bellies. This change must happen!

August sipped away like a bottle of wine, cause you were never mine. ONGSEONGWU Gui Jing Hui bhiRbhibhh MoreThanFriends Dan Hui Xun Dong WOOSOO WOOSU SHINYEEUN Bi Quan Ji.
Fine like some wine.
Wine or GnT tonight?
Not trump wine...
Fruits that do not live up to their names: passionfruit grapefruit honeydew dragonfruit fruits that do live up to their names: orange.
Let me love you like a woman aged like fine wine, that's all I have to say... good night y'all.
Excited to share this item from my etsy shop: wooden Wood Bar Set made of Red Heart and Curly Maple Handmade SAI Woodturning Set 3 piece wine bar sets kitchen utensils.
Im new at it but heck yeah! I have a batch of Marionberry mead (glass) as welll as some strawberry rhubarb wine (jug) I have a maple bourbon mead planned as well.
All you need to know about the West's current attitude on what's going on in Nagorno Karabakh read no further than these timeless words from Goethe's Faust. The only thing that has changed is the wine that has turned into popcorn, is all.

Remind me to bring a nice German wine to campaign HQ tomorrow (low alc!).
Guys, After barley, beef, wine, coal, now cotton! CCP virus first killed our families, ruined our economy, refused our Independent Inquiry, and heartlessly bullied us when we are most vulnerable. If you have a friend treat you like this, what would you do? Unbelievable!

Its a wine type of night. Might have a glass... might have a bottle. Only time will tell.
Have you realized the stupidity of your tweet, or are you still enjoying the wine?
Thank fuck it friday, anyone elses plan involve a weekend of underwear and wine, sub to my free onlyfans. Join me Link in comments xxx.
Drones? Drones? Drones to surveille Bobi Wine's home this late at night! Despot M7 Tibuhaburwa has never been so scared in his life comrades. Wow!
Sometimes i sit and think about how i should be getting pounded by L*bron after copious amounts of expensive wine.
Sipping wine reading notes is bout to be the mood for the rest of the year.
Be lucky and enter our comp to Win 3 bottles of fine Monsoon Valley wine! Follow MonsoonValleyUK & this tweet for your chance to win! competition closes 31st October. T&Cs apply.
Friday - bin day - drop kids to school - Costa - go get damaged eye fixed - tweet at least 30 times - practice putting in my new single eye lenses -train -run - wine.
I keep my wine glasses...Lord if you want me to drink from the bottle just say that !
An old friend just sent me a video of her toddler learning to say my name and I am a MESS. Pour me a damn wine.
Pissed off as hell just spent 30 bucks to get beer delivered just to find out theres still half a bottle of wine here this is so deranged.
Oh it me. I've tried tea and wine and ice cream. I think I just need to power down my devices and force myself out of the constant horror reel that is Twitter.
I got this bottle of wine I wanna drink, but the way my stomach feeling thats a set up.
I decided I'd take a drink every time trump interrupted... dam, chugged a bottle of wine and passed out the first 3 minutes *hiccup*.
Getting wine drunk and watching movies.
A nice glass of wine, beer or cocktail is great indeed and with the right company, it's even better. But I don't know how to function without my coffee. -- And in a nice cup or mug.

What You Really Think

What! Yup realDonaldTrump must of went whining to her ...

She Kavanaughed. Take a shot everyone!

My open mind says this woman is downright evil.

Me too.

That's what we need. In addition to the two sexual predators on the Supreme court we now will have a wino... I guess the drunkard sexual predator needed another drunk for some fun. I hope he keeps his pants zipped during the hearings.

At least it is not an open bar.

Wrong! The correct answer is.

I will be fine with it if Sen Collins wants to say this was "unfortunate".

Well it is 2020.

What was Barrett thinking about at this moment? -nulb.

BAHAHAHAHA She aint the only one that needs a bottle or two.

Omg omg omg.

I'll drink to that. Every time a new case is before the SC now, we are all going to need a stiff drink.

Kavanaugh is rubbing off on her . figuratively speaking of course well, at least until she gets seated.

LOL JudgeJeanine has a rival for Judge Box o' Wine status!

Shes a troll.

Thank you Senator Whitehouse!

Wondering if it's boxed wine like Jeanine Pirro or if she's dreaming about drinking the good stuff. Hilarious.

That just makes me like her more she seems less stuck up than i thought.


Wow. You really nailed her.

Another drunk on the Supreme Court.

So long, Squee. Bretts getting a new drinking buddy.

Is that JudgeJeanine in disguise?

Okay, I'll admit, that one's on point...

Open wine?