Wine Country Karen And Self Proclaimed Momfluencer Now Facing Criminal Charges For Falsely Accusing a Latino Couple of Attempting to Kidnap Her Childr

Tuesday 4th of May 2021

Wine Country Karen And Self Proclaimed Momfluencer Now Facing Criminal Charges For Falsely Accusing a Latino Couple of Attempting to Kidnap Her Children While Out at The Store. More info in Comments.

Social Media Says

Back in my day we called them mommy bloggers and me and my sister would play a game trying to guess if theyre Mormon or not.
And these are the same type of over paranoid mom's that impose their oh-so-important opinions on raising children and the absolute nessessities to taking care of an infant, while discounting all of our individual and nuanced situations. &x200B; I've heard so many times that I NEEEEEEED to get a diaper genie to properly dispose of the baby's diapers without stinking up the house, and if i don't i'm not a good parent and should give it up for adoption. My solution: Its 10 deg C outside. I can open the window. Edit: Holy crap guys, I'm not saying diaper Genie is a bad product, I was just saying that I didn't need it. Calm down. Not every thing needs to be a culture war Edit: you people shitting on diaper Genie need to also calm down. Your not smarter that everybody else.

But mommyblogger is just so dated.

What You Really Think

The only moms I've ever met who use terms like momma bear have absolutely shitty kids.

Momtrepreneur is bad enough ha.

It's like Dragon Ball Z but they scream "AS A MOTHER!" for 3 episodes while powering up.

Oh boy. This has been a thing for years. I used to have to work with these kinds of people. My mental health has improved in the past year despite the global pandemic because I no longer do that kind of work.

Too late. Just avoid anyone whose kids are wearing old lady looking clothes and all picture are tinted a horrid orange. That will save you from the worst of them.

It's been a thing my dude. Just be glad this is the first you've heard of it.

It already is. Unfortunately.

I so badly would like to be important to strangers.

The name or the occupation? Because it has been a thing since the first mommybloggers.

I have some bad news for you.

Yeah we need to nip this shit in the bud.

I got dibs on Sinfluencer!


This mother's day get her the gift that says "Please don't leave me, but please leave me alone".

Stop or I shall summon the momager!

Don't stop there. The whole concept of "influencers" makes my stomach churn.

It's real and they control billions in spending annually.


You need to see what FB mom's groups are like. This shit has been raging for years.

I haven't felt this way since I heard someone use the word "phablet" (phone / tablet) unironically.

Now you done it. You know how the Streisand effect works, you fight it hard and it catches on harder.

Ready to bet these are the same who say women who had a c section are not real mothers.

"As a mother ".

"Its not for influencers, it's for under the influencers. New podcast about mom industry..." bahh, it's too late man. That commercial appears on EVERY DAMN BREAK whenever I listen to podcasts.

It's literally the second worst word to use next to the overuse of the word literally.

I could get behind MILFluencer though.

How did we even allow *influencers* to become a thing. We've opened all the doors.

Momfluencer goes hand in hand with MLM and anti-vaxx in my mind. Plus alternative medecines like oregano oil, haha.

It already is. We just call them Karens.

I had to stop following someone I went to college with over this. She had her kids all over her account with what were profesional quality photos that she tried to play off as candid moments. Then she would have a blurb about tanning lotion or some other overpriced lifestyle product. Weirdest part was that she would tag childhoodunplugged on every picture.

Sadly this is already a thing in Western Europe and North America at least.

"This is not who I am. And as a Christian...".

That sounds too much like a real apology. I suspect it will be more along the lines of the typical non-apology apology. Something like, "I'm sorry that you were offended by my words and actions," while not actually apologizing for their words and actions.

Or the I dont have a racist bone in my body!

Yeah, but google her. Yoga poses. "In my bliss" shit.

"It was a prank, bro!" excuse.


A fellow sonoma countier. Im in sebastopol and I remember when this happened. She deserves the worst punishment apllicable.

I live in Petaluma and was beyond pissed when this happen. The family she accused are a nice family oriented and good community members. It took the Petaluma Police 5 months to FINALLY charge her. She deserves to be charged and she needs to apologize to this family and the community.

People like her give Petaluma a bad name.

I'm a dude. I have 3 kids of my own and my gf has 2. I get it. Maternity (and paternity) are life changing events but like everything else, letting one aspect of your life become your whole personality, when everything you do or say is tinted by a single filter, it's alway cringy imo.

Having a child is not an achievement. Raising them is the bare minimum you're expected to do. Parents are out of fucking control.

> She should be severely punishing as an example I have always felt that "making an example" of someone was antithetical to the concept of justice. You can't say that justice is blind and that everyone is equal under the law and then treat one particular case differently for the purpose of visibility or anything else.

Three times, at least.

Would you prefer milfluencer?

Stop giving them attention and they'll go away.

Severely punishing who?

This is where I believe that some old punishments from antiquity should be brought back. Like public floggings. I bet if Sorensen were publicly flogged and it was broadcast live on ESPN, this kind of bullshit would stop real quick.

In Canada they could sue for defamation and get financial compensation.

Honest question. Could they get money? I know you can sue anyone for anything but that doesn't mean you'll win. If someone accused me of trying to kidnap her children in a parking lot because of my race,if I could prove that, do I get damages?

That story still doesn't include their side of the story. I would love to hear the couples take on what happened.

Fuck me she lives in my area.

I felt uncomfortable around them, and instead of making them uncomfortable with my discomfort, I choose to remain in my discomfort.".

*The Daily Mail* is where you go when you want brain herpes.

Is it just me missing something or are all the articles kind of missing something. The police say they found "inconsistencies" between evidence the bitch lady's story, what inconsistencies? I actually really like to know and/or see a video. What the fuck did they do to make the bitch freak out like that? Was it just their existence?

Doin the lords work here.

Reading that I'm not sure prison is appropriate. I think a stay in an inpatient psych ward for 6 months would help her a lot more than prison.

Someone with integrity.

Just one more step... AMP-free link.

That video is just 2.5 mins of vocal fry strung together by the word Um every 5 seconds. How does she have a following? I couldnt even watch it all :(.

Ugh of course theres Q influence.

Whine country Karen *edit* Thank you for the award!

This sounds terrifying! Glad you were okay.

So few people know Lewis Lent. I am so glad you escaped from that fucker. He put Sara Ann wood in Raquette lake, where my family has camped for generations. He wont say where she is as other children are with her.

Not sure if serious question, but front-seat filming has the benefits of soft, indirect lighting; quiet audio levels; privacy & security; immediately available after most incidents; and convenient perches for devices that are eye-level and flattering. The car is a portable filming booth.

The front seat of their car is the only safe space for them to spew their hatred without being called out for being a horrible human.

Lighting and already a stand?

No one there to stop your stupidity, like could happen at home, in a shop, restaurant, barber shop, kindergarten...

It's a safe space.

My best guess is that something occurs to them while out shopping and they record it once they are finished and get in the car. Idk.

They have an incident outside, then go rant at the first private space possible, which is their car. Or, if they live with people, their car might be the only private space they have access to.

It's a safe zone. Quite literally one of the safest places to be is in a car that's not moving.

That's a Texas sized 10-4 good buddy.

Can confirm.

To be faaaaaair...


She's literally saying she messed up by not screaming for a manager the second the brown people showed up.

"I knew people would call me a racist, and I'm not one. So I decided that even though these people didn't look American or Christian (because only White People are Christians. Not that it matters. I would never discriminate against Heathens or illegals. Or even Demoncrats). Anyway, I decided I would have to protect my babies by being vigilant around these likely criminals, since I knew they wanted to steal them and sell them. Or drink their blood for the adenochrome. It worried me terribly, but I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt, which I probably shouldn't have. But Jesus was on my side (Praise Him!) and I saved my precious blonde, blue-eyed angels from the claws of Satan. Amen.".

"This feels like something Brene Brown would have said", I thought to myself. A Google search later found this: and this: Now I don't know too much about Brene Brown, but I know she's an author that has recently gained popularity with her empowerment messages. Tuning into that frequency, we can translate the second part of that statement as: "How other people make you feel is under your control. Rather than expressing your discomfort, embrace it, keep it in, and have it empower your own growth." Regardless of her empowered reaction to her discomfort, the question remains - what was *really* making her uncomfortable? An honorable reaction to a dishonorable judgement call is still wrong.

The husband of the accused couple was wearing a BLM hoodie. That explains a big part of it.

You want us to make sense out of something a Karen said?

It sounds like an attempt to be magnanimous about being racist, while also simultaneously suggesting that she shouldnt have suppressed her racist instincts.

Like anyone would even want to kidnap this Karen's terrible children.

Yeah, Ive seen quite a few posts about OMG I was at target and this man was totally staring at me/my children and then he got into a van. Then they get a hundred responses seeing how theyre doing, how scary, etc. Shut up. Stupid panic over non-existent sex trafficking.

Even the racist cops have said they don't have any reports of it happening, and yet the fear continues. When I was a kid, I heard the same story: watch out for hispanic men, they will try to take you and sell you. My aunt would tell me that white women bring in more money because of our pale skin and I barfed in my mouth. Why do we just make this shit up?

Even evil has standards.

You know Karen's are becoming a big problem when even a racist police force is like calm the fuck down smh.

And their story always ends with validation. Theyre rarely left wondering whether they made the right call or were imagining things. Theres always closure provided by a cop, Target manager, or random dogwalker who says something like, Yes, weve been on the lookout for a man fitting that exact description who has been trying to kidnap all the children at the local IKEA for the past several months. Your motherly instincts literally saved all the lives. Too bad we cant catch this serial kidnapper. I think its important to trust your instincts and err on the side of being a bitch vs coming to harm. But these phony social-media soapboxes just serve for the person to get attention and feel like a super hero for a day (or as long as their FB post is shared), and it makes it so people have a harder time listening to their instincts because they have these fake stories circulating in their heads as a reference point. It reminds me of those chain letters back in the day with titles like IMPORTANT: FORWARD TO ALL YOUR LOVED ONES IN POSSESSION OF A VAGINA. Then the contents were telling you not to touch poisoned pamphlets left on your car and ignore the sounds of crying babies outside at night.

This happened at my local walmart and made the news. A 40 year old white woman called the police and said she was almost "human trafficked" by a group of mexicans. It somehow made the news with the headline "Human Tafficking in *city name*". At first, I was thinking holy shit!, but after reading the was nonsense. She claimed two hispanic men were laughing and speaking spanish while looking in her direction. That's it. No charges filed. No attempt at a crime. And the news still had the balls to print her insane Qanon rant about how human trafficking was happening right under our noses. My local paper sucks.

There was a post on Reddit a couple weeks ago of an email that a principal wrote to the parents about a suspicious person. The principal explicitly said that they guy wasnt doing anything overtly suspicious, they just wanted all the parents to know that a Black guy was walking near the school. I dont know if its another effect of the Internet popularizing cases, but this sort of thing seems to be getting more and more common.

God damn, that was not an easy comment to read. And it really explains what kind of deep shit racism is. It's like no matter how much progress the minorities anywhere make in order to be safe and have common rights, it's just still there. It's always there and it finds its army. It's crazy. We absolutely should stay vigilant - against that. Also about kidnappers, there are dangers everywhere. But racism, we all gotta do our part for that one.

They say "I'm fucking crazy, you ain't even gotta ask".

I was thinking the same thing. All these women like her just have this blank look like nothing is going on upstairs.

Lifeless eyes. Blue eyes. Like a doll's eyes.

Take out "tone deaf" and bingo.

My husbands family are all really concerned about this. I love them to death, so Ive given up explaining that no, that random person in the parking lot was not a trafficker coming to get them. If theyre determined to feel victimized by nothing, Im not getting in the way anymore.

Is this another result of fox news or other right wing media using the fear of immigrants to scare people?

I blame Liam Neeson and his Taken movies.

She shouldn't have had the first box to begin with too.

> According to Gonzalez, her stepdad had been wearing a "Black Lives Matter" hoodie during the incident. Pretty much says it all.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but these people have always existed. Now they just have a platform to broadcast their stupidity and a place for their insane cohorts to help them justify it.

]People have always been idiots.]().

Hopefully soon to be incarswayrated.

Oh the ]potential] irony.

And that sex traffickers kidnap white ladies/kids from ducking suburban parking lots rather than preying upon the vulnerable people who wont trigger a massive media and police search.

Yeah I think that's actually the biggest take-away here. Not that this woman was being a "Karen". She's yet another wannabe influencer who's gotten Q pilled and think child traffickers are out to grab every suburban kid off the playground like nobody's gonna do nothin' about it. Child trafficking is real, and these people are distracting real time and attention, and this case, actual police resources away from actual crimes because they see satanic adrenachrome cabals behind every shadow. (But yeah, she's still totally a Karen.).

The above is a *Daily Mail* link: info for those like me who dont want to give those abominable cunts any hits.

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