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Tuesday 25th of August 2020

Dear BBC Why Don't You Just Put Yourself Out of Your Woke Misery & Remove The *British* From British Broadcasting Corporation You Cannot Take TV Licence PS Off The British People & Then Equate us to Nazis Submit Your Complaint.

Yesterday, Jacob Blake was shot seven times in the back by police. His kids watched from the car. Today, we woke to grieve yet again. We need a full and transparent investigation.
Remember if you woke up today, someone else didnt. Be grateful, be kind, be truthful, be the best version of you because you only get this life to do so.
The woke agenda is to make us ashamed of who we are.
I just woke my husband from a sound sleep by laughing hysterically at this. I need more of these videos. !!!
Just woke up, and messi want to leave Barcelona.
Lots of bot activity targeting Black voters! Stay woke, report and block!
Who tf woke up Lugia.
The BBC won't last until Christmas if they don't stop this woke Anti British nonsense .
If you woke up this morning thinking to yourself, I sure would like to see Gentleman Jack meets Portrait of a Lady on Fire, starring Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan, with a side of dinosaurs well, friend, you are in luck! The Ammonite trailer is here!

How is this " Woke Scolding" ? This is such a dumbass term I always ask what the fuck is this mean't for? Again I feel White Leftist concern themselves too much with this that they at times don't realize they are using Right Wing language. We have NO CONTEXT to the video at all.

I feel asleep during zoom class and woke up 15 min after class ended. It was just my prof and I on it. I guess he figured I was the last one to ask a question bc he said well your not responding so email me your question. Im leaving bye.

Bruce wayne really woke up one day and said therapy is expensive, punching some guys is free.
I woke up at 3am this morning. I dont want to fall asleep yet!!!
Good Morning Vnulb Woke up with good vibes and all Im gonna say is BR2 is one day closer of getting released BebeRexha i hope you have an amazing day Queen.
I was supposed to take a 20 min nap after class and just woke up.
The woke radical left tv program the project is the real problem. Laughable the utter crap that is your opinion. The quiet Australian is seeing right through your lefty propaganda.
KK and her story group, that consists mostly of insane woke female SJWs definitely did ruin starwars. Alongside with idiots like JarJar Abrams and Ruin Johnson. Feminism ruined starwars. That will be correct.

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
No he did deserve cause he ignored a statistically low issue and should have been woke and been doing some intangible thing to prove his devotion to marxism (oops) i meant progressivism, then contact blm explain how he's not racist and he's woke and they'd spare the place 4 sure.

I woke up today prayed and thanked God for taking care of me & my family.
Just woke up goodmorning what did i miss and why did so many of u unf.
I planned to not sleep last night but fell asleep at 4:30am and now i just woke up n i feel CRANKY...
Oh my God woke up to this news so horrible!
All the "smart" people who never understood the feeling for Brexit across Britain are now failing to understand the outrage that is felt about the onslaught of the Woke establishment against British heritage and culture. Funny that.

I just woke up to 50k followers. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU! My page will be 50% OFF for the time being. My biggest discount ever. Enjoy. 50% OFF!!!
Eye- u tell me he end the live right when i woke up. press f.
I dont think that BethMooreLPM actually thinks that what shes saying is true. Shes virtue signaling, trying to show the world that shes woke.
People really be intimidated by your potential Stay Woke!!!!!
This is what's called a Microcosm; a miniature representation of a much larger picture. The DNC are the only ones who haven't "Woke" to this reality. Many Black Americans have & continue to Wakeup! Strength in Unity!

Someone i knew (whos got a big following for being 'politically woke') posted a thread abt "Stop romanticizing communism and socialism bc its anti-semetic and caused a lot of trauma :((" and i lost so many fucking braincells. the degree of indoctrination in these people ughh.

I woke up this morning to see that Monday was Uncle Tom Night at the Republican National Convention. Herschel Walker has been dumb and embarrassing for a long time. And I dont even know who Vernon Jones isand neither does donald trump.

We woke brah.
Me everytime I woke up;.
The BBC are obviously ashamed to be British so I suggest they change their name. Id go for WBC - Woke Broadcasting Corporation.
I remember someone hit my ass at K1 speed and I hit the sides and my whole helmet came off. woke up the next morning with bruises on my chest and thighs.
The way i woke up and immediately got angry.
OML sorry I just saw the other comment. I literally just woke up from a nap seconds ago LOL my bad!!
The culture war is already being waged against us, the British public who are proud of our heritage he simply fight back with those words today...long overdue. Take your woke extreme left wing minority views & stick them where the sun doesnt shine!

Bayangin he just woke up and called you.
She is tho. Woke up to her sleeping like this.
When the Amateur Justice league of woke/broke vet, louise mensch fan boy grifters float my way.
Watch CNN remove the word violent from the bottom of the screen after realizing they arent being woke enough.
I'll let you in on a little secret: All those "fun" and "woke" brands that dabble in Weird Twitter and cater to The Youths? That's not a 20-year-old kid. That's a person in their late 20s & up appropriating the internet lingo & memes of Gen Z and pretending they're 20 years old.

New Video! Please Share Popular Video Game Series Halo Is Going Back & Removing Police Imagery From Their Games. Games I Am SURE Many Police Purchased & Love. But You Know.. Retweets! Buy Physical Media & Fuck This Woke Bullshit. Watch & Share!

Come and see RsKimD's LIVE in BIGOLIVE: Just woke up.
Guess who woke up feeling good and with a boner V Thats right! Your pringle girl did.
I have just cancelled my subscription to BritBox_UK in protest at the BBC wrecking of the Last Night of the Proms. The BBC is no longer fit to organise the Last Night and does not deserve an extra penny of income to squander on its woke anti-British propaganda.

This is the future of neoliberal economics: Neoliberals will market themselves as woke "progressives" and Black, Latino, and LGBTQ corporate lobbyists will argue it is bigoted to oppose them. They will superficially diversify the capitalist class while still exploiting everyone.

Does the BBC have a death wish? The nation is sick of this woke agenda. Tories were gunning for it before coronavirus - time to finish the job.
Woke up to replies calling me Uncle Tom. What the fck does that even mean when applied to a Native American? The RNCConventionFlop is not my fault.
Woke up early for Lisas teaser.
I had a dream that i was skinny and it felt so real i woke up so confused n upset.
Harry in half the world away: i'm gonna sleep alone tonight harry in don't let me go: this bed was never made for two harry in from the dining table: woke up alone harry in falling: i'm in my bed and you're not here.

Why did FOX cut away so much last night from the RNC? Why would CNN post something like this? Use logic Patriot. They still think you are sheep but you woke AF.
Pelosi woke up a sleeping giant.
Woke up to 8 new subs... only 12 spots left at $3 bb.
Im done for, I just woke up lol.
Yeah. I woke up around 10:30 am today. I'm going to eat 2400 calories by the end of the day. So, I'll lose .6 lbs by morning. To 189.0 lbs. On August 26th. Mark Texeira faded away from social media!! I checked my Facebook friends list. Inactive people.

If you ever woke up having an ahoge, this explains it.
I love that its already a Twitter GIF. IDK about anyone else, but I laughed my head off when I woke up & saw her performance here.
Woke up this morning feeling some type of way. Environmentalists, this is our fight too.
I woke up so confused from my nap.
Be not woke to ice, be woke to warrior.
Have you listened to LBC lately? It has gone FULL WOKE, over the past six months. Treatment of one of their best hosts, Nigel_Farage was despicable. Every show, apart from the Ferrari breakfast show (even THAT has clearly been interfered with) now obviously VETTING callers.

A leftist teacher has complained that virtual classrooms as a result of coronavirus will allow parents to witness the woke indoctrination their child is receiving and that this is a bad thing.
I woke up with my crown on. not kidding.
Someone woke up from her afternoon nappy.
Woke up sick as a dog so no stream today. Will be streaming tomorrow night playing some Friday the 13th with.
Woke up and then i shit my pants.
Today I woke up, showered, had cereal, ENSLAVED A CONSERVATIVE WITH MY WEAK, DEPENDENT, LIBERAL VICTIM IDEOLOGY, TO THE POINT THAT HE DID NOT RECOGNIZE THIS COUNTRY OR HIMSELF, watched some Netflix, went to bed. Just another boring day in the life of a non-Trump supporter. You?

Good night, would love you all if i woke up to 1.6k.
Land of woke and snowflakes?
Broke: nihilism, nothing matters Woke: Niallism, only Niall matters.
Good for you. Glad you woke up.
Bro i fell asleep and just woke up wondering where tf i was.
Had a dream I was happy, woke up and this still my life.
Dear BBC Why don't you just put yourself out of your woke misery & remove the *British* from British Broadcasting Corporation You cannot take TV licence PS off the British People & then equate us to Nazis Submit your complaint.

Woke up to that feeling you get when you validate your hunch that the ocular findings in your patient are part of a bigger, occult and possibly lethal systemic disease. We must've done something right.

National Trust gets thousands of membership cancellations after its woke agenda goes down like a cold cup of sick with punters. This is why we must be given the same decision as to whether to subscribe to the BBC or not.

Waking up from a nightmare lmaoo at least I woke up to good news CANTHA LETS GOOO (even if I'm just core).
Worst feeling ever? You woke up feeling empty.
Woke up from my nap to find out my brother got wings w out me. hate it here.
And when the day i woke up to news about nam jihyun and choi wooshik being paired in an upcoming drama or film project >>>>>>>>>>.
Is it the more colorful your hair is, the more woke you are?
Woke up a bit ago havent done anything.
Do you think Ernie is having flashbacks to the early 2000s yet?
What the fuck has blm got to do with changing our history? Patriotic British are sick of this woke bullshit and we will not stand by and let it happen anymore. ..civil war is looming.

What You Really Think

She must be sacked. The BBC cant continue to allow their staff to make these type of comments on air using the BBC as their platform.

Dear BBC, go take your sick twisted ideas close down once and for all!

That's an interesting point. I hadn't considered it till you mentioned it.

Here here.

Cat Lewis suckling on the public purse a real champ.

Underrated tweet!

I can't submit another complaint - after the Dom Cummings debacle ( and the non-apology I got in response to my complaint) I cancelled my licence. I'm no longer contributing to their idiocy.

How can she not be taken to task for a statement like that.

Surely they just have to replace British with Brussels.

They are a complete and utter disgrace and the British should be removed, the sooner they loose their funding the better!!!!!


They don't make it easy to complain. The drop down menu doesn't include complaints of inflammatory tweets by executive producers of religious programming.

Complaint sent, license to be reviewed soon!

The Jewish Brodcasting Corporation.

Ha, touche.

Wont let you finish the complaint.

Cancelled my Direct debit today !

Thanks for the complaint link - done.

Its Brussels Broadcasting Coporation.

Well said,its almost as if the BBC are trying to alienate itself from the people, a total waste of money and an outdated institution needs to be disbanded so that every person making crass decsions has to earn their wage in the commercial sector.

That is the truth! It is shameful.

How unbelievably offensive to compare the two. Then again the BBC is full of anti semites so no surprises.

Time to DefundBBC . I am sick of paying the salaries of awful people like this!

Well said sir.

Lets end this farcical political broadcaster of shite.

Well said Amandeep.

What a wonderful analogy - where on earth do you get these incredibly sick, thick, morons from BBC? Just how much offence do these ill informed cretins need to generate before they are considered to have brought the Companys name into disrepute and are sacked for it?

Well said, maybe they should call themselves the BAME Broadcasting Corporation.


I honestly cannot recall anything that the BBC has actually done with any level of positivity. It is like they want to be hated, and are succeeding.

Tweet of the day.

She should be sacked.

Well said!

Let's get an almighty fee cancellation going, legally of course.