Women Describing Temporary Menstrual Cycles

Monday 19th of April 2021

Some Women Are Describing Temporary Changes in Their Menstrual Cycles After Taking a COVID-19 Vaccine, Experts in The Medical Community Are Reporting.

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Some women are describing temporary changes in their menstrual cycles after taking a COVID-19 vaccine, experts in the medical community are reporting.

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I've had the vaccine, I'm happy I've had it, and I'd have it again. But yes - very much off the wall for the two months since the jab. (Screen grab from a discussion of this with a friend a week or so ago...).

Lol temporary.

17-20% of women infected with covid-19 had the same experience. According to the article. But no number on how many get it from "the vaccine" as if they're all the same. Menstural cycles can also be effected by stress and other various infections etc. It's "normal".

Which vaccine.


This is alarming.

Guinea pigs.

Holy shit their gonna children of men us. Probably throw in the road to finish us off.

Here we go.

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