Womens March Takes Fight Preserve Abortion

Saturday 2nd of October 2021

Womens March Takes Fight to Preserve Abortion Access to Steps of Supreme Court: Moment is Dark.

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Womens March takes fight preserve abortion access steps Supreme Court: Moment dark.

What You Really Think

Stop killing babies.

If you believe your body is your own - which it absolutely is - then you should be fighting like hell against mandatory vacinations. If not, then you truly don't believe that your body is your own and that government can't decide what you put in to it or push out of it.

Healthcare workers/engineers in federal skill workers are waiting for draws for the past 10 months, marcomendicino CitImmCanada, pl just tweet and share the policy with us! People's future is at stake.

Ugh, disgusting. Dont they know theres a pandemic? I dont see masks, any social distancing. Why doesnt that bother you globeandmail? Seems to in other settings. Arent thsee people putting the most vulnerable in society at risk selfishly?

Lots of kitchens were empty today.

Strawmen Beware! ItsATizzyYall [?] LeftyMeltyDownyzzz Again.

So are we going back to my body, my choice except vaccines?

Do they support democracy or not?

My support for US women and their right to their own bodies and that it is women's choice to have an abortion or not. Not medieval men.

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