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Thursday 26th of November 2020

The Teenage Girl From Woodville High School Who Tested Positive to COVID-19 Yesterday Caught The Virus After Picking up a Pizza at The Woodville Pizza Bar on Nov 14.

Nicola Spurrier: It looks like the new Woodville coronavirus case picked up a pizza from the Woodville Pizza Bar.
The teenage girl from Woodville High School who tested positive to COVID-19 yesterday caught the virus after picking up a pizza at the Woodville Pizza Bar on Nov 14.
South Australia has recorded two new cases of COVID-19 as authorities confirm that a meal purchased from the Woodville Pizza Bar which shut down the state has led to a Woodville High student testing positive.

NO no no...we mustn't forget the original source was the hotel Quarantine security guard. Then Covid_19 spread to Woodville Pizza Bar. marshall_steven wants us to hate anyone who gets the virus so he can escape blame for his f^*kup. He employed cheap private security staff.

I don't know who said/wrote this, but absolutely!! Questions need to be asked of the Woodville Pizza Bar owner(s), as they could have supplied a proper list of workers right from the start.
So there's this pizza bar in Woodville right.
2/2 SAHealth have also advised that any students who have visited, had takeaway or delivery from the Woodville Pizza Bar from the 6 to 16 November are to remain in self-quarantine and contact the SA Health Communicable Disease Control Branch on (08) 7425 7166.

SA chief health officer Nicola Spurrier says it's likely a high school student caught COVID-19 when she was picking up pizza from Woodville Pizza Bar.
Student exposed to Covid-19 almost 2 weeks ago; tests positive today. She collected a pizza from the Woodville Pizza Bar at the crucial interval, but didn't get tested or self-isolate There's a real chance the cat's out of the bag in Adelaide. A comedy of errors.

I actually thought there was a directive from SA Health, if youd been to the Woodville Pizza Bar in between certain dates (there was a wide range of dates in that also) you were to immediately isolate and go have a test. Not saying she hadnt had a negative test prior tho ***nulb.

They just released The Kracken Pizza - topped with Dominion Soros and Chavez Cheese. Woodville Pizza Bar.
Is the Woodville Pizza Bar the only place to buy pizza in Adelaide? It seems like everyone has been there.
Lovin us all blaming the Woodville Pizza Bar & it's employees. While this is happening dickhead Marshall is getting away with the hotel Quarantine breach that caused the whole breakout. This no different to Vic but no media beat up on him like Dan Andrews got.

I work at SA's Woodville Pizza Bar. I've been meaning to see a doctor about my fever, dry cough, tiredness, aches and pains, sore throat, diarrhoea, headache, loss of taste or smell, a rash, discolouration of fingers or toes but i've been sooo busy handling all the pizza at work.

The White House has announced that Donald Trump will be holding a press conference this afternoon at The Woodville Pizza Bar.
If SA Health have been asking all people who've been to the Woodville Pizza Bar to self quarantine why was this student at school on Monday & Tuesday? Self Quarantine is useless if people don't obey it.

I work at the Woodville pizza bar. I've been illegally paying my workers under the table to avoid paying tax, incidentally causing one of them to feel unsafe when speaking to the government which then caused an extreme overreaction where they get doxxed by the Premier.

It was literally EVERYWHERE that anyone who visited Woodville Pizza Bar, were to isolate. Yet some teenager and their family thought it was a good idea to go against this and rock up to school whilst sick. Thanks for chucking more people into isolation, selfish pricks.

A student is thought to have contracted COVID-19 by picking up a pizza.
Done nothing wrong? Wasnt anyone that attended the Woodville pizza bar between November 6th - 16th required to self quarantine for 14 days?
I own a stake in the Woodville Pizza Bar and deliberately employed HQ guards so I could make the value drop, before buying it with my shell company for peanuts whilst getting heaps of cash in grants to keep it afloat.

South Australia has recorded two new cases of COVID-19 as authorities confirm that a meal purchased from the Woodville Pizza Bar has led to a teenager from Woodville High testing positive. The latest in 7NEWS at 4pm and 6pm.

Two new cases SA. 'She says the student is linked to the states Parafield cluster, and appears to have picked up the virus at the Woodville Pizza Bar, where she picked up a pizza on 14 November'. That's how easily covis-19 spreads.

SA Health also confirmed a student who tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday had picked up a pizza from the Woodville Pizza Bar.
In genuinely confused...south Australia went in to lockdown because they thought someone got covid from picking up a pizza from the Woodville Pizza Bar, now it looks like that's exactly what happened...but haven't heard reports they're going back to the original approach?

The new case from yesterday? Caught it by buying a pizza from woodville pizza bar. We were shut down for this a week ago. So yeah, I dont get it.
I like how the woodville pizza bar still has a OneTel sign above it, 19 years after it went spectacularly bankrupt.
Really quite concerned for the man at the centre of the Woodville Pizza Bar investigation. Police made it sound like they don't know what they're even looking for today, as his lawyer says he's not aware of the coverage because police have his devices.

Health authorities say a teenage girl who tested positive at Woodville High School is linked to the cluster in Adelaide - probably the pizza bar.
Is it possible the young lady was working at the Woodville pizza bar?
Expect tomorrows chapter to reveal student was doing work experience at Woodville Pizza Bar.
Word is, Kevin Bacon recently bought a pizza from the Woodville Pizza Bar. Now the whole world is stuffed!
Gladys & Woodville Pizza Bar are trending in the US Twitter ?? Surely not! And no I am not on a VPN. But it is funny.
2 new COVID cases, including the teenage girl from Woodville High. SA Health has confirmed she collected a pizza from Woodville Pizza Bar on November 14. Yet she wasnt in Quarantine on Monday when she started showing symptoms.

The solicitor acting for the Woodville Pizza Bar worker says he is "extremely remorseful and deeply sorry", and raises concern about the amount of personal information about him that has been released, and says some claims being made are not accurate.

So the security guard/Woodville Pizza Bar guy is being labelled a "liar" & "disgraceful". Maybe he is, but maybe he's a recently-arrived, low-paid insecure worker who fears the Govt. I don't think we should be vilifying him to this degree without appropriate context.

South Australia's latest coronavirus case linked to Parafield cluster Woodville Pizza Bar.
Question: Why the fuck would they pay the security guard at hotel quarantine so little that they must also also work at Woodville Pizza Bar to make ends meet?
I work at the Woodville Pizza Bar. I'm throwing out every positive test.
The four seasonings woodville pizza bar.

What You Really Think


What a load of crap!

Maybe her and the Spanish bloke are secret lovers , the plot thickens.

She works there too then aye?

Or not.

Does this mean lockdown is justifid then?

Really I dont know which is true. Or this is just another lie.

Carbs are dangerous!!

Sure, sure, heard this before. Wolf! Wolf!

Was this said word for word or you making this shit up????

This story proves the bunk. 1. You can't test for the 'disease' COVID19, & the virus is SARSCoV2. 2. You can't prove girl 'caught' a virus from pizza shop. 3. You're not understanding what a PCR test is & looks for. 4. Woodville Pizza Bar should find themselves a good LAWYER.

Its all lies. I hope you can all see this. A virus cannot be traced to a specific point and place A pizza box? Lies. Your neo-communist government is now moving forward with unconstitutional tyranny.

Did she secretly work in the Pizza shop?

Community infection?

Is she Spanish?

Which means theres more infected. God knows how many more.


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