Monday 19th of December 2022


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Today final World Cup, only hope players field whole world remembers that theres fellow footballer called Amir Nasr, death row, only speaking favor Womens rights.

World right now.
Messi World Cup. Ronaldo never World Cup. debate over people.
reminder that Lionel Messi currently making documentary about life, camera's have been following during entire World Cup.
Tears relief Messi lifts World Argentina.
Mario Gotze celebrating Messi Argentina winning World Cup. Weve come full circle.
Your mates world cup, still find club sign you. play oh..just play.
211216 churxMie Fansign Jongins surprised face after knowing long been watching league. predict next years Qatar World winner. said hell write Jongin wrote France! Brazil! Argentina [?]nulm .

Thiago Mateo Messi kissing World trophy antonelaroccuzzo/IG).
Appreciation tweet Kylian Mbappe! scored World final hat-trick ended losing side. What player he's only years
those doubted Qatar Arabs, here World 2022 [?].
Argentina United States finish World with exactly loss. Many would consider countries co-world champs.
that World Cup.
Lionel Messi celebrating with after winning World
Congratulations Argentina newly crowned World Champions. What it's been World Qatar. Dogged, Decisive times playing like Demi-gods. Saudi loss wake-up call. Albiceleste worthy winner. Vamos! ARGENTINA.

Messi reveals plans play Argentina after World win.
This been greatest World time.
World Final 24Hours [?] Kubz Kakarot Giveaway Kubz 1LikeV& 2Follow Kakarot_F23 Degencaesar yhopak1 3Tag friends.
NEXT men's FIFA World 2026 can't come soon enough.
WORLD GIVEAWAY Enter: 1. Like 2. Follow (ericwhiteback) Thats all! Winner will receive 2014 Prizm Lionel Messi card! Good luck!
Emiliano Martinez asks 'minute silence' Kylian Mbappe Argentina's World celebrations.
Elon Musk hanging with Jared Kushner Saudis architects 9/11 World Jared billion blood money from Saudis Elon co-owns Twitter with Saudis company keep.

player ever FIVE match awards single World before. Messi
Alexis Allister World Champion.
Omo... That world breath taking.
watching BBC, Ally McCoist apparently just said ITV: "Mbappe first person score hat-trick World final where three were over line!".
Lionel Messi 2022 World Football Completed.
disappointed didn't demand that Ukraine should given FIFA World because, let's face Ukraine deserves more than other country.
France-World World Cup: French fans disappointed with defeat Blues despite extraordinary match.
Lionel Messi's best performance came World Final. "Not Game Player".
only that doesn't care about World Cup?
living time best World Finals ever. remember watching with small same excitement with kids!! thank Messi making believe talent, hard work dreams!!

Argentina wins World western media criticize thier team having negro players. They hate that pure Argentinian team ethnically pure Argentinians won. Good them. Stop diversity, stop globalism, stop racism against national purity.

Anya taylor-joy timothee chalamet when they cast movie together after this world cup.
genuinely love Ronaldo there's LOGICAL arguing against someone World Cup, world golden balls, ballon D'ors, second most titles history, most assists history third most goals history GOAT debate. It's impossible.

Elon Musk shaking hands with fans World Cup. Triggering journalists over seas! Love
Debate cannot over because greater cheater name Messi other deserved name Cristiano ronaldo Forever GOAT. World corrupted FIFA they plotted give Argentina with false penalty.

Last time Argentina world Messi Today, one.
Here's Qatar World success despite criticism over human rights on-field failure.
world final goals Seriously forget about your conversations. What this guy.
Lionel Messi gets table dressing room celebrate World final victory with countrymen.
World trophy arrived! picture: Iker Casillas (Spanish Legend) Deepika Padukone (Bollywood Actress).
2005Di Maria Messi World Cup 2008Win Olympic gold (Messi assists Maria winner) 2014Lose World final Germany 2021Win Copa America Maria goal 2022Both score World final Together.

Your country wins world find racist every breathing organism with darker skin icb.
Messi: simply unbelievable. knew that going give Cup, sure Messi this dream since long time, wanted close career with World Cup. cant more than this.

December 2022. year Messi will World become greatest player times. Check back with years.
link your chance signed shirt from World winner, julianalvarezzz!
that 2022WorldCup done dusted it's time focus Women's World 2023. Summer 2023 can't here soon enough!
Congrats Argentina GOAT, Lionel Messi, amazing World victory.
Lionel Messi Champions League final Cristiano Ronaldo, Copa America final Neymar, World final Mbappe.
Americans after World Cup.
days, matches, laughs countless family memories made World Cup! [?][?][?].
Swinging from left field this we'll close Kushner World associates charge Twitter deal already finalized private.

Lisandro Martinez also being World winner helps too.
1,003 games. goals. Ballons dOr. World Cup. Messi's career masterpiece complete.
trophy Messi been waiting MESSI FIFA WORLD CHAMPION.
There homage former World winners that past away during last four years since Russia. Given, Qatar says three workers died building tournament's stadiums. think they might have thought remember them, too.

221219 World final thrilling Come think give spoiler World those didnt watch merong Haechan secretly lying down, Jeno watching Manager hyung with secret Perfect composition.

Hydra tryna make world earlier today. Surely France don't second twice day, right?
World finally over back being lady.
What World this had.
Feel like shouldbe able world final letterboxd Like that experience.
Toni Kroos: "Leo Messi deserves this World Cup, absolutely... haven't seen individual performance like this tournament. didn't play clubs like have honest!".
Messi with most goal contributions men's World history! Most World Goals Assists MESSI Pele 8) 19 Klose 3) 19 Ronaldo 4) 19 Gerd Muller 5) 17 Lato 7) 17 Seeler 8).

Elon Musk attends World final Qatar [?].
This FIFA World final without doubt best that ever been played. incredible finish incredible tournament.
What great worthy World Final. Congratulations Argentina!
Thanks everyone worked this historic World Cup, especially security, Stadium staff volunteers. There words explain grateful [?].
221219 football this world much fun (im) retiring from chelsea national anthem playing tv i have sleep seems like playing football dream good nightV (jongin sent around kst).

Looks like Argentina didn't need after congrats Argentinian friends winning World Cup!
Lionel Messi's Major Honours; Liga UEFA Champions League Ballon D'Or Ligue U-20 World Olympics Gold Copa America Finalissima FIFA World Greatest Time-GOAT.
English beaten Qatar's bribe World hosting would have been failure hosting. Endless hooliganism, violence, drunkeness, lewdness, stabbings crimes. They cannot hide their envy only about being sodomised.

Tell your centre-backs their World medals table!! ...mufc.
great sporting moments that took place this World Cup; also huge fuck western hypocrisy.
Elon Musk Jared Kushner didnt World with their children their friends, they went business with their journalist-butchering, free speech-squashing, psycho religious fundamentalist, authoritarian, woman-oppressing, oil-sucking, Saudi billionaire bros.

next World 2026 will held United States, Mexico, Canada.
Incredible: Witness Andres Cantor, Buenos Aries born Argentinan-American Broadcast legend calling penalty which World Argentina. that good about sports life.
clearly only meant that commonfolk watching World home, JeremyRedfernFL.
World over, back being lady
-this world much fun -Im retiring from Chelsea.
Best world ever
bunch hypocrites showing both opening closing ceremony World Cup. They shouldnt have showed tournament they felt that strongly about Take proper stance youre going take one.

this years world cup.
World over talk about
Nicolas Otamendi gives closer look World trophy!

What You Really Think

I will never watch the world cup again, the FIFA is the mafia, and so will the decision to give Argentina a victory, obviously and there is no doubt, since the beginning of the world cup, they have benefited.

Now he can come to leeds.

Soccer sucks.